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“Damn, you made it, what, a week?” Rob grins, his feet propped up on his coffee table, eating pretzels while we watch Miami Heat play Philly. I toss my glasses onto the table and lean forward with my elbows on my knees. I rub my eyes until I see stars. I want to pull my eyes out of my head.

I don’t have anything to say to him. A week and a half, possibly, but it doesn’t matter. I sigh.

Rob glances at me, “When are you gonna tell her how you feel?”

I laugh, but there’s no humor in it, “How I feel?”

Rob shouts at whatever happened in the game. I missed it. I haven’t been able to keep my mind on the game to even follow what the fuck is going on. I scratch my scruff.

“Yeah, ’bout how you’ve been in love with her ass since 8th grade,” he yawns and stretches. Curses at Philly.

“Okay, I will admit to having complicated feelings for her, but I have not been in love with her since junior high,” I shake my head and rub my temples, trying to hold back a headache that’s been threatening to take over for days.

My phone buzzes. It’s Veronica.

Veronica: look lmao

She sends me a screencap of a Tinder profile. The dude is trying real hard, and it makes me laugh. Janessa set up her profile and she’s been exploring, which means I get 10 of these a day, but I don’t mind.

Me: he said he’s tired of all the games, so you’d better swipe left.

Veronica: well u can just call me monopoly

Veronica: no passing go no $200

I chuckle.

“You are so adorable, know that?” Rob coos. I just look at him. His thousand watt playboy smile takes up his whole face and I can’t help but laugh.

“Flirt,” I say dryly. He booms with laughter.

“So you spend all of the past weekend with Vivi, fuck her sideways the whole time, bring her home to have dinner at the crib with your family, but y’all are just friends?” Rob purses his lips. “I know that’s who you’re texting, too, because you smiling stupid.”

Another text. This one is not Veronica.

Audra: Hey, is it okay if I come by today to pick up some stuff?

I close my eyes. It feels like I have no air in my lungs. No, it’s not okay, I don’t want to see her.

I sigh.

Me: of course. When were you thinking?

My eyes water. I squeeze the bridge of my nose, and will myself to get my shit together.

“Yeah, Rob. She’s on the rebound, I am…” I sigh and gesture to my phone. “Whatever the fuck this is.”

He pauses and looks back at me. “Rebound?”

I nod.

“Do not tell me you’re doin that stupid rule shit, again,” he sets the pretzels on the coffee table and turns to me. I don’t respond.

Audra: after dinner?

Me: sure. See you then.

“You are. You’re doing your bullshit Rebound rules shit. Goddamn, Rakeem, why?” he looks incredulous.

“To make sure…” I trail off. I don’t know why, I hate these rules.

“How can it be rebounding if you two literally come together every single time y’all are single? And not eventually over beers, but like immediately. You use that pussy for tissues. You dry her eyes with your dick. How is that a rebound? That!” he turns and motions at the game, “That is a fucking rebound. This,” he motions between me and my phone. “This is just drama.”

I roll my neck, “We just scratch each other’s itches in between.”

I’m parroting her words because it’s easier than dealing with the surge of feelings that came rushing back the second she opened the door wearing her mom’s comforter like a hermit with her hair poking up like a pineapple from her scrunchie. I smile to myself. It was very Veronica.

I thought I got over her after the last three years with Audra, only to have my feelings spill everywhere the second she looked at me with those big, deep brown eyes. Her impish smile.

And for the first time, I fucked her without holding anything back, just straight up took what I wanted from her and she gave it to me in return. I made her cum again and again. I can’t remember the last time I had sex like that. And then she pulls the rulebook on me.

I forgot about Audra for the evening. I forgot about everything. That’s the drug. She’s the only one who can make me forget.

Two glorious nights with her in my arms, kissing her everywhere, tasting her. When we got back to her place after dinner at mine, I had her for dessert on her kitchen table, in a rare moment that she actually allowed me to eat her. I made her cum on my tongue again and again until she screamed and fought me off her. Then I filled her with my cum like an artist signs his work imagining her glowing and pregnant and mine. I’m out of my mind.

She makes me crazy. And I need to pull back because of her need for these boundaries before I get completely lost in her and I push her away for good.

I touch my fingers to my lips like she’s still there.

“Nah, it ain’t all that,” Rob leers. “If it was just scratching itches you wouldn’t have gone to her house.”

