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Anal Fucking

Lou finally answers Candi’s email invitation to visit her office. He is both excited and worried about seeing her. What he does not suspect is that Candi has her own anxieties and thoughts to work out. A work of fiction where all are over 18. Much help from a favorite author assisting with details in the story.


A week had passed since Lou hit SEND on the email confirming he would meet Candi at her office in Eulenberg. She was the Area VP for Medical and Residential Services Corporation, a wholly women-owned business. MRS Corp was the largest provider of such medical devices and services in the country and Candi, now a partner, had the largest portfolio.

Lou made his deliveries to Eulenberg General Hospital and headed over to her office. He was giddy and scared at the same time. He had masturbated every day imagining the meeting that was about to happen. Each time he shot his load into the wastebasket, he wanted to show Candi the effect she had on him and each time he did, he felt bad for thinking of her that way. “It’s Candi. Candi. Not some loose woman off the street.” But he could not help himself. The cycle of passion and shame spun on and on.

The building that housed MRS Corp was impressive: three storeys tall, tinted glass exterior, along a street dotted with shops and cafes in a part of town that was gentrifying. He found the visitor parking area and pulled into the slot with his name on the sign. They were expecting him. He entered the building and approached a young woman at the reception desk and introduced himself. “Yes sir, we are expecting you. I have a name tag for you and, if you would just sign in, here.” She turned the guest registry toward him.

“Is there something the matter, sir?” Lou got an eyeful of her breast inside her rather loose blouse, sagging away from her foam bra and noticed she had large areolas on rather small breasts. She followed his gaze up from her breasts to look him in the eye. She knew the effect her cleavage had on men and she trapped them by letting them have a nice down-blouse look and then embarrass them.

“Uh, yes, I mean no. I don’t have a penis.” A terrible slip of tongue Lou wanted to claw back as soon as it left his lips.

“I beg your pardon?”

“I mean a pen. I don’t have a pen. My pen. So, I can fill out the registry.”

“Oh, I must have misheard you. Here you go.” And handed him a pen. “I’ll notify Candace for you.” She looked down at her keyboard and began typing as Lou lingered over the registry. He was stealing another look at the young woman’s breasts. His penis stirred at the sight. She did not hurry, amused at what she knew he was doing. She looked up suddenly, catching him peeking., “You may take a seat over there, sir. Candace is on her way down to meet you.”

Lou hurriedly broke his stare, felt himself redden and turned for the lounge area. He adjusted his cock in his pants as he walked, giving him a loping gate. He felt old and tired. Though his cock thought it was still 19, he knew he was no longer attractive, if he ever was. He was just a dirty old man with unwelcome, impure thoughts. In his mind’s eye still the small breasts and large areolae. He lowered himself to a seat. It was all modern and new: rather different from his own office.

“LOU!” He heard Candi’s voice from the stairs and stood to meet her. His pants still tenting slightly. Candi flew down the last few steps and practically raced over to him. She had on a silky, Prussian blue dress that closed in the middle via, to Lou, a wonderfully long line of buttons running from throat to hem. Lou saw her nipples rising slightly the inside the dress as she bounded toward him. In an instant, he surmised she was not wearing a bra. Some things never change, he thought. Throwing her arms around him, she kissed him on the cheek and pulled him close. Too close, really, given his recent thoughts about the receptionist’s chest.

She, for her part, felt his semi-turgid penis against her thigh and was happy. Lou gave her a reciprocal hug and let go at the usual interval, meaning, he let go quickly. Candi held on, though.

Still hugging him, she turned her face toward the receptionist and said, “This is the man I was telling you about. He’s the guy.” And held him closer still pressing her hips into his.

The receptionist smirked and replied, “I guessed it immediately when he walked in.”

Lou did not know what Candi had told her employee or what the employee had guessed. He felt shameful fearing what might have been told about him. It was guilty feelings. It was not as if Candi had known about his jerking off after work, or depositing his seed in the wastepaper basket, and he did not think she had ever noticed his tendency to erect in her presence. There had been the awfulness of her seeing his semen wet on his pants in the hotel but, dear, sweet, innocent girl, she had thought that was simply water from the shower. So he thought.

