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I met Cindy while attending classes during our third year at a local community college. For awhile before we met, we couldn’t take our eyes off of each other. Afterwards, we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves. From across the lobby of the student library, her long, shapely legs absorbed me at once—gently tapering from a firm, full pair of cheeks to thin, delicate ankles and feet.

Her innocently inquisitive, big brown eyes, shy, perky breasts, small round mouth, and dark, shoulder-length hair created the initial, wishful impression I formed of her as a submissive nymphet. It was an impression that she wasted no time confirming once we began dating.

In her last teenage year, with a modest sexual repertoire to show for her few years of young womanhood, Cindy had less experience with men than I, at twenty-five, had had with women. This combined with her insatiable sexual curiosity and outgoing personality to make her a playful and enthusiastic lover, which showed itself most in her eagerness to experiment during our first few months together. She was generous with her body and attentive to mine as we developed greater comfort as lovers, eagerly exploring one another at every opportunity.

I would remain seated on her bed, nude and semi-erect, while she teased me by inching out of a silk slip and bending over in front of me, her smooth, pink cleft and cinnamon-brown anus partially concealed by the thin, white strap of a thong. I could just barely make out the crinkled outline of her puffy lips, and the warm, heavy smell of her pussy and ass made my cock grow painfully stiff. She’d back up into my face and pull the strap down to her ankles, delicately stepping out and spreading her legs wide.

She would permit me one long lap of her moist crack, allowing me to bathe her crotch from bottom to top with my greedy tongue before turning around and sinking to her knees. Sitting back on her heels, pulling down my foreskin, her tongue-tip lightly tracing the purple crest of my swollen head, she would slowly lower her tiny mouth down over me, stretching it open to show how tight it would be if she took my entire length inside.

Looking up at me with her wide, brown eyes, gripping the base of my shaft with her fingertips, she would innocently ask, “I don’t know if I can fit all of this inside my mouth. Will you help me try?”

We often began this way. She would establish the pace and rhythm, enjoying the control she had over my reactions, savoring her ability to prolong the anticipation of the inevitable reversal, when I would assume control and take the satisfaction from her body that she had made me desperately need.

As time passed and our ease together grew, we learned a great deal about each other’s private fixations and fetishes. Some showed themselves during sex itself, such as my adoration for her fingers and toes, which I would often lavish with attention during our extended foreplay, as well as her desire to be spanked and “punished,” which she whispered in my ear alongside other dirty confessions while I made her wet by rubbing her clit and ass.

Some of our discoveries, though, we made before or after making love. Early on one evening I rolled on top of her and pulled her slender arms above her head. With one hand I crossed her wrists and firmly held them in place while lightly brushing the fingers of my other hand against the thin layer of fabric covering her hardening clit.

The warm spot on her panties grew larger and wetter as I whispered into her ear that if I wanted to, I could hold her there until she agreed to let me have whatever I wanted. She struggled playfully and I could feel her warm, heavy breath against my neck as she asked, “Well, what are you going to do with me?”

Not knowing how she would react, I suggested that I might tie her down and invite some of my friends over to watch me have my way with her. This only made her more impatient for my cock and she begged me to fill her with it, promising that she would let my friends watch her drain it with her mouth, pussy, and ass.

This gave me an idea. Leaning close to her ear and sliding my fingers under her panties and past her parted lips, I said, “What if I have another guy come over and let him do whatever he wants?” akkent escort Her back arched and I heard a soft moan escape her lips as I slid my fingers down from her clit to her asshole, continuing, “Maybe I’ll find an older guy for you, someone who gets himself off by thinking about a piece of ass as young and tight as yours…”

Working my forefinger past the entrance to her tight, brown star and shoving my tongue inside her ear, knowing that this would drive her crazy, I asked how she would like that. She whispered that she’d love it, begging me, “Please baby, I want him and you to fuck me at the same time…I’ll swallow both of you.”

That was too much for me. I had already pulled her panties down to her ankles, and after hearing her say that she wanted two cocks inside her I threw her legs apart and buried my shaft deep, flooding her with several thick shots after four or five violent strokes.

I withdrew and laid the length of my cock just above her clit, rocking it back and forth over the gentle mound of her soft belly. She kissed me deeply while our cum spilled from between the red, swollen folds of her narrow slit.

We became preoccupied with the idea of having a threesome. Each new position during sex was an opportunity for me to imagine another guy pleasuring or being pleasured by my sweet, young lover. In one of our favorite versions of the fantasy, we would have Cindy play up her age for our imagined partner, playing the naïve and innocent girl while wearing a little school uniform, a slutty Halloween costume, or a soccer jersey, knee socks, and a pair of tight mesh shorts.

