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All people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


Brandi, Her Daughter And The Boyfriend

Tucker wheeled his Cadillac into a parking space outside a bowling alley on the city’s North Side and walked into the bar next door. He’d been there a few times. It was an old-fashioned place named Diamond’s Cocktails, populated with a smattering of older ‘bar fly’ types. On weekend evenings it was busiest, with the crowd for the most part solidly in middle age or older. The place was so un-hip it was hip, and there was usually a few younger folks in the mix, soaking in the dusty, stuck-in-the-seventies vibe.

It was one of the places he drifted through now and again, on the lookout for women with a spark of sexuality in their eyes. It was a part of his job that he liked, even though it felt mildly predatory at times. He was careful to stay laid-back in his approach — being pushy was not his style.

It was a Friday night, but the place was anything but hopping. He had no trouble getting a stool at the bar. He ordered a Manhattan — a drink his father liked. It seemed appropriate at a place like Diamond’s.

“Them are strong, aren’t they?” the woman next to him said. It was more of a statement than a question, and it was delivered in a gravely, two-packs-a-day voice.

“Tucker,” he said, holding his hand out to her.

“Brandi” she said. She shook his hand, but just barely.

“Is that your name, or the drink you want me to buy you?” he asked.

“Both,” she said, with a little smirk.

Tucker nodded at the bartender, and he refilled Brandi’s glass. Tucker sized her up while she was watching the pour. Somewhere around fifty, he thought, dressed kind of low class, but cute. She seemed to be alone, but it didn’t surprise him to see an older woman alone at Diamond’s.

“So Brandi, what’s your story?” Tucker asked.

“Holy shit, you don’t waste time!” she said.

“Sorry. I just thought you might wanna talk,” Tucker said. “It’s been a long day.”

“Sure, we can talk,” Brandi said.

Her little smirk transformed into a smile. Tucker saw that little spark in her eyes he was looking for. It was almost cancelled out by her nicotine stained teeth, but he stuck with it. He had a feeling.

“What’s my story?” she said. “Jesus, I ain’t spilled my story to a guy in a bar in a long time. You sure you wanna hear it?”

“Absolutely,” Tucker said.

“Okay, you asked for it,” she chuckled. “I sit in a tollbooth on the Thruway all day, collectin’ money. My low life husband tried to kill me, so he’s in jail now. I get drunk here now and then to get away from my daughter. She moved in with me about a year ago. I love her and all that, but she can drive me crazy, you know? I swear to God she’s a fuckin’ nymphomaniac. She’ll do anything that moves. Lately it’s this young guy…”

“So what were you like when you were her age?”

“Ha ha!” Brandi laughed, loosening a cigarette cough. “Not too much different!” she said, coughing some more. “What are ya, a shrink or somethin’?”

“No,” Tucker said. “But some people think what I do is good therapy.”

“Don’t tell me… a fucking gigolo?” she laughed.

“I make porn,” Tucker said. “Do me a favor and keep it between us, all right?”

“You’re fulla shit,” Brandi said. “What’d you say your name was? Topher or somethin’?”

“Tucker,” he said, pulling a business card out of his pocket. “Tucker Sims.”

“You ain’t kiddin’, huh?” Brandi said as she read the card. “Porn? How’d you get into that?”

“It was a gradual process. I’ve been at it about ten years now. So, is it anything you’d be interested in trying?”

“Holy shit!” Brandi said. The words started a rolling laughter that quickly turned to more coughing. “What the fuck? You want me?”

“I was kinda thinkin’ about it, yeah,” Tucker said. “We work with amateurs a lot. You come in, have some fun. We try and hook you up with a fantasy situation. What’s you fantasy?”

“My fantasy?” she laughed. “Wow, what a night this is turnin’ out to be!”

“You can think about it and call me. Don’t lose that card.”

“I don’t need to think about it. My fantasy I mean.” She lowered her voice and leaned in close to Tucker. “I wanna fuck the guy my daughter’s doin’,” she said.

“How old is she?”

“My kid?” Brandi said, straightening back up on her stool. A quick sip of her drink moistened her mouth. “She’s thirty, but he’s younger. Twenty-four I think.”

“So you find him attractive? You like young guys?”

“His cock! I find that attractive!” she laughed, starting her deep coughing again.

“How do you know that? Have you been naughty Brandi?” Tucker smiled.

“Fuck yeah, I watched ’em a few times. Kimmie didn’t know, but I think Buzzy did.”

“So how would you make something happen, with me I mean. Do you think Buzzy’d be interested in doing something with you on camera?”

