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It was a bad breakup. As so often happens, I had come by his place to surprise him, and found him between the legs of his next-door neighbor. I was pissed, to say the least. After a few months of dating Ben and Jerry, I decided I needed to go shopping. I had plenty of lingerie, ranging from leather corsets to lace babydolls, but I was missing a pair of fuck-me heels. I decided to take a trip to my local sex shop, where I carefully selected a pair of shoes with clear straps across the toes and ankle and with 5-inch heels.

I had planned to save them for the next boyfriend but I was too anxious to try them out to keep them in my closet indefinitely. Feeling particularly wicked, I decided to wear them to class the next day. I had only one class on Wednesdays, and it was my favorite. It was an interesting subject—International Law—but the professor, Dr. Rod Johnson , was even more interesting. He seemed to be only a few years older than my 23, and while he was an expert in his field, was always joking around.

Dr. Johnson was tall and muscular, with an All-American face and brown tousled, bedroom hair. His suits always seemed to accent his best parts, like his tight ass and his shapely arms, while still remaining classy. My shoes seemed a little inappropriate for class, but since the teacher was hot, and I was horny, I decided that some teacher titillation might be fun.

I woke up Wednesday morning and my pussy wet a little as I remembered my plan for the day. I hopped into the shower and began shaving my long legs. I hadn’t shaved my mound since the breakup, but I had some extra time, and my horniness was increasing by the minute. I couldn’t wait to see if he would notice when I waltzed into class. Maybe I would even see if I could talk to him after class. This in mind, I carefully removed the hair from my pussy until it was completely smooth. Still horny, I dried off, and sitting in my silk robe, decided I had time for a quick masturbation session. I could wipe up later, I thought.

My pussy was already wet and my vibrator had fresh batteries. I went to Literotica and started my vibrator. I found some great teacher sex stories, a few which contained lesbianism, and came hard, my vibrator on my clit and my fingers up my cunt. It had been a while since I tried the girl on girl thing, and I was surprised how much it had turned me on. I then looked at the time, and realized I had 10 minutes before class—just enough time to throw on my clothes.

I slipped on my favorite underwear, a white lace thong and bra set, and picked out my best sexy-but-modest outfit, a tight, knee length skirt and a white and blue striped button up blouse. I loved how the skirt showed off my nice ass and thought the blouse really accented my pert breasts. I also thought white looked particularly nice against my light skin and long red hair.

I raced out the door, (or rather tottered) and realized too late that I smelled like sex. Oh, well, I thought, and found a seat in the back of the class next to a pretty blonde that I hadn’t noticed before. She had on a musky perfume, and was showing off a very sexy pair of legs under a jean miniskirt.

“Nice shoes you have there,” she whispered with a smile and a wink, tilting her head towards our teacher. “Thanks,” I replied. I was pleased someone had noticed my shoes. I was listening intently when the girl pushed a note towards me.

“You think he’s hot?” the note read. She seemed nice, and we were sitting in the back row, so I wrote back. “Hell yes.” I wanted to gauge her reaction before I got bawdier. I realized she was a girl after my own heart when she wrote back, “Yeah, me too. I’d fuck him any day!” I giggled as I read the note, and nodded my agreement. She took the note back and wrote another message. Opening it, I read her comment. “Then again, I’d fuck anything with legs!” she wrote.

It was a long class, and through many notes, I learned that her name was Tory and that she had also recently broken up with her boyfriend. Just like me, she was super horny and looking for a little action. She also confirmed my initial hunch that she was bisexual. I wasn’t sure about my orientation, but I had fooled around with a roommate my freshmen year, and found it incredibly sensual. There was something about a woman’s touch—they know exactly what another woman wants, what she needs, and what feels best. I had considered trying a lesbian lifestyle but realized that I was a confirmed dick lover.

Everything was pretty normal girl talk until ten minutes before the end of class, when her note read, “You smell like sex. I think you were a naughty girl before class. Wanna get naughtier?” My pussy got ten times wetter and while she seemed to be listening to the lecture, I took the opportunity to look her up and down. She was tall, maybe 5’8’’ and willowy. She was wearing a white swag neck tanktop that looked great against her tan skin. She was also wearing a thin, gold y necklace that naturally led the eye down her ankara olgun escort chest to her lovely, firm C-cups. Since high school, I had loved looking at women’s breasts. They were so sexy, nestled in lacy bras, looking tan and so suckable.

