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This would be the first valentine’s day in twenty seven years we had spent alone together. The last of our kids had finally flown the nest, transferring to a college across the state in January. It had taken me a while to get the plans together, but my wife was going to be surprised as hell. I had arranged with the principle at the school she teaches to have Monday and Tuesday off. Her co-teacher was in on it as well, making sure that all the lesson plans were done and everything was ready for her to be gone, hopefully without tipping her off to the fact she would be gone. The plane tickets for late tonight were in my pocket and the suit cases were packed. All that remained was for her to come home and I would whisk her off for a four day weekend in Aspen.

We had always wanted to try skiing, and this was going to be it. I had a romantic suite booked, ski lessons lined up, everything was ready, and she had no idea that in less than an hour we would be headed on our way for what I hoped would be a romantic getaway. I looked at the clock getting nervous, she should have been home an hour ago. Even Friday evening traffic wasn’t that bad. I was tempted to call her cell, but I didn’t want to give anything away. I waited impatiently, checking and re-checking my mental list that I had everything taken care of. Finally I saw lights in the driveway. I pulled on my coat and headed out the door to greet her. I stopped; puzzled as a highway patrol car stopped in front of the garage… this wasn’t my wife’s truck.

My world crashed around me as he explained how a drunk weaving through traffic had side swiped her, sending her out of control into the median. Her truck caught one of the wires of the new center dividers that were installed to prevent vehicles from crossing into the oncoming traffic, causing her new truck to flip over, rolling several times before coming to rest on its side in the oncoming lanes of the interstate. The semi carrying a load of steel had no chance to stop before it plowed into the roof of her truck. He said he was sure she didn’t suffer, as if somehow that would help.

The trooper was very sorry for my loss, and drove off, leaving me sitting in my living room in shock, my wife and love gone in an instant, my life a shambles.


I sat in my office, looking at a picture of my wife, mulling over the coming third anniversary of her death. Mandy came into my office, her usual smile on her face and her blond hair framing her sparkling green eyes.

“How’s Mike today?” She asked in her usual cheerful way.

“As well as can be expected.” I said, setting the picture down on my desk.

“I thought we weren’t going to dwell on this any longer?” she said quietly as she stepped around the desk and picked up the picture, holding it for a moment before setting it down in the desk drawer and closing it gently. “You know Sue wouldn’t have wanted you to waist away like this.”

“Yeah yeah… I know. But dating at my age just isn’t as easy as it sounds. Who wants an old fart like me?”

“Forty five isn’t old!” She said with a grin.

“That’s easy for you to say. You’re only… what, thirty two…thirty four?” I asked her.

“You know I’ll never tell.” She giggled as she set the papers she brought with her down on my desk.

“Well, you don’t look any older than that.” I replied seriously.

“I bet you say that to all the pretty coeds that are tromping in and out of here every day.”

“You know students are off limits.” I said with a shake of my head. “Besides… twenty something is just too young. I have daughters that age!”

“So you do.” She said, looking down at me with her laughing eyes. “You can drop these by later if you want or I can come back and pick them up.”

“Either way.” I said as I looked down at the stack I had to read through. Work as a professor is never quite done, and the paperwork is endless.

“I’ll come back later then.” She said, gently swiping a finger across the back of my hand before stepping around my desk and heading out of the office.

Mandy had been much more than a good secretary, she had been a life saver the last three years. We talked for hours about my life before the accident and how I was coping with things after. Her own divorce in the middle of it all meant we both had lots to talk about. Tina was a big help too, checking up on me when Mandy wasn’t around. There wasn’t a day that went by when one of the two good looking secretaries didn’t stop by to see me or call me. Even weekends were covered. I secretly wondered if they had some schedule written down to make sure one of them had looked in on me.

They would show up unannounced on Sundays, sometimes together, sometimes alone, and sit with me to watch foot ball or a NASCAR race, or clean parts of my house while they cooked wonderful dinners for me. Apparently a man’s version of clean doesn’t quite match a woman’s. I protested often that they didn’t have to, but they always insisted “that was what friends were for” and I have to admit, two better friends didn’t exist. I often wondered if her frequent altyazılı porno stops by my house were partly to blame for her divorce, but Mandy always insisted that what caused her divorce had nothing to do with me. After a year of asking I had finally given up trying to figure out exactly what that cause was.

