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Chapter One

Usually it was just Toni and Kyle that we got together with a couple of times a month to play cards, go out to eat or maybe have a cookout when the weather was right. But after Hugh and Sonja moved in next door they joined us too. The six of us seemed to be compatible and were within ten years of being the same age so our group of six became pretty close. Sonja was the youngest at thirty six with me being the oldest at forty three. None of us were beautiful or overly handsome, just your everyday sort of people. My wife Ann says she’s fighting the battle of the bulge around her hips but in spite of her claims she isn’t fat by any means. They call me Big Brian because I’m six two and could stand to lose at least twenty pounds and ideally a lot more but that won’t happen because I love to eat too much.

It was Friday night and soon after I got home from work Ann said, “Brian why don’t you call the others and see if they want to get together.”

“For dinner or after?”

“Let’s make it after.” I called Toni and Kyle first and they couldn’t make it so after checking with Ann I suggested Saturday night and that worked for them. Next I called Hugh and Sonja and they were good for Saturday night.

I told Ann it was set so she started to plan what she’d serve for snacks and I checked the liquor cabinet.

Saturday morning Toni called and said Ben, their ten year old was feeling under the weather and wondered if we could come over there instead. It didn’t matter to us so I called Hugh and told him of the change in plans. Ann wrapped up the snacks and we relaxed until just before six and then headed to their house, Ann with the snacks and me with a bottle of vodka and some Wild Turkey. Toni met us at the door and after I’d collected a hug and a nice kiss we went in. Kyle came out and treated Ann to a kiss and we set down to talk and wait for Sonja and Hugh.

When they finally arrived we went through the hugs and kisses and Kyle took their drinking orders. Sonja had set up a little table with Ann’s snacks spread on it for later when we knew we’d get the munchies. Toni said,

“Okay unless there are objections we’re playing rummy, gals against the guys and the highest total of points wins the hand.” With no objections we sat down and played. It was rarely about the game anyway, it was more like something to do while we talked and gossiped. Yeah the guys joined in with the women and willingly aided and abetted them in their juicy tales.

The hand progressed and the women dove into the latest gossip. Hugh and I made a comment here and there but for the most part we listened. Kyle was silent as he got up and refreshed everybody’s drinks and had a smile on his face for no apparent reason. We played several hands and the women won more than they lost, we’d all had more than our share of drinks and there sat Kyle smiling. As the cards were being dealt Sonja said, “Ann I tried to call you a couple of times the other day. Your lights were on and I was sure you were home but you didn’t answer and for whatever reason your machine didn’t pick up.”

Ann got a silly smile on her face and just a hint of a blush but she forged ahead and said, “Brian and I were…occupied.” All four of them hooted and clapped doing their best to goad Ann into saying more. She finally gave in and said, “We were celebrating his getting a nice raise.”

Sonja laughed and said, “Don’t you mean rise, Brian’s big rise?” I looked at Sonja and even had to laugh at that one as the card playing stopped for a minute until everybody settled down again. After that we weren’t even sure whose turn it was.

Ann wanted to get even so still laughing she said, “And just how do you know he has a big rise?” That set everybody off again and made Sonja laugh and blush and stuttered.

“Oh s…stop, you…you know what I mean Ann but it’s nice to hear you admit he has a big one.” By then everybody had thrown their cards on the table. Playing was hopeless as long as those three were acting up. Ann didn’t know what to say to that one. I’m not really big, maybe slightly larger than normal, but to her I’m huge and that’s what counts to me.

Kyle finally said, “I can’t stand it anymore, I have to tell you guys a story. There’s this gal at work, maybe twenty five or so, nice looking in her own way and she’s one of these people that’s always laughing and acting up. If anybody’s going to do something to surprise or shock somebody it would be her. Anyway, I was walking down the hall at work the other day and as I neared the ladies restroom door it was flung wide and about twelve feet

inside was this gal. She was in her bra and damn near invisible panties acting up with a couple of other women and they were all laughing. I got one hell of an eye full and when she saw me she almost broke her neck to disappear.” At least now I knew why he’d been smiling all night, he was

dying to tell his story at just the right time.

I kept it going by asking, “So tell us already, how’d she look?”