I was interrupted from my reverie by Dr. Johnson’s deep voice, announcing that class was over. He caught my eye briefly and smiled widely. Tory looked over at me to judge my reaction to her note, and I suppose she could tell from the look in my eyes. She leaned towards me and whispered in my ear. “The staff room is empty this late in the afternoon. It has a couch.” I felt my pussy swelling and followed her swaying ass as she walked out the door. After a silent walk of a minute or two, we reached the door. She was right—it was deserted.

The room was decorated in warm colors, with large armchairs scattered about a large fireplace. As we walked in further, we saw our destination—a burgundy couch nestled in a corner of the room.

It had been a while since I had touched a woman, and she could tell. As the sensitive person she seemed to me, she suggested we just sit for a while. We chatted for about 5 minutes about our classes, college life, and the like until we both realized we were looking the other up and down.

“You’re so gorgeous,” she murmured.

“You, too,” I agreed. “You have such beautiful hair. And I love your lip gloss. Can I taste it?”

It was then that she was the shy one. She lowered her brown eyes demurely and nodded her head silently so I put my hand behind her neck, pulling her close and kissing her soft lips. She responded to my kiss by caressing my neck and cheeks. Our free hands then moved down to wrap around each other’s waists. After a few minutes of gentle kissing, the heat began to build. My hand moved up to her breast as her hand moved up to mine. I reached her firm breast and as I began to gently massage her nipple, she abruptly stuck her tongue into my mouth, and we began kissing in earnest. Her hand was now going between my breasts and I sighed as she twisted my nipples.

We pulled apart gently and as we looked into each other’s eyes, she lifted her arms, and I pulled her shirt over her head. A black lace bra was revealed, which seemed to barely contain her tanned, firm breasts. I massaged her breasts, enjoying the softness of her warm breast and pushed down the bra’s fabric to expose her hard nipples.

“Wait,” she whispered. “I want to see you, too.”

I obediently let my arms drop as she unbuttoned my blouse. My bra was see-through, and gave her a view of my hard nipples. I let out a low moan as she rubbed the nipple between her fingers. Looking into each other’s eyes, we both reached around and undid the other’s bra. I admired her smooth, tan shoulders as they melted into long, graceful arms. I put my hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her back to lean against the arm of the couch. She looked stunning—lying against the burgundy couch with just a small denim skirt riding up her smooth thighs and her large breasts hanging free.

I couldn’t wait. I leaned over to take a nipple in my mouth. I caressed the bud with my tongue as I massaged the other, and a quick bite into her tender flesh elicited a murmur of “Oh, baby, that feels so good.” I moved to the other nipple, but before I could finish properly licking it, she had sat up abruptly, and pushed me over, so that I now lay in the same position as she had just a moment ago.

“My turn,” she said with an intensity in her voice, but a slight smile playing over her lips.

“Do it, Tory. I can’t believe I have such a hot girl over me. Lick my nipples. Bite me,” I urged.

She followed my instructions, and as her teeth ran against my nipple, sending shocks through my pussy, I felt a hand at my hip. She was slowly unzipping my skirt, slowly, slowly, until I couldn’t stand the touch of her hand on my thigh.

“Unzip it, just do it,” I murmured.

The feelings in my pussy were getting more intense as she had continued her ministrations on my nipples, my neck, and my chest. She smiled seductively, and with one hard pull, tugged my skirt right off, and threw it behind her. The wetness of my pussy could be seen on my sheer white underwear, and my arousal was evident by the strong smell that my vagina was emitting.

She leaned over so that her mouth was by my ear. Her long hair fell over my cheek, and our breasts rubbed together. I could feel our hard nipples touching and could feel a wetness on her thighs that I could only assume was pussy juice. As she placed her mouth by my ear, she snaked her wet tongue in, and whispered, “I knew you smelled like sex.”

