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Last weekend, Collette & I decided to go to the local naughty store and see what new toys, dvd’s and sex clothing items we’d want to buy. Friday night after dinner we went out. I had Collette hand me her thong panties in the parking lot so that I could see her legs all the way up when she bent over to look at something on a lower shelf.

When we walked in, there was one couple in the back and two very pretty female salesclerks at the front counter. Collette walked straight over to the Rabbit section as we’d busted her first one. This time she picked out a waterproof rabbit so she could use it in the shower or in our hottub. I picked out a new cockring, the rubber tube “lasso” type. But what really got us aroused was a large purple double-ended dildo and a large clear buttplug. We also picked out a teeny, sheer thong bathing suit for Collette. It’s top were thin triangle slices several sizes too small so that her tits would be exposed on the bottom and the sides as well as displaying an immense amount of cleavage.

We took our booty up front and paid for our stuff. The girls actually blushed a little while they rang us up because the dildo was really thick and no matter who was going to use it, they knew someone was going to get royally stuffed.

As soon as we got home, Collette stripped and put on the bathing suit. I stripped and put on the cockring and cinched it tight. Pretty soon my dick was thick, bulging and veiny. We went outside into the warm Summer air and left all the patio lights off except for the hottub’s. I had built a wide wooden shelf on one edge of the tub so that we could have sex on it instead of sloshing all the water out. We eased into the water and relaxed with some music and white wine as I massaged her shoulders.

Pretty soon, I’d removed Collette’s top and bottom and eased her over to one of the jet nozzles so she could blast her clit and get off quick. I knew right away she was going to come loud and hard so I was glad I had brought out our duffle bag of toys. I slipped a bright red ball gag onto her head and into her mouth to muffle her screams of pleasure. Within a minute she was quaking in my arms as her orgasm ripped through her body, making her shudder like she was getting electrocuted.

My baby slowly subsided into my embrace and then she turned around and shoved me out and onto the edge so that she could attack my dick with her mouth. She ripped the ballgag out and left it around ataköy escort her neck as she plunged the entire length of my girthy cockmeat down her throat. We both shave our genitals completely so it was beautiful to see her eyes open, her nose jammed against my belly and no pubic hair to get in the way of enjoying the view.

Collette backed off my cock a little to get air and then began pumping her head back & forth over my length rapidly, all the while making humming and choking noises. She knows that I get off sooner on the sound effects. My darling wife had one hand between her legs, playing with herself as she sucked my engorged meat. I grabbed some Astroglide out of the duffle bag along with the new rabbit and lubed it up. I handed it to her and she turned it on and jammed it into her pussy. Of course, she didn’t skip a beat and kept my prick lodged in her mouth while she did all this.

She looked up into my eyes again and I started talking dirty to her in a hoarse whisper. “That’s right, suck my cock down your fucking throat! You love sucking cock, don’t you?” She mumbled “(umm-hmm!)” “I’ll bet you’d suck ten guys if I’d allow it, right? You like my cock swelling up even further right before squirting its man-goo into your hot sucking mouth.” Collette went “(UUMMPPPHH!!)” and came hard again while she squeezed her legs together and pressed the rabbit hard up against her swollen clit.

I was starting to get tingly from my baby’s hot sucking mouth but I really felt it kick in when Collette squeezed her legs together again and used both hands to lube up her left fingers to keep the rabbit from slipping out of her pussy and push two of her fingers up my well-trained ass. Much like we guys do the “come here” gesture when stroking the walls of a woman’s cunt to massage her G-Spot, Collette did the same thing to my prostate and then rubbed her fingers on it side to side. That’s when my orgasm hit me. My whole body stiffened and lifted up a little, jamming Mr Happy into Collette’s throat completely as gob after gob of cum spurted into her gullet.

Collette came up coughing and choking for air but also giggling that she’d gotten such a rise out of me. I kissed her hard, savoring the aftertaste of my cum in her mouth. We relaxed for a little while longer and then dried off and went inside the living room. I asked her what she wanted to do for a nightcap. Collette told me to get out “Big avcılar escort Purple”, the double-ended dildo. We already had a double dildo in our collection prior to buying Big Purple but it was much thinner and four inches shorter. When she fully inserted it into my anus, only a few inches went past my asshole’s sigmoid sphincter. She asked me if I was ready for the big leagues tonight and I said yeah, after we’d warmed up a bit.

