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Friday afternoon and she was excited. It’s been about seven years since she has seen her friend Jill. She was packing her bags for a weekend with her friend. And then load it in the car as she made her plans to go spend the weekend with her long time friends.

She loaded her stuff in the car and thought to make sure she got everything she would need. She got behind the wheel and started her car up and put it in drive.

She was on her way to her long time friend, who she hasn’t seen in about 7 years. She pulled away slowly and headed out towards the countryside. She drove mostly highway the entire route.

When she got to the exit on the highway, she veered off and came to the end of the exit. She made a right turn and followed the road like the directions told her.

Tim, John, Tommy and jack had been out drinking all night. Getting’ high and doing different drugs like any other Friday night as old friends do when you’re young.
They were driving down the road trying to figure out who they could call or go pick up and have a good time with.

When they came up on the highway, they seen a blue Jetta pull out in front of them. They followed it and seen it was a woman all by herself. They started talking about her and decided they were going to see if she wanted to party with them.

Donna seen the car with a bunch of guys comes up behind her really quick. And was thinking what a bunch of young jerks they are. She kept her eye in the mirror as they rode her ass down the road and thought why they don’t just pass her and get on down the road.

Tommy told John to bump her car when she stops at the next stop sign. And when they did bump into her car at the stop sign. Donna pulled over to the side of the road and got out of her car.

As she did this, Tommy told the others to stay in the car while he made his moves. Donna got out and went to back right side to see if there was any damage. Tommy got out and walked up and told her they were sorry for the bump. As Donna bent down to look at her car, Tommy grabbed her around the waist and the mouth. Dragging her back towards the car he was in.

He yelled at Tim and Jack to get out and open the back door. He also instructed them to get into her car and follow them to the farm. An old farm, where they always go to hang out and party.

As Tommy drug Donna back to the car he got her there and pushed her into the back seat. Then jumping in on top of her, he pinned her down and started pulling at her clothes.

Tommy ripped Donna’s shirt gaziantep escort tanıtımları so all the buttons popped off, and he pulled the shirt to the sides exposing her bra and a nice healthy set of Jugs. Tommy reached under her bra and pulled it upwards to release the tits from the restraints. As they fell out Donna tried to cover then with her hands, only to be pinned down by her arms.

Tommy saw the nice set she had and had to pin her arms down. She was begging to be let go and cried to be released. Tommy told her to shut up and just relax and enjoy it all. He said that she would enjoy the whole thing.

Tommy’s mouth went down onto her right tit and he was sucking it with great pleasure. Then he rose up on his knees and undid her jeans and zipper. Then with a mighty force he grabbed her jeans from behind and pulled them downwards. He pulled so hard that they came down with no effort at all. Tommy had Donna’s pants and panties down around her ankles in no time at all.

Then Tommy lowered his pants and stroked his cock a few times, then pushed his head in between her legs and jeans. He rubbed his cock across her lips and clit several times trying to get the juices flowing. Once he knew it was wet enough, he started pushing the head of his cock towards the opening of her pussy.

She felt him rubbing his cock against her pussy and thought oh God I going to be raped. About then she felt his cock enter her pussy. She wanted to push him off and get him out of her, but she knew she wouldn’t be able too.

Tommy felt his cock go inside of this woman and it was very tight to him. He felt like he wasn’t going to be able to put his entire cock inside her cause it was that tight. He lowered himself against her body and kept pushing his cock hard into her. Soon it was going in more and more, as she cried out for him to stop.

To shut her up and to excite him even more Tommy grabbed her face and lowered his mouth to hers. As he tried to kiss her she was fighting not to. Tommy grabbed her jaw and forced her mouth open so he could run his tongue in her mouth. As one hand was feeling her beautiful tit, his tongue explored her mouth.

This made Tommy even hornier and he rammed his cock harder and deeper into her pussy. Which caused her to flinch even more. The flinching she did made Tommy feel like she was enjoying it more and more. So he banged harder at her pussy until he couldn’t hold back any longer.

