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She sat at the computer keyboard after having just signed out of a messenger service. It was amazing to her that there were people just like her. Married and lonely. She didn’t think it would be this way when she married again, maybe it was her own fault. She worked too many hours and the spark grows cold, walls are built and are difficult to tear down and impossible sometimes to get around.

She listened to the man setting in her living room, pounding the floor to get the deaf cat to stop grooming herself.

“For God’s sake” she said “leave the cat alone, that’s what cat’s do, they groom.”

“Responsible pet owners don’t let their pets lick their private parts in public” he said sternly.

“She is a cat, just a cat, the only thing you are doing here is upsetting me and I don’t like it” she responded.

“So what are you going to do, go back to work?” he sneered.

“No” she answered as she picked up the cat and went back into the sewing room, then closed the door.

This was her haven, the place she went to when she needed to escape. It was her room, soft mauves and blues decorated the room, her sewing machine sat beside the window. Looking out she could see the big oak tree in her front yard. It was always the last on the block to bud in the spring and the last to change into it’s fall colors come autumn. The cutting table was neat, but the sewing table always looked as if the winds had blown in and project flung about willy-nilly.

On the front wall of the room sat her salvation, the computer. She could loose herself for hours there on the Internet, writing her stories, researching and reading about everything that caught her eye. She walked over to it, sat down and logged on again. She was contemplating ways to overcome her loneliness, searching for someone to be a friend, someone to confide in, and frankly a lover. She wasn’t ready to give up on having a sex life yet, nor was she ready to write off the company of having a male friend.

The modem dialed. the computer flashed online and she checked her e-mail. It wasn’t long until her friend from the messenger service opened a chat window. She smiled and answered back.

“Hey Sugar” the screen read.

“Right back at ya” she typed.

“So what’s going on with you tonight?” he asked

“Same old, same old.” she answered.

“Then let’s do something different.” he suggested

“What do you mean?” she responded

“Meet me” printed on the screen.

“Tonight?” she asked “Yes, now. We are here in the same city talking via computer, both of us are lonely, meet me” he said.

She thought Ataşehir Escort about it shortly and the typed in the word “where”.

Twenty minutes later she pulled her car into an empty parking spot at the county library. She was nervous, they had talked so often on the computer, she knew about his likes and dislikes, his sense of humor, his working hours and that he hadn’t had sex for a year, other than by his own hand. What she didn’t know was what he looked like, nor did he know what she looked like. She had told him that she was a large woman, he had said it didn’t matter, but that was when they knew only a monitor and keyboard. Now he was going to see her, short, round, fair, freckled and over 40.

It wasn’t long until another car pulled in beside hers. The man got out and walked over to the driver’s side window of her car. He seemed tall, but most people did to her, average looking man, with a smile that could light up the world.

“Hey Sugar” he began just a bit unsure if this was the woman he should be talking to, and wondering what in the hell he was going to say if it wasn’t. It didn’t take but the next breath until he was certain.

“Right back at ya” she smiled.

“You forgot to tell me that you have the most beautiful eyes in the world, but I’m sure you have been told that before” he said.

“Once upon a time, there was someone that told me that, ” she said “Would you like to set here and talk awhile?”

She unlocked the door and he walked around to get in the car with her. They talked about this and that for awhile, a bit unsure of each other, maybe a little shy. Then he leaned in close to her and put his hands on her shoulders.

“Sugar, I can’t wait any longer, I have to know what your kisses taste like”

He pulled her to him and gently brushed her lips with his. Electric filled the air and they both held their breath for an instant. Her arms went around his neck and again his lips sought hers, this time a deeper kiss, tongues seeking out each other. His left hand slipped under her blouse and he felt her warm breast through the lace of her bra. He cupped it in his hand as he moved his kisses down her neck, across her shoulders, and over her face.

“You know I want you”, he said, “but the question is…?” his voice trailed off.

“Yes” her answer was soft and breathy.

“Well not here in the car, sugar, will you come with me?” he questioned.

“I’ll follow you in my car’ she responded.

A few minutes later they entered a rented hotel room. He locked the door behind them and closed the curtains. She slipped out of her shoes and Ataşehir Escort Bayan stepped into his arms. they didn’t talk about right and wrong, they didn’t try to figure out what would happen in the morning, they had a few hours and then each would go their separate ways. What happened in the next few hours though would determine their compatibility as lovers and then they would go from that point.