“You’re messin’ with my mind tonight, you know that?” Brandi said. She finished her drink with a big gulp and waved the bartender over. “Can we get a couple more ulus escort here?” she said to him, pointing at the two glasses. “I’m buyin’,” she said to Tucker. “You deserve a drink for entertainin’ me like this. And no, Buzzy’s not comin’ to a porn studio to fuck me. He’s a crazy fucker and might actually do it, but my kid’d freak. She’d go mental if I pulled somethin’ like that.”

“So bring her along,” Tucker said. “We can add a guy, one of my pros. Make it a nice party.”

“Holy fuck!” Brandi chuckled. “You don’t let up do ya! Why the fuck do you want me? I’m nothin’ special…”

“You look like the kind of person who’d have fun with it. That’s what I’m after. Enthusiasm. Spirit.”

“Well, I love fuckin’, but…you and I could just do that,” she said, her voice suddenly turning seductively smoky. “Now that you got me all worked up.”

“That’s a tempting offer Brandi,” Tucker smiled, “but I try not to mix business and pleasure.”

“Yeah. Okay,” Brandi said, looking disappointed. “That’s too bad though.”

“Tell you what,” Tucker said, reaching for the business card she had set down next the brandy stained napkin she was using for a coaster. He picked it up and wrote something on the back of it. “Think it over. Use this password to have a look at the website. If you feel like having a little party with one of my guys, give me a call.”

Brandi’s alcohol soaked eyes looked at Tucker with a mix of disbelief and excitement, like he was the Wizard of Oz himself.

“Yeah. Okay,” she said quietly. “I’ll do that.”


Tucker was a little surprised to hear from Brandi. He never heard from the great majority of the women he approached. Brandi though, she just couldn’t shake the temptation of Tucker’s offer. The whole idea was tempting, but it really reached a fever pitch when she was poking around the website and laid eyes on Mitch. He was about her daughter Kimmie’s age, and, well let’s just say it was an Oh! My! God! moment when Brandi watched him fuck an older woman to smithereens with that huge cock of his.

She immediately wondered if she could talk Tucker into a one-on-one session with just her and Mitch, but she knew Tucker was into the ‘party’ idea — a foursome with Kimmie and Buzzy. Jesus, Brandi thought, both Buzzy and Mitch? Her head nearly exploded at the thought of it. “What the fuck!” she muttered to herself. Later that night, when she approached her daughter with the idea, Kimmie thought her mom was insane.

“Are you off your meds?” Kimmie asked. “Whatta they got you on these days anyway?”

“I ain’t on anything! I told you, this guy Tucker, he thought I…I looked like I’d enjoy it I guess. Whaddaya think, I’m all done? To fuckin’ old for sex? You better watch what you’re thinkin’. You’re gonna be just like me someday.”

“Hey I don’t know what I’m thinkin’,” Kimmie said, shaking her head. “Make a porn! You just wanna get in Buzzy’s pants don’t ya. He told me you watch us.”

“Hey, that was…just once,” Brandi said, lying a little. “I shouldn’t have. Anyway…let me show you the guy. His name’s Mitch.”

“Jesus,” Kimmie said, sounding disgusted. “Fuckin’ fourway. My mother wants a fuckin’ orgy, in front of the fuckin’ world.”

Brandi opened her laptop and started one of Mitch’s videos.

“Oh my God,” Kimmie said. “That’s the fuckin’ guy?”

She watched for a minute before sitting down at the kitchen table next to her mom. “Fuck,” was all she could think to say. She said it quite a few times as the video played. “It’s like a real movie isn’t it? I mean it’s not sleazy,” she said. “They want us to do that? Jesus mom! I can’t believe you got tied up in this.”

“Me neither,” Brandi said. “But it’s a real offer, from the guy who owns the place.” She let Kimmie watch Mitch and his awesome cock a little more. “So, whaddaya think?”

“I think I wanna fuck that guy, that’s what I think,” Kimmie said. “Jesus!”

“So are we doin’ this?”

“You, and me, and Buzzy, and that fuckin’ guy? I don’t know about the havin’ my mother there thing, or the fuckin’ cameras and all that, but yeah…I’m fuckin doin’ it,” Kimmie said, her eyes still glued to Mitch’s sweaty body as his big cock drove an average looking girl to the orgasm of her life.


“Good to see you guys! Welcome!” Tucker said as he greeted the three nervous looking newcomers to his studio. He was pleased with Kimmie and Buzzy’s appearance — they were both reasonably attractive. Kimmie’s breast implants were a bit overdone, but she had a nice smile and a nice ass with just a little extra meat on it. Buzzy was a twenty-first-century greaser, with slicked-back hair and arms covered in colorful ink. A Legendary Shack Shakers t-shirt gave his muscular chest a tight black covering.

“So, before we start the fun tonight I’ll need you all to sign some contracts,” Tucker said as he herded the group into his office. “Any of you guys ever do any modeling before?”

