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[This is a semi-romantic story, contains elements of fellatio, cunnilingus, ménage a trois, slight exhibitionism, and both male and female multiple orgasm.]

Vince had spent the entire day cooped up in airports and airplanes, so when he finally arrived home and dropped off his luggage, he felt some fresh air was in order. Vince decided to go for a walk, so he drove down to the main park, which was full of various type of people: families, couples old and young, and many children, all running around enjoying the sunny day. Vince looked a little out of place, in a solid black, three-piece suit, but he didn’t care. He put on his baseball cap and bought a bottle of water from an ice-cream stand. Vince just casually walked down the sidewalk, just enjoying the casual atmosphere and watching all the other people doing the same.

The bright, hot sun was getting too much for the well-dressed man, so he found a spot in the shade to sit down under a tree. Vince leaned against the tree trunk; sipping his water and watching the people walk by. He closed his eyes and was about to fall asleep, when he heard some laughter. Sounds of a couple females giggling and laughing quickly brought Vince to alert. He soon realized that the laughing was coming from behind him, on the other side of the tree. For some reason, Vince wanted to hear what they were talking about, so he stood up and glanced around the tree.

Vince peered around the tree and saw two women, approximately in their early twenties. One girl was a little muscular, and had a nice golden tan. She had dark brunette hair pulled back into a braid that reached down the middle of her back. The other had wavy blonde hair, which barely touched her shoulders. The blonde was paler skinned and a little more buxom. Both attractive women were in cut-off shorts, revealing their long slender legs and bikini tops which revealed almost everything else. The two ladies were unlacing their skates they were wearing and allowing their feet to breath. Neither of them noticed the 30-year old man watching and listening to them. So Vince just leaned against the tree and focused in on their conversation.

“Boxers,” they said in unison, pointing to a man jogging along the path. “Bikinis,” as they glanced at a man on a bicycle.

‘Their guessing the underwear the men are wearing,’ thought Vince. For the past week, Vince has been at a conference for teachers and professors. This was the first ‘human’ conversation he has heard in days. Talking about learning styles and new teaching methods has totally worn him out. Today, Vince wanted a fun chat.

Vince got back on his feet and strolled around the tree, no longer attempting to simply observe the two ladies. He walked past them and stood before them. His back was turned to them, but he knew they were staring at him and giggling. The girls were shocked when the strange man before them, suddenly turned around and looked right at them.

“I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation — guessing what each man wore.” He smiled. The two girls stopped giggling and started to stutter, trying to apologize. “May I join you,” Vince said as he sat down, not waiting for an answer. The blushing women sitting before him, just nodded. “I was just curious about your choices. What did you base your decisions on? You seem very sure.” The casual, yet serious, tone the businessman used about such an intimate topic caused the girls to blush even redder.

The girls started to relax as a conversation developed. Vince soon learned that the brunette’s name was Lora, and the blonde was Rhonda. The two of them were college students at a local college and shared a dorm room. They also learned that Vince taught mathematics at high school and college level. Soon it was also revealed that all three individuals were single, especially since Lora was just recently dumped.

Vince enjoyed the conversation with the two college coeds, but he had an idea. “I was wondering… I knew you both got a good look at me,” The conversation was now far from the men’s underwear debate, but he continued, “What do you think that I am wearing underneath?” Rhonda practically sprayed the water antep escort she was about to swallow. “I’m sure you two are the daring type, I’ll make a bet with you. If you don’t correctly guess what I am wearing under my trousers, I take you home with me and we finish our conversation there.”

“And if we’re right?”

“That’s up to you. I doubt you’ll get it right, so don’t decide until after you made your answer.”

The two girls started whispering to each other, quietly debating their decisions. Vince was a little shocked they would consider it, but quite pleased.

“OK,” Rhonda said. “We’ll agree to the bet, and we’ve made our decision.”

“Briefs!!” they shouted in unison, not realizing others in the park might hear.

“Now that we’ve judged,” Lora asked, “how are you going to prove it?”

But before her sentence was finished, Vince stood up and approached to two women. With his crotch inches from their faces, he unzipped his pants. A penis fell into view, unhindered from any form of underwear. At least 5 inches of thick intimate male flesh just dangled there as their eyes widened. After what seemed like hours (but actually only a few seconds) Vince stuffed it back inside, zipped up, and sat back down.

“You two lost the bet,” he said, matter-of-factly, “I’m not wearing anything today.”

The two college coeds put their skates back on and lacing them up, realizing they soon would be in this strange man’s house, alone. “No need to replace your skates, we can walk to my car. So, upon first glance, what do you two think about ‘it’?” he said, as casual as ever.