Actually, it was the way Candace pushed into him that caught ataköy escort the receptionist’s attention.

Breaking the hug with a tight squeeze, Candi curled her arm in his and pulled him around the office introducing him to the other women. To some, she credited him with teaching her all she knew about business. To others, she said he was like an uncle. He did not believe he had anything to do with her success, but did feel a rather avuncular pride in her.

Turning a corner, she stopped abruptly and frowned at him. “What I can’t figure out, Lou, is why you never contacted me. Why you never asked about me. Just silence, like you just stopped caring about me. You were so important to me, gave me a chance when my life was falling apart. You were the one who encouraged me to find another job, but then it was like you hated me for it.” She sounded hurt. Her eyes bore into him or rather through him.

“Oh no, no, no! I could never hurt you. I am very proud of you. I just…”

She cut him off. “Then why the silent treatment? Why did it take you so long to respond to my email? And don’t tell me you were busy. I’m busy too, yet I can find the time to communicate with people in my life. Well? Why Lou?”

“I’m not the man you think I am. I’m not special. I didn’t do anything to you… I mean for you. I thought you were just being nice to invite me here.”

A small redhead nearly walked into them as she rounded the corner. “Oh, hello Candace. That was close. I was in such a rush.” It was obvious to the redhead she had interrupted her boss in an important conversation, so she excused herself and quickly disappeared down the corridor. The intrusion broke the tension and Candi took his arm again. “We can talk upstairs without interruption.”

Having made the rounds downstairs, and returning to the lobby, they had the building nearly to themselves. “I insist that people leave work promptly. I get my best work done when I have the office to myself. I learned that from you.”

Lou swallowed and cleared his throat.

Candi led the way up the stairs, taking the first few quickly, letting Lou follow. He was ascending at the same pace and on a level with her hips. Candi’s ass had only become more beautiful over the years. She was toned and her hips swayed as she climbed the stairs. He concentrated on her ass in her flowing blue dress, hearing nothing she was saying as they climbed the stairs. He was sure she had no panties on, yet, she had stockings and heels. “Hmm…” he thought quizzically.

Lou nearly tripped at the end of the stairs because he was watching the feminine form in front of him and not where he was going. He reached out to steady himself and nearly grabbed her ass. Luckily, he caught himself on a chair and pretended to pratfall when Candi turned to see what was the matter. “Clumsy as ever,” he apologized.

She led the way to a large corner office, as with the rest of the building the external walls were totally glass from floor to ceiling, such a contrast with the solid walls on the inside. There was not even a window in the rather solid door into her office. Candi locked the door behind her, something he found a little odd even as he became engrossed in the view out of not so much the windows as the two outer walls of the office.


He turned back to Candi and she motioned for him to sit on the leather furniture. He took a chair, she the couch. Immediately, she crossed her legs and spread her arms, claiming the territory, showing her dominance. It was a trick she had mastered to command respect, as she climbed the corporate ladder.

Her action startled Lou. She had grown and changed since the days when she was his employee. She was definitely in charge now. Her blue dress, clearly expensive, added to the effect. The Prussian blue, such a strong color, and the buttons running all the way down somehow combined both authority – perhaps from the military association of old uniforms adorned with plentiful buttons – and sexuality – the dress could presumably be unbuttoned all the way from neck to hem exposing the woman beneath. Nervously he said, “You can see a lot up here,” craning his neck and pointing with his jaw.

“Yes, I like the privacy. See but not be seen. I could walk around completely naked and no one would see.” Candi often did just that, when all the employees had left for the day. Just as Lou had done at the end of his work days, Candi relaxed by pleasuring herself. Where Lou hid behind his desk, Candi took off all her clothes and sat in front of the windows looking out on the world, legs spread open, exposing her bush and lips, secretly hoping someone would be spying on her but knowing it was impossible due to their mirror finish.

Lou laughed nervously, thinking he would very much like the safety of being able to walk around naked but with the slight potential of being seen. “Yes, a boss must have privacy in order to get things done. I always liked it when people left avcılar escort the office. I could think and be more relaxed when no one was around.”

“Hmmm…I remember you did work late a lot. I think I was always the last to leave before you. You used to call me in at the end of the day for some silly errand that never amounted to much. It was the way we said goodbye. Do you remember that?”