Her hands moved to her side, and I could tell she was removing her skirt. Within a moment, I could feel her hot mound pressing into mine through the thin fabrics of our lacy thongs. She sat up and pulled me up with her. Her long blond hair cascaded ankara ucuz escort around her shoulders, and her body was flushed pink, anxiously anticipating sex. We sat on the couch, hands lightly playing with the other, and stood up at the same time.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

I replied by quickly pulling my thong down and stepping out of it, revealing my shaven pussy. I then kneeled before her, and looking up into her eyes, grabbed the edge of the thong with my teeth and edged it down her long, sinewy legs, past the wetness in the inside of her thighs and to her ankles. I looked up to see a beautiful pussy with a small strip of hair, lips flared open with lust, and a clit visibly erect. She stepped out of it, and without a word, she returned to the couch and lay with her legs wide open, looking like a centerfold out of Playboy.

“Get on top of me,” she instructed. I did as she said and found myself face to face with her gorgeous pussy. I couldn’t wait, and began to immediately devour it. It felt so soft and tasted so sweet in my mouth. I took her folds in my lips and tugged gently and dipped my tongue in her hot opening, purposefully avoiding her clit.

She had not begun on me yet but I could her hot breath on my splayed cunt. Her breath was coming faster and faster, I could feel it. She was obviously suffering from my teasing.

“Suck my clit, suck my clit!” she cried out, needing the flood to be released.

“Suck my clit, bitch,” I replied, laughing. “Then I’ll see what I can do.”

I obviously couldn’t see what happened, but it felt like she practically lunged at my pussy. I replied with finally getting to her clit and moaned into her cunt with the pleasure of the roughness of her tongue against the softness of my pussy. I felt it rasping against my clit and then work its way down to my hole, which it gently circled before moving inside. She then moved back to my clit and moved her fingers towards my opening. I could feel them hovering right outside, and felt my pussy moistening further with the anticipation of their entry. She thrust them in, and I was lost in the pleasure of her two fingers fucking my gaping hole.

I then remembered the beautiful pussy in front of me, and I gently worked two fingers into her sopping hole. Her hole gripped my fingers, and I could feel the silky softness of her insides. I found the rough spot I was looking for, and as I gently scratched my nails against her g-spot she moaned loudly into my pussy, sending vibrations directly into my clit. I responded by burying my face deeper into her pussy, feeling my face become sticky with her juices, and licking even quicker.

After what seemed like hours worshipping her pussy, I could feel her walls rhythmically spasming and clenching my fingers. I felt the pressure build up in me, and recognized the gentle warm feeling that was flooding my vagina. We picked up the pace a little. I frantically licked her clit and jammed my fingers in her hole and felt her cumming as I began to. Her legs gripped my head as she took her lips off my pussy and started screaming.

“Oh shit, Eve!” she screamed. “I’m cumming! Oh, shit, aggghh!”

She was screaming and making low moans as she gripped my head with her legs, almost crushing me. She managed to keep her fingers moving in my cunt and I started cumming with her.

“Oh, Tory! Oh, shit, that feels good! Oh, lick me, dammit! Oh, oh, ugh!”

My body exploded and I saw fireworks. Warmth flowed through every one of my limbs. I felt juice ooze from my pussy into Tory’s mouth. I collapsed, exhausted, and rolled off her body.

“Come here, baby,” Tory whispered.

I pulled myself off her body, made sure not to stab her with my heels, and turned around to lie next to her. Our bodies were warm and coated with a thin sheen of sweat. I put my head on her shoulder and lightly ran my fingers over her soft breasts. Her arms lay by her side and she looked exhausted. We began breathing together and I felt as if I would fall asleep.

“Have fun, girls?” A deep and familiar voice awakened us from our post-coital daze and we both sat up abruptly.

We looked towards the voice, and saw a man put down a newspaper. It was Dr. Johnson. He was sitting in a large armchair in a darker corner of the room. We would have heard him come in, so we must have just missed seeing him when we walked into the room. I grabbed a pillow and Tory and I held it in front of us, trying to shield ourselves from his apparent wrath.

He then smiled, and laughed gently. “Don’t worry,” he assured us. “You both were looking so attractive today, I can’t blame either one of you! However, I feel that as an authority figure, I should do something to punish you.”

Tory and I exchanged a knowing smile and threw off the pillow, exposing our naked, lithe bodies. We all knew what game was being played here, and we knew we weren’t going to ankara yabancı escort mind what was coming next.

He moved towards us and we made room for him between the two of us on the couch. We both whispered a breathy hello as he rested his hands on our naked thighs and began kissing his neck. Our hands moved to take his suit jacket off and we threw it behind the couch. While Tory continued to move her lips over his neck and his face, I kneeled between his legs and began slowly unbuttoning his white dress shirt.