We both went into the master bath and I got out our enema bulb so we could clean ourselves back there for the night’s finale. I anally douched three times to make sure I wouldn’t get messy. The last time, I refilled the bulb three times with warm soapy water, squeezing my asshole and my cheeks shut to keep the water in. I plopped onto the toilet seat and enjoyed the feeling of the blast of water exiting my bowels. Collette was rubbing her pussy while watching me.

We put a towel on the couch and laid down so that we were facing each other with our heads resting on the couch arms. Collette lubed up her end of Big Purple and eased it into her ass VERY slowly. Its head was much thicker than any of our other sex toys but after a couple of minutes, she hissed once and pushed the rest of the head into her wildy dilated asshole. I grabbed the other end, lubed it up, lubed up my anus and began easing our new toy into my clenching butthole. Just when I didn’t think I could stretch my anus open any further the head popped in and I was able to push another six inches in until the head ran into my sigmoid.

Collette was coming again, strumming her clit hard while watching me insert the dildo. We both wiggled towards each other a little bit and I bent my dick down so that it went into her cunt. WOW! She had a fat dildo in her ass and my fat cock in her cunt while I had the other end of the fat dildo in my ass. We were only able to move a little bit without my cock slipping out but the whole scene was so hot that we both came quickly anyway.

We both leaned back and got our breath back for about five minutes, staying connected down there. Collette got this sneaky grin on her face and asked me if I would help her live out a fantasy. She said from as far back as her college days she’d always wanted to plant her juice-soaked cunt down on a guys lips while she blew him and simultaneously jammed a vibrator in his ass. My cock had gone soft but soon began reviving as I listened beylikdüzü escort to Collette flesh out her fantasy with details.

After twenty minutes or so I felt ready. It had been more than a year from the last time I’d come three times in one session and I knew I’d have a painfully swollen prostate the next morning but what the hell, right? Collette eased her stretched anus off our dildo and shoved our new butt plug into herself to keep things in. She turned around and straddled my head, lowering her sweaty, musky thighs around my ears until her pussy came into contact with my lapping tongue.

She gripped the dildo where it was sticking out of my ass and pushed it up against my sigmoid. I shifted a little until I could feel the point of the head lodged against the opening. Collette kept a steady pressure on, easing out and in a little until suddenly this time there was little resistance and I felt about 3 inches slip past my sphincter. I heard and felt her mouth say “(UMMMM!)” around my cock when it happened so I knew she had her eyes glued to my stretched anus inches away. I was slurping my tongue into her lips and playing with her buttplug, watching it dilate her asshole and then clench shut as I pushed and pulled on the plug.

Collette kept up a steady headbeat on my manhood as she slowly pushed and pulled on Big Purple, slowly easing it further up my bowels. Yes, there was some discomfort, a feeling of being stuffed and over-full. But it was far outweighed by the electrifying effect the dildo’s large knobs and bumps had on my sigmoid as the dildo rippled on it. It’s like there was a direct connection between the nerve endings in my cock, my protate and my sigmoid. Collette got the final fourteen inches (14!) inserted into my packed ass until only a half inch was peeking out. She kept it there and rapidly bobbed her head up and down on my dickmeat to finish me off.

UUNNNHHH! I had one of the best orgasms of my life when I came. I could feel my anus clenching helplessly against the firm dildo shaft, my sigmoid was tied into my cockhead as I spasmed out my 3rd orgasm of the night. Even though I came really really hard I knew Collette had gotten only a few drops of manjuice to lick up after the first two ball-draining sessions earlier.

She seemed to come out of a trance and as she had me use my bowels to push the intruder out of my belly, she kept gasping. She was rubbing herself again and kept having a series of mini-orgasms from being so visually stimulated, watching the long, thick dildo ooze out of my ass like a snake leaving its lair.

We cleaned up in the shower and went to bed, Collette spooning me from behind, whispering “thank you” over and over again.

Michael Hunt

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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