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“You did what?”

“I asked them to join us.”

“On our vacation.” I put the emphasis on the word our.

“Yes, well, I sort of, I didn’t think …”

“No, you did not think. Our vacation and you invite him and the new girlfriend to our vacation?”

“I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“Well, I do mind. A lot. And personally, the vacation is already staring in the toilet.”

“Oh, come on baby. It’ll be great.”

He had his hand on my hip and it slid off as I stood and walked to the bathroom. I put on my robe and tied the sash. We had just made love and I had been in a good, no, a great mood until he dropped the bombshell about vacation. Unlike those lucky Europeans, I only get one week of vacation a year and now I was going to have to share it. Kevin’s brother is an all right guy, quiet, low maintenance. But the girlfriend, Vivian has always seemed to be high maintenance. Our time together has been limited to the big holidays where everyone flies in from around the country and we meet at Kevin’s parents to eat and argue. Both are holiday rituals in his family.

“I’ll call them and tell them they can’t come along.”

I turned and looked at him. “That’s a great idea. I’ll get the phone.” I started to get the phone for him.

He took the phone from me. “Do you really want me to cancel it?”


“I can’t. Chris will be heartbroken if he can’t see us. He’s been having a rough time.”

“Then don’t call him.” I left Kevin in bed with the phone and a puzzled look.

The time to the vacation was busy at work. I had late hours, a couple of weekends, and all for the opportunity to go away for a week, only to return to find no one did my job while I was gone. I put the thought about Chris and Vivian coming with us out of my mind, and Kevin and I did not talk about it again. Our ride to the mountains was quiet. I was exhausted and the tension about our guests hung in the air during the seven hour drive. I had left work early on Friday to let us try to get another day into the vacation and we arrived shortly before dusk. We checked in and the receptionist made a big fuss over us being there. When we got to the room, I found out why. Kevin had bumped us up to the honeymoon suite on the second floor. We had a grand suite with windows looking out on the mountains, an open floor plan, and a balcony with a hot tub. There were flowers and a bottle of champagne on the table waiting for us.

“I’m sorry that I invited them,” he said, wrapping his arms around me. “I’ll make it up to you. I promise.” He kissed me on the top of my head.

“You’re a goof. And if I didn’t love you, I would have dropped your sorry ass a long time ago,” I said as I turned and wrapped my arms around him. “Let’s open that champagne, get naked, and watch the sun set from the hot tub.”

I don’t know the rules about hot tubs, but we probably violated all of them. We drank most of the bottle of champagne and we probably stayed in the water way to long. But the view was sensational as we watched the late summer sun drift across the mountains to our west and slowly set behind them. The orange glow of the setting sun was the color of an autumn pumpkin and I sat mesmerized as it dropped from sight. We got out of the tub and wrapped ourselves in the thick terry robes and went back into the suite.

“All right, here are the rules. You’ve got seven days to make this right for me. And you’re starting now,” I said as I pushed Kevin onto the bed. He had drunk most of the champagne, and it helped make it easier to push him over.

I let the robe drop off my shoulders and I climbed on the bed until I straddled his face. I lowered myself slightly until my pussy just rested on his lips. He stuck out his tongue and licked my pussy lips until his tongue rested against my clit. I usually need more foreplay, but the champagne, the sunset, and the warm water had done all of the preparation for me. I just wanted to come and come fast. He held out his tongue, and I rocked myself back and forth along it, controlling the pressure and the strokes. I settled down and he stuck it into me, lapping against me, trying to coax my thick juices with only his tongue, holding my hips and pulling me onto his mouth and lips and tongue. He hit the right spots and I started rubbing back and forth against him. After a few minutes, the sensations began to intensify and my pussy and clit started to tingle. I grabbed my breasts, kneading my nipples and rolling them between my fingers. I rubbed harder, grinding against his face, covering his lips and tongue and chin with all of my juices as a shot started in my pussy and seems to travel up my belly and into my nipples as I pinched them hard as I came. I clenched my thighs tight against his head as the last waves washed over me and I fell over onto the bed to try to catch my breath.

“Wow,” I said, my eyes closed.

Kevin kissed me on the lips. “Sounded Kartal Escort good. Glad I could help.”

