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My university roommate, Rob, is amazing at hooking up with girls. He is not super handsome or anything but he has some mysterious ability to spot a willing, hot girl and end up bedding her in no time. My situation is the opposite. I’m shy around girls and was a virgin until the last month of high school. Even then, I lost my virginity to the loosest tart in school who had likely screwed every player on my basketball team. I felt used after she rode me for a quickie in a back bedroom at a teammates party. Hell, she just stripped off her panties, left her party dress on and pulled off my pants before doing it. I didn’t even get to feel her breasts before it was over. The orgasm was epic and the event is my go-to fantasy to get off when I jerk off. But I want more and better.

It’s not that I’m weak. I play in the university basketball inter-mural league. My tryout for the varsity team didn’t workout. But I was a star on my high school team before coming here. I’m six-foot-six and was pretty awkward growing up. That’s likely why I am shy around girls. Rob keeps telling me the girls would love to be with me if I just got more confident. Tonight, he says he will teach me a lesson in being the man. His new girlfriend has a roommate from the Mid-West that is not very experienced around people of the opposite sex either. She wants to get more comfortable around men now that she is away from home. Sounds a lot like me. Rob says it’s a slam dunk for me to get laid. His girlfriend told him in confidence that her roommate agreed to have sex tonight. I just have to be the man and go get it.

The plan was for us to meet at our favorite off-campus pub for a few beers and the go back to their dorm room for some sex-play. Rob loves to show off by bringing girls back to our room and screwing them when I’m in the other bed pretending to be asleep. I don’t feel comfortable have sex tonight with him and his girlfriend in the room. But, if that what it takes, I’ll do it. Rob keeps pumping up my ego as we walk over to the bar.

“This girl is really cute, Brent. Izzy, showed her a picture of you and she liked your ugly face. Dickhead, it’s all set up for you to get it on. She is super shy and will need your firm hand to get to the promised land. Izzy tells me she isn’t a virgin but hasn’t had much sex. Of course, she said she sucks cock, like all girls nowadays. Then again, these girls exaggerate between themselves. Who the fuck knows? It’s up to you to find the truth. Are you up for this, big fella?”

“Yes, man. It’s all good. Thanks for setting this up. I owe you.”

The girls are at the bar drinking beer when we go in. I had seen Izzy, Rob’s girlfriend, getting laid in the next bed so I know the girl beside her is my date. She is so very cute and tiny, barely five foot but with a perfect body. She has such a sweet, shy smile as she looks up at me. I smile back as confidently as I can. She looks down shyly. Izzy has on a tight party dress that barely is long enough to hide her panties and her breasts are spilling out. That’s Rob’s kind of woman. My blind date has a classy, yellow summer dress with a hem, modestly down to her knees. She looks amazing with her matching long, blonde hair. These girls are like opposites. As I go up to her, she looks up with her sweet, wholesome, pretty face.

“Hi, I’m Brent. Great to meet you.”

“I’m Elizabeth but friends call me Bessy.”

“Bessy. That’s a great name.”

We shake hands awkwardly. I order a beer and I sit on a barstool beside her.

“What year are you in?”

“I’m a freshman. You?”

“Same. Are you from around here?”

“No, I’m from South Dakota. Lizzy is from New York and we got placed in the dorm together. She is really something.”

“Yes, I’ve met her a few times. I’m from Chicago.”

I can’t help staring at her cleavage and we both blush when she catches me looking there. There is a sexual tension between us because we both know where this is heading. Behind Bessy, Rob is laughing loudly, and he has his hand groping her tight ass. He doesn’t care about Bessy and I seeing this.

Rob told me to do very little small talk and move into more sexy topics. He said this is a booty call not a relationship.

“I love your dress. It’s very attractive.”

“Thanks. I didn’t bring too many dresses, mainly just jeans. My mother would kill me if she saw me in a dress like Izzy’s. Wow.”

“I hear you. I like your dress much more. It’s classy.”

“Thanks. Boy Brent, you are very tall.”

“Yes, six-foot-six. Is that okay?”

“Sure, girls like to be with tall guys.”

I feel we are making a connection and moving in the right direction. Rob comes over and stands beside us.

“I don’t know about you guys, but Lizzy and I don’t want to pay the high prices for beers here. She wants us to go to back to her place and drink her beer. Come with us. That’s all-good Bessy, right?”

“Sure, it’s all good.”

“Great! Brent, pay for our beers. I forgot my wallet. Ha Ha.”