I don’t miss the way his eyes sweep over me, and I smirk. Hd Porno His eyes linger at my fly and my smile broadens. It’s been a long time since that happened, too.

“See, you know the difference between the two,” he purrs. I can’t help but laugh.

“Now you’re making it about you,” I tease. “I’m just a BBC to you.”

Rob bursts out laughing, big and booming. He shakes his head.

“You’re playin’ yourself,” he smirks. “You need to be real with her, and throw out those fuckin’ rules.”

I shake my head, “It’s not like that. Plus I’m still fucked up about Audra.”

Actually, it absolutely is like that but I can’t. I can’t have Veronica push me away, either. If I’ve gotta play by the fuckin’ rules, I’ll play by the fuckin’ rules.

Leave it to me to have to get over two women at the same time.

Veronica texts me another profile pic.

Veronica: i am actually going out 2 coffee with this 1 tmo

I study him. White guy, muscular. Nice smile. He doesn’t bother me. None of them do. They never last. She always comes back to me.

I laugh out loud. “She’s sending me pictures of her tinder dates.”

Me: when you come home unsatisfied you know where to find me

Veronica: u gonna make me better coffee?

Me: of course. I make everything better for you

I shift my pants. I want her to sit on my fucking face, forget this Aiden or Brayden or Kaiden.

I rally and breathe to prevent my chub from turning into a full on erection.

She sends me a tidal wave emoji.

Rob looks at me speculatively, looking at me the way people look at abstract art.

“What?” I tilt my head.

“Remember when you turned 21 you fucked everyone you met? Cuz you fine as hell with a nice dick and you knew it?”

“My fuckboy period,” I admit. I sort of miss those years. My only worry was which line would get the cougar in bed. Now it’s whether or not Devante is getting in trouble in school or whether Mom and I have enough money to pay the house and the lawyer.

“I think it’s time to bring the fuckboy back,” he says.

“Nah, I’m good,” I shake my head.

“I’m serious, you need to cleanse your palate, you’ve been on the same pussy for three years, and now hanging on some pussy that doesn’t give you the time of day. And you are so bogged down with all your family drama. Just…have fun then find out where you’re at, you know what I’m sayin? Give someone else the chance to be your rebound, and maybe then you’ll figure your shit out,” he insists.

“So, what am I supposed to do, then?” I raise my eyebrows.

“Fuck someone else,” he looks at me like I’m stupid.

“You?” I tease.

“Now listen, that is tempting as fuck so a, you’re not playing fair, and b, I am not trifling with your drama mongering ass,” Rob looks at my crotch and obvious lack of tent pointedly, then gives me a withering look.

I roll my neck and rest my head back on the couch. I’m tired.

“Let’s go out,” he grins.

I shake my head. Pass.

“Come on,” he urges.

“I’m not social,” I grouse.

“Yes you are, you’re just in your feelings, quit being stupid,” he throws a couch pillow at me hard. He’s getting cranky. It makes me laugh.

“This weekend, bar hopping and pussy,” he informs me.

I shrug. It’s worth a shot, I guess. Tonight, though, I have other shit on my mind.


When Audra comes over, Mom and Malia are going at it about her grades and how mom got yet another call from the attendance office about Malia’s truancy.

Thankfully, once Audra enters, they cool it immediately and my mom smiles kindly at her. Malia glares at them both and storms to her room.

“Hi, sweetie!” Mom hugs and kisses her. “Are you here for dinner? I can make you a plate.”

I head upstairs, leaving them there, and continue collecting Audra’s various possessions that have accumulated in my room over the years. Clothes. Makeup. Jewelry. There’s something of hers in every corner. Contact fluid, a pack of gum, lotion.

It’s overwhelming. I snap a photo of the box with shit in it and send it to V.

Me: this is less than half of her shit in here

Veronica: is she there rn?

I smile.

Me: that was fast I thought you were having coffee with Thor

Veronica: lmao I am! In the bathroom

Me: show me

I have no idea how she’s going to react. I’ve been pressing her and I know it.

Audra walks in and I tuck my phone in my back pocket. I straighten despite the feeling of being crushed under the weight of an avalanche at the sight of her.

“Does your mom know we’re broken up?” she asks softly, her arms crossed, leaning against the doorframe, not quite coming into the room.

My phone buzzes rapidfire with back to back texts. I tense. I want to look right now.