“Oh! Do I remember?!” He looked at her intently. Then realizing the silence had grown, tried to cover his spontaneous admission. “I trusted you with so much. You were the glue that held things together. So, when you and I said goodbye each night, I knew the day was all right and I could relax in my office.”

Candi opened her legs a bit tempting Lou to notice. She unfastened two buttons exposing her sternum. “Lou, I learned so much from you, just watching you. I studied you when you were unaware, figuring out how you managed a company.”

She began reminiscing with him. “Remember when you… How about the time when… Oh, wait! Did you know that…” She paused. It was clear she was getting to something she wanted to say.

“Look!” Candi got up from the couch and strode to her desk. Lou watched her lovely ass swing as she took each step. She bent over to reach for something under the desk. That caused her dress to rise and expose the tops of her thigh-high stockings. Lou followed her legs with his eyes. Candi knew he would do that so, she lingered pretending not to find what she was searching for. She leaned farther and actually pulled her dress higher so he could see the crease where her thighs met her ass. She then pretended to have found what she was looking for and drew it out, stood and held it in both hands.

“It’s a wicker wastebasket. Just like you used to have. Remember?”

“Ye..esss” he said hesitantly. What was the women showing him a wicker wastepaper basket – of all things?

Candi walked toward him as if to let him see it more closely. He, though, knew exactly what it was. He felt slightly uncomfortable. He was about to feel very uncomfortable.

“Except I never have any damp papers in the bottom.”

The statement fell upon Lou. It struck him like a rocket out of nowhere. She held his gaze.

Lou’s heart beat rapidly in his chest. He was panicking, did she know why they were damp, did she, had she known all along about his shameful behavior?

Candi smiled gently, set the basket down beside him, and sat across from him again. “I know, Lou, I know.” She leaned toward him and reached across the distance to place her hands on his knees. Her dress, with the two buttons undone, was now open enough so he could see the shape of her breasts all the way to the edges of her areolae.

Even in his confusion he did not miss that.

“I know what made the papers damp each night. Why don’t you tell me about it.”

He was trapped. If he answered truthfully, he was undone. If he made up a story, she would know he was lying. What should he say. He blinked, feeling awful under her gaze. Why had he come to see her. This so unexpected, but he had been like a moth to a flame.

“I saw you one night.” Candi went on.

Lou recoiled. It had got worse.

She lowered her voice to a whisper. “It’s okay, Lou. It’s okay. It’s me. Candi. Not some stranger off the street. It’s me. It’s okay.” She gently massaged his knees as she continued. “I came back in for something and saw your light on. You were on your knees behind the desk. You had your eyes closed, so you didn’t see me. I couldn’t see exactly what you were doing, but I had a pretty good idea. Then I heard you cum. I heard your cum hit the papers in the basket. The next morning, I wanted to confirm what I thought. That is why I began to empty your waste basket. I was checking to see how hard you had,” she paused, “um, ‘worked’ the night before.” She smiled brightly at that, intending to reassure him by emphasizing ‘working hard,’ letting him know she was teasing him a bit.

Lou stammered, “Candi, I am so sorry you had to see that. I am so ashamed. I just have these unwelcome thoughts, these impure thoughts. I can’t help it. I’ve tried. I’ve tried.” He put his head in his palms.

Candi let him finish, still holding his knees. She pulled them apart slightly and he did not resist.

“Tell me what you were thinking as you masturbated. Tell me.”

Lou shook his head, He could not do that. She seemed understanding but, but… it was still so awful knowing she knew about him – like that. What must she really think?

Candi moved her hands farther up his thighs toward the bulge in his pants. “Go on, Lou. Tell me.”

The feeling of her hands on his inner thighs so close to his cock was too much. “I thought about you! I thought about you! I jerked off every night thinking about you!” He heaved, gulping for air. He felt both terrified yet oddly relieved to have it, his shameful secret, out in the open. Her next statement would either beylikdüzü escort kill or rescue him.

“I know, Lou. I know. That’s why you called me into the office each night to say goodbye. You wanted to see me once more before you began to stroke yourself. I was surprised at first when I saw you, but then it all came together.” She chuckled at her unintended pun.