There was a collective mumble of “no”. Tucker explained the paperwork and they all signed. yenimahalle escort It was pretty clear they’d all been drinking, so he didn’t offer them anything. Kimmie and Buzzy looked like they’d been hitting the bottle pretty hard, and they looked stoned too. Tucker didn’t like working with inebriated folks, but they seemed pretty well in control of themselves.

Back in the dressing rooms the alcohol flowed again, without Tucker knowing about it. Buzzy and Mitch had a couple whiskeys. It helped them bond a little after a little bit of a rough start — Buzzy was clearly feeling intimidated by the handsome porn star who was about to fuck his girlfriend.

Over in the women’s dressing room Brandi pulled a flask of cheap cognac out of her purse and she and Kimmie passed it back and forth as Marsha fixed their hair and touched up their makeup. By showtime all three amateurs were flying high.

“Ladies, this is Mitch,” Tucker said when they all gathered on the set. “Mitch, this is Brandi and her daughter Kimmie.”

“Hi girls,” Mitch said. “Let’s have some fun, shall we?”

“Yeah, okay,” Kimmie said. She couldn’t think of much else to say, and just stood there taking in Mitch’s sparkling blue eyes. Brandi was completely speechless, which wasn’t like her at all.

“I thought we’d use the hotel room set,” Tucker said. “You guys can all just tumble through the door like you met in a bar or something. No dialog. Talk if you want to, but it’s not necessary. Just start kissing and go at it. Don’t be afraid to make noise, all right? We like that. We’ll take a break at some point, but let’s just roll for a while. Let’s do it. Roll cameras.”

Mitch took control and guided them into the room. Kimmie made eye contact with him. He pulled her to him and kissed her. All the alcohol had her loose in no time, grinding her body against him.

Brandi and Buzzy were hot-and-heavy right off the bat too. It turned out Buzzy had wanted to fuck the old girl ever since he’d seen her watching him in action a few weeks before. He didn’t know why — he’d never been into women as old as her, but it was a feeling he couldn’t shake. Having it unfold in such a crazy place just added to the hotness for him.

Brandi was pretty drunk. The whole thing felt like a hallucination. She hadn’t been kissed the way Buzzy was kissing her in a very long time. There was a youthful energy to it; an exuberance that she’d all but forgotten over the last two decades of dating older men. She got swept up in it, and went sort of wild on the twenty-four-year-old. Buzzy returned the favor.

Kimmie’s composure was out the window too, and pretty soon clothes were flying off in every direction. All four of them were amped up and barreling headfirst into some wild shit. It had the feel of something explosive. Tucker held his breath and hoped it would all hold together.

The frenzied action felt like a race to see if mother or daughter would be the first one with a cock in her mouth. Kimmie won by a nose, but it was pretty close to a tie.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ!” she whispered when Mitch’s still swelling meat was headed between her lips. It was as big as anything she’d ever had a hold of, and she’d had a lot of cocks in her hand over the years. She’d had one or two a little longer, but never the combination of length and girth that Mitch possessed.

Brandi was over the moon when she got Buzzy in her mouth. Ever since the first time she watched Buzzy and Kimmie together she’d dreamt about the hard, uncircumcised hunk sliding into her own mouth, and there it was; big and long, redolent with the scent and taste of unfiltered man.

“Fuck yeah!” she sighed when she came up for air. She stroked the wet shaft with vigor. “You gonna fuck me with this thing?” she said, with the sexiest cigarette-ravaged voice imaginable.

Buzzy grabbed her upper arm and yanked her to her feet. He nearly ripped the bra off of her and flung her onto the bed. Her pretty panties, bought special for the occasion, were stretched and mangled as Buzzy frantically parted them from her person. He still had his Shack Shakers t-shirt on, but Brandi liked seeing him that way, naked from the waist down, big cock pointing upward, with a wild look in his eyes. She spread her legs wide and he plunged into her dark, earth-colored pussy, fucking her hard with no warm-up.

“Oh…Jesus! she yelled, and one of the wildest sessions at Tucker’s studio was underway.

Buzzy fucked the old girl like he was possessed. Brandi took it like she’d spent her whole life preparing for that moment. They rolled and tumbled, rose and fell, grunted and screamed. It was raw and wild.

The atmosphere they created affected Mitch. He was usually more of a nuanced lover, taking time to draw ripping orgasms out of his women, using tactile skills he’d developed over a decade’s time. But that particular party in front of the cameras was different. The girls were drunk and stoned, and Buzzy was fucking like a crazed lunatic. So Mitch kicked things up a notch too. Kimmie was going a little wild on him, so why not give it right back to her?

