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“I’m not exactly the marrying kind,” Professor Hudson said, pouring two fingers of whisky into each glass before replacing the decanter on the bar. He turned and offered a glass to Paul, this semester’s teaching assistant. The boy, flanked on either side by neat stacks of term papers, accepted the glass with the deference owed to such a rare luxury. The Professor was often giving him little treats, making him feel welcome, trusting him to grade essays and homework while allowing him to stay in the spare bedroom.

“Have you been with a lot of women?” Paul asked.

Professor Hudson smiled. “My fair share. Why do you ask?” He lit a cigarette and let it linger on his lips before inhaling. He let his gaze drift down Paul’s body, to the growing bulge in the boy’s trousers.

“You just seem… really experienced. Like I could talk to you about sex stuff without it being uncomfortable.”

An opportunity presented itself. Professor Hudson strode over to the desk and stood next to it. His pelvis was eye-level with Paul’s face. He looked down at Paul, who broke eye contact to stare longingly at his crotch.


The boy looked up.

“Do I make you uncomfortable?”

Paul bit his lower lip and slipped his fingers into Hudson’s belt line, unbuckling the leather and unbuttoning his fly.

“No,” uttered the boy as he grabbed the professor’s hard bulge through the fabric of his boxer shorts. The older man took a satisfied drag off his cigarette, having known all along that eventually it would come to this.

There was a knock on the door.

Paul jumped up to answer it while Professor Hudson stuffed his shirt back into his pants and buttoned up. On the doorstep stood Mona, Paul’s girlfriend. Buxom and brunette, she strutted into the foyer uninvited but welcome. She set her purse on the coffee table and spat her gum into a wastepaper basket.

“How’s it hanging, fellas?” she asked with a flirting grin.

“Don’t you have bible study on Wednesdays?” Professor Hudson asked.

“Skipped it,” Mona said, batting her eyelashes. “A little birdy told me somebody was going to be making a move tonight and I didn’t want to miss it.”

The professor’s jaw dropped, Paul played it cool.

“I was gonna talk to you afterwards, sugar, but… she can stay right?”

“Yeah Professor, I can şişli escort stay… right? I just want to watch… Learn.” Her nipples visibly stiffened under her angora sweater as she took Paul’s hand in hers, maintaining eye contact with the professor and biting her lower lip. “There’s no harm in a woman getting an education, is there?”

Professor Hudson smiled. He was no one to stand in the way of progress.

“Come into the study,” he said, and led the excited young bunnies to their lesson.

Paul removed his shirt and pants, his swimmer’s body golden in the glow of the desk lamp. He wore no underwear. Professor Hudson was transfixed by the beauty of the youth. Mona approached him and began untying the knot of his bow tie, and took his chin in her hand.



“Is it alright if I make myself a drink?”

“By all means,” Hudson said, unbuttoning his shirt, watching Paul stroke himself. They shared a moment, excited and unspoken. This would be Paul’s first time with a man. In a way, Mona knew more than he did.

The clinking of glass. The unzipping of a skirt. The rustling of doffed trousers. “A Summer Place” on the turntable. The clunk of high heels hitting the floor.

Mona, with gin on her breath and her body covered by little more than a pink lace brassiere and panties, stood barefoot and small between the two men. She placed hands on both of their waists and encouraged them to stand a little closer. Her breasts brushed their ribcages and their penises stood at attention.

“It’s okay, I’ll get you started.” she whispered.

“Give me a kiss, baby,” Paul said. Mona’s lips met his as she stepped between him and the professor. She arched her back and pressed her bottom against Professor Hudson’s erect member. It rubbed against her drawers, a bit of precum dripping on the silk. Paul’s tongue waggled in her mouth as she enjoyed the feeling of being sandwiched. She reached back and adjusted the Professor’s cock to push between her thighs, and allowed him to feel how wet she was, while still focusing on her boyfriend. Hudson placed his hands on her plump ass and squeezed.

Paul began to kiss down her neck to her breasts. She turned so Hudson could do the same. She reveled in four hands on her body, a cock in each hand, a mouth on each breast. She pushed their faces together, and felt the men begin to kiss.

