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I quickly realized that Donna’s uniform was hanging on a hook near the loft over the cab and wondered what she could be wearing. Hoping it was just her bra and panties, but I realized even if that was true, I was still the least dressed of the four of us since the other guys had on swim shorts and shirts. I rolled out naked and Donna peeked around in time to see my bare ass duck into the bathroom. I decided that in addition to taking care of the necessities, I would get a quick rinse to freshen up from the surf, sand, and sex we have been rolling around in. I found my swimsuit hanging on the back of the door, eased into it, stepped out and put on a t-shirt. I grabbed a cup of coffee and slid into the booth next to Donna.

Disappointed, but not surprised, I saw she was appropriately dressed in both pieces of a black, conservative, two-piece swimsuit, bikini top and “granny panty” bottoms. I studied her and realized she had a kind, pretty face with wide-set brown eyes and long, curly, dark hair that attested to her Hispanic heritage, framing her oval face and falling half-way down her back. I admired her truly voluptuous figure, which we learned later measured in with more than a handful D cups.

Now that everyone was awake and decent, we all avoided talking about how three horny old guys had kept themselves entertained since the previous day, but I was thinking it was going to come up. Donna mentioned that she did make another pass by our campsite at about 3 am, and in the bright moonlight, and with her high beams, she was pretty sure she saw three bare white asses making a beeline for cover as she drove by. We all laughed, not sure where this was going, but knowing that even with what she had seen during those previous encounters, here she was, sitting amongst us, and sharing a few laughs.

I was seriously tempted by this sexy beautiful woman who had willingly joined us here on the secluded beach, but I was not willing to go down that path even if there was an opportunity. I think Warren was with me on that, and so it was up to Greg to entertain the Deputy if it came to that.

As we chatted, we learned Donna was divorced, no kids, very happily single at this point, and easily the youngest of the four of us at just 39. She did mention that since the divorce, she had been exploring a lot of possibilities, and she even had a girlfriend living with her for a while. It looked like our friendly little camp was giving her another opportunity to explore her boundaries a little further. We all looked at her hoping for her to spell it out, but she shrugged and let it go.

We also learned Greg was a recent widower, obviously single and clocked in at 48 years old. Warren and I looked at each other and laughed, admitting to being married and both 63. After a bit more getting to know each other over another cup of coffee, Donna asked me to let her out of the booth so she can get outside and enjoy some sunshine.

She said, “OK guys, I am looking forward to having some fun, but first, I really need a nap to freshen up after long night on patrol.”

As she pushed past us, we all admired her huge tits, wide hips, and well-proportioned bottom. We also headed for the door to join her outside in the sunshine.

I was surprised to see that Donna’s sheriff’s vehicle was parked next to Greg’s camper in our growing compound, but I figure that should keep any curious beach wanderers away.

Donna spread out a big beach towel on top of the mat as we each pulled up a chair near the RV. She lay down on her belly and her tits pressed out from under her, her legs naturally spread open in a sun tanning pose, and we heard a deep sigh as she got comfortable with the warmth of the sun shining down on her. Before long, she reached behind her and unclipped her swimsuit top and stretched her arms out and we all cheered!

She gave us a quick smile and said, “Show’s over, I’m getting some Zzz’s,” and let out another big sigh.

As she lay there, we all admired the impressive beşevler escort sight of her light brown flesh before us, and especially the whiteness of her overflowing tits that had spread out by her sides.

After chatting quietly for a while and Donna had drifted off to sleep, Warren and I decided to go for a swim to cool off. Greg said he was going to hang out in case Donna needed something, giving a quick glance at his slightly hard cock, and we laughed and headed down to the water. As we walked away, Greg stood up, removed his shorts and t-shirt, then lay down on the mat next to Donna to work on his all over tan.

Before going into the surf, we looked up and down the beach, dropped our clothes in the sand. We waded out until we were about waist deep, then casually reached and stroked each other’s cock. Assured no one was watching except maybe Greg, we vigorously stroked each other and came together for another intimate kiss. Before it went too far, we exited the water, picked up our suits and casually headed down the beach for a walk.

About an hour and a half later, we came back toward the RV, and noticed that Greg, still naked, had taken up a position at Donna’s feet and was massaging her legs. Not sure if she knew about his state of undress, but we enjoyed the view and quietly snuck back up and took seats in the shade of the RV to watch the new show.

