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Big Dick

“She was really keen when I asked if she had ever sucked or been fucked by a man with a ten-inch erection.”

I am Michael, in my late twenties, 72 inches tall, 168 pounds, a toned, fit body and genetically lucky to possess a large, thick cock – ten inches when erect. I live in Sydney, Australia and used to moonlight as a gigolo or male escort.

That was before Ada asked me to work for her ‘exclusive agency’. “We have a wide ranging client list, males and females, and lots of constant work,” she told me as she auditioned me. “And we provide for some very kinky people with lots of sexual fetishes.”

From experience I have learnt women in their mid-forties can be magic lovers. Often they have no family attachments and have long since lost their inhibitions.

Even better they often have ripe, voluptuous bodies.

My first impressions when I arrived at their inner city terrace is Bee and Dee are fuckable, very fuckable, as I look at them in heels and short, black silk dressing gowns.

“Dee turned forty-five last week. As a celebration we want to stretch our sexual boundaries with you,” Bee tells me. “An extra buzz, with a hung man fifteen years younger than us.

“I want to pleasure Dee while she sucks your cock.

“Then she wants me to watch you fuck her.

“We are expecting a man with a thick, ten-inch cock, don’t disappoint us,” Bee tells me as she removes Dee’s short, black silk dressing gown, then her own.

They are both completely naked apart from their killer heels.

“Not bad for forty-five,” Bee smirks as she tongue kisses Dee with her hands all over her.

They both have voluptuous, size 14 bodies. Wonderful, long, fleshy thighs, flat stomachs, tucked in waists, average tits and gorgeous, hippy, firm, big asses. Maltepe Escort And I love the way they have trimmed their pubic hair – just a tuft above their cunt lips.

“Don’t disappoint us,” Dee smiles as Bee undresses me. I am enjoying the moment and want to impress them with a full-on erection.

I have my hands on my hips as Bee unclips my jock strap and it falls to the floor.

I have an ass fetish and the sight of two glorious, naked big asses has me aroused, very aroused.

“Oh wow, fuck, you really are ten-inches and thick. “Is that for us?,” they both ask as I stroke my erection for them.

The women lead me to a room with mirrors on the ceiling and all the walls. The only furniture is a massage table.

Dee is lying face down, naked on the massage table, resting on her elbows. Bee, apart from her heels is also naked massaging her with pleasant smelling oil

I have an ass fetish and the sight of a glorious big ass covered in oil being massaged by another attractive naked woman has me incredibly aroused.

I had never had my cock sucked by a woman while she was being massaged my another naked woman.

And Dee is very good.

A few minutes later Dee turns over. I am watching as Bee oils her thighs and tits. The two women are tongue kissing while I tease my erection with a fingertip.

Bee is running a finger tip along Dee’s cunt lips.

Dee moves again so her head is hanging over the table.

She is laying on her back with her head situated toward me. Her head is dangling off the edge. It gives my erection access to her mouth.

Bee bends down and licks Dee’s engorged clit.

Then slides her tongue along her cunt lips.

“Now,” Dee tells me as she motions for me to slide my erection between Maltepe Escort Bayan her pursed lips.

Wonderful sensation sliding my erection between her lips as I watch Bee licking her cunt and teasing her nipples with a fingertip.

“Happy birthday Dee,” Bee whispers as she stops licking momentarily.

“That is awesome, fucking awesome,” Bee whispers as she watches me sliding my erection between her friends lips.

Bee wraps her arms around Dee’s legs and resumes licking with just the tip of her tongue.

Watching Bee licking Dee’s cunt lips while I am sliding my erection into her mouth has me close to orgasm.

Bee slides a finger into Dee as she teases with her tongue. Then two fingers. Bee is edging her. Dee’s hips are bucking off the table as she orgasms. Once, twice.

Then me. Mind blowing.

An hour later we are all refreshed after a bath together.

As an extra turn on, I decide to take the initiative and talk dirty to them.

“You told me you wanted to watch me fuck Dee,” I smile at Bee as she is watching me kissing and licking Dee’s glorious ass while they are tongue kissing. “Which way?”

“I have an ass fetish and the magnificent asses of you two older women are wonderful eye candy. And a huge turn on,” I tell them as I am teasing my cock to my second full-on erection of the session.

Just prior I had licked and kissed Bee’s ass while Dee watched. I must have turned her on as she started tongue kissing Bee.

“Which way do you want me to fuck you Dee?,” I tease as I enjoy licking and kissing her ass.

“Your ass has given me another thick, ten-inch erection.

“Do you want Bee to watch me fuck you?

“Can I lick and kiss her ass while I fuck you?

“Would that turn you Escort Maltepe on?

“How about you Bee, can I lick and kiss your ass while I fuck her?

“Before I fuck you would you like Bee to lick your cunt while I lick and kiss your glorious ass cheeks?”

“Yes, do it for us Bee.”

“You still haven’t told me which way you want me to fuck you Dee?,” I tease again as I enjoy licking and kissing her ass while Bee is licking her cunt. I can see Bee’s glorious ass in the mirrors. A huge extra turn on.

“Oh fuck that is so good, so fucking good,” Dee moans as she orgasms.

“Which way?,” I ask again as I take the initiative and lean her over the massage table.

“Long and hard, very hard,” she whispers as I grasp her ass cheeks in my hands. Love it, they feel wonderful, as I slowly slide my raging erection into her.

Bee is leaning over the other side of the table and kissing her passionately. I love looking at her glorious ass in the mirror while I am fucking her friend.

Bee is glancing sideways to watch my erection sliding into Dee as I slap against her ass.

“Harder, fuck me harder, fuck me harder,” Dee is moaning.

“You wanted to lick and kiss my ass while you were fucking her. Do it,” Bee smiles as she organizes herself on the table so I can.

My ass fetish is in overdrive as I lick and kiss Bee’s ass with my hands on Dee’s ass. The same one my body is slapping against.

“Harder, fuck me harder, fuck my cunt harder,” Dee continues moaning.

I want to tease and edge Dee to orgasm.

I withdraw from her and slowly, very slowly slide the full length of my erection her.

I have one hand on her ass and the other on Bee’s ass.

I withdraw from her and slowly, very slowly slide the full length of my erection her again.

And again. And again.

Ten times. “Cum with me,” she is moaning.

“What a fuck, what a fuck, cum with me. Now right now.”

And I did, with my hands on two glorious asses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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