“Damn fine cebeci escort I’m here to tell you.” Toni said, “No wonder you’ve been eager to go to work the last few days.” Everybody was laughing again and looking at Kyle.

He finally said, “You never know, lightening can strike twice in the same place.” At that we all had to take a bathroom break and get one more drink before the evening ended.

When we were finally seated again Sonja smiled and looking straight at me said, “Okay, let’s play one more hand, women against men and the losers have to strip to their underwear.” This was an area that the six of us had never visited. Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the conversation but it sure surprised me.

Ann said, “Uh, Sonja what if we lose?”

“We won’t, we’ve hardly lost all night. You are wearing underwear aren’t you?”

“Well of course I am but…”

“I want to see Brian’s uh…rise.” At that she started laughing again. She was starting to feel her drinks, not drunk but certainly feeling frisky.

Hugh said to Sonja, “So you’re ready to strip to your bra and panties right here in front of us if you lose.” When he put it that way the reality of it hit her.


“Come on this was your idea.”

“Okay, yes. I’ll do it if we lose no problem.” Us three guys looked at Ann and Toni and collectively said, “Well?” The two of them looked at each other for a long time, looking for some kind of signal but finally said, “Okay, we’ll do it but guys we will win you know and you’ll have to hang around here…” That choice of words had the women cracking up again.”

“I mean you have to be in your underwear for at least a few minutes.”

Sonja said, “No at least ten minutes in your skivvies.” I said, “Or you gals at least ten minutes in your bra and panties and ten minutes could feel like a long time, especially as we stare at you three.” With somewhat less confidence they nodded their heads and the cards were shuffled.

As the hand progressed it was impossible to get a feel for who might win the hand. I have enough exhibitionist in me that I really didn’t care if the women saw me in my briefs but I had to admit I was curious to see Toni and Sonja in their underwear. Unbeknownst to the rest of us Sonja was ready to go out, catching us guys with our cards in our hands. She had several ways she could go out and all she needed was for Hugh to discard something she could use. The odds were more than in her favor and she was already picturing us guys nearly in the buff. Then Hugh finally said, “Well I guess that’s all the cards I can play.” With that he slowly put his discard down and Sonja couldn’t use it and had to draw messing up her strategy.

“Damn you Hugh, you’ll pay for that one.” That allowed the guys time to dump their hands before play was over. When Ann finally went out we tallied the score and the guys won by five points. Sonja jumped up and, though smiling was getting very nervous and said, “Recount, I want a recount on the points.” So we recounted and discovered she was right, there was an error. The guys won by ten. She dropped into her seat in defeat shaking her head. “How the hell did that happen, I had the sweetest hand I’ve ever seen and we lost.”

Chapter Two

Hugh, Kyle and I pushed our chairs back and I said, “Okay if you ladies will just stand in the center of the room and strip for us, slowly if you don’t mind.”

Ann said, “And Sonja since this was your crazy idea you can go first.”

“No wait we can go together.”

Ann was dreading having to strip so she said, “Nooo I don’t think so.”

“I just remembered I wore the wrong underwear for this, I need to go change.”

Hugh was quick with, “Quit stalling now and hit center stage please, we’re all waiting anxiously to see you in your bra and panties. I’ll start the ten minute timer when all three of you are stripped.”

Toni looked at Sonja and said, “You and your bright ideas.”

Sonja knew it had to be and it was plain to see she found herself more nervous than she expected. She admitted later that Hugh was the only one that had seen her in her bra and panties since school. She had trouble with eye contact at first as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it slip from her shoulders. Without thinking I said, “Now I see why you wanted to change.” Her bra was very small and just covered her nipples, letting a good portion of her breasts be presented for our viewing pleasure. I felt a twitch between my legs and wondered how well I was going to hold up for this show. Having jeans on was going to be my salvation I hoped. She took a deep breath and undid the button and zipper on her slacks and it was plain to see this was going to be the hardest part for her. As they slipped below her hips we all saw she was wearing thong underwear. Her mound was covered but just barely and it was easy to see she shaved down there. With her slacks kicked away she stood there and looked at us for the first çukurambar escort time letting her eyes settle on me. I didn’t know why but then I figured it was because of Ann’s comment about my size. Whatever, I liked having her look at me like that.