After they soon realized, he was asking their honest opinion, about the appearance of his manhood, Rhonda stated, “It’s all right, it was not much to look at… I mean it was too quick of a glance.”

“It’s not big,” Lora quickly added, “My ex had one a little larger.”

“Yeah, it may not be long now, but it’s still flaccid,” Vince casually stated. The girls took another drink of water, as he leaned in close and whispered toward Rhonda. “But it can grow to twice its present length, when I want it to.” Rhonda’s eyes widened, she was imagining his very long member, but trying to hide her lust. He moved closer to Lora as he whispered, “And I can keep it that way for many hours while giving my lover ENDLESS orgasms!” Now it was Rhonda’s turn to try to hide her lust.

Vince had no doubt that both women were staring at his crotch as he escorted them to his car and drove them to his house. He drove both girls out of town and into the country. A little farm stood alone in the middle of a field far from any other neighbors. Besides a little house stood a barn and another building.

“I thought you taught math,” said Rhonda. “Is this your house, it looks like you’re a farmer?”

“I teach full time, but also care for a few animals on the family farm,” Vince said as he opened the door to the house. The girls strolled into the house, through the door he held open. “Let me take your bags for you. Have a seat and make yourselves at home.”

The modest house was perfectly clean making the girls a little scared to sit down on the plush couch. “Your wife or maid does a very good job,” said Lora, “of keeping the house clean, I mean.”

“Nope, I live a lone. No one else but the animals.” Vince continued, “I been away for nearly a week and I never leave my house a mess. I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry. Would either of you like a sandwich? I don’t feel like cooking and I don’t have any leftovers.”

“No thanks,” they said in unison, thinking they were about to be shown his bed.

Vince turned on some music. The girls were a little surprised when they heard soft classical music being played. “You two relax, I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll bring you back some drinks afterward.”

Vince disappeared from their view. The girls took a deep breath and started laughing and talking about what they were doing. After about 10 minutes, Vince returned. “Sorry, I didn’t ask you what you wanted to drink. I don’t drink alcohol, but this ice tea will quench your thirst.”

Two antep escort bayan large drinks were handed to them from behind. Not until after they both took a sip, did he walk into the room and take a seat in a chair before them. The girls were a little surprised that he didn’t bother to try to get them drunk or in the ‘mood’. They were even more shocked when they saw the gentleman, who just handed them iced tea, was completely naked, his skin and hair slightly wet.

“Sorry I took so long, I really needed a shower to cool off. Do you mind my nudity? I feel more comfortable like this.” The girls were speechless. The slowly nodded as they both got a better look at the piece of flesh that was quickly shown them in the park, noticing it was still limp.

The conversation eventually continued. The girls still surprised that a strange man was totally naked before them, but acting as if he wasn’t. The girls tried to relax and were barely able to keep from staring ‘down there’. They were now able to look at his entire body, which was previously covered by his suit. He was fairly hairy and completely tanned. Every muscle was apparent and large — like he actually used them, not just worked out. The body was more true of a farmer, than that of a math teacher.

The three glasses were soon drained. Vince got up to go the kitchen and bring back the pitcher of tea. As he left, the girls got a quick glance at the man’s backside. The both giggled and whispered to each other about how good he looked and how natural he acted. They quit as soon as they heard him come back.

Vince placed the tea on the table in the middle of the living room, just as the music changed. The music was now more modern, a slow dance rhythm. “I like this piece, would you ladies care to dance?”

“Both of us?” Vince took their hands and helped them out of the couch.

The two girls stood side-by-side as they wrapped their arms around each other and him. In the middle of an open area in the house, they began to dance. Two college coeds, dressed in bikini tops and short-shorts, were slow dancing with a naked, 30-year-old man. He didn’t care about the situation, and soon, neither did they.

The three of them danced for quite a while. The girls, who have spent much of the afternoon talking to this stranger, are now able to smell him, to touch him. Their hands ran through his wet hair. They caressed his back, his muscular chest, and finally felt his butt. The moved in closer to him, and both leaned their heads on his shoulders. His penis was positioned between them, and they could feel it against their thighs, becoming a little longer and harder, but still not fully erect.

“Are we going to have sex or not?” Lora finally asked impatiently.

“What? Why do you think were going to have sex?”

“Well,” said Rhonda, “You brought us to your house, alone. You’re completely nude, and now were dancing.”

“Yes, those are all true. But. . . I haven’t made any advances, didn’t get you drunk or drugged. I only wanted to get out of that heat and continue our chat with some dinner. I apologize, I didn’t mean to lead you on.”

