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Note from the Author: Sorry it has been awhile, Life and Death happen, and I have been otherwise distracted by other things, but here is another chapter in the saga that is about Urges… Also, remember, this is just a story, and all characters are 18 or older. Enjoy and keep in mind that grammar and spelling are not my specialty, so be gentle in the comments if you feel the need to give constructive criticism —TheOtisNoel.

Urges…Ch. 07

After my mother had sneaked into my room to inform me of her decision to give me exclusive rights to both her pussy and her mouth, we then made very passionate love to each other for the next hour. I know I came twice more that night, both times deep inside her, as she would not let me cum anywhere else. But she seemed to me cumming on my cock over and over, I lost count of the number of times she clamped down on me, milking me over and over. I even got to experience her strongest and deepest orgasm after my first orgasm. She had been riding me in the cowgirl position, when I could not control my urge to erupt deep in her tight and warm, pregnant, pussy. The moment my sperm erupted into her, she lost control herself, as if my ejaculate had set off some sort of chemical reaction deep inside her, like a catalyst meant to trigger her cervical spasms. I was very surprised by her suddenly letting go of her own ejaculate all over me as she came, falling forward, kissing me deeply, and holding me tight to her body.

After laying against me, breathing returning to normal and resting for about five minutes, she lifted herself up off of me. She turned around and dived down onto my wet and limp dick. Her mouth and tongue bringing it back to life in mere moments,

“God it is nice to have an available cock that can fuck and go again almost immediately.” I heard her whisper to herself. She then turned back to me and again mounted me, for another round of multiple orgasms for her overheated and pregnant pussy.

“Thank you for that, Baby” she whispered into my ear when we finally finished. “You don’t know how badly I needed that, after…”

I kissed her forehead and brushed her now sweaty hair away from her face, “I think I have an idea of what you mean, Mom.”

“I love you.” she said almost in her normal speaking voice, a small amount of emotion boiling over into her voice.

“I know, Mom” I replied, “I love you too.”

“I know you do” she whimpered to me as she sat up. “I am sorry though, but I should go back to my bed.”

“I know.” I again replied, knowing the truth, but wanting nothing more than for her to stay right there with me as we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

She fell back into my arms one more time, kissing me deeply, our tongues dancing together as if they have been partners for decades, and her pregnant belly pressed against me firmly enough that I felt the little one kicking against me.

“Oof, did you feel that, Baby?” She questioned me but not waiting for my answer as she gets up out of my bed and continued. “Your little sister is telling me that we need to get some sleep, and even she knows that sleep isn’t going to happen in this bed tonight if I do stay.”

I nodded my agreement realizing my dick was already starting to get stiff yet again. “She is probably right.” I whisper.

“Mmmm…god you are hard again already?” She says, shaking her head in disbelief as hand brushes my hardening member. “No, I must control myself, I need to sleep, sorry lover, but you will have to wait until the morning, after your father and sister aren’t around. I promise to make it up to you, okay?”

I nod silently and she smiles. Bending down to kiss me gently on the lips before she leaves me there in the dark, alone on my sex drenched bed. It wasn’t long before my exhausted body fell into a much needed sleep.

But my sleep wasn’t long lasting as I was awakened by a warm and wet feeling surrounding my rapidly growing member. My first thought was that my mother had returned, not able to control her own urges, but was quickly corrected when the mouth that surrounded my cock released me very briefly.

“Mmmm, Mom and you taste amazing together.” Jessica’s voice cutting the silence of my room before she swallows karataş escort my cock again. She did not hesitate for a moment as she pressed down against my oversexed cock, letting it slide into her throat. I couldn’t resist letting my hands brush through her hair as she deep throated me. She hummed softly as she bobbed up and down fucking me with her mouth and throat to what had to been my sixth or seventh orgasm since I woke yesterday.

Once my balls were fully drained and my cock refused to again stiffen in Jessica’s welcoming mouth, she quickly laid down by my side. I could feel her naked breasts pressing against my side as she hugged me tightly and laid her head against my chest.

I barely hear her, as she whispers, “Thank you for letting me do that, you will never understand how much I wanted to taste you again.”

I rubbed her back, as our legs intertwined and I whispered back to her. “No, thank you, I needed it too.”

“Really?” she asked lifting her head and resting her chin against my chest. “Even after fucking Mom for over an hour?”

I looked down at her, smiling. “Oh, did you hear us?”

“More like I was listening for it and watched you two when I knew you guys were distracted enough to not notice me spying on the two of you.”

I just stared into her smiling face, in disbelief.

“I even played with myself the entire time, I am so jealous of her.” she said and she laid her head against my chest again.

“Why?” I asked, knowing I sounded a bit dense as I asked.

