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Climbing out of the shower, I dry off and wrap a towel around myself thinking how I can’t wait to finally relax with you for the night.

As I leave the bathroom, I see you in the bedroom standing at the end of the bed, shirt off and shorts low on your hips. You raise your eyebrows and then you ask in a low voice if I’ve been a good girl today. My cunt instantly gets wet and I smile to myself knowing what kind of mood you’re in.

Walking towards you, I tell you that I tried being good, but that I’m not very good at it, stopping right in front of you. You tell me to drop the towel and get on my knees, and I immediately do, looking up at you. Dropping your shorts I can see you already getting hard. Your hands go into my wet hair, gripping tight as you guide me to your dick.

I open my mouth and close my lips around you, licking around your head and sucking hard, feeling your cock stiffen farther. After a few minutes, you pull my face against you, thrusting your hips, fucking my mouth and making me gag. Before I can get used to the feeling you pull out of my mouth and order me Etiler escort onto the bed, my ass at the edge, legs open wide. I pout a bit, but do as you want, showing you my wet pussy. You tell me that I need to be punished for being a bad girl, and say I’m not allowed to cum until I get permission. This is new and makes my pulse race, and my cunt throb.

Without waiting for an answer, you lean over and lick all the juices from my pussy, making me moan. You lick over my clit and I grab the blanket underneath me. You can see how horny I am already, so you walk to my dresser and come back with my vibrator. I whine knowing I won’t last long.

Setting it on low you press it against my clit and my back arches off the bed. With your right hand you shove two fingers into my cunt, fucking me fast. My orgasm is building quickly and I beg you to let me cum over and over. Over and over you tell me no. Pulling the vibrator off my clit and putting it back, keeping me just at the edge of coming. Finally you can’t take seeing me so ready to cum without being inside me. You stop Etiler escort bayan altogether and I thrust my hips and nearly cry. You tell me to get on my hands and knees on the bed. I do as fast as possible and beg you to fuck me, to make me cum.

You push my face into the bed and remind me not to cum, before pushing your hard cock into my cunt, hard. This makes me moan and press against you. You thrust slowly, before deciding to push my boundaries farther. You pull your wet cock from my cunt and I’m begging non stop to keep going, I’m so close.

You grab my hair and pull my head back slowly so you can whisper in my ear to relax, before pressing your wet cock against my ass. I gasp and tense. You tell me to relax again and push harder. You finally get your head inside and groan. My ass is so tight, that it gets you closer to coming yourself. You take a breath to calm down and wait for me to adjust.

Then you push in slowly, hearing me moan and pushing back against you. You bottom out and breathe fast holding until I’m ready. I ask you to move, to fuck escort etiler my ass. That’s all you need to hear before grabbing my hips hard and start long, slow thrusts. It’s so warm, so tight that you go faster, hearing me yelling your name.

You push my hips to the bed still inside me and lie on my back, my legs spread wide. You fuck my ass hard and fast, driving me down into the bed, and you grab my hair in one hand and your other wraps under me and presses the vibrator to my clit, as high as it will go, telling me I was a good girl and to cum hard on your dick.

Feeling your cock deep inside me, my clit on fire, I scream for you not to stop, grabbing your hair, arching my back as much as I can, and coming harder than I have in days. You instantly feel it, my ass clamping down on your cock so hard you grunt and grind your teeth and go as hard and deep as you can. Trying not to cum, until I’ve finished, keeping my orgasm going with the vibrator.

You can’t hold back anymore and groan loud in my ear, shoving your dick inside me hard when I feel your cock swell and you bite my neck and spray your cum deep into me. I’m still moaning, and asking you to finally turn off the toy. When you do, I sigh loudly. You stay on my back buried inside me, both of us catching our breath, stroking my hair, telling me how good I did and how great I made you feel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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