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Evan pulled back, regaining his breath from the most amazing kiss he had ever had. His eyes were still closed, his mind reeling from the passion he was feeling, as he felt the hands pull him forward once again, and the tongue probing his mouth as he responded to the kiss once more, trying to breath at the intensity of the situation. It was then that he felt the second mouth, softly kissing his neck and pulling his kissers head tighter to his mouth. He felt sandwiched between their two bodies as he plunged his tongue once more into the mouth.

The neck kisser moved up to his ear, nibbling softly and licking the lobe. Then a whisper, a moan at first, then softly, gently…

“Didn’t I tell you this is what you needed?”

He moaned in agreement through the kiss, then stopped, pulling away slowly, his tongue slowly pulling out of the mouth as he opened his eyes, looking into the person’s eyes and smiling slightly.

“Yes,” what all he could say, his voice throaty as he struggled to control himself. Then he turned slightly, as if suddenly realising something. “Are you sure about this, Vicky?”

Vicky stroked his cheek softly, smiling reassuringly as she did so. Her hands moved down to Evan’s jeans, unfastening the top button on his fly and smiles again.

“Just relax, honey, this is gonna blow your mind”

She unfastened the rest of the buttons, reaching inside slowly into his pants and putting her hands around his now hard cock, pulling it from out of his jeans slowly. She looked down, stroking his cock slowly, pulling the foreskin back and saw the precum glistening on the tip of his hard cock.

Vicky looked at their third friend, and nodded softly. The friend knelt down in front of Evan, taking Vicky’s hand from his cock and replacing it with their own, stroking it softly, then taking the tip in their mouth, licking it softly then sucking gently. Evan groaned loudly, steadying himself against Vicky.

“So, how does it feel to have your cock in a guy’s mouth?” Vicky whispered. Evan looked down at their new found friend, who grabbed his ass and pulled his cock all the way into his mouth, looking up at him as he did so.

“Amazing!” Evan replied, and with that grabbed the back of his head, feeling his cock going in and out of his mouth as he sucked on his cock. Vicky moved anal yapan gaziantep escort round in front of him, her eyes never leaving the sight of her boyfriends cock in another mans mouth. She sat down in the chair opposite, playing with her tits through her blouse then spreading her legs and rubbing herself through her pants, feeling the moistness of her pussy soaking through the material.

Suddenly, the phone next to Vicky rang. Evan froze, as did Vicky, but the guy just kept on sucking. Vicky tried to compose herself.


“Hi sexy! Its Helen, how are you sweetie?”

Vicky relaxed, Helen was one of her best friends and knew about Evan’s fantasies. She also knew that Helen fancied her, and was always saying how much she wanted to get her into bed. She smiled, watching Evans face as he fucked the guys mouth, and decided to play a little herself.

“Well, you know how Evan has always wanted to get it on with another guy?”


“Well, you’re not gonna believe this, but I’m sat on my couch watching a guy suck his cock right now!! And it is turning me on so much!”

Helen gasped a little louder than she had expected, and Vicky smiled, knowing that that would drive her crazy. She looked up, and saw that the guys were kissing again, and Evan had the guys cock in his hand and was stroking gently.

“No fucking way!!” Helen gasped, “Are you serious? Fuck me!”

“Is that an offer?” Vicky blurted out, surprising even herself, knowing that Helen was only down the street. Suddenly, the phone went dead, and Vicky sighed, thinking that she maybe had scared her off.

She relaxed back in her chair, watching the boys again. Evan pushed his friend back onto the sofa, looking down at him with a lustful look in his eyes. Kneeling down between his legs, Evan ran his tongue over his balls, sucking on them gently in turn, then ran his tongue the entire length of his cock, tasting him slowly before taking him into his mouth. His friend moaned, enjoying the sensations, as Evan sucked on his large cock.

Vicky by now had her hand inside her pants, running her finger over her clit as she watched in awe, her other hand running underneath her top and playing with her now hard nipples. She was anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan so oblivious to anything else that she didn’t hear the back door open and Helen walk in behind her. Helen stopped just behind her seat, surprised at what she saw in front of her. The sight of Evan with his mouth over the guys cock and Vicky fingering herself was almost too much, but she managed to steady herself.