I felt her shrug, and a moment later she said, “because I am fucking horny all the time, and…” She paused for a another moment before adding, “and I kinda want to know what it would feel like with my little brother’s cock inside of me, like he does to my mother.”

“Our mother,” I correct her.

“Yes, our already pregnant and apparently slutty mother.” she giggles out as she buries her face in my chest.

“Well, Jess. We can…” I start to say, but she shakes her head no.

“I am not ready for that, not yet, but thank you.” she whispers as she rubs my arm absent mindedly. “I will accept that offer eventually, but I need to make sure I am ready. Until then, I am happy to watch you and Mom, and suck you off whenever you want me to.”

I rub her back again not responding immediately.

“Is that okay?” she asked looking up at me again.

I nod.

“Good.” She said smiling, and returning to rest against me. The heat of her naked body keeping me warm as we slowly drift off to sleep.

The gasp and sudden “Oh!” wakes me from the blissful sleep I was in.

I open my eyes to see Mom looking down at me from my bedroom door, her robe open and her naked pregnant belly, swollen boobs, and her reddened pussy mound on full display. The expression on her face is one of disappointment and sadness.

“Mom!” I say out as she turns and leaves before Jessica lifts her head awakened by my voice.

“Huh?” she questions as drool stretches from her lips to my chest where she was using me as her pillow.

“Sorry, Jess” I say quietly as I move out from under her to go after Mom. “Mom just saw us, and I think she thinks that we…”

“Oh god, yeah go, I will be okay..” I heard her say as I left my room, naked, running after my mother.

After a short search around the house, I find her in the kitchen, her robe tied around her and her crying to herself as she washes the dishes that had been left in the sink from my father’s breakfast.

“Mom?” I say as I enter the kitchen.

Mom just shakes her head as she continues to wash and cry. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt the two of you.”

“Mom, you didn’t interrupt us, we were just sleeping.” I tried to explain. “Jessica watched us last night, and when you left for your room, she came in and laid down with me so that I wouldn’t feel abandoned or something”

Mom turned off the water in the sink and started crying again. “Oh God! I did abandon you, didn’t I? I just fucked you silly and left you alone. What a fucking whore I am.”

“Mom! I almost shouted at her, surprised by what she said. “You are not a whore.” I said more softly to her as I came up karataş escort bayan behind her, wrapping my arms around her. “And you didn’t abandon me, at least I didn’t feel abandoned, I understand why you had to go.”

“Really?” she asked in a surprised tone, still crying.

“Really.” I respond as I try to turn her around to face me and I look into her eyes.

She looks up at me with tear filled eyes. “so you two didn’t…” she asked searching for the words.

I looked into her eyes and shook my head, “we didn’t have sex, well not really…” I started to falter as I realized I would not lie to her again. “I mean, she did suck me off when she first came to my room after you left…and to be fully honest with you, she had given me a blow job in the living room earlier last night when you and dad were…”

She sniffled back some tears and nodded, “I figured she that was what I saw happening when I came to talk to you, but I wasn’t sure. I thought it was just a jealous thought.”

“Mom, I…” I started, but she interrupted me.

“No, Otis, its okay. I am not mad. Just a little shocked to know that you and your sister are also…”

“Just acting on our urges? Like my mother and I are?”

She stopped and stared into my eyes, as I looked back into hers, my face trying to convey that she had nothing to worry about. “But you haven’t…?” She whispered.

“No, Mom, we haven’t. You are the only…” I started to reply, when she pushed herself deep against me into a tight hug.

“I’m sorry, I just thought, and I was suddenly so jealous of my own daughter.”

“You have no reason to be jealous. She and I have talked. She wants to eventually, but she said she isn’t ready yet, and for now, if it is okay with you, she want to not have to sneak around and spy on us. She is okay with the two of us having this…well, relationship.”

“She is? Really?”

“Yes, she is.” Jessica’s voice suddenly says from the doorway to the kitchen. “Your very understanding daughter is okay with her mother and brother doing very very naughty things to each others naked bodies.”

For the first time both mother and I realize I am stark naked standing in the kitchen, and mom’s tears quickly turn into embarrassment as she tries to release the hug and pull her robe tighter.

“Oops.” I say, my face and body flushing with my own embarrassment.

“No, no. Don’t let me interrupt. I am just making sure everything is okay, and I want you to hear me say it too.” Jessica continues as she comes into the kitchen nearly naked herself and starts to make herself a cup of coffee. “Like I said, I am okay with whatever you two do.” she takes a sip of coffee and sits at the dining table, still watching the two of us. “and as long as its okay, I would like to watch sometimes.”

Mom, now no longer sniffling, her eyes and face in total shock, starts to say,


“Mom?” Jessica replies before letting her finish.

“You can’t mean…?”

