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Authors Note: Thank you, to all of those who have decided to follow me, or added my story to your favorites, despite all of its grammatical errors. I am working on other stories and will get them published when I can, so I thank all of you for your patience, I know I only reach a few readers, but I am thankful for all of those who have read my stories and enjoyed it. I wish nothing but the best for you guys. Alright, same rules as usual criticism is accepted, rudeness is not, and if anybody knows an editor, send them my way, without further delay story number three. Enjoy.


He stood looking at his half-faded face in the glass; he was supposed to be looking at the view of the city but then again, his mind was preoccupied with his earlier meeting. What his brother was proposing was stupidity. They had their time, and his brother had got tired of doing his job so he left it, they all left it. They knew what would happen when they did, if he didn’t know any better he would say that his brother was tired of sleeping with his wife.

Not that his brother didn’t sleep with other women, he still did but it was a cruel fate for the woman who did share his bed. His wife didn’t even hunt his lovers down anymore, he insured that they were never a temptation again. He took another drink of the wine he held in his hand. Before returning, to examine the face that looked back at him.

He could see his father in his face: in the wide forehead, the deep-set black eyes that looked back at him, the rough cut of his jaw, there were also the soft touches of his mother in his face in his nose lips and the rounded edges of his cheekbones. However, his father’s face was more predominant he hated his father’s face.

So, he did what he could, to claim it as his own; that included pulling back his long wavy hair into a neat braid that reached the center of his back. He kept his beard neatly trimmed but he did change-up the style up every once in a while. This time the style was what they now called a Van Dyke, made recently popular again because of the famed actor Johnny Depp favored it. His wife and his daughters had suggested this style. It had felt strange at first since, he normally either let a patch of hair grow to cover his chin or he would grow his mustache and beard let it encircle his mouth but kept the rest of his face clean. However, this style of facial hair kept his mustache and beard separate.

At first he didn’t feel that this style suited him, despite what the women in his life were saying, it wasn’t until his son suggested he let his side burns grow, out of habit he kept them trim but he followed his sons advice and let them reach his jaw line. This little addition allowed the new look to settle in better.

The sudden blaring rifts of Hail to the King by Avenge sevenfold disrupted the silence. He dug into the pocket inside of his jacket, and retrieved his Phone. He really should never have allowed his people to program his phone.


“Good evening sir,”

“Ah Morpheus, Is the Show over?”

“No, Simply intermission sir, though I’m sorry you are not here to enjoy the show yourself,

“I doubt I could have, after the day I’ve had.” He said with a sigh.

“That’s why I called sir, are you sure there is nothing I can do for you sir.”

“Morpheus, you are starting to sound like my wife.” he chuckled.

“I’ll take that as a complement sir.”

“As you should, forget about me Morpheus and enjoy the show.”

“I will sire just as much as you will enjoy the surprise.”

“Surprise, what surprise? Hello?”

He looked at his phone’s screen, which showed that Morpheus had hung up on him. Something Morpheus’s brother would do but him? It was really out of character. Suddenly the phone to his room rang he put his glass down on the nearest surface and walked to the intercom by the front door.


“Good evening sir, room service is waiting at your door.”

“Room service, I didn’t ord-” He stopped mid sentence, when he remembered Morpheus words. He couldn’t help but smile to himself.


“It’s nothing thank you I’ll let them in.”

He opened the door where a young man dressed in the hotels uniformed wheeled in the cart with dinner.

“Is there anywhere you want me to set this up sir.”

“Aside from the dining table?” he replied.

“I only ask because, sometimes clients like to eat while watching TV”

That actually didn’t sound like a bad idea. “You know what go ahead and do that, I am kind of in the mood for a movie.”

“Right away sir.” The man said as he headed off toward the small den where the TV would be. He on the other hand went to the other room and retrieved his glass of wine, before he made his way to the den. When he reached the sliding doors, he heard the young man saying.

“Our Chef believed you would have preferred them fresh so this tray has the strawberries, and this will keep the chocolate warm.”

He wondered to whom the young man was talking too so he slid the doors open, and felt his porno indir jaw drop.