I would often return from a fishing trip to find that my house was cleaned, my clothes washed and the even the bedding changed. The two seemed to take pleasure in seeing that I was taken care of. On one occasion I even found a new Penthouse magazine tucked under my pillow. Both of them denied any involvement, but I was pretty sure Mandy was the instigator of that. I returned the favor by slipping a playgirl magazine into her desk drawer, well sealed in a brown paper wrapper of course. She told me I was dirty old man, but her smile and twinkling eyes told me she knew exactly what it was for, and I suspected that she wished we would carry it farther than we did.

Mandy was thirty something, but refused to tell me exactly what that something was. She was very pretty and had a nice body, firm round tits, nice hips and a slim waist. It was clear she worked out to keep her body in that shape, I had tried to tell her how good it looked , but simply got shushed. Over the years I had gotten a few peeks at portions of her body while she worked, and on one occasion accidently walked in on her while she was half naked in the bathroom. I never exactly understood what she was doing cleaning the shower topless, but then I wasn’t going to ask either, not after the wonderful view of her breasts that I had been afforded. I also enjoyed her personality, which was quite bubbly and other than her divorce, nothing seemed to get her down.

Tina was just as beautiful, but in a different way. The two were best friends and were practically inseparable at work, even though they were quite different. Where Mandy had large firm breasts and a pleasantly curvy body that I quite frankly found to be quite a turn on, Tina on the other hand, was quite a bit younger and thinner with much smaller tits, maybe a large A or small B cup. Her body was clearly toned and firm, and she had legs and a perfect ass that would make any man drool, and didn’t seem to be afraid to show them off, often wearing short skirts and high heels to work.

I had never seen a tan line showing anywhere on her body, at least the parts I had managed to sneak a peek at, which in the last year was more than a gentleman should talk about. I did learn in the last year that she preferred the ‘free feeling,’ as she put it, of wearing short skirts and thong panties. I wasn’t about to complain because it allowed me frequent glimpses of her practically naked ass as she cleaned around my house. I asked her once if she was at all bothered by showing off that much of herself. At the time she was sitting reclined in my recliner, her legs spread more than what was lady-like, watching some football with me. From where I was sitting on the sofa, I could easily see the almost non-existent, pink, semi-translucent triangle of material she called underwear. She replied simply that she would never show that much in public, but we were friends and she was comfortable, but if I was uncomfortable she would refrain. I assured her that she could be as comfortable as she wished in my house. If workplace romances weren’t such a minefield, I would have asked either or both of them out long ago.

I knew Mandy was right, Sue had once said that if anything happened to her, she expected, and wanted, me to find someone I could be happy with, and not sit around and mope over her, like I was doing just now. I shook my head to clear things out and went to work on the mound of paper Mandy had dropped off. It was Friday, and if I wanted to get out of here at a decent time I would have to get at it.

It was almost noon when I heard a knock on the door. I looked up and there was a tall thin woman holding a vase of white roses.

“Mike Connel?” she asked.


“Delivery for you.” She said with a smile.

“For me?” I asked, not expecting nor knowing what to do with a huge vase of roses. “I don’t know anyone that would send me roses.”

She smiled a seductive grin. “Well, someone thinks you have something to offer… I can see why too.” She said as she cleared a spot on my desk and set them down. I was surprised to see she was dressed much nicer than what I would expect for a typical delivery woman. Her dress was form fitting and she had a very nice form to fit, thin waist, round ass and well shaped chest

I stood up and found a card in the little holder. Opening the little card a small piece of paper slipped out, revealing the message written in the card.

“Follow this map at exactly six tonight. We will turn the white of these roses red with passion! Your secret admirer.”

The message had been sealed with a lipstick kiss and smelled of a gentle fragrant perfume.

Well that explained the delivery ladies comment… but I had no idea who this secret admirer was, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to open myself up for whatever zenci porno this person had planned for me.

