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Over dinner you noticed my lusty gaze. The look you have grown to know. Grown to love, because you know what is in store for the both of us. As we wait for our car I turn to you and place my hands on your waist, you meet me as I lean in to give you a kiss. As I draw your body closer to mine our tongues meet and dance together in passionate unison. Our hearts and breath quicken with desire. Our lusty embrace is interrupted by the headlights of our car as it pulls up to the curb. As we drive towards home I get an idea that I’m sure will please you. As I exit the freeway you ask “what’s going on and why are we getting off here?”

I tell you of my plan to rent the deluxe jacuzzi at a local hot tub resort. You love it when I get spontaneous, romantic ideas. You feel yourself begin to moisten with anticipation, with desire. We receive the keys to our own private cabana and hurriedly walk down the path with our bottle of champagne. As I close the door behind us you turn to me with a lusty grin. I light the candles and adjust the stereo to play softly in the background.

You can barely contain yourself as your desire for me consumes you. You are standing by the Chaise as I turn to undress. hd porno You look so beautiful standing there in the candelight, the flames flickering in your eyes, your shadow dancing on the wall. I want you so bad, my erect cock straining against my slacks. As I approach you you smile and beckon me with your comehither look. I wrap my arms around you and give you a long, wet, passionate kiss. I slowly unbutton your blouse and remove your bra to reaveal your beautiful breasts. Your nipples stand erect for me as I take turns nibbling and sucking them. I thoroughly enjoy making love to your breasts with my hands and mouth. Licking and sucking, gently biting. I get behind you and wrap my arms around your waist, kissing and licking the back of your neck and ears while cupping your breasts in my hands. You let out a gentle sigh as you feel me pull you closer. You can feel my cock pushing against your backside.

You turn and quickly remove your skirt and panties while I undress. I can hardly contain myself as I look at you in the flickering candle light, you step down into the tub and turn to meet me as I enter the hot bubbling water. Our embrace is passionate. Our tongues probe deeply and sex izle quickly into each others mouths as we caress each others bodies in wanton desire. You reach down and feel my rock hard cock throbbing below the water line. I get out and sit on the edge of the pool as you grab my cock with that lusty look in your eyes.

You go down on my cock with tender kisses and loving flicks of your tongue. You smile up at me as our eyes meet. You gently massage my balls as lick the entire length of my cock up to the pink head. Your tongue feels the conture of the head as you make your way up and down and around my big cock.

You squeeze my cock up from the base forcing out a huge drop of pre-cum, you see it hanging, glistening in the candlelight, Just before it falls you catch it on the tip of your tongue, savouring the salty sweetness.

You see that I am going to cum if you keep this up so you stop and beckon for me to join you on chaise.

You lie back with your legs apart giving yourself to me. I put my arms under legs and up around your waist so I can hold you to me while I go down on your beautiful pussy. I lick your inner thighs up to the edges of your beautiful slit, teasing altyazılı porn you at first.You grab my head and pull it to you with haste. I part your beautiful pink lips with a firm swipe of my strong tongue. I lick very slowly up the length of your pussy stopping on your clit I push back the hood to expose your throbbing little rosebud. I do very quick butterfly flicks and tiny figure eights with the tip of my tongue driving you into a frenzied desire for more. You hold my head to you and grind your pussy into my mouth thrusting and gyrating. I slide two fingers in and suck your throbbing clit relishing in your juices. You beg for me to enter you. We rise and set the cushions down by the edge of the pool, You are so wet! My big cock slides in with incredible ease. You moan as I hit you sooooooo deep!

You love it when I enter you from behind, my balls slammin you on every thrust. You beg for me to fuck you faster, harder, you love it when I spank your bottom while I’m hammerin you. You are biting the towel so the folks next door won’t hear your cries of passion. Little do they know you are getting the pounding of your life!

You push back against me to match my thrusts. We keep going faster and harder until we cum together in a beautiful crescendo.

Our sweaty bodies lie together, panting, floating.

We lie together for a time and then share our champagne, toasting our lovemaking.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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