There she was, his queen sitting in the recliner. The book she was reading was resting on her bare lap. Her smooth tanned legs hung over the side of the recliner, demanding their attention. Her toes had the little sponges between them, and her toe nails shined with the light of fresh coat of paint. She chose bright red this time. Her manicure matched her pedicure because her nails contrasted sharply against the black dress shirt she wore, It was one of his black dress shirts. The tips of her dark red hair clung to her chest as though it were still wet from a recent bath. The rest of her hair rested in waves around her round face, her blood-red lips kicked up in a coquettish smile, while her green eye glinted with a mischievous spark.

“Will there be anything else sir?”

In order to register what the young man had said to him. He mentally shook himself. “No that will be all, thank you,” he said digging into his pocket and pulling out a tip though his eyes never left his wife.

Then she smiled at him and said “honey” as she motioned something with her eyes.

He looked down into his own hand and saw that he held a gold drachma in his hand. Though this would probably be worth more than what the young man probably made in a month, it would still be a hassle to get it exchanged for this country’s currency.

“Oops sorry,” he said as he rolled the coin between his fingers before he pushed up a few crisp bills instead.

The young man’s face changed from a look of confusion to one of amusement, “Neat trick.”

“I like to think so,” he said handing the young man the money and giving him room to pass.

“Have a good evening ma’am,” the young man said turning to his wife, “evening Sir,” As the young man walked past him.

They both waited until they heard the door close behind the young man before she turned her brilliant smile at him, “surprise.”

“Indeed it is,” he said as he crossed the room in three strides. He placed his glass on the table before he loomed over her, then he bent down and claimed her mount with a kiss as he inhaled her flowery scent.

She broke the kiss and smiled, “I’m guessing you really like the surprise.”

“Indeed,” was his only reply before he took her mouth again he teased her lips with his tongue prodding her to open herself to him, but she pulled away from him again.

“My lord,” She said a little breathlessly, “the food is going to get cold.”

“To Tartarus with the food,” He growled as he took her mouth once more, this time he managed to catch her off guard and now his tongue struggled with hers in the urgent primal rhythm of sex.

She purred at the sudden intrusion of her mouth but that didn’t stop her hands from trying to push him away, but he had just tasted her and he wasn’t ready to stop. He gripped her wrist and pinned them above her head. She moaned into his mouth before he pulled away from her lips and pressed kisses down her jaw line and when he reached her throat, he heard the hiss of her breath as he suckled that sensitive spot on her neck.

He switched his grip on her wrists so that he could hold them with one hand leaving the other free to reach down and begin unbuttoning her shirt. All the while, he distracted her by showering her neck, jaw, and lips with some sweat and some hungry kisses. It took him a bit longer than he expected, at one point he nearly just ripped the shirt open, but then last button finally gave way.

When she felt his hand cup, her breast she moaned, He took her mouth and kissed her with such veracity as though he could capture the moan and make it his. When he released her mouth, she was panting and doing her best to catch her breath as he slowly dropped kisses on her chest, he kissed his way to her chest’s center. He pulled open her shirt with his teeth before he took her nipple into his mouth.

“Oh my lord,” she moaned as her lavished her chest with his attention. His free hand was constantly moving, circling her nipple, before pinching it taking the full weight of her breast in his hand before he brushed feather like touches down her stomach, until they reached her naval. Her stomach muscles contracted whenever his finger circled her naval. Yet what was really driving her wild was when his tongue tasted the skin just above her panties before he reclaimed her breast with his mouth.

“Oh god, touch me please.” He liked hearing her beg, but he ignored her please and focused on what he was doing until she was squirming in her seat. That’s when he touched her, he could feel her heat and moisture that radiated through her boy shorts when he cupped her sex. His hand rubbed against her heat as he showered her chest with his attention. She was soon grinding herself against him making cute little sounds as she tried desperately to find her release.

“Oh my god, please, please.” She groaned almost despairingly.