“Interesting card?” The delivery lady asked with the seductive smile still adorning her pretty face.

“Um.. Yes.” I said suddenly blushing.

“If it doesn’t work out… come by the shop. I’d be happy to fulfill that promise.” She said with a bright smile and a seductive wink before finally turning and walking out of the office, watching to see if I was watching her swing her hips for me. It had been a long time since I had been propositioned!

I worked all afternoon on the paperwork, frequently looking over at the roses and the card. The more I thought about it, the more curious I became. Who was my secret admirer, and what did they have in mind for me?

Mandy came into the office around three. “Got those papers for me?” She asked as she stepped into the office. “WOW… someone got some serious flowers!”

“Yeah… And I have no idea who sent them.”

“No card?” she asked questioningly.

“Yeah. There was a card.” I said picking up the small paper and card and handing it to her. She stood and read it carefully. “So… you going to follow the map?”

“I don’t know… It could be some whack job.”

“Might not be too. You never know.” She said handing the card back.

“Yeah. I’m kind of curious.” I said quietly, staring at the roses.

“Well, you ought to. Never know what you’re going to find at the end of the map.” She said with a grin.

“I suppose.” I answered.

“Well, see you later.” She said as she disappeared out of the office.

She was right, I thought to myself. What could I lose?

After working a while longer, thinking about what I should do, I finally decided… Nothing ventured nothing gained… I got up and headed home, thinking that maybe I better change and shower. I took my time at home, shower, shave, nice slacks and my sport coat. Someone went to a lot of trouble for this blind date, and I might as well look appropriate.

My curiosity was tingling, as well as certain other parts as my imagination ran away with me while I drove. I turned the last corner on the paper map and drove up a long gravel driveway. It was just past six when I parked in front of a large wood sided home set deep in the woods. The small white Christmas style lights hanging from the roof around the large porch made the light February snow we had the night before sparkle like some kind of fairy dust. I stepped onto the porch and found a note taped on the glass.

“Please come in. Follow the trail and the notes.”

I tried the handle, and the door was indeed unlocked. I stepped in, and found the same hanging lights twinkling all the way down the hall, a light layer of what looked like small red leafs spread on the floor. I bent down and picked one up. I was wrong… they were flower pedals, red rose pedals to be exact.

I closed the door behind me and followed the lights and pedals into what appeared to be a large family room area. The house was neat as a pin and looked like something out of a house and garden magazine. There was a bottle of cold beer sitting on a table next to a folded note. I picked up the note and read…”Take off your shoes, socks, and coat. Enjoy your favorite beer and then follow on.”

I looked down at the open bottle of beer, frost still clinging to the sides of the bottle. It was indeed my favorite kind. I sat down in the chair, and untied my shoes after taking a long swallow. Someone does seem to know me, I thought as I kicked off my shoes. I set the beer down and pulled off my socks, stuffing them into my shoes. Then I stood up and pulled my coat off. How did this person even know I was wearing a coat, I wondered as I hung it over the chair. Picking up the beer I followed a new trail of yellow pedals, which led me to the kitchen. Sitting in the center of the round kitchen table was a small note.

“Now is the time for trust. If you look through the glass you will find the end of the trail, but not the end of the night. Leave all you brought and sink into the warmth and you will soon find what you seek.”

The note stumped me a moment. I looked out through large glass wall, and there was a hot tub sunk in the middle of a large deck bordered on three sides by walls of the house. The eves of the roof were lined with lines of more of the twinkling Christmas lights. The tub was steaming in the cold air and the bubbles pushed around small red balloons that were floating on the surface. I looked around the kitchen I was standing in and found only the note on the table and a chair. There was no swim suit in sight, so clearly I was to strip and get in the tub. Now I understood the trust comment. I would have to trust whoever this was… could I do that? I hadn’t trusted anyone to get close to me since Sue passed… this was not going to be easy for me.

I stood and stared at the tub a long time, finishing my beer before I made up my mind. I set the empty bottle on the table and quickly pulled off my shirt and then shucked my slacks. I hesitated only a moment aldatma porno before pulling down my briefs, allowing my partially hardened dick to stick out obscenely. I slid the sliding glass door open and walked quickly across the deck and slipped into the hot water, allowing it to cover me up to the neck so I didn’t freeze. Now what, I wondered.