Helen stripped off quickly, quietly, running her hands over her body as she did so. Helen always did like her own body, standing 5 feet 8 inches tall with shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. Her breasts were always commented on as her best feature, very pert but quite big, her nipples small and always hard. She ran her fingers down over them slowly, then down to between her legs, her newly shaved pussy already wet from the sight in front of her. She rubbed her clit softly, looking at Vicky, deciding how to surprise her.

Helen had fancied Vicky since the first moment she had saw her. Vicky was a little smaller than her, standing about 5 feet 5 inches tall, with long brunette hair and the deepest blue eyes. Her body was what Helen liked most about her, she was a little bigger than Helen, with large breasts that she had always wanted to touch.

Helen decided it was time that she let them know she was there, and walked up quietly to behind Vicky. She looked down at her, Vicky’s eyes closed and a look of sheer ecstacy on her face. Helen smiled again, then spread her legs and dipped her middle finger into her now sopping wet pussy, right to the knuckle, then took it out again, and slowly put it to Vickys lips then into her mouth.

Vicky jumped, opening her eyes suddenly. Then she realised it was Helen, looking down at her and smiling wickedly. Then she realised the taste on her finger and, without saying a word, sucked the juices from her finger. Within a second, Helen was around the other side of the chair, lying her full naked body over Vicky’s and her tongue in Vicky’s mouth. She kissed Hlene passionately, almost violently, shoving her tongue into her friend’s mouth eagerly, tating her saliva and running it over her tongue.

After a while, she stopped for breath, looking into Helen’s eyes, her own eyes escort gaziantep anal yapan gleaming with desire and excitement. Helen smiled seductively back at her, then looked past her towards Evan and his companion, ho were now in a 69 position, their cock’s in each others mouths as they sucked and licked each other.

Helen looked back at Vicky, smiling once again. “Hmm, that looks like fun!” she whispered to her, running her hands between Vicky’s legs softly. Vicky smiled again, as the thought of licking between Helen’s legs made her wetter and wetter. Vicky kissed Helen softly on the lips again, then moved down her body, kissing her nipples in turn then moved down and led on the floor, looking up at Helen and smiling.

Helen moved down to the floor, kneeling over Vicky’s head and looked down at her, a devilish look in her eyes. Then she reciprocated Vicky’s move, kissing down her body slowly, taking each of her nipples in her mouth softly, then down over her stomach and to her pussy. Helen spread her legs over Vicky’s head, and almost jumped when she felt Vicky’s tongue come in contact with her clit, very softly at first. She had to steady herself, looking down at Vicky’s shaved pussy, then she moved closer, laying on top of Vicky and tasted a girl’s pussy for the first time.

By now Evan and his friend had realised what was going on, and led watching the girls, stroking each other’s cocks softly and not moving from their 69 position. It didn’t take the girls long before they were moaning at the feeling of each other’s tongues, and Evan and his friend began to suck each other once again, harder and faster, licking the top of each other’s cocks then taking all of it into their mouths, determined to cum with the girls.

It was Helen who started to cum first, the sight of the two guys sucking each other while she had a girl’s tongue on her clit and pussy was just too much, and her orgasm exploded through her, covering Vicky’s face with her wetness as she screamed and moaned. This sent Vicky over the edge, moaning Helen’s name as she came, her pussy juice shooting out as she came all over Helen’s mouth and tongue. Evan could feel his friend tense up, and grabbed his ass, sucking on him harder and determined to swallow his cum, which spurted into his mouth, almost choking him as he struggled to swallow. His friend took Evan’s cock out of his mouth and stroked him hard, until his cum covered his face and hands.

All four of them sat, covering for a moment, gasping in air as they surveyed the scene around them. Finally, they moved, kissing their partner softly, holding each other as they got their breath back. Then Evan recovered enough, looked at Vicky, smiling slightly, and whispered,

“So, what’s next?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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