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Paul stood up first, and I followed his lead. Peter moved closer to us, and we were silent. What do we do? Do we really have the nerve to go farther? Were we all succumbing to the beverages we enjoyed earlier? Would that be a real excuse? Paul took my hand, and pulled me closer to him. We kissed again, this time with more passion. So much for where we were heading. My body was telling me to cut lose. Evidently so was Paul’s.

My nipples were sending constant electrical pulses to my pussy as his chest mashed mine. His cock was nuzzled between my thighs, rubbing my pussy, driving me crazy. Our tongues danced with increasing tempo as our hands roamed freely over one another’s body. His hands cupped my ass and softly pulled my buns apart. My rosebud tingled as it felt exposed. I enjoyed playing with his ass.

And Peter came up behind me once again, pressing himself against me as he breathed softly on my neck his hands caressing my sides, working ever so slowly lower. I think we were making our choices. I was not sure what the morning would bring, nor now, but I was committed to seeing where this moment led, forgetting about why I had come to Chicago.

I somehow disengaged myself from between Paul and Peter, and laid down at an angle on the king sized bed. I was already leaving a growing wet spot on the rumpled sheets as my juices continued to flow freely. My breasts looked like perfect hills, with my hard nipples acting as beacons. Paul came over to the side of my bed and his cock was just above my head. I smiled widely, as my fingers moved upward, and wrapped themselves around his cock. It took my two hands to do his cock justice.

I wanted his cock in my mouth, and I licked my lips sensuously.

I think he got the message, and slowly knelt down by the side of the bed. If I laid my head backwards I could have my wicked ways with his lovely cock. I laid my head over the edge of the bed, and opened my lips. I grasped his cock and brought the tip to my lips and grazed the head of his cock with my lips, rubbing his cock all over my lips and face. I inhaled the fragrance of his freshly washed cock mixed with a scent of masculine muskiness. I felt türkçe altyazılı porno his balls slide over my forehead as I continued to enjoy the facial massage his cock was giving me. I held up his cock and looked at his balls, and wondered what he would do if I were to kiss them, or suck on them. I was planning on finding out later. But for now, I wanted to see what it felt like to have this monster fill my hungry mouth.

Peter was providing a distraction though. It was hard to concentrate entirely on my lust for Paul as Peter was slowly teasing me with his fingers, busy caressing and massaging my soft electrified tits and tweaking my hard nipples. While his hands were working their digital magic, his lips and tongue were exploring lower down. I gasped when I felt his lips brush my gash, hoping that he would slip his tongue out and into my pussy. I parted my legs, and felt him move. His tongue slid into my pussy lapping up some of my juices, and I heard him moan. Evidently he was enjoying lapping up my juices, as was I. I was one horny bitch in need of a good licking and fucking! What was coming over me?

Peter continued to lap at my wanton pussy, thrusting his tongue deep into my pussy and lapping at it like a kitten. His hands moved down from my breasts as he took my ankles in his hands and pushed them upward until my thighs nearly touched my tummy, my knees brushing my sensitive breasts.

My ass was now parted and my rosebud exposed.

Peter slowly licked me from my pussy down between my buns. He teased me as he kissed and licked my buns, all the while making me wonder if…

If came, as I felt his lips press against my rosebud, his tongue flicking the soft round ring of my ass. I raised my ass involuntarily as he pleasured me there. New thoughts now entered my mind and new desires spread through me. My gentleman friends and I were going to have a live porno party. I was looking forward to be fucked in every willing, and available opening. I wanted to be fucked silly. Two cocks. All of a sudden ideas were streaming through my mind. I was willing to try anything, and looking forward to seeing xnxx what my men had in mind. Could I come up with ideas that would leave them gasping?

I took a new hold on Paul’s cock and fed it into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his cockhead, and slowly sucked him deep. I was a slut, flowing like a river. I savored Paul’s cock as it filled my mouth, feeling the heat and hardness. I massaged his cock with my tongue, and he moaned and braced himself on me. The heat radiating from his cock aroused me further, and I enjoyed feeling the big vein running the length of his cock pulsate. He moaned as I gently bit down, enjoying the spongy yet firm tissue that was filling my mouth. My tongue caressed the ridge just below the head of his gorgeous cock, and my tongue sensed the little nubbins surrounding the base of this ridge. I was enjoying sucking a cock for the very first time in a way, as I allowed my senses to roam freely. I wondered what Paul was experiencing?

Was my sucking his cock different from anything he had experienced before? Did he wonder what it felt like to me to have his cock filling my mouth? Was he aware of the heat his cock was giving off? Did he feel the veins pulsate? How did it feel to have is cock being licked by my tongue? Did he enjoy it when I bit down, feeling the spongy firmness of his manhood? Did he enjoy having my lips firmly wrapped around his cock, feeling them slide against his shaft as he fucked my mouth? Did he feel his balls slapping against my forehead? Was I an intimate lover, or just a opportunity? I would have been devastated had I thought Paul and Peter just saw me as a vehicle for their pleasure. Was my pleasure important to them? Things had moved faster than conversation allowed. We were acting on hormones, lust, passion, whatever term would justifiably describe seizing the moment in our minds. I hoped that Paul was experiencing something new and very special. I knew I was! And Peter’s distractions gave me hope that they were interested in my pleasure and well being. Time would show that we were genuinely concerned with each other. A relationship was being forged in the heat of the moment would mold porno izle something that went beyond this brief time in Chicago.

Paul’s hands were working my aching tits, as I continued to give him the blowjob of my life. I was possessed, as I continued to suck, lick, and nibble on his cock, feeling more and more of it fill my mouth. I was able to relax my throat muscles and feel his cock slip deeper. I felt so hot as I continued to work his cock in my mouth. I enjoyed the feeling of his balls on my forehead, and could feel them constrict. And I enjoyed the feeling as he fucked my mouth. I wanted him to fuck my mouth. To feel him fill me, and slide it in and out. Knowing that he was totally helpless to do anything but enjoy being orally pleasured. I hoped that this blowjob ranked up there as an all time best. I was trying my best to make a good first impression.

I gripped Paul’s ass and pulled him deeper into my hungry mouth, feeling the heat of his meat in me. I was getting more and more aroused knowing that Paul wanted to fuck my face. And I enjoyed playing with his ass. I slowly let my fingers caress his rosebud, and felt a jolt go through both of us as my finger rubbed his ass. I felt an urge to press my finger harder, to feel his ass open up and let my fingertip in.

Which was what Peter was doing to me as he ate me. He had returned to licking my pussy, and sucking and flicking my clit. And he would sometimes slide his tongue from my clit to my ass, kissing it and slipping the tip of his tongue into me. That made me jump every time. There was something very arousing about feeling Peter’s tongue slide from my pussy to my ass and back.

I knew that I was going to enjoy having my pussy and ass pleasured. I shivered as I thought about having a hard cock fill my pussy and one buried in my ass. I wanted to be double teamed. I wanted to feel them fill my pussy and ass with their hard cocks and fuck me. I wanted to feel their bodies press me between them as their cock’s were buried deep in me. I wanted to feel them explode, filling my pussy and my ass with their cum. And I wanted to feel their cum ooze out of me. What was happening to me?

Here I was laying on my back, my breasts being squeezed as I had my mouth filled with the biggest cock I had ever had there, and my pussy and ass were being orally pleasured by the best friend of the owner of the cock filling my mouth.

What did I want?

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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