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Sulfuric smoke seared Turok’s lungs as he groped blindly along the cliff face. Only a slender ribbon of rock stood between him and a fifty-fathom plunge into the lava flow. “Curse that wretched sorceress” he hissed, “If she has betrayed me,….”. It was an empty threat. Even if he did survive this quest, he had no power to match the one who had sent him here. But he must survive! He must succeed! For if he failed to rescue the daughters of King Aamon from the clutches of Memnoch, Aamon would launch his vast, but mortal army against Memnoch’s legions of the undead. The result would be the slaughter of thousands of valiant soldiers. Skilled as they were, you cannot kill that which does not live. And each soldier who fell would instantly be reanimated as a servant of Memnoch, turning his sword against his own men. Aamon knew this. But Memnoch knew that Aamon’s love was greater than his wisdom, and his soldiers’ loyalty was greater than their fear.

Suddenly, the outcropping crumbled beneath Turok’s feet. Instinctively, he drew his dagger and plunged it into the rock face. Hanging from this makeshift piton, Turok watched the rocks vaporize in the molten river below. Finding a finger-hold, he pulled himself back onto the ledge, re-sheathed his dagger and continued on. Soon, a faint green glow caught his eye. Edging closer, he found the jade stone, teardrop shaped, just as the sorceress had predicted. He placed his hand upon the stone, and it began to throb with an emerald glow. The mountainside trembled as a large section of the cliff face slid reluctantly back, revealing a tunnel running deep into the bowels of the mountain. Small rocks began raining down upon Turok. Looking up, he saw a large boulder plummeting from the mountaintop, right toward him! He lunged forward into the opening just as the boulder obliterated the ledge where he had stood.

He immediately started down the tunnel. Torches spewing acrid black smoke provided scant illumination as he groped his way down, always down. It seemed he had traveled for miles when, at last, he rounded a bend and saw a faint blue glow at the far end of the passage. Creeping stealthily towards the opening, Turok found himself at the edge of an air duct, set ten feet up the side of a large cave. The floor and walls of the cave were polished obsidian. In the center stood two black altars which seemed to have been grown from the rock floor. Atop each altar lay one of the princess, unbound, but captive nonetheless. From their naked bodies, waves of crimson light pulsed toward an evil looking device suspended from the ceiling. Memnoch was drawing the life force from the princesses, using their power to feed his army. Cautiously peering out from the opening, Turok saw no guards in the cavern. Obviously Memnoch believed his fortress to be impregnable, a fatal mistake. Turok dropped effortlessly to the floor, and paused, crouched, listening for any sign of approaching danger. Satisfied, he approached the altars.

For a moment, Turok stared, mesmerized by the beauty before him; the honey skin, the delicate features of their beautiful faces, framed by cascades of golden curls, the full, firm breasts topped with turgid pink nipples, rising and falling rhythmically, the only sign that the girls were alive. He moved to the side of the altar which held Allani, the first born, and remembered the sorceress’s cryptic instructions. “While she sleeps, no mortal power can remove the captive beauty from the black altar.” She had whispered. “To awaken her, you must share your life force. Two must become one, for only together can you break the Dark Lord’s bonds.” Damn these mystics! Why must they always be so obtuse?

Turok’s gaze flowed down the supine body before him, coming to rest between her slightly parted thighs, where the mound of her passion lay scarcely concealed beneath glistening wisps of golden down. His manhood swelled in response, pressing against gerçek porno the rough cloth of his tunic. He began to chastise himself for having such impure thoughts about the daughter of the king when, in a flash of inspiration, he understood the sorceress’s words! The two must become one! Ripping the tunic from his loins, Turok sprang onto the altar, positioning himself between the legs of his future queen. Gently holding her ankles, he spread her legs further apart, his eyes transfixed upon her sex, which opened like a blooming rose, beckoning him.

He brushed his callused fingers across her pouting lips, feeling that she was dry; too deep in her slumber to respond to his touch. He dared not cause the princess pain by taking her unprepared. Bowing almost reverently, Turok placed his mouth on the sweet royal pussy. He bathed her outer lips with his tongue, nudging past the folds of silken flesh, to the opening beneath. He pressed his tongue gently into her hot tunnel, deeper and deeper, until he was met by a trickle of sweet nectar. Pulling back, he watched as her impulsive clitoris emerged from its fleshy shroud. He couldn’t resist a kiss, a lick, a tender suckle on her brash little bud. He felt her hips twitch involuntarily. He looked up and saw her chest rising and falling with deeper breaths, her nipples growing harder with each crest.

