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This true story could change your lives, but it’s not going to make much sense if you don’t know what oxytocin is. It’s a hormone naturally produced by our bodies that explains everything that follows. Do a web search and spend half an hour learning about it; you’ll be glad you did.

About a month ago, I spent a restless night anticipating a conference call at work that was going to be decisive in determining the direction we were going to move in and important to my career. Fortunately, I knew how to handle this stress. About six o’clock I snuggled up next to Jimmy chewed and tongue fucked him in the ear. When this had had the desired effect (I wasn’t kidding when I said I knew every inch of his body. You should try this with your partner and see what happens.) I said “Sweetie, help me float, but I have to be up in half an hour.” He slipped his dick into my ass, we found my g-spot, and he began that gentle rocking motion that releases oxytocin into my blood stream and usually leads to a throw-you-head-back-and-scream orgasm. But that wasn’t the plan for this morning.

After just a minute or two the urge to reach down and stroke my clit became overpowering, but Jimmy reached out and held my hands away from my body to prevent this. The urge passed as the oxytocin took over and I fell into the trance-like state I’ve tried to describe before, half asleep and half awake, cumming very hard. After about fifteen minutes, he pulled out and rolled me on top of him over so that my clit was pressing right into his butt cheek. (BTW, porno driving your clit into your partner’s butt cheek leads to really sweet orgasm. You should try it.) I came again, this time with a thick, gooey cum that kind of glued me Jimmy’s butt and made a whooshing sound when we separated. Precisely at 6:30, he rolled me over and gave me a sharp slap on the butt. We’ve tried many methods to break the trance–loud music, soft music, television, gentle conversation–but it’s harder to do than you would think. This slap didn’t really hurt but it stung, and shattered the glass cocoon I had been living in.

Into the shower I went, ready to face the day I want to describe. As background, it’s important to remember that I’ve cum for half an hour, that oxytocin is flooding my blood stream, but that I purposely haven’t had the physical relief of an orgasm.

I usually drive to work but not when I’ve just floated. I don’t want to be a distracted driver, so I took the train. Sitting on it, I planned the conference call while also focusing on how good Jimmy’s dick had felt. This produced a feeling of total calmness, contentment, and the idea that I was the absolutely best person to handle the call, that I understood everybody else’s point of view. There was a surge of self-confidence coupled with the sensation of being so happy. At the office, when the call came the conversation went exactly as I had scripted it. If I say so myself, I said exactly the right thing at exactly the right time and in exactly the right tone of voice. The issue was resolved and the people in the room with me applauded once we had hung up.

The day continued and I stayed on an oxy high almost the whole time. Once oxy is in your bloodstream, it never really leaves until you release it through an orgasm. It doesn’t dominate your thinking, but is rather like background music, always there. It’s also easy to replenish the surge. I just shut my eyes and thought about Jimmy’s dick in my ass. If I wanted more stimulation I squeezed my thighs together to apply pressure to my clit, or went to the ladies’ room and flicked the magic button two or three times. Nobody knew what I was doing any of this, but everybody saw the results. It was what my staff calls a “roll day,” as in “Celeste’s on a roll.” Roll days are exhausting, but I sure like who I am on one of them. I turn into a great listener, which usually isn’t one of my strengths, I’m relaxed, even laid back, and appreciative of everything everybody does for me. I also notice details that I would ordinarily pay attention to. For some reason, on this day I noticed the slight differences in the shades of red between the’exit sign in our office and the traffic light on the street outside my window.

You can surely guess how the day ended for me. A frenzied train ride home to Jimmy, who was working there on a consulting project. I didn’t exactly attack him, but I was shy either. It started against the refrigerator in the kitchen and we barely made it to the bedroom before I was down the rabbit hole with an orgasm that saw me seeing stars. The next thing I knew, it was eight o’clock and Jimmy was sitting by me on the bed with a bowl of soup, reminding me that I had asked him not to let me sleep through because I didn’t want to wake up at four the next morning. What a sweetheart.

This isn’t a fantasy; hat’s exactly what happened and if you read about oxytocin you’ll understand why. A couple of notes if you want to try this, and you should. I’m totally into anal because it’s so much more erotic and sensual for me than anything else. But if that isn’t your thing there are many ways to get the oxy flowing. You could probably just masturbate to achieve the desired result. The idea is to engage in your favorite sensual, erotic activity and bring yourself as close to an orgasm as possible and then DON’T HAVE IT. You also probably shouldn’t double down on oxy as a stress reliever without a little practice or training. Try accessing it in a non-stressful situation and see how your body reacts. If your body is anything like mine, you’ll come back to oxy many times. Some of the situation in which I have used it are when speaking publicly to a large group (not my favorite activity, although I love to sing before an audience), taking a demanding graduate school exam, before playing in a championship volleyball game, and, of course, just for fun.

The human body is a wonderfully complex organism. Just as it produces stressors, it also produces antidotes to stress. Oxytocin is one of these. It’s available in prescription form, but if you read carefully there’s a real downside to this a a drug. On the other hand, when your body produces it naturally it’s a real gift.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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