In our fantasies, she would tease him by making him watch her get on all fours and give me head, reaching back to hike her plaid skirt over her waist and play with herself; she’d beg him to let her taste his ass with her greedy little tongue; offer him her tightest, wettest spots but make him pull out early and coat her sweet face with his spunk.

We whet our appetite for a ménage a trois by playing with every conceivable version, and though there were some in which the two of us shared one of Cindy’s girlfriends, nearly all of our fantasies involved Cindy submitting to me and another guy.

Finally, a week before her 20th birthday, Cindy made a suggestion that I never expected to hear. There was a co-worker at her part-time job who she knew was hot for her—a guy named Mike who was over 20 years her senior. She had seen him watching her ass as she walked by his desk and felt his eyes following her in and out of the bathroom. But Mike seemed harmless enough and they had established a flirtatious rapport.

She wanted to know whether I would let him join us in bed that Friday night, her last night as a teenager. Turning up the corners of her mouth and rubbing the palm of her hand against the front of my pants, she said, “It will be a birthday present we can both enjoy.”

Naturally, I didn’t know how I would actually feel seeing her enjoyed by another man. But I couldn’t miss this chance to share her in all the ways we had imagined. The fact that Mike was much older than both of us only made the prospect of seeing him have his way with her seem dirtier and more exciting.

The thought of watching her drive him crazy and ultimately submit to his every wish made me as hard as a rock. If the experience left me feeling jealous and insecure, it would be the perfect excuse for “punishing” her afterwards. Either way, neither of us could resist satisfying our curiosity.

Cindy had no difficulty convincing Mike to join us for dinner at our place. Earlier that day, we had showered and shaved together, leaving a thin strip of hair above her clit and nothing at all around my cock and balls. She had gone out to get a pedicure and painted her nails a light shade of pink.

The conversation that evening was light and pleasant, and after the meal Cindy and I bit the bullet and gave Mike quite a shock by making our proposal. He could share her with me that very evening, I explained, having her in every way he had imagined. I could tell that he was trying to measure his reaction, but his eyes widened when I explained hat it was her idea.

“Don’t be coy, Mike, I notice akkent escort bayan the way you stare at me at work,” Cindy said, narrowing her eyes at him. “I’ll bet you’ve gotten yourself off just thinking about all the nasty things you’d like to do to me. Well, since I’m the birthday girl, I get whatever I want tonight. And what I want is for you to show me what’s been on your mind.”

Raising her eyebrows, she added, “I’ll even let you take charge. I bet I could learn a few things from someone who’s old enough to be my daddy.” I already had a hard-on from the suspense of being so close to going through with our plan, and hearing those words almost made me cum right there at the table. My little girl knew how to get what she wanted.

Seeing that Mike needed a moment to process what he had just been told, we excused ourselves to the bedroom, offering him some time to think it over. We invited him to join us in a few minutes if he was interested in our proposal, explaining that he was equally welcome to decline and take off without any hard feelings. He was still seated at the table when we looked back into the kitchen from the hallway outside our bedroom door.

A few long minutes passed before the bedroom door opened and Mike entered. As he shut the door behind him he saw that we had gotten ready. I sat on a loveseat in the corner wearing only a pair of briefs, trying hard not to think about was about to happen for fear of creaming right away. Cindy was on the bed, resting on her elbows with her feet up in the air.

Lying on the bed, she wore a small, cotton pair of pink jogging shorts that fit tight and rode high above her thighs. She had put on a white shirt with thin straps that cut off just above her belly button as well as a pair of baby blue cotton knee socks made from a stretchy, lightweight material. Tight around her neck was a thin, pink silk choker that I bought for tonight’s affair.

She had her hair in pigtails and used some clear lip gloss to accentuate the shape of her small, upturned mouth. She looked every bit the sporty adolescent but her sultry eyes smoldered with a woman’s desire as she looked from Mike to me and back. She kicked her feet and squirmed like a little girl waiting impatiently for a promised treat.

“Give us something to think about, baby,” I said. Cindy and I had talked a little about how we wanted things to go, but with our new playmate present we had gotten lost in our nervous excitement and were already improvising. Mike had stripped down to his briefs by now. He took his place next to me on the loveseat as Cindy rose from the bed and casually padded across the room to where we sat.

Despite the slenderness of her limbs and her small, perky breasts, the tight cotton of her shorts clung to her ass and accentuated the baby fat that still gently rounded out her hips and belly. Beneath his briefs, Mike’s shaft was already hard and visibly straining for release as Cindy stopped in front of the loveseat and began to move her hips in slow, circular motions.

His eyes hungrily explored her body, taking in each movement of her hands as she slowly traced her nubile figure, gently fondling her breasts and then her belly and ass. “God, you’re a sweet little thing,” he muttered, rubbing the base of his cock through his briefs. Seeing Mike openly play with himself put me at ease, and I slipped my shorts off and gave myself a single stroke, feeling my balls tighten.