He finally took pity on her, he released her hand and grabbed rokettube hold of her panties she lifted her hips to aid him in this endeavor he slowly slipped her panties up her legs enjoying the feel of his fingers sliding against the smooth flesh of her legs.

When he finally freed her from her panties, he simply threw them over his shoulder and started nibbling and kissing her feet starting at her heels before he started leaving a trail from her heel down her leg. He took an extra moment to nibble at the sensitive spot at the back of her knee, while he knelt before her. Once he settled on his knees, he continued the path, all the way to her most sensitive flesh. He inhaled her womanly scent that reminded him of vanilla and violets, before he opened her wide making her legs rest on the arms of the chair before he took his fist taste.

A small yelp escaped from her before her skin broke out in goose flesh. Making her taste even sweeter, he parted her folds and found her little nub, he kissed it sending another shiver through her. He took his time running his tongue up and down and side to side slowly before he started writing the alphabet to a dead language in her womanly center.

He looked up at her every time he suckled at her nub. Not only did it intensify the flames of his lust but he could also watch as lust began to cloud her vision. Yet what he liked most about this sight; was how opened she was to him. Her hair disheveled, her lips parted in ecstasy, her hands were working to add to her pleasure, and when her beautiful green eyes connect with his dark ones he was sure that they both felts a shiver of pleasure runs down both of their spines.

He decided to put her out of her misery, though honestly, his blood was starting to boil and his length was straining rather hard against the fabric of his pants. He flicked his tongue over her nub before he circled his tongue before he sucked on it. Her focus was on the intensity of her pleasure that she yelped in surprise, when he inserted his fingers deep within her. She kept making more sounds as he kept thrusting his fingers within her until her she couldn’t help but buckle her hips in rhythm with his fingers.

He knew that she was at the brink, when she grasped the back of his head and held it steady, as he suckled. He withdrew his fingers until he was nearly out of her before he crooked his fingers it took him a moment to find it, but he located the small ridge within and pressed as he sucked. Every time he pressed the ridge he heard, her gasps increase their pace getting faster and faster until.

Finally, she shattered her legs clamped his head, her hips bucking, as her back arched, while her howls of pleasure filled the room. He did what he could, to lap up her sweet nectar, but she spilled more than he could drink. It ran down his face and throat and soaked the front of his shirt.

Just as quickly, as the pleasure washed over her it ebbed. Her body went limp like a rag doll her chest rose and fell as she tried to catch her breath. What little strength she did have left, she used it to push him away from her and though he backed away at her command, she placed her feet on his shoulders and extended her legs just so she could keep him from her sensitive flesh.

He stayed kneeling on the floor but even from where he sat, he could see how her eyes glazed with satisfaction. It only added to the ache within him, his manhood was thriving in time with his pulse. He panted from the heat that burned within him. He couldn’t stand it anymore; he rose to his feet tearing open his shirt, buttons flew in all direction but that didn’t matter to him, Hell even the shirt didn’t matter to him because he turned it to rags with his careless strength.

He was aiming to do the same with his pants; when her hands grabbed hold of his belt and pulled him toward her; with her foot, she knocked him off balance, before she rose from the recliner and forced him onto it. She dropped her shirt to the floor; she leaned over and kissed him as hungrily as he had kissed her. All the while, her nails scraped down his chest making him shiver and gooseflesh rise. She broke the kiss when her hands reached his belt; she began to pelt his jaw with sweat kisses as she undid his belt.

When he tried reaching for her, she let go and grabbed both of his wrists.

“Ah, ah, ah, My Lord, you’ve had your fun now it’s my turn,” the glint in her eye, and the mischievous smile spreading across her face made him obey. He rested his hands back on the armrest of the chair.

“Good boy,” She said before she continued her flutters of kisses. Down his neck across his chest she even deemed to kiss his nipple before she circled her tongue around it, the feeling of her hand wrapping around his cock instantly overshadowed this pleasure. She gripped him tight before pulling on him. She wasn’t stroking him, it was a silent signal for him to lift his hips.

