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Twins n best buds VI

I guess I get to write about the rest of our fun at Great Wolf with Gavin.

We all talked and Gavin told his parents that we were going to hang out and then he was going to stay in our room that night. Both of our parents were ok with it but they gave us a 10:30 curfew and they made it clear that when 10:30 came we were to be in the room and we weren’t to leave it and run around.

So, on our 2nd from last night staying at Great Wolf, after having dinner with our parents and spending more time in the water, Gavin went and changed out of his swim trunks and came to our room. Then the 3 of us went out and ran around until 10:25PM and then checked in with our parents and went to our room

We rented a movie and we laid on the bed and watched it and when it was over we started joking around and that turned into wrestling around until the 3 of us all pretty much collapsed in laughter.

We got undressed to our boxers for bed and laid on the top of the beds talking the typical guy stuff. There were some comments about jacking off before bed and Gavin told us we were lucky to have our own room where we could do it a lot easier than him since he was sharing the room with his mom and dad.

“Darn, that would suck. How do you get to do it?” I asked

“Just go in the bathroom or do it when my mom and dad aren’t around.’ was Gavin’s response.

Taylor laughed at Gavin and told him that his mom and dad know what hes doing when hes in the bathroom all night

“I don’t take all night. It just takes a few minutes usually.”

That led to Gavin asking us if we did it in front of each other a lot. We told him that sometimes we did and sometimes we didn’t and it was then that I knew I was getting a boner and it looked like Gavin was to though he was doing a good job it covering it up with a pillow he was holding.

Taylor picked on him and asked if he wanted us to leave or turn out the lights so he could fuck the pillow. That gave us all a good laugh and Gavin joked about not getting turned on by pillows.

A little later in the conversation when I went in to take a whiz I could hear Taylor ask Gavin what he thought about what the 3 of us did if. Gavin told him it was pretty cool and asked what we thought. Taylor told Gavin that we thought it was fun. Thats about when I got done whizzing and came back in the room and when Gavin asked if we had ever tried any more than just jerking together. Taylor told him we tried sucking a few times and Gavin asked how that was.

I answered that one and told Gavin that it was fun to. And Taylor told him that it feels better from a guy than a girl.

Gavin asked if we ever tried sucking our own dicks. We both admitted that we had tried but neither of us could. Gavin told us he could so we pushed him to show us. It took some doing but he finally said he would. escort He pulled his boxers off and sat back on the bed and bent forward and opened his mouth and took nearly half of his dick in his mouth. Me and Taylor were like,”Wow lucky you! Who needs girls when you can do that.” It was obvious that me and Taylor thought it was cool to see.

When Gavin started to reach for his boxers to put them back on Taylor told him we should all just get naked and we stripped naked too. We were all on one bed and we all had boners. Taylor joked about how it looked like there was going to be some major jacking off and we all laughed and then Taylor reached over and felt Gavin’s dick. Gavin looked down at Taylor’s hand but didn’t say anything.

I watched a little and started feeling his dick along with Taylor and that made Gavin let out a sigh and then he slid his hand down on Taylor’s dick and started feeling it.

I got really turned on and watched both of their hands and then I just leaned forward and pushed Taylor hand away from Gavin’s dick and I leaned in further and said “Hows this?” Then I licked the head of his dick and held the head of it in my mouth. Gavin shivered so I opened my mouth wider and took more of his dick in my mouth.
Finally he whispered, “Wow it’s a lot better than when I do it” and that made us all laugh out loud. That was all I needed to hear. I opened wider and took more of it in my mouth but eventually I gagged and choked when it hit the back of my throat.

As soon as I lifted myself up Taylor slid down in the bed and got between Gavin’s legs and held his dick and licked it and wrapped his lips around the head and sucked it a few times before taking it deeper and deeper in his mouth.

Gavin’s eyes were glued on Taylor. Taylor was sucking Gavin and every time he pushed his head down on Gavin’s dick he took more and more until he was taking it all. Gavin put his hand on the back of Taylor’s head and said “O yeah” so Taylor kept sucking him.

I was playing with my dick while watching Taylor sucking. Gavin was definitely enjoying how Taylor’s mouth felt on his dick.

I moved down in the bed and slid my hand under Taylor so I could grab his dick
and when I did that Taylor rolled to his side so I could get a hold of it. He was boned up and leaking some precum. I stroked his and played with his balls and then I bent down and started licking him. So there we were. Taylor sucking Gavin and me playing with Taylor’s. I swung around on the bed that made it easy for Gavin to play with my dick if he wanted to and he did.

Taylor and me switched places a couple of times so I could suck Gavin. Andit was while I was sucking him when Gavin bend forward so he could take the head of Taylor’s dick in his mouth and suck him a little. I kept sucking Gavin while I watched him hold Taylor’s escort bayan dick and take it in and out of his mouth.