Reaching to her shoulder, Cindy dropped one strap and then another. She slipped the shirt over her head and casually tossed it aside. Her nipples broadcasted her arousal— standing at attention, thick, and flushed red against her milky skin.

Turning around and bending over, she wigged her bottom and slid a slender hand between her legs and up between the firm globes of her ass to show us what was on her mind. Still bent over, she wrapped her thumbs around the cotton waistband of her shorts and tugged them down over her ass to drop around her ankles.

Stepping out of them and glancing at us over her shoulder, she gave her buns a playful slap and walked around to the left side where I sat and kneeled on the loveseat, stretching herself across my lap and escort akkent raising her ass in the air. She began kissing Mike, taking her time and letting him reach under to play with her breasts.

Stroking her thighs, I looked over and saw their tongues darting in and out of each another’s mouths. Reaching down to play with myself, I noticed that my piss-hole was already beaded with precum. I slowly rubbed it around the ridge of my head with the palm of my other hand, trying not to erupt from watching their foreplay.

Cindy nibbled on Mike’s neck, ran her tongue up into his ear. Her hand disappeared into his briefs. Tugging on the elastic waistband, gently withdrawing his manhood and holding it erect, she innocently whispered, “Is this for me?”

His eyes glazed over, Mike breathed, “It’s all for you, honey. Let me see you put it in that little mouth of yours.” Taking her by the back of the neck and dipping his thumb between her parted lips, he guided her head down over his lap and threw his head back with a moan as she gently lashed the tip with her tongue. After a little light teasing, her head began to move up and down in a slow rhythm.

“You’re such a naughty little girl,” I said, “fooling around with two older men in your bedroom. Let me see what you’re doing.”

Cindy shifted to the side and gave me a clear view of Mike’s thick shaft bulging inside her cheek. With a greedy slurp, she smiled back at me and said, “It’s already so big…I think he’s almost ready to cum.” My balls drew up as she added, “Spank me and I’ll be a good girl for you after he finishes with me.”

Hearing this, Mike grabbed hold of her pigtails, one in each hand, and guided his prick back between her pursed lips, whispering, “Not yet, baby…” Cindy’s mouth sunk down over half of Mike’s cock as I pulled the thin silk strap of her panties aside and spread her open. I’d never seen her as wet as she was now.

I ran my finger along her pussy, wiped some of her juices across the tiny entrance to her ass and began massaging it. I tried pressing my thumb inside and it finally gave way with a little resistance. I could feel my balls grow heavier thinking about how loose she would be when we were through with her.

I slapped her bottom with my other hand at irregular intervals, eliciting a muffled squeal of delighted surprise each time. Mike had a pigtail tightly clenched in each hand and had already broken a sweat thrusting up and back into Cindy’s throat. I could tell that he was on the verge of exploding in her mouth.

Noticing this, I told her to get on the floor between his legs so I could watch her finish him off. Looking up at Mike, she obediently sat back on her heels and opened her mouth, offering her pink, slender tongue. He leaned forward, stroking his twitching member and angling it down towards her upturned face.

“Oh god…open up, honey…here it comes,” he gasped. I watched as Mike rubbed the head of his cock with his thumb and forefinger until a thick, milky stream shot from the tip to land on Cindy’s chin. The rest covered her lips and poured into her mouth, collecting inside and running over a little at the edges.

Cindy’s eyes met mine as she swallowed, taking Mike’s softening tool into her mouth to empty it of what was left. He fondled her hair and face while she lovingly kissed the purple bell at the end of his staff, lapping up the sticky mess she had made.

“How does it taste, baby?” I asked.

“Yummy,” she gratefully purred, licking the tips of her fingers after wiping the spot on her chin where some of Mike’s cum had splashed.

Taking her by the arm, I pulled her up onto my lap. Holding her arms behind her, I drew her mouth to mine and licked her lower lip, smelling the sex on her breath. Opening her glistening mouth with my tongue and driving it inside, I could taste the saltiness of what Mike had fed her. I lingered on the feeling of closeness as we shared his seed, passing it back and forth between us.

I glanced over to see that Mike was leaning close and watching intently, his hand between Cindy’s legs and his erection already recovering.

“Now that you’ve shown Mike how naughty you are,” I explained to Cindy, “I think it’s time that he and I teach you how to behave yourself.”

Picking her up by the waist and carrying her across the room, I laid her on her back, her body positioned sideways across the bed.

Cindy stretched out and began fondling herself impatiently. In small, submissive voice, she looked at Mike said, “I promise to do what I’m told…”

END Part One

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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