He complied with her wishes as she pulled down his boxers and pants all in one fell sweep. With his pants porno out-of-the-way, she began stroking him as she continued where she left off; kissing his chest before she followed the thin trail of hair that ran down his stomach, before it began to spread again once it reached below his navel. She gave his stomach one last kiss before she placed all of her attention on his manhood that was squirming within in her grasp. She looked up at him her green eyes filled with lust as she descended and kissed the head of his cock, causing him to jump in her hand.

This only made her smile before she swirled her tongue around his head as she stroked him, she proceeded to nibble him, up and down his length until she nibbled on his balls. He moaned at the sensation she knew this was his weakness. Yet she did it again; the sound escaping his from him. She purred in delight at hearing his moan, she rubbed her face against his length almost like a cat rubbing against someone’s leg. She licked his shaft tracing the veins that ran through it, until she reached the top; swirling her tongue around his head before tracing the veins back down again. She slowly, tortuously slow ran her tongue up his shaft, she opened wide and took him into her mouth and swallowed him.

“Bloody hell,” He groaned as he griped the armrest of the recliner with all his strength. He looked down to his goddess only to find her looking up at him her gaze intent even as he watched her cheeks hollow out.

“Incredible,” he moaned, as he watch her devouring him, her head bobbing up and down on his length to a rhythm only she could her but that made his blood sing. Her head descended until she took him all the way to the base before she applied as much suction as she could, as she slowly released him with an audible pop.

“You love this, my Lord, you love watching me on my knees while I swallow you whole,” she said as she stroked him, “you love watching me play with you, while I play with myself.” She punctuated her words by stroking herself against him before taking him into his mouth again. The look of pure rapture on her face sent chills through him.

He tried reaching for her but with her free hand she batted him away. He obeyed her wishes though there was a part of him that simply wanted to grab handfuls off her hair and simply use her mouth to bring him to satiation; that image, made the reality startling clear as his body tightened and he felt a familiar tingling at the base of his spine.

“My Queen wait,” he whimpered as he ignored her wishes and tried to dislodge her from him, but that only reinforced her determination. She shook her head and bobbed more vigorously, as she made his eyes roll into his head before his body tensed and pleasure washed through him like a tidal wave. He groaned as he felt himself release inside of her despite his best to hold back.

She did not release him from her grip she kept suckling him until there was nothing left.

“Stop’…please’…I beg for mercy,” he said as he tapped the chairs’ armrest. Seeing his submission, she released him. He watched her as she licked her lips before she swallowed his seed; he watched how the muscles in her throat moved as she did so. He could only groan as he watched the erotic sight.

“By the god’s woman”he said through panting breaths “despite how titillating’… it is, to watch you do that’…I didn’t want the night to end so quickly.”

“Who said the night is over,” she replied with a devilish grin.

“I was trying to stop you, but now you’ve drained me dry. I doubt I will be able to rise again.”

“That is a lie,” She said as she crawled onto his lap and straddled his hips “You will rise again because you never stay down for long.” She giggled as she warped her arms around his neck, and placed a sweet kiss on his lips, before she rested her head on his forehead.

“I love being like this with you,” She breathed.

“I thought you said you like it the other way,” he said with a smile.

She couldn’t help but giggle “I love it when you conquer me, when you take me like you did, during that camping trip.”

“Oh gods,” he chuckled “I barely managed to forget about them, why did you have to remind me?”

“Boy, did we give those youngsters a show,”

“Do you remember how those counselors were furious at us because they were trying to teach those young couples to save themselves for marriage?”

“Do you remember her reaction, when we told them we were married?”

“I think what shocked her more was that you were more willing to argue philosophy with her without any clothes on.”

This gained him a laugh from her. “Well they shouldn’t have been trying to shame me for what I like. I like what you were doing earlier, if I had let things go the way they were headed you would have mounted me and rode me until the both of us were satisfied.”

“Would that have been so bad?”

“No, it would have been fun, but I know you love, you would have felt bad afterward because you would have felt you used my body to deal with some of your frustrations. Especially when dealing with them. So, I took the edge off, that little bit of remorse you would have carried with you because no matter how old we get I love how you look at me that way and I melt without you, even having to touch me.”

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