“Yeah, she knows, she just loves you,” I murmur and look away from the guilt that crosses her beautiful face. “I got started, here’s a box. I brought a couple of trash bags if you think those will help and there’s another Amazon box. Türkçe Altyazılı Porno Don’t forget to check the bathroom, I think you might have some stuff in there too, maybe meds. Definitely some makeup.”

“You’re not staying?” Audra asks in a tiny voice.

I look at her. Really look at her. Her dark gray eyes striking, piercing me like they always do.

Her eyes are her father’s, but everything else, from the soft curve of her round nose to the slope of her hips and long legs–those are gifts from her mother. Her gold streaked hair, naturally coiled tight but left free like a halo, the light tawny brown of her skin the color of a sandy beach at first light…all together blend into one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and her looks are not even the most attractive thing about her.

I’m waxing poetic again.

I wish I didn’t have to see her. I guess I’ve been staring because her voice breaks, “Rakeem? You’re not staying?”

I look away and squeeze my eyes shut, and shake my head no.

“Sorry,” I mumble. “Text me when you’re done.” I move past her and jog down the stairs leaving her sniffles behind me.

Jasmine watches me with sad eyes from the sink where she’s drying dishes, but Devante is singing some Post Malone song as he washes. I spare her a forced smile and I head out the door without my coat.

I need to walk. Drive. I need to get out of here. Do anything.

I hop in my Jeep, where I’m going I don’t know.

I hook up my music to blare it, but every single song reminds me of Audra.

“How is she going to come to my house crying?” I shout to no one. How is she going to fucking rip me in two and then have the nerve to expect me to watch her leave?

I let out a scream. I’m so fucking tired of all of this.

I pull up and park at the riverbank. I sit on the hood of my car and watch NYC lights glitter across the black waters of the Hudson at night.

I think about Audra and her aspirations. I think about Devante, trying to navigate this bully situation without making shit worse for him. Malia lashing out, skipping school, smoking weed. Granny’s blood sugar. I think about how Mom works her damn fingers to the bone, her long shifts at the hospital.

She’s losing weight. Maybe I can look up easy food for her to take to work that she can snack on. Keep her energy up.

I think about Avery and our fucked up justice system that’s keeping my stepdad from being home.

The world seems so small, yet it all feels too big. I pinch the bridge of my nose, and realize that I am numb all over. I’m not sure how long I’ve been out here but too long, I’m sure. Mom’s probably wondering where I’m at. She doesn’t get on my ass though. The benefit of being an adult, I guess.

I climb back into my car and check my phone. When it unlocks, the text screen from my conversation with Veronica is open from when I hastily shoved my phone in my pocket.

Shit! I can’t believe I forgot. I scroll up.

Four pictures await me all from the bathroom of a Starbucks from hours ago.

The first is a booty shot of her ample ass in lacy cheeky panties, her skirt pushed up and over her ass. My heart leaps into my throat.

“Oh,” I say stupidly in my empty car.

The next is those same panties but this time from the front, her long black nails tugging the lace aside giving me just a glimpse of that forbidden flesh. I can see the moisture. I am rock fucking hard.

The next photo her hand is inside her panties parting her pussy lips behind a veil of lace. I can see that she’s wet to her thighs. My God.

The final picture is not actually a picture but a video of her beautiful face as she wraps her ruby red lips around her glistening fingers and sucks them clean.

I unzip my pants right here in this parking lot and let my cock free. I play the video again and start to stroke myself. I want her so fucking bad, goddamn.

I slide my hand up and down in a familiar rhythm, looking at her pictures, remembering how she clenched and writhed on my cock. How slippery for me she always is.

I rest my head back and moan as I fist my cock. I think back to the first time, when we were kids but thought we were grown because we were out of high school. That sticky night in June after her prom, the tension between us breaking with her kisses, leading all the way to her carefully riding me–so carefully– on the roof of my old apartment building, my suit pants pushed down and her big fluffy prom dress hiked around her waist. She looked so beautiful that night. She’s only more beautiful now.

I didn’t know until years later that she was a virgin. I thought it was our size difference that made her go so slow.

I filter through the memories, waking up next to her one summer and missing my polítical science class to spend another hour under her, listening to her whimpers and mewls.

Ugh. I fuck my hand harder. I’m seriously about to cum in my car in a random parking lot.

I’m hit by an insane idea. Brazzers I look around the parking lot, double checking that I’m alone. I pop on the dome light and push my shirt up. I set my phone to record, awkwardly holding it on my knee so that she has a view of my cock and abs next to the steering wheel.