He was on his back and Kimmie was devouring the big, primal looking cock she’d fallen in love with. He hooked her by the armpits, yanked her on top of him, lined up his cock and thrust it home. Hard. A few powerful, rape-like thrusts was all it took to fill her with his elephantine monster. Her shrieks could have been heard a block away.

“Fuck!” Marsha said under her breath, back behind the cameras. She was seeing a side of Mitch he hadn’t shown before, and it took her breath away.

“Yeah!…Yeah!…Yeah! Kimmie shrieked.

She’d been fucked hard plenty of times, but never with a cock that felt like it was gonna rip her in half. Her crazed eyes gave away the intensity of it all, and Jamar guided the crane camera in, focused on her determined looking face. Her shrieks morphed into wild grunts. She looked at Mitch with the intensity of a feral animal in heat, and absorbed every hard thrust like it was a sweet gift from the Devil himself.

“Fuuucck!” she hissed through clenched teeth. Her mother was getting the holy hell fucked out of her just inches away, the bed was rockin’ like a trampoline, and the orgasm came at her with a whoosh. It drowned out the crazy noises her mother was making, erased from her mind the camera hovering in front of her face, and made everything right with the world. Mitch fucked her to a place of pure, unadulterated ecstasy.

She would have been happy if that was all there was. It was astonishing how quickly she’d been swept up in things, and how high she let herself get before jumping into that extraordinary free-fall. Brandi felt the same way as her daughter — amazed at the intensity of the proceedings, and the balls-to-the-wall fucking Buzzy was capable of. She knew he was good, from watching him those few times, but he really outdid himself when he got his hands on Brandi. Something about fucking ‘the girlfriend’s mother’ really got his blood boiling. When they switched partners he was still on fire, giving the sexy daughter a thorough reaming. His youthful energy was put to the test, and he rose to the occasion. Literally.

Brandi was nearly delirious when Mitch took over. First a hot young tattooed boy, and then a man she could only describe as ‘a stunner’, with the biggest cock she’d ever tried to squeeze into herself. It fit way nicer than she expected. In fact, it felt like perfection. Once again, the four of them were rolling and tumbling, grunting and screaming. It’d been years since Tucker’d had such a wild free-for-all on his hands.

They took a break at the hour mark, the four principles looking sweaty and crazed. Water bottles were passed around.

“I need a drink,” Brandi said.

“I’m afraid we don’t have any Brandy or Cognac,” Tucker said, hoping to contain the drunkenness a little.

“There’s some Jack in the dressing room,” Mitch said.

“That’ll work,” Brandi said. “You don’t mind if we smoke a little, do ya Tucker? Buzzy, you got any more weed?”

Buzzy didn’t wait for Tucker’s answer. He scampered off down the hall and came back a minute later with the bottle and a fat joint, his sticky cock swinging as he walked.

“This is like fuckin’ heaven,” Brandi said as she watched him approach. “We should have parties like this at home.”

“Sounds good to me,” Buzzy said.

“Yeah, you’d love it you horny fuck!” Kimmie said to her boyfriend. “Lettin’ you fuck my mother. What the hell was I thinkin’?”

“Thinkin’ sucks honey,” Brandi said to her daughter. “Let’s get high and fuck some more. I got another hole you guys ain’t played with yet.”

“Mom! What the fuck!” Kimmie said.

“Fuck you. I’m takin’ advantage,” Brandi said, blowing a huge cloud of smoke out of her lungs.

Tucker wasn’t thrilled about the drugs at the studio. He tried to keep a lid on that kind of thing, for legal reasons. But Brandi and her family were giving him some great footage, so he let the crazy party roll on. The bottle was passed around, the big blunt was converted into ash and good feelings, the cameras rolled and they were back to down-and-dirty sex.

Brandi climbed onto Mitch and rode him, her eyes rolling as her wildly intoxicated mind swirled. When she saw an opening she grabbed Buzzy’s arm and lowered her upper body down onto Mitch.

“Do it Buzzy,” she said, her voice low and smoky. “Put it in Mamma’s ass.”

“Fuck!” Kimmie said. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Buzzy spit on Brandi’s asshole and lined up his slippery cock. Brandi held still. Mitch was deep in her pussy, and the only muscles she was moving were contracting all around him. The stillness didn’t last. When Buzzy was halfway into her dark tunnel her back arched and her hips started to move.

“Uuuuhh!” she grunted. “Fuuuck!”

She said it like something truly special was happening inside her. Buzzy was all in at that point, balls deep in the black hole. There was more cock meat in her than three or four guys usually possess, and it was all in two holes. It was too much for her to process verbally. It was pure feeling, pure emotion from that point on. When the two cocks started moving it was all over. She was as high as a kite. Her body blew all it’s gaskets. Her brain blew all its fuses. She bucked like a wild bronco and screamed like a crazed banshee. It was a wild sight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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