Hugh recovered from seeing his wife stand there nearly naked and said, “Holy shit. No wonder you wanted to change.” Sonja quickly stepped back

and Toni slowly took up position.

She said again, “Sonja you got us into one this time.” Her top was a pullover so she grabbed the bottom and slowly pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. Of the three, she had the largest breasts, slightly larger than Ann’s and in spite of a more conservative bra she was giving us one hell of a show. She was wearing jeans and after unbuttoning the top she slipped the zipper down and started to coax the tight fitting jeans over her hips. “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. I wasn’t exactly expecting this to happen tonight.” We soon saw delicate white lacy panties, certainly more modest than the thong in style but her thin line of pubic hair was very easy to see through the sheer fabric of her panties. Kyle’s face got flushed and couldn’t stop staring at his sexy wife as her sex was on display to all that looked.

When Ann stepped forward she looked at me with a small smile and said, “Just remember you could have said no to this whole idea too.” She stepped over to me and said, “I think you should do the honors love.” She stepped close and waited for me to undress her, which really brought home just what we were all doing. It also brought about a major erection in my jeans that wouldn’t go away anytime soon as it turned out. I took a deep breath, swallowed and started to unbutton her blouse as she looked at me intensely. I could feel her breathing quicken and I got the feeling she was getting excited as I opened her blouse and pushed it back off of her shoulders. She was standing there in a see through bra that I didn’t even know she had. She looked at me and said softly, “This was going to be a surprise when we got home tonight.”

“I’m surprised that’s for damn sure honey.” I undid her jeans and as I pushed down she wiggled her ass to coax them down over her hips and I saw Hugh out of the corner of my eye as he licked his lips and stared at her breasts. Once she was undressed she stepped back and let everybody stare at her including the girls.

Toni said, “God Ann why didn’t you just say no?”

“I did object if you’ll remember but since Brian seemed to think it was a good idea I thought I’d teach him a lesson. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea.”

“You’re almost naked.”

“Tell me about it. I feel almost naked too.” Ann looked down at Toni’s panties and said in a whisper, “Girl I can see your pubic hair.”

“God I know it, I can’t believe I’m letting Brian and Hugh see me like this.”

“I can tell from their jeans they appreciate us though.”


“I’ll bet Kyle is all over you later.”

“Oh God I hope so.” After about five minutes Hugh said, “It’s been five minutes ladies but if you want to call it quits you can.”

Sonja was defiant now and said, “I don’t know about the others but I’m going the full ten minutes. Anybody like one more drink? I’m serving.” Needless to say all three of us guys said yes to that and before it was over all six of us were having one more. Between seeing Toni and Sonja like that and seeing my wife almost naked too I was getting so turned on I was afraid I’d cum in my jeans. I never would have guessed I’d get turned on by my wife displaying herself to others that’s for sure. I made no effort to avert my eyes and got my fill of Sonja and Toni.

There was no doubt that everybody was looking so I said loudly, “Just for the record you three women are incredibly sexy and I can’t get enough of looking at you. Thank you for your courage.”

Kyle said, “I second that, you three are incredible.

Well after the ten minutes were up and the last drink was gone Ann and Sonja got dressed and Toni said, “Why bother, I’m already home and I’ll be going to bed after while anyway.” I found it sexy in a different way when everybody was dressed except Toni. She seemed just that much sexier to me then. I guess it was the contrast between dressed and almost naked that caught my eye.

It was only a ten minute drive for us to get home but as soon as we were in the car I looked at Ann and asked, “You okay honey?”

“I’m fine how did you do?”

“I have never been more turned on and proud of you in my life. You are unbelievable.”

“You didn’t get mad or uncomfortable?”

“I sure expected to get uncomfortable but it never happened. When you had me undress you I almost came and I’m not exaggerating.” It seemed to please her that I thought she was so sexy and she turned me on so much.

“What did you think of Toni and Sonja?”

“They are hot without a doubt and when Sonja took her top off demetevler escort I could feel something stirring between my legs. I have a question for you. Would you ever do that again?”

“I don’t know, maybe if circumstances were right.”

“When did you get that awesome bra?”

“A few days ago. I was planning to surprise you tonight when we got home.”