We are soon out into the cool night air, Elvankent Escort walking towards the university dorm buildings. Rob and Izzy are talking a mile a minute as we walk along behind them. Bessy and I are quiet in a thoughtful way. I suspect she is as nervous as me about what will happen when we get there.

“Brent, is it okay if we go to your dorm room? I’d like some privacy when we are together.”

“Sure Bessy. I’d like that better too.” I shout to the others, “Bessy and I are going to my place. You guys have fun.” They laugh and wave as we walk off in a different direction under the streetlights. I take her hand and we walk in silence. She is so tiny walking beside me. I hope she can take the size of my cock. It’s not huge but it’s in proportion to my height. I wonder if a girl’s pussy is small in proportion to their height? I guess we will see soon.

“Brent, I bet you had lots of girlfriends back in Chicago. You are a very attractive guy.”

“I had my share.” I say lying. “And you are very attractive.”

“Thanks Brent, but if you’re saying that means I was with lots of guys, that wasn’t the case. I’m kind of a nerd and studied hard to get my scholarship. It’s good to be in university now and get some freedom.” We are passing a small park. “Brent, is it okay if we sit in the park for a while before going up to your room?”

“Of course, Bessy. Here’s a good bench.”

“Let’s sit over there where its dark.”

“Great.” We sit and cuddle together. My goodness, she is so petite. Her perfume is very flowery. My cock is getting hard as our bodies touch.

“I was hoping we could kiss a bit before going to your room. I’m a romantic it heart. Is that okay?”

“Of course, that’s perfect.”

“By the way Brent, I have an IUD. Thought you should know.”

“Sorry, I just do a little grass once and a while but no drugs.”

“No, no, silly. An IUD is a thing a doctor puts in your vagina so you won’t get pregnant. So, you don’t need condoms.”

“Hey, that’s great. Good for you.” Wow, Bessy is so up front about sex. I was worried about the condom thing.

I dip my head and our lips meet as we wrap our arms around each other. We kiss tentatively. Her toned body feels perfect to my touch. Soon, we are getting worked up. Her lips open and our tongues swirl together. Remembering what Rob said about controlling the situation, I grope Bessy’s tight ass. She moans as I massage it through her dress. My cock is now painfully erect. I sneak my hand down to readjust it.

She whispers, “You must think I’m a real slut hooking up with you for sex. Lizzy keeps bringing men back to our room and I peak at them having hot sex. It’s been making me crazy. Especially when I finish my period, it is really bad. I almost jumped into bed with them, last month. After my period last weekend, I’ve been getting so horny thinking about us getting together. Dammit, you must think I’m a complete slut.”

“No way. It’s all natural. Hey, we are adults now. Sex is good.” My god, this is really going to happen.

She kisses me passionately, breathing heavily through her nose. I now know everything is on, so I cup a perfect handful of breast and she sighs in approval. This girl is definitely in heat. I just have to stay in control. She reaches down to my crotch and places her palm over my junk. I feel her measuring my length and girth.

She moans, “Sweet Mary and Joseph, you are amazing down there. Is it okay if we could go up to the room now?”

We go in the entrance and up the stairwell. She is eagerly pulling my hand as we go up two flights. Inside the room, she looks quickly around.

“Would you like a beer?”

“Thanks, but no. Could you unzip the back of my dress?”

I watch in wonder as she peels the dress off one shoulder, then the other and then shimmies it down over waist. She has on a matching pink bra and panty set. She is blushing and holding her hands in front shielding her crotch. True to the control gameplan, I muster up my courage and I say firmly, “Lose the bra.” She opens the clasp between the cups, hesitates and opens them up to reveal two tiny, perfect tits. A wave of lust hits me.

“Get on the bed.” As she crawls to the other side obediently, her butt in those dainty panties is amazing to watch.

She lays with her arms around a pillow modestly shielding her semi-naked body. She watches me closely as I take off my shirt, kick off my shoes and step out of my pants. My cock is semi-erect, and I can see her staring at the tent there. Here eyes open wide when I pull my underwear down and off. I crawled in beside her as she keeps staring at my junk. I’m so long in the bed while she is so tiny and feminine beside me. I pull the pillow away and toss it on the floor behind me. What a sexy sight. I look brazenly down at her breasts and cup one in my hand. She closes her eyes as I grope the small handful of her titty. I take her hand away from shielding her crotch and look down at her sexy panties. Beşevler Escort Her camel toe notch is clearly visible. My cock is erect and throbbing.

“You are amazing, Bessy.” I say in awe.

