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I darted between hoards of drunken frat boys and wasted sorority girls, narrowly missing the frothy sloshes of cheap bear spilling from the rims iconic red solo cups. The in house DJ was playing some ridiculous remix of some popular song, with amped up bass and random sirens blasting from every off beat. I could distantly hear the sound of crushed cups and paper plates crunching beneath my worn combat boots. Three minutes in and I already decided that I detested this party. Then again, I was never really a party person, preferring to stay home with my cat, listening to the beats of some obscure artist while working on something artsy. I was not going to deny it, I was a glorified hipster. Of course, this really was not a ginormous revelation for me. My best friend since our early and awkward high school years, had always poked fun at me for being ‘too cool for school’ and so ‘underground.’ I suppose it was just the balanced nature of our weird relationship. I was grounded, creative, smart, while she was a loose cannon, dancing from party to party, boy to boy. It was no wonder that even though she called me for a ride, she was no where to be found.

A sigh escaped from my parted lips as I continued my adventure of the humid house full of alcohol and sexual tension. This was not a very fun time for me. My sea green eyes scanned the first floor of the house as I perched on the first few steps of the stairs. Without any sign of her on the first floor, I continued my way upstairs. As my boot touched the penultimate step, I felt a familiar stare pierce my back. I through a glance behind me, delighted to see somebody who I remotely knew staring back at me. At first I barely recognized him, the short wavy black hair, the bright blue eyes, his athletic and muscular physique, but of course it was my friend’s cousin. It only made sense that he would know where she was, even though they were only related by marriage, and hardly spoke at all. I gracefully made my way down the stairs, weaving through couples getting grabby and stumbling drunks, when I reached him in what I thought was record time.

“Hey,” he spoke, taking a sip of some spiked concoction from his cup.

“Hi friend,” I replied, cheerful that this whole ordeal would be over soon, “Have you seen your cousin anywhere?”

He looked pensive momentarily, when recognition lit up his features, “Oh yeah. I’m pretty sure she’s upstairs playing strip poker with some guys on the second floor.”

“Shit,” I mumbled. Of course that hussy would be playing strip poker. Next thing you know, she’d be letting guys do shots of tequila off her body. “Let’s go get her.”

My hand instinctively wrapped around the sleeve of his athletic jacket, making sure we were not separated in the masses. I knew that she would not want to go willingly, so I might have needed to resort to brute force. He and I trekked up the stairs before I let him guide me to the room where strip poker was being held. We creeped into the large, albeit cosy feeling room, only to find that she wasn’t anywhere to be found. I looked around the room again. There were only five moderately okay looking guys in various states of undress, and two girls passed out in the corner, both baring it all to the world.

“Have any of you seen my friend? She’s about five foot five, athletic, straight brown hair, brown eyes, freckles on every inch of her body?” I questioned, wondering where she had gone off to.

“Yeah, she was here about ten minutes ago, and then left to go to the bathroom. Probably fell in,” one guy responded, struggling to get his pants back on in his drunken stupor.

“Well that’s just fan-fucking-tastic,” I mumbled.

“Hey, kozyatağı escort why don’t we play a round or two?” he suggested, jokingly pulling me to the ground and into the poker circle.

“Uh… I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” I replied, not feeling entirely confident in my looks. I never really felt quite comfortable in my body. I mean, I’m sure I was pretty in an exotic… Or different way. I had long curly red hair that just met my lower back, bright sea green eyes framed with dark, long eyelashes, a pretty heart shaped face, and pale baby pink skin. The most attractive part of me, I think, were probably my breasts. They were just around a D cup, but lacked the sagging that most girls with large breasts had. But even with my breasts, I felt awkward with such a small, five foot two frame. I had my fair share of boyfriends, but nothing that was quite serious. And nothing in comparison to my best friend’s escapades. She had another boyfriend each week, and I could see why. She was obviously gorgeous, tall with freckled but tan skin, an athletic build, shiny brown hair and eyes the color of chocolate. Even though her breasts were small, petite B cups, no boys seemed to mind.

My thoughts were interrupted by the smell of booze in my face, and his expecting expression. “Come on, why don’t you just have a drink to loosen up and play, or are you too scared?”