Taylor was playing with me and I was watching Gavin messing with Taylor’s dick. He licked it then he would stroke it and then he would give it a quick lick. When he finally opened his mouth and took some of Taylor’s dick in his mouth Taylor moaned and Gavin’s dick jumped in my mouth. I sucked Gavin’s dick harder and he stopped sucking Taylor and told me to watch out because he was going to cum. Before he finished the sentence his dick swelled in my mouth and I could feel his cum shooting in my mouth. I kept sucking until he stopped me and when I pulled away Taylor told Gavin to jerk him and then Taylor returned his attention to sucking me until I shot. We all laid back in the bed resting against the headboard and pulled the covers up far enough to cover our dicks and talked about what we had just done and surfed channels looking for something to watch.

It was probably around 2AM when we decided call it a night. I joked and asked if we were all going to sleep in one bed and after some discussion about who was going to get a bed alone we played the trusty Rocks, Scissors Paper and through elimination I got the bed alone. We said goodnight and turned off the lights to sleep.

I didn’t fall asleep right away and as I was laying there I realized that Taylor and Gavin hadn’t either. I could hear them whispering and then I heard some movement and I knew they were messing around some more. I acted asleep and listened to them and tried to watch their outlines in the dark. They were definitely messing around some more so I just laid still and listened and watched. Even though it was dark in the room I could tell that they were sucking each other and rubbing together and I heard Taylor say he was going to cum followed by Gavin whisper that he was too. After that they both went to sleep. I finished jerking off and then I fell asleep too.

Taylor woke up 1st the next morning and after he went to the bathroom and took a piss he came out and crawled in bed with me. We started playing around and that woke Gavin up. He stretched in the bed and then he got up to take a piss. We saw that Gavin had a boner so we laughed and joked about how guys wake up with boners. Gavin took his piss and when he came out of the bathroom I told him he should get in bed with us awhile. We laid there talking and stroking our dick sunder the covers until Taylor turned on his side and got down and sucked me. Gavin was laying behind Taylor watching him suck me closely. Taylor stopped and told Gavin to spoon against him so Gavin rolled to his side and spooned with Taylor while Taylor kept sucking my dick.

Taylor stopped sucking and got up and went to his suitcase and then he got back in bed and he rubbed some cream on Gavin’s escort bayan gaziantep dick. I think Gavin thought Taylor was going to jerk him off but once Taylor smeared the cream all over Gavin’s dick he got back down so he could suck me and he told Gavin to rub against his butt.

We all got worked up big time. Taylor reached back and stroked Gavin and rubbed his ass on Gavin’s boner. Gavin humped on Taylor while he watched Taylor work my boner in his mouth. Taylor was working my dick with his lips while he worked Gavin’s with his ass crack. It was easy to see that Gavin was enjoying how it felt. Taylor made some moaning sounds and then he reached back and aimed Gavin’s dick to his ass and pushed back against Gavin. Gavin pushed back and when his dick went in Taylor’s ass I knew it because Taylor’s whole body shook and he bit my dick. Gavin’s dick had to hurt Taylor when it first went in.

Once Gavin had his boner all the way in Taylor’s ass Taylor started pushing back and forth on it and kept sucking me. Gavin was mostly looking down at his dick going in and out and when he looked up his eyes were all glossy. We looked at each other and smiled a little and then I put my hand on Taylor’s head and told him to make me cum and Gavin started humping Taylor faster. Every time Gavin pushed into Taylor, Taylor would make a moaning sound. I told Taylor I was going to cum and Taylor wrapped his hand around the base of my dick and wrapped his lips tight around the top of my dick and worked it until I shot my jizz in his mouth. A few minutes and few pushes later Gavin tensed up and shook and exploded in Taylor’s ass. Right after he shot he was going to pull out but Taylor reached back behind him and held Gavin’s hip and told him not to pull out yet. We all laid there a few more minutes like that while Taylor jacked off and after he came he let Gavin’s hip go so he could pull out. Gavin’s dick was semi hard when he pulled it out. Gavin called it “Incredible” I called it “hot” and Taylor called it “cool good fun” Gavin showered 1st so he could go to his parents room. After he left me and Taylor showered together. Taylor told me that Gavin’s dick really hurt when he first pushed it in. He told me it felt good but mine was a better fit. We got with Gavin later that day and hung out. Before Gavin and his family left Gavin told us both that he was glad he got to hang out with us. Our parents suggested we exchange Email addresses so we did. I heard his mom tell mine that me and Taylor were a ”Godsend” because it was one of the first family vacations they had taken where Gavin didn’t get bored and want to go home. I guess we made it one of his better vacations.

When we got home that night we were pretty tired so we didn’t mess around and we slept in our own beds, We made up for not messing around the next day when we got up though. Yea, all it took was Taylor coming out of his shower with a boner and getting in my bed. Would be cool to tell you about that but we’re going out so it will have to wait.

Thanks for reading us. I think we are both surprised anyone reads it.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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