A thrill rushes through me and I increase my speed, playing with my foreskin the way she likes to until I throw my head back with a quiet moan and cum spurts on my belly. I pant and stop the video, and look around for something to clean up with.

A work rag covered in paint does the job nicely.

Holy shit, I just fucking jacked it in a parking lot. I start to laugh.

I start to laugh a lot.

This life is absurd. I tuck my cock away and hit the dome light, shrouding the inside of the car in darkness. I debate sending it to her.

At that exact moment, she texts me.

Veronica: home

Veronica: unsatisfied w u leaving me on read

I send it. I hesitate, but I text anyway.

Me: Sorry. I was busy.

She’s typing. She’s not. She’s typing. She’s not. She’s typing. I’m nervous she’s going to hit me with some bullshit and I hold my breath.

A full minute passes and then…

Veronica: fuckkkkkk

And then,

Veronica: let me catch up 😉

Catch up? As in–

I’m momentarily paralyzed and I gently set my phone screen down on the passenger’s seat, my body tingling with anticipation. I put the Jeep in gear and resolve not to look at my phone until I get home and I’m safely in my room with my fucking door locked because I know for a goddamn fact that I’m going to need to do this again.

I get home fast thanks to driving fifteen over the speed limit like a jackass. I can already feel myself getting hard again. I want her so bad I almost drive straight to her house. I restrain myself.

Audra’s car is gone when I get home, a small mercy. I try to walk like a normal human through my door and up the stairs. It’s late and I don’t want to wake anyone up because I’m ready to run like I’m going for gold.

When I get to my room, though, I stop abruptly, and it feels like the wind was knocked out of me.

It looks different. Empty. It’s hard to look at. I guess I didn’t realize how much stuff Audra had here until it was gone. Books are missing from the bookshelf. Plants in my windowsill. She tidied, too. My bed is made and my things are neatly arranged without hers.

I feel the burning in my eyes.

My phone buzzes in my pocket, but the urgency I had moments ago has left. Slowly, I kick off my shoes and put them in the closet. Which has a lot more space now. Jesus, she practically lived here.

I swallow hard.

My phone buzzes again. I’m not in the mood anymore. I take a deep breath and steel myself to look anyway.

Holy shit, I want to fucking die.

Veronica is getting off and it feels like I just got hit by a truck. I slowly sink down to my bed. There’s a couple videos there. I play the first video as I unbutton my jeans.

I can just watch while I get ready for bed, right?

Her phone must be propped up on her nightstand. She treats me to a strip tease as she pulls down her PJ pants. I drop mine on the floor staring at her panties, the lacy ones replaced by a pair of black ones. She tugs up her shirt and runs her hand between her legs. Holding the hem of her shirt between her teeth, she wriggles out of her panties.

I’m mesmerized. She takes a step forward until her pussy fills the frame. The video ends.

Holy fuck. I pull my shirt off and drop it on the floor with my jeans and climb into my bed.

I play the next one, but don’t touch my cock, despite the strain against my boxers. Her position is different. We’re on the bed and the phone is between her legs, giving me a full frontal view of her parted lips.

I groan. My dick throbs like I didn’t just cum twenty minutes ago.

I watch those black taloned fingers swipe down along her slit. With two fingers she spreads them showing me how wet she is. My attention immediately zeros in on her engorged clit, and my mouth is watering. She dips her fingers into her hole, collecting her dripping juice and smears it across her clit. I’m reeling.

At some point, I guess I must have grabbed my cock anyway because I am squeezing it, stroke by stroke, wild with the desire to have my tongue where her fingers are. I work my boxers down and off.

So much for just watching.

She begins to work her clit and I can hear her breathing change and precum dribbles down my tip. I work it into my hand as lube and shudder.

She’s softly moaning now and I can see her rolling her hips as she furiously works her clit. I’m moaning with her, just as softly, glued to the video.

That one ends.

Veronica: more?

Me: you could be at my house in 20 minutes if you leave now.

Me: I am so hungry for that pussy

She doesn’t reply, and I drop my head back, eyes closed, working my hand up and down.

Another video comes through and immediately I play it, she’s got something sparkly and purple plugging her cunt. It hums quietly and she rocks on it.


Her moans are picking up as she fucks her toy and rubs her cunt for me. I am once again fucking my hand in a desperate bid to ease the insane lust she inspires in me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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