As Greg massaged her tight leg muscles, from heels all the way up to her ass, he slowly swung around to her side and started working the tight knots in her bare back. His cock had pressed up against the bare skin of her legs several times, and Donna seemed to be enjoying the attention of the sensual massage. Greg moved up over her legs, massaging all the way up until his hands were kneading her butt cheeks through her bikini bottom. He moved across and lowered himself to where he was straddling the top of her thighs, his cock pressing in between the top of her legs and he started vigorously working on her ass.

As she moaned contentedly, he reached up and put his fingers inside the waist band and pulled her bikini bottom down uncovering parts that had rarely seen sunshine. Since she seemed to have no objection to losing her clothing, he pushed them completely off her ass and down to her knees, then slid up with his cock nestled in her crack. He casually and gently pulled her sweet cheeks apart, pushed his cock down into the cleft, then let her cheeks come back into position with his cock, obviously leaking pre cum, wedged in there.

After eliciting an appreciative moan for the intimate contact of his big thick cock on her ass, he leaned forward and resumed massaging her back, taking a lot of time and then moving down to her sides, palming, and rubbing the fleshy sides of her big tits.

Watching from the side, we could see that Donna was wide awake and really enjoying the full body attention. As she lifted onto her elbows, she bared her huge tits and exposed her nipples to the sunshine and the two voyeurs. Her large breasts were capped with reddish-brown areola, about two inches in diameter, and erect, fat, swollen nipples. Greg reached down and around, taking a breast in each hand, and squeezed, focusing on her nipples that enlarged with the attention.

Donna’s breasts looked so succulent that my mouth began to water, and I could feel my erection starting to grow. I reached over and grasped Warren’s naked cock and realized he was enjoying this as well. Donna watched as I started to stroke him while intently watching Greg continue his manipulation of her beautiful body.

After giving her breasts a lot of attention, Greg pushed back and without any other pretense, stood up, extracted his hard cock from its place on her ass and moved around in front of Donna. He knelt in front of her, scooted forward and pressed his swollen fuck stick into her face. She seemed surprised, probably by the length and thickness of his monster, but büyükesat escort she reached out, opened her mouth, leaned forward, and took the bulbous head leaking pre cum into her mouth.

I enjoyed the view as Greg pressed forward on his knees and pushed his big thick cock past her lips and slowly started pumping in and out until he pressed harder and sunk it completely in her throat. Donna gagged on the thick cock and Greg backed off but kept up the rhythm of pushing in and out of her mouth.

By this point, Warren and I had succeeded in bringing each other close to another orgasm. Warren stood up, his thick cock standing straight out, and I felt abandoned as he headed over to join the party on the mat. He had seen that Donna was struggling with her bikini pushed down to her knees, so he walked over and pulled on it as she slightly lifted her legs to allow him to pull it completely off. I watched him agonizing over the prospects of diving in between her legs to get at her pussy, but he avoided the temptation, and helped her pull her bikini top out from under her as well. He then came back, knelt down in front of me and once again grasped my cock and leaned down to swallow it.

As Greg slowly fucked Donna’s face, he grasped her shoulders and urged her to roll over onto her back so he could continue to drive his cock in and out of her throat as well as massage her big tits. With this turn of events, we could clearly see that Donna was not only a beautiful, big breasted woman, but she also did not subscribe to the younger generation’s tendency to keep themselves shaved bare like a prepubescent teenager. This woman was “au naturale” with a thick, dark bush proudly on display between her legs.

Greg moved his body forward, keeping his cock in her face, but rubbed from her tits to her belly, then reached his hand into her generous fur and started stroking her the length of her slit. She let out a little squeal around his cock, as Greg obviously hit her clit and kept up the pressure. He crawled slowly over her body and settled on top of her with his tongue driving into the flesh that he had just opened with a finger. We heard nearly constant moaning from both Donna and Greg as he was fucking her mouth quicker and deeper as he drove relentlessly toward another orgasm.

I joined in with their audible moaning, as I once again felt the pleasure of Warren’s mouth on me, and added, “I’m cummminggg!”

Warren stayed right on me and I erupted into his mouth. As he continued to suck the cum from me, I got way too sensitive and I pushed him back and pulled him up to share my cum in a brief kiss.

Not sure where we should go from here, we both stood up, went over to the mat, and sat down on either side of the two of them locked in their intense sixty-nine. I briefly rubbed Greg’s ass cheek, then Warren did the same on the other side. Greg continued to rock in and out of Donna’s mouth, and as our hands drifted down his ass toward his balls, Warren grabbed them and squeezed gently as I pushed my finger into his tight ass and pressed it into him.