Tommy started coming inside of her pussy, gaziantep escort telefonları with a very strong force that she felt right away. And he kept pumping his cock inside of her till he was sure he had emptied all his juices into this sweet tight love canal.

As Tommy was finishing his fucking of Donna, the car pulled up the dirt road to an old barn. Where the others got out and waited on Tommy, because they knew he was one crazy son of a bitch.

Tommy got out of the car and grabbed Donna by her hair, dragging’ her out of the car into the ground. He told her to listen to him or she would be in great danger. He lead her into the barn and told her no one could hear her if she tried to scream and he’d hurt her if she did.

Once inside the barn, Tommy pulled off her shoes and pants from her legs. Pushing her back across a bale of hay, he grabbed her shirt and pulled it all the way off her body. Then he pulled her bra off over her arms and had her completely naked by now. He instructed his friends to have there way with this woman.

As Donna lay there helpless, she felt another cock enter her pussy and though oh God I can’t do this again. Then she was surprised to feel a cock at her mouth, trying to push its way into her mouth. When she heard Tommy telling her to either suck it or loose her teeth.

She slowly opened her mouth to feel a cock pushing its way in there. She was told to suck it and suck it really good or else. So she tried to suck it the best she could, even though she has never had a cock in her mouth before.

Tim was pumping his dick in her pussy, like he has never ever had any pussy before. While John was pushing his cock in her mouth. John was pumping it in and out of her mouth and lips, like he was fucking a pussy.

Tim let out a loud moan and started coming inside her pussy, while John was pumping her mouth. She could feel the boy coming inside her as she was tasting the precum from the cock in her mouth. As she felt the cock in her mouth grow bigger, she started feeling the cock hit the back of her throat. She was about to start gagging from this when she felt the cum shoot to the back of her throat. It made her gag a lot and she tried not to throw up. But the taste and the cock in her throat was making her sick.

Tim pulled out of her and Jack jumped right between her legs and started shoving his cock into her with a force like he was on a mission. She could feel his big cock inside of her from the very moment gaziantep escort videoları he forced it in. It felt like it was ripping her into and he never let up for on second. You would think the way he jumped on and started hammering at her he has never had any pussy in his life.

John pulled away from her mouth and she felt another cock trying to replace it. When she heard Tommy say I want a good blow job too. As she felt the cock entering her mouth, she just went with the flow and started sucking on this on too.

Tommy felt her mouth wrap around his cock and start sucking. He thought that this bitch must like all this, which made him feel hornier. He began pushing his cock deep inside her mouth, and as he did he could hear her gagging as he hit the back of her throat each time.

Tommy just kept on pumping her mouth and trying to drive his cock down her throat. Until he was at the point where he couldn’t hold back anymore. Tommy let his cum go and it was such a driving force that she almost threw up all over Tommy.

The four guys took turns fucking and making her suck them for hours, until they felt her pussy and mouth were worn out. Then Tommy forced her over onto her tummy, climbed on top of her from the back and pushed his cock into her asshole.

Donna felt herself being turned over and thought what the fuck. Then she felt one of them on top of her. Then it was an instance later. When she felt the sharp, stabbing pain from her ass. He had driven’ his cock into her asshole. The pain was just too much to bear and she had to find away to get it out.

Tommy could feel that this ass has never been touched before and it drove him wild. He began to drive his cock deeper and deeper in her ass. He could feel the muscles in her ass contracting around his cock. And it made him want it more.

Donna could feel her ass ripping apart and wish she could end it right now. But she knew that she was in a world of trouble and would be getting fucked more than once in her ass.
And as every stroke pounded her ass harder and harder. She felt like something was ripping inside of her.

Tommy couldn’t hold back any longer. He let his juices go and felt an orgasm like never before, as his cum pumped deep into her ass canal. Tommy pulled his cock out and Donna felt another one replace it.

They fuck her for several hours in every hole and made her suck them all just to get their cocks hard again.

Then they took her into the car and drove her to a back road, where they threw her out of the car as the others jumped in, and drove away like a bat out of hell.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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