She whispers in my ear, “I have a dirty confession to make. I love sucking cock. Is it okay if we do that before we do the other? I just started doing it over the summer before university, but it is so erotic and naughty. It’s okay if you want to do the other first. I just thought I’d ask.”

That was about that last thing in the world I expected her to say. She is so classy. Are all girls up front about sex like her nowadays? I wish I had a sister to tell me what’s happening out there. Blow jobs by gorgeous girls are tops on my list.

“Why sure, Bessy. Go for it.” I try to act cool like this happens all the time.

“This is so much better than doing it in a car.” She eyes my now semi-hard cock with a hungry look and goes down to my waist on her knees, hovering her mouth over my junk.

“Lie on the bed with your head down there and your feet up this direction.”

I want to feel her sweet ass while she is sucking me off. She obediently gets into position and kisses the tip of my cock reverently and then more kisses down to the base of my shaft. She pushes her long blonde hair to the other side of her head to give me a perfect view of her efforts. This girl has been told by other men about that necessary thing. She may not have sucked too many cocks but she’s a quick study.

She sighs and says, “You have such a beautiful cock, Brent. It’s amazing.” A sense of pride fills me.

She licks the shaft all over and I’m instantly titanium hard again. I lay my hand on her panty-covered ass. A shot of adrenaline goes through me when I realize I can do anything here. The girl has given me the ultimate Yes-Means-Yes permission. I grope one ass-cheek and then the other. Bessy keeps licking my cock with gusto. I push her thighs apart and run my palm up the crotch of her panties. It feels damp and I know what that means. Time to see this pussy. I take the waistband and pull down. Like a tart, she raises her bum off the bed to help me strip the silky, pink panties down her thighs and off.

My attention is pulled back to my dick as she has taken the head into her mouth and is twirling her tongue around the head inside. The sight of her pink lips wrapped around my cock is crazy-making. A tsunami wave of pleasure washes over me as her tongue works its magic inside her hot mouth.

I shout, “Holy fuck, that feels amazing.” I feel an orgasm coming at me like a freight train. I grab her hair and pull her mouth off my cock, frantically. This is too fast. I want to cum in her pussy. “Too much, too much.” The feeling quiets down. “Just stroke it slowly. It’s all good. You are amazing.” She strokes my dick slowly and plays with my balls as I check out her cleanly shaved crotch. I slide two fingers between the lips from her clit to her vagina. The slit is very wet. Her sighs and her hips moving to my touch tells me she likes this. To test the waters for the fucking later, I slide my middle finger into her vagina. Her vagina wraps warmly, wet and snuggly around my finger. Then try adding my index finger. Two fingers are an extremely tight fit. Geez, my dick is thicker than my two fingers. I guess if a baby can come out of there, my cock can go in. I am getting so horny feeling her sweet, young pussy and watching her work my cock. There is no way on earth I won’t be balls deep soon. Yes, means fucking YES. Let’s get my lust on and fuck.

“Okay, Bessy, why don’t you take my cock in your sweet mouth and bob your head up and down just like you know how to do it.”

She obliges and I can soon feel my cock sliding over her hot tongue and the head hitting the back of her throat. My lust builds strongly and dangerously. I sit up quickly at the right moment, and lift her light, small body onto her back. I walk on my knees to between her open legs. My cock is sticking up to the ceiling. Bessy’s eyes look worried as I sit back on my haunches and pull her tiny ass and small body onto my thighs. Her feet are high and her legs are spread lewdly. My complete attention is on her vagina opening surrounded by pink rose petal pussy lips. Fuck, is that a horny target or what?

I pull her hips closer to my erection and notch the head in her pussy. Every atom in my body is screaming for me to thrust my cock deep into her pussy. I fall forward and the head of my cock is lodged in her vagina opening but it’s too tight to enter. She’s whimpering and I’m growling like a fucking animal as my cock stays lodged but blocked with the opening resisting. A thought bubbles up through my lust. Am I hurting her?

She urges me on, “Yes, Brent, it’s okay, YES.”

That’s it. I thrust with all my might and her pussy opens and I’m in, gloriously in. Oh fuck, does that feel good. Oh my god. I stay locked in deep. I pull my arms straight and look down at her. Her face, Cebeci Escort with eyes closed, is contorted in a look of lust and pure pleasure. I pull my cock out a few inches and then slide it back in. She bites her lips and moans in pleasure. I pick up the pace that my rising lust compels me to take. My hips nestled inside her thighs and against her hips feels so right, so natural and good.