He stripped his clothing off and it lay in a heap on the floor, she began to unbutton her blouse and his hand over hers stopped her.

“Let me, sugar” he whispered as he continued to disrobe her. His kisses trailed over her shoulders as he slipped the blouse from her body. He unhooked her bra and his lips covered a nipple, sucking on it and rubbing it with his thumb until it stood out from her breast hard and erect. His hands went to her jeans and she felt him pull them and her panties off over her hips. His hands covered her ass and drew her in to him until she could feel his hard cock pressing against her.

Gently he laid her on the bed, her hips right at the edge of the bed, legs hanging off the side. He kneeled down between her legs and parted them. He was a bit surprised to find that she shaved her pussy and it was soft and smooth as he began to kiss it. His fingers parted the outer lips and he ran his tongue down the length of her slit. He could feel her shudder against him. His mouth found her clit and he sucked it and his fingers entered her and he touched the warmth of her inside.

She moaned and ground her pelvis into his face. Her wet juices covered his mouth as he licked and sucked at her. He felt her legs winding around his shoulders as she lifted her hips closer and closer to his mouth. He felt her body stiffen.

“I’m going to cum, darlin” she said.

“mmm” he moaned into her pussy, “yes sugar, cum for me, let me eat your sweet honey.”

She exploded into a world of pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm shook her body. He didn’t stop attending to her pussy until he had licked her dry and she had cum several more times in his mouth.

He lay beside her on the bed and pulled her to him. “God, you taste so good to me” he told her.

“Now it’s my turn to find out how you taste, darlin…I’ve wondered about that for a long time now.” she slipped off the side of the bed and positioned his body the way hers had been just minutes before. She slipped one of the pillows beneath his hips. She could reach his balls better with her hands then as she took his cock into her mouth.

“Oh sugar, yes, suck on it” he groaned.

Her mouth encircled the Escort Ataşehir head of his cock and she licked the skin underneath of it. he could feel her warm breath on his balls as she slid her mouth up and down his shaft. He felt her wet mouth as she sucked first one of his balls in her mouth and then the other as her hands stroked and caressed his cock. It seemed as though her mouth was everywhere at once, licking, sucking meeting all of his needs. The pleasure was tremendous. He didn’t want this to ever stop.

Just the head of his cock was in her mouth now and she used her tongue to lap the precum off. Her hands were on his balls stroking them. He looked down at her, her eyes were closed as she made love to him with her mouth. A slight smile was on her face, he could tell that she enjoyed giving him pleasure as much as he had enjoyed her. As that thought crossed his mind his balls tightened and he felt his orgasm begin to build up inside.

“Sugar, can I cum in your mouth?” he groaned.

“Oh yes, I want to taste your cum, drink it down” she answered.

He put his hand on his cock and began to stroke it as she tongued and licked the head of his cock. He felt the hot cum began to shoot out of him and her mouth took as much of his cock in as she could. He had the most intense orgasm that he ever had as he shot his load into her mouth.

He rested as she buried her face between his legs, enjoying the scent of his maleness on her skin and still tasting him in her mouth. She began to lick and suck at him again and to his surprise he began to get hard again. It wasn’t long until he was fully erect, and wanting to feel his cock inside her velvet pussy.

He lifted her up onto the bed and turned her over to enter her from behind. Her ass looked inviting as he ran his hands over it holding her hips steady as he entered her. He rammed into her all at once sinking himself deep inside of her. He could feel her pussy holding his cock and the muscles inside of her felt like tiny hands stroking him. He waited until she relaxed a bit then began to move inside of her. His hips moving his cock in and out of her. He pulled himself almost all the way out, leaving just the head of his cock inside her.

“Darlin, oh please don’t stop” she cried, ” I want you in me. I can’t stand it, more, harder, fuck me lover.”

The sound of her voice put him over the edge and he moved hard and fast inside of her. His cock seemed to be harder. bigger than it had ever been as he fired into her hot love channel. When he began to cum inside of her, she too reached her peak and there orgasms where timed together. For a time they were one body, one mind, one soul intertwined.

Later they cuddled beside each other on the bed. She thought of a song that was popular long ago. It was true that tonight there were two less lonely people in the world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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