Maybe it was time for me to try and ‘let loose,’ or some other cliched expression of teenage rebellion.

I took the cup from his hand and drank it like a champ, trying to hold down the bitter substance while presenting myself with a smile. “Well boys, let’s play.”

The next hour or so was filled with a daze of failed hands, more cups of beer, the cold feeling of wearing less than I should have, and the prickling stare of his ice blue eyes against my bare skin.

Before long, I was beginning to feel better. The warm fuzzy feeling of intoxication was beginning to leave my being, the clearness of my mind was returning, but the cold feeling of the room was wearing against my bare skin. I glanced down at my body and instantly regretted it. Why I chose to wear my black lace bra and thong panty set that night, I would never know. I looked around to the other members of the game. One guy was passed out, drooling on the hardwood floor, wearing nothing but a sock on his left foot. Another was nearly fully clothed, but dangerously intoxicated. The third was wearing a pair of pants still, but was painfully sporting a hard on, which caused a brief wave of giggles to pass through me. And finally there was my friend, who was in nothing but an undershirt and boxers. Our eyes met in a brief exchange of drunken emotions and unspoken words.

“You know, I think that it’s time we leave, as you’ve bared enough skin for the both of us,” he said, standing up and collecting the rest of his clothes.

“Yeah, and we still need to located her. I have no idea where that bitch is at,” I sighed, slipping on my half-buttoned flannel jacket and comfy jeans.

As we exited the room, he grabbed my hand and led me down the hallway to a door at the very end. The hall was deafeningly quiet, with not even the music shaking the floorboards anymore. I sent him a quizzical look as he guided us into the darkness of what I assumed was a spare bedroom in the house.

“I’m pretty sure that she isn’t in this room, friend,” I said, nervously laughing. I may have been inexperienced with the workings of boys and parties, but I sure as hell was not naive.

“Are you sure? She might be hiding under the covers,” He jokingly said, küçükyalı escort shutting the door and gently ushering me to the large queen sized bed in the middle of the room.

He crept towards me, reminding me of some sort of animal entrapping and teasing its prey. His blue eyes flickered with desire in the darkness of the room, as I backed up until I landed on the plush bed. The sheets felt like satin beneath my fingertips, and I reveled in the contrast between the rough of my flannel shirt and the smooth silk of the bed sheets. My eyes glanced at the surroundings momentarily and I thought about the situation. All of this was so new, so different to me. It somewhat amazed me that an athletic, almost jock type of guy like him would go for the artsy outcast like me. But I tried not to delve into it too much. I just gave into the new sensations. By the time I went to make eye contact back with him, our noses were almost touching. I could smell the scent of alcohol on his breath, mixed with some scent that was utterly… Manly. He was so close, only millimeters from our lips touching. The corner of his mouth twitched up in a cocky smile as I am sure he could feel my frustration with the lack of contact. However, two could play at that game. I wasted no time, and quickly pressed my lips against his. I could sense the that he was surprised at my brashness through our kiss, but our heated lips quickly moulded against one another’s. His tongue playfully brushed across my lips as we heatedly kissed. I felt the depressions of his hands against the bed on either side of me as he leaned into me, our breathing becoming desperately ragged.

Before I knew it, I felt my back pressing against the sheets, with his hot lips pressing against my neck. His kisses felt like fire to me, and I could only remotely feel the deft unbuttoning of my flannel top. A gust of cold air whispered across my pale, bra-clad chest as I felt my nipples harden and strain against the lace of my bra. With wordless encouragement, I quickly slid out of my shirt and let my breasts free from their entrapment. His hands began palming against my bare bosoms and I loudly moaned, unable to comprehend the vast feelings of pleasure that was happening. I felt his hot breath move from the pale skin of my neck, down the valley between my full breasts, his nose teasingly nudging my breast. At last, I felt the hot wetness of his mouth take in one of my nipples as I rubbed my thighs together out of sexual frustration. His skilled tongue circled my nipple as he caressed and playfully teased my other breast. My breath was coming out as pants and moans, as I had never felt such a sensation as this before. The feeling was new, unique, and so extreme in comparison to the times when I touched myself alone.

