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I forget what day it was. I woke up and went about my morning routines as I always did. If I don’t do them in a particular order, I’m thrown. Ablutions, shower (wash hair first, stomach moving in circular motions from there until I’m lathered up, rinse and towel dry). It came up in a game once at a friend’s house, What part of the body does your partner wash first? My partner at the time had to write it down and later I had to match the answer. I thought long and hard and said stomach. He’d put hair and was furious I’d got it wrong.

Anyway, after my shower ritual I got half dressed and made my way downstairs for breakfast, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes with hot milk. I don’t know why, I just do.

Back upstairs to put my jeans on and do my hair and brush my teeth before leaving for work.

The drive to work was a mundane as ever. A large A road followed by a motorway. I knew both like the back of my hand. I could have driven them with my eyes closed, not that I’d recommend it. The traffic at the bottom of the M11 was its usual self, the overhead gantry said in big yellow pixel letters:

3 miles
9 Minutes

It was 7.20, Chris Evans was talking over a song eryaman escort I liked. I thought ‘I’ll be on the 406 before Moira does the news’. I was there at 7.29, Chris was late to the news as usual. I was flying in the A406, unusually quiet, then it occurred to me, it’s half term. The tube will be quiet.

I got to the carpark, virtually empty, I parked in my usual space

9, I don’t know why, it kinda adopted me.

I walk across the road to the tube, roads are quiet, tube ticket area is quiet.

I touch my oyster and go through the barrier. £3.40 ‘better top up tonight’.

I walked down the escalator to get my step count up, I’d reduced it to 5000 a day during the week, it was more achievable. 10,000 at weekends seemed to work.

The platform was quiet, I stood where I knew the doors would be, it took me a while to master this. Standing where the doors would open yet in a position where when I left the tube, the exit was right in front of me. I’m heading for Euston on the Victoria line.

We pull in to Euston, the doors open, i do a reassuring glance to make sure I’m heading for the link tunnel to the Northern Line -Charring sincan escort Cross branch. The escalator is empty, I begin my climb to get my steps up, I can do 2000 on my commute if I don’t stand on the escalator and moving walkways.

I get to the platform and I’m standing towards the rear of the train, my exit at Waterloo is about a carriage and a half down. This is the exit I need to order my Starbucks whilst still underground and it’s ready for collection when o get overground.

I’m standing in the carriage as all the seats are taken, I take out my phone to play Candy Crush Saga, I’d not played this for a long time, in fact I was only on Level 155, it was a hard level. I’d given up previously, this time, completed the level in one go.

I look up as we get to Warren St, a guy gets on in purple running shorts, the scolloped leg type runners wear. His legs were amazing, hairy, toned and tanned. I looked up at his face, tanned with a beard. The doors close, He leans up the doors. I was a little disappointed he pushed his arse back to lean, but hey, his legs were worth a second look. He caught my stare, I looked up at him and smiled, he etlik escort smiled back and my gaze went down to his shorts. He saw me. He stood upright, almost to let Le get a better look. Goodge St, the doors opened, people left the train. There were half a dozen people in the carriage. We were the only two standing. He plays with the leg of his shorts, twisting it to seemingly make them tighter around his waist, I could see the outline of his cock through the material. It was hanging down towards where he was twisting them. The next station, more people got off, no one got on. The two of us and a guy reading The Metro right down the other end of the carriage. He glanced up and down the carriage before pulling up the leg of his shorts to show my his semi erect cock. The doors opened, no one got on. The three of us alone, the other guy engrossed in the news.

The doors close, I’m one stop from Waterloo, I walk over towards him, I put my hand up the leg of his shorts, he breaths in sharp, I feel his shaft and his balls. I remove my hand, he turns to face my side with his back to the guy reading the newspaper, he lowers the front of his shorts. His cock is wet with precum I squeeze his cock until it’s hard, precum is now covering his hard cock. I feel mine getting hard. The darkness of the tunnel turns to the lights of the Waterloo platform. The train slows down, I remove my hand, flip his shorts back up. The doors open, I say ‘have a great day’ and exit the tube. I look back, he smiles and winks, ‘see you again’ he whispers.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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