“You knew?”

“Hell, yes, I knew. Did you ever notice that I leaned over your desk to let you look down my blouse? Like I am doing now?” He looked down the open front of her dress, he could not help himself, then back to her eyes.

“I never wore a bra to work. Maybe a camisole, but I have such tiny titties. Bras only drew attention to the fact there is not much there. So, I got used to just going free up-top. It took a little bit of courage to let my nipples get hard. Girls don’t like to show their nip erections, you know. But I saw how much you liked to see them, so I decided to let you. In fact…”

She pulled her hands away and sat up to open her dress several buttons more. She shrugged a bit and the silky dress slid open revealing her breasts. Her nipples were even more beautiful than he recalled when she was younger. She had no tan lines. Lou, sort of liked tans lines, but then he realized she must have been completely topless to get such an even tan.

Her breasts sagged ever so slightly, the effects of gravity and two children. They were still small, but that only made her appear younger than her 42 years. They were firm and inviting and her nipples were standing erect, 3/8″ proud of the flesh from whence they arose.

“Are these what you thought about while you jerked off, Lou? Or was there something else?”

Lou’s penis was pressing firmly against his pants. He was leaking pre-cum. Unconsciously, he grabbed his cock and rearranged it. He was astounded. He just stared at what he had so lusted after, yet had only seen once before in that hotel bathroom and, even then, only as a reflection in a mirror. “Yes, I thought of your breasts while I…(he swallowed hard) masturbated.” He could not bring himself to say tits or jerk off.

Yet. Candi smiled.

“I had these shorts I wore to work, only to work. They had these really wide legs openings. Like a skirt. Culottes, actually. I knew they flared open revealing a lot more than most women are used to showing. I loved them. Remember how I pressed you for a less formal summer dress code? It’s because I wanted to wear them to work. To show you!”

“You did? You wanted me to see your…Your underwear?”

“No, silly. I never wore underwear. Unless it was my period, of course. That would have been too… But, yes, I wanted you to see. I shaved my pussy for you. Shaving made my lips stand out and they stood out a lot after two pregnancies. Did you like it? Did you jerk off thinking about my 20-something twat? Did the wet papers in the basket show how much you liked it? Tell me, Lou. Did you like seeing my pussy and tits as you thought about jerking off? Oh, I wanted so much to watch you do that.”

Her brazenness astounded him. He had not expected this at all. Her awful revelation about what she knew about him was being followed by revelations of her own. allowed him to be a bit more forthcoming. “I saw. Yes, I saw. And yes, I thought about your…pussy and tits (that was difficult) as I jerked off.” He had said it. He had nearly come clean with her.

“Well, I thought about it too, Lou. I masturbated thinking of you thinking of me. I did. It made me happy thinking about how much I made you horny.”

Abruptly, she changed the subject. She signaled the change by letting the dress fall down from her shoulders to settle around her waist, exposing her completely from the waist upward. Not missing a beat, she asked him, “Do you remember our trip to Las Vegas?”

“Yes, quite well. I had a hard time dealing with you.”

“Dealing with me? I’m shocked. Shocked!” She said mimicking Casablanca.

“The shower in your room, for starters. I was so worried about the door between our rooms. I knew it had to stay shut and locked. Both Delores and Frank would be at home wondering about us and I never wanted to take advantage of you. I’m not that kind of man and you’re not that kind of woman.”

“But you jerked off thinking about me, right? You are at least THAT kind of man.”

He sighed and nodded in agreement. “Yes, I am that kind of man, sorry to say.”

“Sorry to say? Lou, I’m telling you that I was trying my best to give you something to think about while you jerked off. No offense to Delores, I love her, but I knew she was not satisfying you. I was married too, remember? I knew things. And I wanted to help.”

“That shower was not defective,” Lou said flatly.

“I know!” She replied. “I just had to have some excuse to tease you a little bit. It worked!”

“I was so worried you would already be naked in the shower when I came in to fix it, then so disappointed that you were not. I think I got erect.” He could not believe he was so honest about that. It was so good to tell her at last.

“You did. I felt it as you slid past me in the bathroom. That is when I decided to see how far I could get you to go.” Lou raised his eyebrows questioning what she meant.

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