I didn’t have to wait long. Speakers near the house came alive with a soft sensuous song, not unlike what you might find some good looking lady swaying to in an upper class strip club. The lights around the deck went out, leaving only the lights in the tub illuminating the deck. To my surprise the lights came on in the kitchen and two ladies stepped out into the kitchen. The lighting in the kitchen gave me a perfect view of them through the almost all glass wall, although the masks they wore kept their identities hidden. Both wore long dresses, although their body types were quite different. One was tall and slender, the other a bit shorter and rounder, but with a nice full chest. I watched the two blonds begin to sway and turn for me, allowing me to view their bodies at my leisure. The thin one wore a white dress, white stockings and heels, and a white mask. The bustier one wore red heels, a red dress that matched her partner’s style, and a red mask. I watched in anticipation while they slowly began undoing the buttons extending down the front of each other’s their nearly identical dresses. They would undo a few buttons, and then turn and sway some more occasionally grinding their bodies together, before stopping to continue undoing buttons. I had fantasized, like most guys, about watching a couple hot women undressing each other… It seemed I was going to get to enjoy that fantasy.

Soon they had enough buttons undone that they could push the material off each other’s shoulders, and each stepped out of their dresses, leaving them clad in very different outfits.

The thinner one was naked from the waist up, her small tits and hard nipples fully on display for me, while her legs were covered in stockings, held up by a lace garter. Her pussy was clad in a white satiny thong that allowed me to see all of her practically perfect ass when she turned. The chestier one wore a red lace bra and red satin panties that perfectly matched her spike heels and red mask. I watched the two gently play with each other, all the while watching me. They turned and swayed on the spike heels allowing me to see every bit of them before they started removing each others clothes again. This was definitely every bit as good as any fantasy I had and my dick was reminding me of that fact by its hardness.

I watched as the bustier one knelt down and slowly rolled the stockings down the thin one’s legs, watching me watch her as she uncovered each inch of leg. She completed her task ever so slowly, stroking her partners thighs with her fingers before she moved to the second leg. I could see the chest of the thin one rise and fall more quickly as she became more and more turned on by the touch. The second stocking was finally gone, tossed over her shoulder before she leaned to her slim partner and kissed her firm stomach while she undid the lace garter. All that was left was the small panty which she pulled slowly down, inching the material over her hips and firm ass a tiny bit at a time turning her so I couldn’t see her pussy, only her ass. She helped her partner lift each leg and slide the material over her now bare feet until she was completely naked, except for her white mask.

She gently kissed her way up her thin partner, starting at her thighs, and turning her so I could now see her shaved pussy. She kissed her way up her body, finally planting a gentle kiss on each rock hard nipple, before stepping away from her so I could see her whole body as she swayed to the music.

Now it appeared to be bustier one’s turn. The thin partner leaned down and gently kissed her neck, reaching around and unclipping the lace bra. She gently kissed down her neck to her chest, and slid the bra down very slowly, kissing each inch of newly exposed skin, pausing to take each exposed nipple into her mouth and suck gently on it for several seconds. Even from this distance I could see that they were both very turned on. Once she had given the two gorgeous tits some attention, she kissed lower, down across her belly to her hips, allowing me to see her large firm breasts unobstructed.

She kissed back and forth across her mound, pulling the panties down very very slowly. She crouched down as she slid the panties down her partner’s legs and helped her step out of them and then turned to look at me, holding the panties up to her nose and inhaling her partner’s scent. She spread her legs wide while she was crouched down, balancing on the balls of her feet, swiveling to allowing me to see her full wet pussy between her spread legs. She used her partner’s panties to wipe the moisture from her own pussy and then stood up, holding the panties so her partner could smell her scent as well. She stepped against her partner, their hard nipples pressing into each other. Tossing the panties aside they shared a long hot sensuous kiss that nearly had me cuming by the time they were done. They looked at me after breaking the kiss and then disappeared from the kitchen for a few moments, reappearing carrying several trays and a basket of items.

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