My hypersensitive body was aware of the large mass pressing against my thigh, and I gently rolled my body to initiate more contact. A moan escaped from his lips, and I felt his fingers dancing along the waistband of my jeans. Hesitating fingers dipped just below the top of my jeans, brushing against the bare skin of my pubic area. I let out a breathy moan, silently encouraging him to continue. The slight noise of my zipper being pulled down, the unbuttoning of my jeans, and the quiet rustle of them being pulled down my legs and tossed to the floor filled the dead silence of the room. His hands slowly moved up my thighs, crawling closer to the place I desperately wanted him to touch. His fingers slipped under the lace of my panties as he hotly nipped at my neck and I shivered and bucked my hips to meet his long fingers. His fingers teased against my dripping mutlu kent escort slit and I moaned loudly, causing him to smile against my skin. Fingers worked deftly, finding the right spot in record time and causing my moans of pleasure to become screams. Within moments, he slipped a finger inside of my wet hole, causing my fingernails to dig into the strong and smooth skin of his back. My whole body erupted into shivers as my orgasm over took me, with him diligently working to prolong my orgasm. I saw splashes of light from beneath my closed eyelids as I gave into the feelings of pleasure, entirely. Euphoric shivers radiated through my body as he withdrew his fingers from my sopping wet hole, and I clenched my thighs at the lack of fulfillment.

I felt his breath against my ear, whispering, “I want you.”

He quickly discarded of his remaining clothes as we both crawled to the top of the bed. He ran a hand through my hair as we took a moment to admire each other’s bodies. I would be lying if I said that I was not impressed. He was muscular from years of playing lacrosse, and his skin was soft and beautiful, stretched taunt against his muscles. His face was straddling the line between cute and sexy, still retaining some of his boyish features. With a fleeting glance, I looked down at what was about to enter my body, and was pleasantly surprised. His member was large, looking to be around seven inches or so, and oh so thick. I had never been with any one before, but there was something almost… Comforting about being with him in the moment. Perhaps it was the alcohol or perhaps it was because he was close to my best friend, and ergo could be trusted. It honestly did not matter in that moment.

Finally, he settled between my thighs, and with one good thrust, he buried himself in me. A slight ‘oh’ escaped from between my kiss swollen lips as I felt completely and utterly filled. The pain of losing my virginity was diminished in the pleasure that was his lovely cock thrusting slowly in and out. I felt him hitting that spot inside of me as his hands clumsily worked on caressing my pert pink nipples and full breasts. His pace quickened as I fully became accustomed to the unusual but pleasurable invader. I leaned up to capture his lips in a delicious kiss, and he leaned down to meet me. Our lips touched in an explosion of newfound sexuality. I worked to stifle my moans as every time he entered me, my clitoris brushing against his hot skin. His pace quickened and I lifted my hips to meet him, increasing my pleasure tenfold. Tension built up in my core, making me feel like a delirious spring being tightly wound. His member brushed against my cervix as he continued to pound into me, our moans turning into quiet screams and pleads to God. I felt myself about to release, and tightly clung to my newfound lover, my nails making crescent scars in his back. I screamed as my body succumbed to the most intense pleasure I had ever felt in my entire life, my legs shook with the fury of something possessed, and I clenched at his member with my inner muscles with all my might. Breathless, animalistic grunts came from him as he also succumbed to the pleasure of orgasm, relentlessly pumping his load inside of my still pulsating cunt. We looked at, but almost through, each other as we continued to ride out our orgasms.

Both of our moans slowly died down to breathless whispers as we both crawled under the silken covers of the strange bed. We did not cuddle, or hold each other, but still reveled in how the night ended up. I was amazed by the surge of pleasure and attractiveness I felt inside. It was a lovely feeling, to feel wanted, to be needed. I was sure that it was only a typical, tipsy one night stand for him, but for me it would be the start of newfangled sexuality. Exhausted from the events of the night, I fell asleep next to him, our fingers loosely intertwined beneath the covers.

As for my best friend? Well, she was passed out on the lawn the entire time, cuddling a bottle of tequila and nursing a savage hangover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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