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The Two Brothers

I lived next door to Jon, his wife and their children for a few months and we got on well. My long term boyfriend was friendly to them but didn’t trust Jon as he was a good looking man and he thought I would be attracted to him… he was right but I didn’t make it obvious as that would have given my boyfriend a reason for me not to be friends with the whole family and I liked Jon’s wife. We would go shopping together and take the children to the park. Sometimes we would have a few drinks together when the children were asleep as our houses were next to each other we could hear each others children from the garden, where we would sit.

I was nineteen and had two young children as did Jon’s wife; we had a lot in common. Both of our eldest children attended the same nursery so I was grateful for the company when we could walk by ourselves and chat about girlie stuff. She had told me that Jon was always up to no good will other woman but if she even looked at another man, she was in trouble and I could relate to that. She warned me that he would try it on with me and I reassured her that it wouldn’t happen as I wouldn’t want to loose our friendship… little did I know that he would get his wicked way.

As time went on we all got very close, My boyfriend would work with Jon on cars and Jon helped my boyfriend with odd jobs around the home. Me and my new friend would spend as much time as we could together. We would help each other out with babysitting and nursery runs and it was nice to be able to talk and confide in someone of a similar age. Jon was friendly to me but not too much until his wife became ill and had to stay in hospital for three weeks, he asked if I could help him around their home and with the children and I said I would as I liked to help people and I didn’t want his wife to worry about anything. The days went on and I would go round and get the children Porno 64

dressed, fed and took the eldest to nursery, then come back and do a bit of housework and washing for them, Jon would pop in and out as he was a mechanic and worked in the garage next to his house for a cup of tea. He started to talk to me more and would ask me to join him while he took a break from work. I was happy to do this as I knew he must be missing the company.

About two weeks after Jon’s wife went into hospital, Jon came up to me, hugged me and said he really appreciated everything I was doing and said he would make it up to me. I said there was no need, I was happy to help and if I ever needed it, I’m sure he’s wife would return the favour.

I thought that Jon meant he was going to buy me a gift for helping out, I would never have guessed what he actually had in mind.

That afternoon mine and Jon’s youngest children were asleep and I was cleaning the kitchen when Jon and another man entered the kitchen, I stopped what I was doing and switched the kettle on to make them a cup of tea each, Jon came up behind me and dropped the kitchen blind, this startled me but he said he needed privacy. He introduced the other man as his brother, Wayne, I said hello and then carried on with making the tea.

The two brothers were sat at the kitchen table chatting and saying how gorgeous I was, I tried to ignore them as I worked but I couldn’t contain my happiness for long, it had been a while since anyone had noticed me in that way. I turned and smiled at them both and said thank you for the compliment, Jon said I could thank them both in another way if I was up for it with a cheeky grin on his face and (unless you are very bad at reading male signals) every woman knows that they are flirting with her. As I placed the cups of tea on the table, Jon grabbed my hand, pulled me down and kissed me full on the mouth. Konulu Porno I accepted the kiss and kissed him back just as hungrily as he was, then he pulled back and told me to kiss Wayne in the same way and I did. Wayne pulled me towards him so I was straddling his lap, his cock was already hard so I started to grind against it, a groan came from deep in his throat as I teased his cock.

Jon stood and pulled me from Wayne’s lap, he said that he was first in line for me and his brother would have to wait his turn. Jon led me by the hand to the kitchen worktop, just in front of the window, he took his cock out of his trousers which has hard and pulsing. He stroked his cock and told me to suck, “I want to cum in your mouth and then my brother will fuck you hard”. I was shocked but excited, knowing that my boyfriend was only next door and could come round at any point. As thoughts rushed through my head (my boyfriend, Jon’s wife, our friendship) I still couldn’t resist this delicious cock that was in front of me so I devoured it, taking the whole length into my mouth as Jon gasped. I sucked gently, slow and deep at first, the whole time watching Jon and his reaction, he was looking down at me with pure lush in his eyes. “Harder” he demanded and at that I took his cock deep into to my mouth, sucking hard and massaging the tip with the back of my throat, “Oh fuck, she good” Jon said to his brother who was watching from his seat. At that I released my strong grip on his cock and brought my lips back to the tip, without warning I put my hand around his cock and sucked the tip into my mouth hard, in and out, my hand working the shaft, too much to cope with he exploded into my mouth. Warm, salty cum sliding down my throat, he tasted so good, I stood, kissed him so he could taste himself, he accepted the kiss greedily, “Fuck, I wasn’t expecting that, you’re really good” Jon said breathlessly.

Jon Porno İndir looked at me and said “Now Wayne will reward you!”

Wayne was standing behind me, pushing his hard cock against my bum and telling me he was going to fuck me so hard. I turned, slid my hand down to his glorious hard cock and stroked it through his tight jeans. “Take me then!” I demanded.

Wayne took my hand and led me upstairs to the bathroom, he locked the door, he produced a condom from his pocket, “Get my cock out!” he said. As I wrapped my hand around his cock and released it from its prison, Wayne gasped.

Wayne told me to take my trousers off and stand against the wall, he was tall and well built. Lifting me from the floor, wrapping my legs around his waist he thrust his cock into my hot, wet, tight pussy, I moaned in pleasure. “You feel so good!” Wayne whispered. Long, hard, violent thrusts. Taking over my whole body.

Just as quickly, he dropped us both to the floor, pulling his cock from my pussy and devoured my clit with his mouth. His hot, wet tongue torturing my nerve endings, nipping my clit with his teeth, sending electric currents through my body, shaking and screaming with pleasure my orgasm exploded, soaking Wayne’s face, lifting his head, he kissed me, long and deep so I could taste my juices.

His cock was back inside my still pulsating pussy, raising my arousal again. Wayne thrust into me his eyes were locked on mine. Piercing, intimidating like a wild animal. He moved slowly this time, long, deep strokes. My orgasm was building once more, just one move would send me over the edge. Wayne stopped his movements only to change tactics, he started to grind his pelvis against my clit, his cock pushing against my G spot, that was all it took to send another orgasm through my already tired body. Muscles tightened around Wayne’s cock and sent him over, calling out my name as he came.

Wayne got off me, flushed the used condom down the toilet, got dressed and left the house. I never saw Wayne again.

Back downstairs, Jon had made a cup of tea for himself and me, we sat at the table and chatted like nothing had happened……And that’s how it stayed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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