He climbed up, his body hovering atop hers, and gazed into her eyes, still transfixed in a vacant stare. Her body was responding, but he had yet to reach her mind. So be it! With mounting excitement, and more than a little trepidation, Turok placed the swollen head of his engorged cock against the princess’s glistening hole. As gently as a prayer, he pressed his cockhead between her yielding lips, shuddering as he felt it engulfed in her hot wetness. Restraining his anxious desire, he began to gyrate, slowly, intentionally, diving just a little deeper with each thrust, until at last the fullness of him was buried within her. Still, she stared blankly, oblivious to her violation. Turok began to pump, in and out, the molten grasp of her vagina driving him to fruition. With a final quivering thrust and a groan of animal lust, Turok released his seed into the womb of his future queen, mingling his essence with hers, making the two one. At that moment, he heard a cry, a gasp, as raw and lusty as his own. Looking down, he saw Allani’s head thrown back, her eyes wrenched shut, her face a twisted mask of the pain of rebirth soaked in orgasmic ecstasy. She threw her arms around his chest, pulling him onto her, as her legs wrapped around him, grinding her pussy hard against the base of his erupting cock. Her body shivered and convulsed beneath him, her breath coming in ragged gasps as the waves of her release subsided.

Turok lay in this sacred embrace, his face buried in the perfumed curls. He felt soft hands grasp his shoulders, and gently push him up. Reluctantly, he met Allani’s now lucid gaze. Fear, gratitude, confusion flitted across her face, as one suddenly awakened from a dream. Suddenly, her eyes went wide in a flash of comprehension. She looked to her right, where her sister lay still captive. “Ariani!” she cried, and with surprising strength, pushed Turok off of her and sprang from the altar. She staggered on unsteady legs to her sister’s side. “Ariani! Ariani!” she whispered over and over as she stroked her oblivious sister’s cheek. “Ariani, you must awaken! Quickly, we have no time!”

Finally, she stopped, and turned to Turok. “I cannot awaken her. Only you can do that. You must do for her as you have done for me! And quickly! Memnock must already have felt the loss of my life force. He will be here soon!” Turok stared back at the princesses with a look of despair. His gaze fell to his cock, half hard and losing steam. As Allani’s gaze followed his, she understood. She smiled, and beckoned to him. Turok moved gay porno to her side, his head hung apologetically. Allani placed one hand on his broad chest. With the other, she cupped his chin and raised his face to her. “Fear not, my brave warrior”, she said, “The daughters of Aamon are not without their talents.” With that, she lowered herself, tracing his body with her hands, running them gently across his chest, his torso, his hips, until she knelt before him, her head level with his spent member. With one hand, she gently grasped his shaft, still slick with their mingled juices. With the other, she cupped his heavy balls, lightly rolling them in her palm.

Turok watched in stunned silence as the princess brought his flaccid phallus to her lips. She tenderly kissed the head, licking off a pearly drop of cum from the slit. Then she opened her mouth, and drew his cock inside, bathing the underside with her hot tongue. He felt her long fingers snake between his legs as she lightly grazed her nails across his anus, sending shivers of excitement through his groin. To his amazement, he felt his manhood responding to the talented ministrations of the goddess kneeling before him, his shaft enlarging with renewed vigor. Allani drew his entire length deep into her hot mouth, then released it slowly, her lips and tongue dancing teasingly along the shaft as it emerged triumphant. Grasping his now swollen member, Allani gazed up at Turok. “And now, my warrior,” she commanded, slowly stroking his cock as she spoke, “Take this proud sword and release my sister from her bonds!”

Turok needed no further encouragement. He leapt onto the altar where Ariani lay captive. As he gingerly lifted and spread the princess’s legs, Allani moved to her sister’s side. With one hand, she stroked the younger girl’s face and hair. With the other, she caressed her budding breasts, allowing her fingers to bump lightly over her small but turgid nipples. All the while, she whispered softly in Ariani’s ear, comforting her, encouraging her to awaken.

As he had for Allani, Turok knelt at the cleft between Ariani’s supple thighs. With his mouth and tongue, he paid homage to his princess’s perfect private place. Her scent and taste were slightly sweeter, less pronounced than her sister’s. What little pubic down she possessed was soft as a whisper, and tickled Turok’s nose as he nuzzled closer, bathing her small, sweet lips, priming the wellspring of her desire, beckoning her nectar. He was soon rewarded as her succulent juices issued forth to greet his pleading tongue.