“I’m going to write that one down.”

“Anything I can do to make amends, you let me know.”

Saturday was a wonderful day. We slept late, the first time I had that luxury in many weeks. After breakfast we rented some bicycles and explored the back roads that were near the resort. We came across a small country store and had lunch of pimento cheese sandwiches and ice cold root beer. I felt like I could stay there forever.

We got back to the hotel and I got into the hot tub to rest my sore muscles. Kevin came to the balcony and announced that Chris and Vivian had arrived and brought them onto the balcony. I was frantic. I was in the hot tub, only the bubbles hid my body from their eyes as they walked out on the deck. Chris was polite and did not look at me, but Vivian smiled and seemed to stare at me as Kevin and Chris spoke. They finally left to go back to their room to rest before we went to dinner.

“What the hell were you thinking?” I asked Kevin after they left.

“They were in the door before I knew it was them, what was I supposed to do?”

“‘Sorry, Randi’s outside, let me get her’ would have been a good place to start.”

I hate fighting. Did he do something wrong? Who knows? Something stupid? Yep. I acted like I was mad at him, but it lasted for about fifteen minutes. We showered and got dressed and went to dinner with Chris and Vivian. They were both tired, they had a long flight, a delay en route, and had gotten to the hotel later than expected. We all had more to drink than we should have. Their room was down the hall from ours. We were at the door to their room and were starting to say our good nights.

“That hot tub looked really good,” Chris said.

“It is nice, ” Kevin answered.

“How about we get a bottle of wine and all of us soak for a few minutes and get our vacation started in style,” Chris said.

“Sounds great, doesn’t it honey,” Kevin said, looking at me. His face had a look that was hard to read. He didn’t want to say no to his brother, but was trying to give us a way out. Problem was, I would have to be the bad guy.

Fifteen minutes later, they were at the door, wrapped in robes, a chilled bottle of Riesling in one hand and plastic cups in the other. They went out to the balcony, dropped their robes and were both naked.


I’m not a prude, I love sex as much as the next woman, but I am very private, and I wasn’t expecting us to all be in the tub nude. I had my bathing suit on under the robe. Chris and Vivian got into the hot tub. Kevin took off his robe and then removed his trunks and got in with them. I excused myself and went to the bathroom and removed my bikini. Unfortunately, when I got outside, all eyes were on me. Chris and Kevin were talking and really did not look my way. Vivian had her eyes on my body (or at least I thought she did) as I climbed up the stairs and into the water. I sat next to Kevin and across from her.

They poured us each a tall glass of wine and we sipped and continued our conversation from dinner. The moon was up over the horizon in the east and cast a pale light on us in the tub. Chris and Vivian sat next to each other, his arm around her shoulders. Kevin was next to me and we sat shoulder to shoulder. Vivian put her hand under the water and Chris started getting a strange look on his face and suddenly had difficulty carrying on a conversation. Vivian looked at me and smiled. The lights in the tub were turned off, and I really couldn’t see what was happening, but I am certain she was jerking him off in the tub. In front of us!

“What do you think Sweetie,” she asked, as she leaned over and bit his ear.

“Um, I think we should get going to our room and let them go to bed,” he said, his breath coming in short gasps.

But he did not get up. But Vivian did, standing next to him standing in the center of the tub and letting the water slide down her body. It was my turn to stare at her small breasts and her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair. She waited for a moment, her eyes catching mine, and then she turned and swung one long leg, then the other over the edge of the tub. She walked to her robe and put it on. I stood and followed her and put on my robe. She surprised me when she walked over to me and hugged me and whispered “I’m so glad that we’re going to spend the week together. Thanks for inviting us.” She kissed me on the cheek.

The next couple of days were relaxing and actually quite enjoyable. We’d meet Vivian and Chris for breakfast and then we’d all go our separate ways and get back together for dinner. We took another bicycle ride, going a completely different route on Sunday. The concierge at the resort had gotten the kitchen to pack us a picnic and we were on our journey. It was a gently rolling route, Kartal Escort Bayan small hills, in a rural setting and narrow roads that we never saw any other people. A little after noon we came to a small waterfall, about fifteen feet tall and the beginning of a small stream at the base. It was the perfect spot for a picnic.