Mona grabbed some throw pillows from the chaise and tossed them onto the floor, and then led Paul to get onto his knees. She sat on the chaise with the professor, looking down at her boyfriend while stroking the older man’s length. Paul didn’t take his eyes off of the bobbing mushroom tip.

“Do you want your cock sucked, sir?” she murmured.

“Teach him how,” Hudson replied.

Mona dropped next to Paul and sweetly said “Watch me.” She licked her palm and used the spit to lubricate the long dick in her hand. She wrapped her fingers gently and firmly, and began to tug at his cock. Paul knew all about jerking off, but there was an artful way to Mona’s precision here. She never brought her hand all the way to the head, instead conjuring up an excess of spit and drizzling it with her tongue all over the fat tip. Once it gleamed in the light from wetness, she took it into her mouth and sucked, using her lip to protect the flesh from her slight overbite and her tongue to guard against her bottom teeth.

She quickly found a groove, sliding her head back and forth, fucking the cock with her mouth, at the same time getting fucked in the mouth. It was impossible to tell who was in control. They both clearly knew what they were doing.

“Now you try,” she said, slurping and directing Paul to climb up and put his head in Professor Hudson’s lap. He let a thick glob of saliva plop into his hand and wrapped his fingers around the cock. He began to slide up and down, up and down.

“Tug my balls, son,” the professor said. Paul did one better. He took the sac into his hand and began to massage and lick it. He slathered it in spit while dabbing his face with the cock. He lobbed his tongue over every scrotum wrinkle, took each testicle into his mouth and sucked it individually before attempting and failing to consume the entire sac. The older man groaned and Paul knew he was doing the right thing. He began to work his anus open with the fingers of his free hand.

Professor Hudson opened his eyes a smidgen and saw Mona sitting on the desk and frigging herself, slipping her fingers into the wet silk of her panties. It turned him on to watch her enjoying the sight of her boyfriend going to town on his cock and balls. They smiled at each other. She stopped and stood up, picking up the whisky from the desk and padding across the carpet. She handed the professor his drink, her fingers leaving smears of her pussy on the outside of the glass. He licked the translucent marks, savoring the taste before chasing it with whisky.

Mona laid down on the chaise to watch comfortably, a perfect view to spread her legs and let the men watch her work on herself. Professor Hudson took one of her feet and planted a kiss on her toes.

“Suck them,” she said. She loved the tingly feel of his whisky tongue wrapping around her tiny tootsies, the suction not too hard, not too light, but just perfect. It sent vibrations straight to her clit, and she rocked the chaise with an approving thrust.

The sight of his girlfriend’s lovely feet in the professor’s mouth was maddening to Paul. He abandoned his task and climbed on top of her. She began to giggle as he maneuvered his erection between her legs, yanking her panties to the side and stuffing his jealous young cock into her.

“Aw, you wanna to get fucked, baby?” Mona chuckled. “You wanna get fucked?”

“Uh huh,” Paul muffled his moans by burying his face into the crook of Mona’s shoulder, pumping his cock into her slick pussy, the panties adding an additional, pleasurable sensation.

“Tell us how much you want to get fucked, Paul,” Professor Hudson said, shifting his weight and getting on his knees.

“I want to be fucked, I want to be fucked,” Paul moaned, giving Mona the long stroke and arching his ass.

“Say it again, baby, tell us again,” Mona purred.

“I want to be fucked, please fuck me, just fuck me,” Paul said through gritted teeth, feeling the professor’s cock pressing against his opening. Every thrust brought it closer, pushed his tight little hole open, drove him wild. Soon enough the whole head of the Professor’s fat mushroom cock was gobbled up by Paul’s hungry asshole. He rocked back, pushing it deeper along the shaft, loving every second of it, his rod as stiff as a horse’s leg as he slammed Mona’s dripping rose bud.

She groaned in delight, feeling the weight of the two men on top of her. When the throes came, it was like the wave. First the Professor began to clench his hands and thrust harder, and then Paul sank his teeth into Mona’s clavicle, and she tore the chaise with her fingernails. The Professor howled, Paul’s scream was muffled by Mona’s skin, and Mona emitted an unearthly sound. The chaise collapsed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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