Greg shouted, “Oh my god, oh, fuck, oh god, I’m cumming!” as he rose off Donna’s hairy pussy.

He pushed his cock deep into Donna’s throat and erupted as another impressive load shot directly into her throat. He then backed off and sprayed more shots of cum onto her face and across her tits.

Knowing that Donna had to be close as well, Greg jumped up, circled around, dove between her spread legs and drove his still hard cock into her. The moan that escaped her cum covered lips and the look of absolute ecstasy as his big cock filled her, said it all. Greg drove in and out, for just a few strokes pounding her pussy, and quickly brought Donna to a screaming orgasm.

Exhausted, Greg dropped down and just rested on top of our favorite Deputy Sheriff, with his cock getting soft inside her and his head nestled between her cummy tits.

Once again, çankaya escort Warren went to tend to Donna, crawling over by her head, rubbing the cum covering her face and pushing it towards her mouth. She willingly opened up and sucks on the cum coated finger. I was amazed to watch as Warren also leaned down and gently licked across her cheek and nose, capturing some of Greg’s emission, then he leaned back and savored the sticky treat.

As Greg caught his breath and rolled off of Donna, I cannot help but ease over to him and take his big cum and pussy flavored cock into my mouth and suck it clean. With Greg off her, Donna stood up, and we all got a chance to see her amazing, beautiful body in all its glory. As I continued to lick Greg’s cock and balls clean, she watched intently, intrigued at the bisexual action her new favorite lover Greg was enjoying.

I watched Donna and saw that her breasts sagged under their own weight but were still very shapely and attractive. As she turned and walked toward the RV door, we all enjoy watching her breasts sway and her bottom jiggle and how her erect nipples pointed straight out and away from her sexy body. As she went in to freshen up, Greg followed, and after a few minutes, he came out with some beers. As he stepped out, he suggested we all head for the surf.

We were very hot, from our activities as well as the late morning sun, and we headed down for another swim. As we stood in the waist deep water drinking our beers, Donna came back out of the RV and for some reason she had decided to put her swimsuit back on, but she strolled down and joined us in the water. There was plenty of horseplay, water splashing, cock and ass grabbing as we waded and splashed in the chest-deep warm water of the Gulf.

At one point, Donna backed into Greg, pressing her bikini clad ass against his bare cock. They seemed to have made a real connection while fucking in front of an audience at the beach. They are hugging and kissing, and we see him tug gently at the waistband of her swimsuit bottom.

He asks, “Why don’t you join us and get naked? We would all enjoy the view!”

She just says, “Maybe,” but did not protest as Greg slowly pulled her suit bottom completely down.

Donna stepped out of her bottom, and then made a little show out of pulling off her top and shaking her big tits.

I quickly took her now discarded swim suit back up out of the surf, then returned to stand with Warren as we watched Greg and Donna in a very intimate kiss which progressed to her wrapping her legs around his waist and very obviously pulling his cock against her pussy again. We started to feel like the “third wheel” and headed back up to sit on the beach near the surf line.

Though we were very refreshed from the swim, we were both still slightly aroused from watching Greg and Donna going at it again, as she has obviously had gotten him hard enough to get that cock inside her again. When they finally uncoupled, and headed out of the water, they went back up toward the RV and cars.

As Greg and Donna passed us holding hands, Greg winked, and Donna bent over to pick up her suit. Admiring her shapely ass, we could clearly see this is one beautiful voluptuous woman. She may have been just a little thicker around the hips and middle than the models, but I was knew that working out to stay in shape for her deputy sheriff position kept her fit and looking good as well as amazingly sexy. We slowly followed, and all sat in the shade of the RV awning relaxing and enjoying both the sights and sensation of our nudity.

We spent the time relaxing, just sitting around sipping cold beers and enjoying the afternoon. We saw Greg and Donna have a continuing, intense, personal discussion. I had a sense of where it was going, so I interrupted their conversation to ask if Donna was still planning to join us for dinner, and she glanced over at Greg, who finally nodded.

After a pause, she sheepishly said, “I really appreciate the offer, and I really enjoyed spending the day here, but I need to get home to get cleaned up,” and grabbing Greg’s flaccid cock and shaking it, she added, “I plan to take this thing with me!”

Not surprised, and just a little disappointed that she was taking that awesome cock and his amazing cum away from our little piece of paradise.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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