We found a level area, created a little place to sit, and opened the lunch goodies packed for us. We gorged on deviled eggs and stuffed grape leaves sliced apples and sharp cheddar cheese. Thick moist brownies finished the meal. I lay back on the ground, full, happy and relaxed. The sky above was a brilliant blue and there were hardly any clouds. A hawk soared in the thermal drafts, its wings spread as it made lazy circles in the sky above us.

“Whatcha thinking?” Kevin asked as he leaned over me and kissed me on the lips.

“I’m a happy woman.”

“So, I didn’t screw up the vacation?”

“No.” He smiled, a self-congratulatory look in his eyes. “Not yet.”

“Not yet,” he yelled in mock anger. “You look pretty happy.” He suddenly got a mischievous look in his eye. “Let’s go swimming.”


“Here. Right there,” he said pointing to the pool of water below the falls.

“But we don’t have suits or towels or …”

“So. Come one.”

He was standing in a flash and pulled me to my feet. He reached down and loosened his shoes and removed them. He pulled off his shirt and pushed his shorts down past his hips and kicked them off. He grabbed my blouse and started pulling it over my head. I started to protest, but he told me to trust him, and I paused for a moment, not quite consent but he interpreted it as one and pulled it off and pulled down my pants. He kneeled in front of me, and kissed my belly and tongued my navel. I started to laugh as he removed my shoes. He stood up, took my hand, and led me to the water.

We got to the edge and he stepped in first and howled.

Cold, cold, cold,” he said fast.

“Then let’s not …” I started to protest.

He walked in deeper, leading me, the water came to pour ankles, then knees, thighs and waist and I felt the bottom of the water level off. The water was cold and my skin puckered and my nipples got hard. I reached down and grabbed is cock. It was small and retracted. I could barely feel his balls.

“That will teach you,” I said laughing. “Be mean to your girlfriend, and your cock will shrivel up.”

“There are lots of cures for that problem,” he said and smiled.

We walked around for a few minutes, mapping out the area, finding where is was shallow, where the water was deep. It varied in depth to three to four feet, and with the water falls it was moving fairly fast. We really couldn’t swim, the area was more like a wading pool. We found some boulders near the base of the falls and we sat on them, the water coming to our chests as we sat and bobbed in the water.

The water was actually bearable as you sat in it. Closer to the falls, the water cascading in silver sheets was actually warmer, it was the pooled, lower layer water that was cold. We sat back, listening to the water fall, birds squawking and small animals scurrying in the dark underbrush.

I reached over and grabbed Kevin’s cock. It was still small and shriveled.

“What are you doing?”

“An experiment.”

I started stroking his cock with long slow stroked, my hand sliding back and forth over his soft member. After a few strokes, I could feel him start to get hard, and as the blood began to flow to it, it warmed in my hand. After a few minutes, he was hard and sticking out from his body. I leaned over and flicked his nipple with my tongue and he moaned. I started stroking him fasted, varying my grip on him, sliding my hand over the head and then back down the shaft. And I kept a relentless attack on his nipple, flicking my tongue across it, occasionally biting it all the while I jerked his cock.

He started to moan and his chest stiffened leaning back, trying to push the nipple harder against my lips and tongue. His cock swelled in my hand and I felt it pulse and I looked down to see him shooting jets of white cum into the cold water around us. It was so cool to see it, the water acted like a buffer, slowing the streams, and it made it look like he was cumming in slow motion.

“That was intense,” he finally said after a few moments. “And a lot of fun.” He kissed me on the lips.

Meals were the only time that we saw Chris and Vivian. We did our thing, they did theirs and at the end of the day, we got together and shared with each other. I really like Chris. He is a lot like Kevin, a little quieter, but with a good sense of humor. They are nothing alike physically, though. Kevin is tall, muscular, with black hair that’s thinning on the top. Chris is nearly a foot shorter with this brown hair and intense blue eyes. His face lights Escort Kartal up when he tells a story.