“Yes, Brent, yes. Just like that. Oh. Oh, my. Oh, sweet Jesus, yes.”

I feel an orgasm coming. Too soon, too soon. I don’t want to stop my fun. I thrust in deep and hold to enjoy the erotic luxury of her tight pussy around my happy cock. Bessy is looking up at me with a look of love and caring. Time to cool it and fuck longer.

She says in a lovely feminine voice, “I hope this is good for you, too.”

“Yes, Bessy. It’s amazing.”

She turns her pretty face and kisses my wrist beside her head tenderly.

That sends my lust into overdrive and I thrust hard and deep over and over. Fuck the waiting. Her tight pussy and my hard cock drilling deep are all of my world. I vaguely hear her shout she is cumming as I pump my dick into her center again and again in pure blind lust. Time is meaningless. I feel her hands on my ass urging me on and an atomic orgasm explodes in my brain and resonates everywhere in my body. My cock is convulsing inside her pussy as it deposits every fucking last drop of my sperm inside her. I feel like a king as I roll off her and we lay panting in wonder at what just happened.

After several minutes of recovery, Bessy snuggles into my body, kisses my neck and says, “Wow, that was amazing. Now I know why Lizzy is hooked on sex. Wow.”

“You are amazing Bessie.”

“Thanks. I’ve got to get up.” She gets out of bed, reaches into her purse and finds a tissue to casually clean her crotch of my cum dripping out. Girls are so at ease about bodily stuff. She looks amazing standing there.

“Are you leaving?”

“No, I just need to go to pee. Your washrooms are on this floor just like ours, right?”

“Yes, end of hall.” She puts on her dress without bra or panties. “Could you do up my zipper at the back.”

I get out of bed with my limp cock hanging down and zip up her dress.

“I’ll be right back. Is it okay if we do this again? Like I mean sex again. Oh, my mind is really blown here. Look what you’ve done to me. Like now, I mean when I get back from the washroom, not like tomorrow.”

“Great, Bessy. I’d love that.”

She goes out the door and I pump my fist in the air and hold in a scream of victory. Holy fuck, this is the best day of my life. I feel stupid standing there with my dick hanging down. I wipe it off with a towel and put on some underwear. I’m standing in the center of the room, waiting for her return. I hear her shoes coming down the hallway. Like a beautiful dream, she floats back into the room.

“Is it okay if we have a beer before we do it again?”

“Great idea.” I get two cans from our mini-fridge.

“I don’t need a glass.”

She is already sitting at the table. I crack open the can, sit down and give it to her. She breaks into a big grin and takes a big swig. I do the same. The cold beer feels great going down my throat.

She says, “Is it okay if I hold your hand? I just would like to touch you. Isn’t that stupid. We just met.”

“No, it’s all good. I’d like that.”

She looks at me lovingly as we hold hands and drink silently still feeling the wonder of the sex we just experienced.

“Brent, I hope I was doing everything alright there. Let me know if you want me to do something. I’m kind of new at this.” Her eagerness to please is getting my cock to wake up.

“It was good. It’s all good.”

“Could I ask a favor?”


“Lizzy, loves to do it doggy-style. I see her doing it in our dorm room that way with her hookups. It is so horny to watch when I fake sleeping. Could we do it that way? If it’s not good for you, it’s okay.”

I say as coolly as possible, “It’s one of my favorite positions.” Truth is, I’ve never done it.

She blushes and puts her small hand over her pretty face. “I can’t believe I just asked you to fuck me doggy-style. My god, Brent, you have blown my mind.” We both laugh and finish our beers. She stands and walks over in front of me in my chair. I open my legs and she comes closer in between them. I’m struck again by how tiny she is. I can smell her perfume mixed with our sexual juices. I hold her firm bum through the summer dress. She peels her top down baring her chest, and says with a naughty voice, “You can play with my titties if you want.” I smile and cup them. They are less than a handful each but soft and firm. Her long nipples stick out like headlights. Fuck, holding them is so horny. My cock is throbbing and my instincts are turning to pussy, hot tight pussy. I pull her dress down over her hips and off. I point her to the bed and give her bum a little slap to get her going. She chuckles and goes eagerly to the bed. Her tight ass looks so delicious. I stand, strip off my underwear and follow with my cock pointing the way.

Without any foreplay she eagerly goes into position on all fours on the bed. Her sweet, small ass-cheeks part revealing the slit of her pussy lips. I feel a surge of adrenaline and testosterone shoot through my chest as I walk on my knees behind her. I’m the man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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