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They were both laughing as they approached the front door of her basement apartment. It was easy for her to talk to him, and they had been bantering freely. She paused imperceptibly at the door, unsure of how he would react to seeing her run down student apartment. It was bad enough that her roommate was a slob, leaving tea towels on the kitchen floor and dishes in the sink, she had done all she could to tidy up the apartment before leaving. She could only hope that her roommate remained firmly in her bedroom.

She looked back at him once more to make a joke, something about how she hoped he didn’t get swallowed by the cobwebs upon entry. It was nice knowing him. He was generous with his laughter, and always forthcoming with a smile. It put her at ease as she opened the door and gazed into the living room. Thankfully her roommate was nowhere in sight. More sure of herself, she opened the door fully and held it for him, with a sweeping hand gesture akin to something a butler would do in an old movie. He entered and they began to remove their shoes. He remarked that he could barely even see the cobwebs.

Her cat came up to greet them after a few seconds, she meowed loudly to demand their immediate attention. He bent down briefly to pet her, looking a bit wary. She hoped that her cat would live up to the numerous stories he’d heard. The warm smile he gave her as he stood up was all she needed.

After leading him to her room, she motioned for him to sit on her freshly made bed. It barely had any cat hair, he was lucky for such a warm reception. He complied promptly and shifted nervously on the bed, both socked feet still firmly planted on the ground. Noting his discomfort, she lowed herself onto the floor on folded legs, with both of her knees facing him. She placed her left palm flat on the ground to steady herself and appear more casual.

She was wearing a black dress that fell just below her knees, and came in delicately at her waist. It accentuated her long frame and hinted at her large breasts, the fabric was just loose enough to draw in your gaze without being too revealing. She felt sexy wearing the dress, and she loved how it made his gaze linger a little longer.

His body language inevitably softened as they continued chatting, they were talking about the movie they had seen earlier porno izle that evening. They got along very naturally, and it was apparent to both of them that they were interested in each other from the way their smiles idled on their faces.

She couldn’t help but smile to herself as she recalled how he reached out to take her hand during the movie. She had been resting with her left hand on her thigh, and his eyes never left the screen as her extended his hand to lock fingers with her. She felt a rush of giddiness as he flexed his fingers to lightly squeeze her hand. As she glanced at him, he smiled slightly in response, still without diverting his attention from the screen. She leaned her head onto his right shoulder and sighed happily.

In the present moment she was very aware of his body language. He was sitting cross-legged on the bed while leaning back on his palms. It was very reassuring to her that he was relaxed in his current state, on her bed, alone in the room with her. She made the excuse that she was feeling a little stiff and got up to sit on the bed beside him, within arm’s reach. She tucked her feet up beside her and tried to appear nonchalant, despite her steadily quickening pulse.

Their chat continued, somehow meandering to the topic of cuddling. She was pleased to find out that he liked to be the big spoon, and commented that cuddling dynamics are very important. Laughing, she placed her hand on his forearm, and smiled into his eyes. He smiled back broadly, and she could feel in the air that he appreciated her touch.

She supposed that they would have good cuddling chemistry, due to their relative heights and spoon preferences. He agreed, and she noticed him lean in towards her slightly, his eyes shifting downwards over her dress, and what was underneath it.

On an impulse, she insisted that they must put their theory to the test, and stretched out length-wise on the bed, her feet falling in front of his lap. She did not yet know where she was leading this encounter, but it felt right. He looked to her and chuckled as he arranged himself behind her, length wise, with his right arm swung over her waist casually. It seemed like he was being careful not to grope her or let his hand roam over her body.

His left arm was curled under his head neatly and she heard amatör porno him let out a little breath. Encouraged by this cue, she wiggled herself closer to his body. She looked over her right shoulder at him to gauge his comfort with this new arrangement, and he smiled at her in return.

Filled with contentment, she took a deep breath and sighed as she exhaled, closing her eyes. She moved her right hand so it lay on top of his hand, which was still paused at her waist. It was her turn to lace her fingers through his, she felt his legs shift slightly behind her, and his breath appear suddenly on the back of her neck. It made her toes curl in anticipation of further exploration. She loved that she elicited this response in him.

She used her hand to guide his towards her stomach, where they rested, clasped. He took the initiative to break free of her grasp and let his fingers explore her stomach. For a relatively platonic part of her body, his touch excited her greatly. She involuntarily let out a little whine as his fingers began to creep upwards towards her breasts.

Letting her excitement take over, she whispered hoarsely, please. She felt his fingertips pause at the cusp of her bra. He was savoring this moment of control. She ground her hips into him to release some of her pent up anticipation.

Still, his hand remained there. She urged him again, please. After several seconds of no response, she turned around quickly, to face him. He had a triumphant smile on his face, which she dampened out with a passionate kiss.

She quickly pressed the front of her body into his, and brought her hand up to cup the side of his face. Still locked in the embrace, he brought his right hand around her waist and drew her towards him as he rolled onto his back. Perched on her elbows, she broke their kiss to lean over his chest, and lightly kiss his neck, just below his jaw. His head slowly tilted back to allow her more access.

Greedily, she took this indication from him to begin working her hand down towards the button of his jeans. She was fumbling while trying to open it, and he chuckled at this obstacle to her eagerness.

He craned his neck away from her lips in order to glance down at the button. He brought both hands down to unfasten it, and started to slide off anal porno his jeans. They froze for a moment in eye contact, and she inhaled sharply. She wanted nothing more than to feel him inside her.

The next few movements were a blur. She was breathing heavily as she slid her dress over her head, revealing her underwear. She noticed his eyes traipsing over her exposed body. This look encouraged her to unclasp her bra and remove her panties.

After both of them had undressed, she gently cupped the back of his neck and pulled him onto her, horizontally. With direct and piercing eye contact, she parted her legs and raised her hips towards him. She craved for the next step, and so did he.

As he guided himself into her, they simultaneously let out a noise of relief and desire. He let his inhibitions go entirely, and thrust into her strongly and deeply, his pace remaining steady. This was unfamiliar ground for her and she was overwhelmed by all of the sensory information. His breath on her neck as he leaned over her, the sounds of his grunts in her ear, the faint smell of his sweat in the air. It was intoxicating.

She noticed the pace of his breathing increase, until he was panting in her ear. She could tell he was getting close, and the idea of his climax drove her crazy. As he erupted, he let out a soft, slow moan and dropped his head beside her neck.

She stroked his hair lovingly and kissed his cheek. He stirred and whispered in her ear, your turn. This awakened a desire in her so strong that all she could do was nod in response.

She bent her knees and spread her legs, allowing him easier access. Cupping the side of her hips with his hands, he lowered his tongue towards her clit. She gasped as he made contact, and sensing her eagerness, her began to stroke her rapidly with his tongue. The encounter had left her so aroused that she didn’t need much to bring her towards climax.

Looking at him as he flicked, stroked and licked her clit was incredibly sexy. She felt overwhelmed by the sight of him combined with the pleasure she felt. Once he lifted his gaze to stare into her eyes, she lost all control. The look he gave her was a mixture of assertion and tenderness, she could tell how badly he wanted to please her.

Soon she was moaning loudly and her whole body tensed up. As the wave of her orgasm dissipated, he drew his lips away from her and smiled up at her. She return the smile sleepily and she beckoned him to come up beside her. They nestled into a spooning position with contented sighs and closed their eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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