Jessica smiles and takes another sip of her coffee, before setting it down on the table. Her eyes never leaving Mom or me, as she spreads her legs in the chair she is in and slides her panties to the side giving the two of us an open view of her very red and sex ready crotch. “Do you see, Mother? The idea of watching little brother fuck his, well our, pregnant and horny mom, has me…” she dips her finger into the open slit of her pussy as she pauses for effect. Then showing us the very obvious viscous proof of her arousal, she continues, “positively dripping with anticipation.”

Watching her overtly sexual display, my cock started to stiffen. Being on display myself, Jessica nodded to Mom and then motioned towards my now solid rod. Mom followed the Jessica’s gaze and saw my ready member as well, as I stared over at

Jessica as she fingered herself at the table.

“Mommy,” Jessica cooed “I think Otis is have some urges towards his sister that are not so appropriate.”

Mother just looked over at me and nodded silently with her mouth agape.

“Otis, do you have an urge to fuck your sister?” Jessica questioned.

I nodded.

“See mommy? He can’t control his escort karataş urges. He needs to do something or he is going to do something he shouldn’t to me, and I am still a good girl that is saving herself. What if he acts out on those urges of his, those naughty, dirty, taboo urges he has to fuck his sister?”

“Jessica…” I start to say, not knowing exactly what her she is trying to play at.

“You need to help me Mama, or he is going to…” she pushes two of her fingers into her slick pussy for effect. “…not be able to control his urges any more.

I suddenly feel Mom turn me towards her and she smiles up at me as she turns toward the sink again, but this time she lifts the back of her robe to reveal her shapely naked ass to me. “Baby, I need you to put that inside me right now.”

“But Mom?”

“No butts, put it in my pussy, and fuck me. Right now, right here. I need it. I need your dick deep inside of me at this very moment.”

I am not an idiot, and I certainly am not wanting to disappoint my mother any more than she already has been this morning, I step up behind her. I lower myself so my upturned cock finds its way under her, so that it angles up into her hot and horny

sex. The moment the tip makes contact with her lips she pushes back against it, impaling herself on my turgid shaft. The sudden heat, and slickness of her sodden fuck hole has my mind in a whirl and I take a hold of her hips and start to fuck her for all I am worth, Jessica and her pussy no longer a thought.

“Oh God, yes!” My mother moans out as the sounds of our bodies slap together and echo through the kitchen, “Give it too me, you horny motherfucker. Fuck your mother, just like that.”

I reach up and grab of her tits that has come out of her now open and useless robe, and take hold of her nipple, rolling it between my fingertips as I continue to piston into my pregnant mother.

“Oh sweet heavens, yes, yes, yes…” She cries out.

The “slap slap slap” of our bodies slamming together out of control as we rut in the kitchen over the sink, is only enhanced slightly by the “slick slick slick” of my rod enter my mother’s now convulsing pussy, and the “squish squish squish” of Jessica’s fingers as she finger fucks herself to the show she has inspired and orchestrated.

“Baby, I am cumming!” My mother screams out, her pussy clamping down on me like a vice grip, and pulling on me with a friction I never thought possible. “I need you to cum in me. Give me all of your cum, baby, Get it all out of your system. Put it all inside me.”

“Yeah little bro, its not like she is going to get pregnant, right?” My sister chimed in.

The sudden thought of actually impregnating my mom, and giving her another baby after this one was born, had me over the tipping point and I slammed my hips into her ass cheeks as hard as I could, holding my pulsing cock as deep in my mothers pussy as I could, as I emptied my balls into her greedy and wanting womb. Suddenly I felt a warm wet hand grabbing my balls from behind and the sudden intrusion of a pussy slickend thumb into my ass, as Jessica decided to get up from the table, come over to the Mother-Son union, and help me empty even more cum into our mother, by massaging my prostrate and balls as I kept spewing my seed into our mother.

A few moments passed as we all let our breathing settle. Mom still bent over the sink, drunk on her own orgasm. Me with my cock still buried to the hilt in my pregnant mother as my sister thumbed my ass and cupped my balls.

Jessica was the first to speak after, “Well then, See? We are all happy now.” She slowly pulling her thumb out of my butt and letting my balls go.

Mom indicated to me that she was ready for me to pull out of her. I did, and she turned around smiling up at me as she rubbed her belling and one of her breasts. “Yes, Baby. We are all happy now. Thank you for that, it was very liberating in a way, knowing that your brother and I won’t have to hide this from everyone.”

“Yeah, I was going to ask….” Jessica started.

“About your father?” Mom finished.

Jessica nodded.

“Well that is a difficult question, but right now I know two things…One, he needs to remain in the dark about this, for now. And two, he has his own urges that he needs to work through.” She said to my sister and I smiling.

“Oh really? Maybe I can help him with those too” Jessica said as she dropped to the floor in front of me and sucked my wet and cum covered cock into her mouth in front of our mother.

End Part 07

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