I got to see the two of them interact as well. The other times that I had seen her probably wasn’t a fair judge of her and their relationship. It was also at Kevin and Chris’s parents, and they alone are enough to make someone start drinking as an avocation. With us, she was funny and bright and insightful and a joy to share dinner with every night. She is a poet who works for an ad agency and listening to her descriptions of their days was like a living travelogue.

Wednesday night the guys realized that they hadn’t spent any “guy time” and asked if they could go to the local sports bar to catch up.

“You mean drink cheap beer and smoke cigars,” I said. Vivian nodded.

“That too,” Kevin said.

After arranging a designated driver (a taxi from the resort) we sent them on their way. Vivian said she had another bottle of champagne and suggested that we relax in the hot tub and I agreed. A few minutes later, she was at the door, wrapped in her robe and a bottle in her hand. We set up an ice bucket next to the tub, poured a couple of glasses and got into the warm swirling water.

Lights from the small town around the resort dotted the mountain side and there were a few stars in the sky. I had turned off all the lights in the suite and we were in near total darkness on the balcony. It felt like we were a million miles away from everyone else. The champagne was delicious and after a few minutes I was pouring our third glass.

Vivian sat across from me, both of us outstretched in the tubs, our feet and legs bumped against each other. She stood up and stepped toward me and I thought she was going to get another glass of champagne. She lowered herself near me, her knees straddled my hips, her ass resting on my knees. She put her wet hands on my face and leaned in and kissed me, slowly, cautiously, her lips caressed mine.

I had never kissed a woman before. Oh, I had kissed some friend in high school, it was nothing serious, mostly fooling around, and there were no overtone or overtures being made. This was a kiss. She held me, kissing me, her tongue slipping between my lips and I opened my mouth, letting her explore my tongue and lips. I pushed with my tongue, against her lips and teeth and tongue and savoring the sensation. My heart was beating hard in my chest and I took a deep breath.

“You’re a great kisser,” she said. She leaned back, sitting in my lap, her hands now resting above my hips.

“Woof,” was all I could say.

She laughed and leaned forward, her forehead against mine. She kissed my nose.

“Why don’t we go inside,” she whispered.

We got out of the tub and toweled each other off, our hands touching and rubbing each other. After a few minutes I put my hands on her hips and pulled her against me, our breasts and bellies pushing hard against each other. I kissed her hard, my tongue probing her mouth, pushing hard, tasting her lips and chin and neck as my hands roamed along her body. I took her hand and led her to the bed and pushed her onto it and I fell down alongside her. She climbed on top of me.

Tell me what you like,” she said.

“I’m yours,” I said.

She was like a starving animal, kissing and nibbling my eyes and lips and chin and neck until her lips found my nipples. She took one into her mouth and flicked and sucked it hard, and then to the other, back and forth, and ache and pain in my pussy as she teased them for what felt like eternity. She licked her way down my belly until she was at my pussy and she kissed it softly.

“Such a pretty pussy,” she said.

She flicked her tongue out, the tip lightly grazed my lips and then she flicked my clit. She took a finger and slid it into me and I gasped as a woman touched me for the first time. She ran it around the inside, pushing against me and she withdrew it, thick with my juice and slid it into her mouth and sucked it.

“Mmmm. Sweet.” She did it again and put the finger to my lips and I stuck my tongue out and licked her finger. I sucked it into my mouth and let my tongue twirl around it.

She lifted my ass off the bed and put a pillow under me. She lowered her mouth to my pussy and start kissing me as sensually as she had kissed my mouth, her tongue and lips caressing li pussy lips and clit, alternating light strokes with sucking my lips into her mouth. After several minutes, she focused on my clit, her mouth on me as her tongue relentlessly rubbed back and forth against my clit. I threw my head back and forth as the intense pleasure from her mouth washed over my pussy and belly and breasts. I grabbed her head and pulled her hard into me as she continued to lick and the intense warmth spread like a drop into warm cream, a wave of pleasure, staring at my clit and quickly shot through my body and felt like an electric shock up my spine. I collapsed into the bed.

Vivian climbed up in the bed and lay on me and she kissed me softly. I could smell and taste myself on her lips.

“Thank you for inviting us,” she said, resting her head on my chest.

“I’m glad we did,” I said as I stroked her hair. “I’m really glad we did.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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