“You’ll never know how shocked I was when I saw it. Do you have any more surprises like that for me?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see lover.” When we pulled in the drive I said, “I want to see you undress again honey. I want to see you in that bra again.”

She threw a kiss across the car and said, “If you’re a good boy.” As soon as we were inside I started to undress her and she slapped my hand and said, “Sit down like you were before.” I pulled out a dining room chair and sat down as she stepped about ten feet away. I sat there with another erection and stared at her knowing she was going to strip for me. As she slowly removed her top I started to slowly rub my cock through my jeans. I’d seen her naked breasts a hundred times but this was different some how. She continued her show by stripping off her jeans again and then slowly removed her panties, leaving her bra on. She watched me rub myself and she said, “Would you rub it like that if Sonja wanted you to?”

“Would you like me to?”

“Maybe sometime if I’m there to watch. I think she wants to see your cock.”

“Why do you say she wants to see it?”

“I could see it in her eyes.” We made love for a long time after that.

Chapter Three

We didn’t see either couple the next weekend. I was curious how Hugh and Kyle felt about things so I called Hugh first when Ann wasn’t around and said, “So are you comfortable with what happed at the card game?”

“Hell yes I’m fine and I got the screwing of my life afterwards, I don’t mean to sound crude here but I’ve never seen Sonja so fired up.”

“So I take it Sonja doesn’t have any regrets either.”

“If she does she has a great way to hide it.”

“You’re a lucky guy Hugh she looked incredible that night.”

“Thanks. She did look hot didn’t she? I was so proud of her man, she looked and acted so sexy I was going crazy. But you know, my God look at Ann with that see through bra. Wow did that get my attention.”

“Hell it did mine too, I didn’t even know she had one like that. I almost lost it when she had me undress her.”

“God that was so sexy when she did that. Treat her right man you don’t want to lose her.”

“You got that right. Have you talked to Kyle?”

“No I haven’t.”

“Maybe I’ll call him next. I want to be sure there are no hard feelings with anybody. I had a blast that night but I don’t want anybody hurt.”

“Me either. If there’s a problem let me know okay?”

“I’ll do that. Maybe the three of us can get together without the women one night.”

“I like that, call me.”

I only had about a half an hour before Ann would be home so I called Kyle right away. “Hey man.”


“Listen, you okay with the other night?”

“We had a great time.”

“No problems or hurt feelings?”

“Hell no. Once Toni got into the idea she had a blast. I asked her if she’d ever do it again and she said yes.”

“Fantastic, so did Ann. I talked to Hugh and we want the three of us to get together some time soon.”

“Great, just call me.”

“How about later this evening?”

“Sure, how about six?”

“I’ll call Hugh back. Let’s just meet at Mama Jo’s.”

“See ya there.” I called Hugh back and told him and waited for Ann. When she came in I told her and she said, “But I brought dinner home.”

“That’s okay. Let’s eat and I’ll just have coffee with them.”

I was about ten minutes late getting to the restaurant and found Kyle and Hugh sitting at a table along the wall. I ordered coffee and we started to talk non stop like a bunch of giddy women. I said, “First of all guys, your wives are too hot to believe. Also I want to say right now that when I talk about them I mean no disrespect, in fact I’m a great fan of them both. But when I saw Toni’s thin panties and her very trim bush I thought I’d swallow my tongue and when I saw Sonja’s bra and chest I wanted to get on my knees and worship her. I’m a lucky guy to get to see all of that.”

Hugh said, “I know, when Ann pulled her top off and showed us her tits I wanted to suckle them. She has a great set of tits man.”

Kyle said, “I’m sure the three of us got more than we could handle when we got home that night.” Hugh and I both nodded and smiled in agreement.

I said, “I asked Ann if she’d ever do anything like that again and she said maybe if it felt right.”

“Sonja said about the same thing but it was closer to a simple yes she would.”

“Toni hasn’t really said but from the way she acted during and after it all I’d bet on it. So we’re in agreement that if it does all six of us are comfortable with it. I mean what if somebody were to get completely naked?” We just shrugged our shoulders like, sure no sweat.

Hugh said, “Listen, it was lucky it wasn’t us standing there in our skivvies. What if it happens to us the next time or what if we end up nude in front of each other and the women? What if say Ann stares at Kyle’s crotch will that be a problem?”

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