Turok straightened, and grasped Ariani’s slim hips in his rough hands, positioning his now throbbing manhood at her opening, a portal that seemed much too small to accommodate him. He glanced once more at Allani, with a look of trepidation. “Yes” she mouthed almost silently. Turok pressed forward, insinuating his tumescent cock head between the petals of the young girl’s pussy. Reluctantly, she accommodated his organ, stretching to admit the bulbous head. Ever so slowly, savoring the sensual pressure of her vagina on his sensitive shaft, Turok inched his way deeper into the girl. Suddenly, he stopped, as he confronted her maidenhead. Again, he looked to Allani. Her steady, sorrowful gaze showed that she understood, understood and grieved that her sister’s virginity would not be given in the throes of passionate first love, but lost in a desperate act of survival. “Do it.” She said, “And quickly! For surely, Memnock comes!”

Steeling himself, Turok thrust. Ariani’s hymen yielded with a velvet tear of surrender. Her muscles tensed, her back arched, but yet she remained entranced. The two were not yet one. Gently, firmly, Turok fucked the captive princess, churning her untested waters. The hot, clenching grasp of her virgin vagina coaxed him quickly, inexorably toward climax. With a guttural groan, Turok flooded her moist center evli porno with its first taste of man. Ariani’s head snapped back, and a ragged gasp filled her lungs. The veil lifted from her eyes, and she beheld the hulking, sweaty form atop her. With a scream of panic, she began beating and clawing at her bewildered attacker. Instantly, Allani was upon her, covering her brow with kisses. “Sister, No!” she cried. “We are delivered!

Ariani’s blows ceased in mid-strike as her sister’s words broke through her terror. She threw her arms around Allani and wept. Turok quietly disengaged himself, his spent cock slithering wetly from his no-longer-virgin princess. Climbing down from the obsidian altar, he regarded the touching reunion before him. But this was no time for emotion. “My ladies,” Turok said urgently, “We must flee. Without your life force, Memnock’s army is undone. He will not wait to wreak his vengeance.” No sooner had the words left his lips, than the cave was flooded with an unholy light. It was as though the very wall of the cavern had been rent asunder! Cold blue iridescence streamed through the opening, framing a looming black cloaked form. Turok and the princesses stared in mute horror as the apparition let loose a piercing wail… “JEREMY!!!!”


Our hero watched with mounting despair as Allani and Ariani dissolved into billions of pixels of holoplasmic energy. The altars melted into the floor as the walls wavered, flickered and vanished, leaving only the seamless gray dome of the holodeck. Jeremy stared in shock at his mother. She looked at him with a mixture of anger and disappointment. Then her eyes dropped. He followed her gaze. From the tip of his rapidly shriveling cock, a sticky thread of cum meandered its way toward the floor. With a panicked yelp, Jeremy clasped his hands in front of him and began searching frantically for the shipsuit he had stashed in a corner prior to initiating the program. “Mom, I…I…I’m sorry.” He stammered as he struggled to feed his legs into the unwieldy garment. When he turned back to her, he was relieved to see that her expression had changed to one of maternal understanding.

“Jeremy, I know,” she said softly, “It’s been hard… I mean difficult for you these past few months. You’re away from your friends, and there are no females your age on board; no human ones anyway. But your father’s tour of duty is up in a few weeks. You’ll be back at the academy before you know it. In the mean time, son, this…” she gestured around the holodeck, ” is not the answer.” Hanging his head, Jeremy mumbled a sheepish apology. “All right,” his mother said, “I came to find you because your father is looking for you. Captain Picard has ordered a complete assessment of all systems, and your father needs you to help calibrate the sensor grid. Now, run along.”

Happy to be free of this awkward situation, Jeremy sprinted down the causeway to the lift. Once he had cleared the landing, his mother glanced up and down the corridor. Seeing no one about, she closed the door to the holodeck and keyed the lock. She looked briefly around at the empty, almost shapeless room. Then, unfastening the clasp at her throat, she allowed her cloak to fall with a heavy whisper to the floor.

Beneath it, she wore a diaphanous lace dressing gown of antique silk (or as close to it as the ship’s garment program could come). The spider-web fine material did little to conceal her pouting breasts, still firm and high despite her years; a benefit of life in reduced gravity. From a delicate pocket, she removed a small jade-green disk, and inserted it into the slot in the wall. In a matter of seconds, the room wavered, shimmered, and solidified into a well appointed drawing room, lush with rich dark paneling, and furnished with comfortable, overstuffed couches. In the center of the room stood the figure of a film idol from the late twentieth century earth. His deep blue eyes smoldered under a fall of tousled blonde hair, as he regarded the woman before him. Starting at the collar, she began unfastening the pearl buttons which ran down the front of her dressing gown.

“Take me, Leonardo!” she breathed, “Take me now!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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