The girls were a little disappointed by his reply. They were turned on and were no longer for in the mood for simple conversation. “But, we want you,” pouted Rhonda.

“We want you NOW!” added Lora. The girls stopped dancing and backed away. Without even waiting for a cue from the other woman or from Vince, they started removing their own clothes. The discarded the outfits along the wall, and re-approached him, trying to kiss him, passionately and impatiently.

“No, not like this, not here. Please sit down.” he demanded, pushing them away.

The girls pouted, went back and sat of the couch, now naked. They sipped some more tea as Vince changed the music to a more romantic style.

“If that’s truly what you want, than take this,” Vince came up from behind the couch, placed a hand on both their shoulders. The girls immediately began to feel fear and panic. His large muscular hands flowed down the front of their bodies, stopping between their legs. They escort antep both were already a little moist from the dance, but grew even wetter at his touch. As a finger began to slide up and down their slits, Vince turned and kissed each girl, in turn, forcefully and passionately. The fear soon became pleasure, the adrenaline in their blood making their hearts beat faster and their body began to squirm.

“You like that don’t you?” he said, not needing any answer other than the moans escaping their lips.

Vince hand stopped massaging them and slid back up across their bodies. He walked around the couch and moved the table that was before them. A pillow was placed on the ground where Vince now kneeled.

His hands went back to work, fingering their slits. His mouth kissed both women, all over their body. Much time was focused on their breast as each one was kissed, sucked, and gently nibbled. A muscular finger eased itself inside their chambers. A thumb started to massage the clit and the areas around it. Two twenty-year-old bodies began to squirm under the expert touch of the muscular man on his knees.

Rhonda was the first to arch her back as she reached an orgasm. Vince hand was removed from her, and replaced with his mouth. Rhonda’s climax was extended as he began to suck on her swollen clit. His tongue caressed all her intimate folds and eventually entered her vagina. The strong oral muscle continuously squirmed inside her as her first orgasm subsided. The tongue stretched further inside, exploring the entire cavern. The hand caressed her body, massaging her breast.

The other hand still was busy pleasuring Lora. The finger found it’s way back inside of Rhonda as his mouth slowly reached her clit. The finger slid in and out, and was soon join by a second and third. Vince kissed her clit. Wrapped his lips around it and began to suck on it.

Rhonda’s body spasmed again as another powerful orgasm ran through her body. Lora enjoyed the sensations running through her, and with the site of her friend’s second orgasm, she too climaxed. As Vince felt Lora’s muscles contract around his fingers, he remove his lips from Rhonda’s button and switched to Lora’s little nub. He slowed down the finger’s thrusting inside Rhonda as he sped up the one sliding in and out of Lora. A second and third soon joined thrusting, exploring every ridge inside her. His tongue escaped his lips as he began to flick her little clit. His tongue ran along Lora’s folds and plunged deep inside. Lora’s second orgasm forced her to clamp around his tongue. It dove in further, tasting her, pleasing her, keeping her at her climax.

He lifted his head and smile at the two young ladies sitting before him. Their hearts beating wildly; beads of sweat covering their entire body. They were both moaning, practically gasping for breath as their bodies still wiggled from the pleasure they were receiving. Three fingers gently slid in and out of both women. Occasionally they would be thrust inside, and wiggle around. Each finger independently massaged their pleasure spots.

His mouth began planting kisses all over their body — their thighs, stomachs, breasts, and necks. He began sucking hard on each of their erect and hardened nipples. As the kisses got higher and higher, the movements of the fingers became quicker and more forceful. “Both of you, kiss me now!!” Vince demanded. As all three set of lips touched, both girls were thrown into their third orgasm.

Vince tenderly kept running his fingers inside of them, as their climaxes subsided. He gave them both a very passionate kiss on the lips as he stood up. Vince turned around and sat down on the chair, sipping his tea. “Is that want you wanted?” he said with a smile, wiping the love juices off his hands.

The girls were too tired to reply as they began to settle down. All they could do is turn to each other, smile, and lightly laugh. They too reached over grab their glasses to quench their thirsts. As they did so, they finally got to see ‘it’. The naked man sitting in front of them didn’t bother to cross his legs. Standing strait out from his lap, was most beautiful penis, either of them have seen, standing at least 9 inches long. The long, fat rod had grown while they were receiving pleasure, and was just standing there as they continued to stare at it.

“Is that it?” one of the girls pouted, “Is that all you are going to do — finger us?!”

“We want more!!!!” said the other.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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