As more buttons opened, his sexy, firm chest was exposed, along with manly chest hair. When I had finished undoing his buttons, I ran my hands up and down his manly chest, running my fingers through his chest hair, and moved my mouth to massage his nipples.

“Stand up,” Tory ordered. He obeyed, and I stood with him while Tory now took my place between his legs. I moved behind and rubbed his shoulders and back while I kissed his neck and introduced the inside of his ears to my wet tongue. He started moaning and I looked down to see that Tory had completed unbuttoning his pants, had threw them aside and had begun massaging his strong thighs. I moved to his front and stood for a minute, admiring his form. His chest was so manly, with defined muscles and just the right amount of chest hair. His hair now had a bit of a wild look and his eyes were bright with lust.

He winked at me and I got to work. I licked and bit his small nipples into hardness, feeling them wrinkle under my tongue. As I worshipped his nipples and his chest with my mouth, I let my other hand wander up to his head, and massaged his hair and cheeks. I looked down again and saw that Tory was moving closer to his cock, which was straining through his blue silk boxers.

I decided to join her. I kneeled again next to her, and she and I exchanged a passionate kiss. Our tongues began to play back and forth and I could taste the delicious residue of my pussy. I could smell her sexy perfume as I moved down to lick her nipple. She moaned loudly and then suddenly said, “Not yet, Mr. Johnson!”

I interrupted my ministrations on her nipples to see that Mr. Johnson was reluctantly drawing his hand away from his crotch. A large wet spot was visible on his silk boxers. We decided to let him in on the action, and began kissing up and down his thighs, his calves, and tantalizing close to his penis. I caught Tory’s eye, and at the same time, we grabbed the sides of his boxers with our teeth and began to edge them slowly down his legs while looking up at him. He looked between Tory and I, not sure which naked woman to keep his eyes on. He was moaning gently as we got his boxers to his feet and he obediently stepped out of them.

We licked our way up to his groin until we got to his amazing penis. It was about 7 inches long and the perfect thickness. He was circumcised and I moved to lick the smooth head of his cock. I licked up and down his shaft, bathing it in my saliva. Tory was licking his balls, taking them in her mouth, and sucking. He moaned loudly as she sucked harder and as I engulfed his dick until my nose was in his pubic hairs. I imagined that he had never had a girl deep throat him before, because he seemed particularly excited. He put his hands behind my head and began fucking my face, forcing his penis into my mouth and smashing his balls into Tory’s face.

After more than 20 minutes of this, my woman’s intuition told me that he was close to cumming. I grabbed Tory’s arm and moved her up next to me. I moved to licking his balls while she deep throated him, her pink lips stretched across the width of his cock. His balls were getting tighter and knew it wouldn’t be long.

“You girls are so fucking hot. I’m going to cum. Oh, shit, I’m going to cum. Take my cum, you hot bitches. Uggh!”

We presented our faces in front of his dick and he pumped his dick hard. His cum spurted out fast, and he directed it towards our faces and hair. He came for almost a minute, and Tory and I were covered by the time he was finished.

Exhausted, he collapsed on the couch and Tory and I licked the globs of white sticky cum off of each other’s cheeks, lips, ears, and foreheads. I loved the taste of his sweet cum, especially when I was licking it off her soft skin. We finished cleaning each other and turned our attention back to Dr. Johnson, whose penis was hard again. We were surprised, but Tory quickly took the lead.

“Lay down on the floor, Dr. Johnson,” she ordered. “I want to ride you.”

He obeyed gladly and stretched his body on the floor, his stiff penis waving in the air. He had a look on his face like he was a cat that had just caught a mouse. It was an appropriate look for the moment: Tory was lowering her pussy onto his dick. She groaned as his dick stretched her pussy, and he groaned as his dick enjoyed the tightness and warmth of her pussy.

“Get over here, Eve. I want to taste your cunt,” he instructed me.

I playfully crawled over to him and lowered my wet pussy over his mouth, so that I was facing Tory. We locked hands and started kissing. I could feel Dr. Johnson’s hot tongue move up and down my pussy and I shuddered with the pleasure. Tory picked up her pace, bouncing up and down on him, and he groaned into my pussy. We held onto each other tight as I felt the sensations wash over me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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