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To the reader: what you are about to read is the ramblings of an “older” man who is currently spending a good bit of his time adjusting to the realization that the number of years in which he will continue to be sexually active is decreasing rapidly. As he reaches his 64th birthday this summer, he understands that not only will his physical capabilities begin to suffer, but the actual availability of willing partners will also begin to wane.

His marital situation – 40 years wed – has done nothing to satisfy his desires, as his wife is one who was brought up in her early years to believe that sexual relations were a bare necessity and nothing else. They are necessary for “wifely duties” during the first few years of a marriage and they are necessary for “reproduction purposes” during the period of time when it is convenient to produce a family. But, in her way of thinking, there is simply no other reason to engage in any sort of physical relationship after a family is produced. Nothing that this older man could do or say within the past 40 years has had any impact on her mind-set. He has, therefore, sought physical comfort and solace outside of the marriage.

He has enjoyed several long-term relationships over the 26 years since his youngest child was born; and has, on infrequent occasions, taken a chance on “one-night-stand” involvements. Just recently, he has come to the realization that he may face the next 20-30 years (his health is perfect) without any sort of physical involvement with the opposite sex. This has caused him much mental anguish because he realizes that even though his physical needs will diminish with time and age, his mental and emotional requirements will not. There have been moments of panic in the past few months, but he has now begun a campaign of getting “as much as he can, as often as he can, as long as he can” in the hopes that his recent memories will serve him well when he reaches the point that females will not consider a physical relationship with him.

Here follows the fourth in a series of events that have taken place within the bounds of that campaign. There will be future episodes as they develop and come to fruition.

The stories will be told in the first person, simply for ease of writing. It will be up to the reader to determine whether these chapters are autobiographical or not.

* * * * *

And she screamed. Her hand immediately flew to her mouth to stifle her scream and it gradually evolved into a guttural moaning that vibrated through her entire body. I could feel it in the lips of her pussy that were now coating my face with her dews of delight.

And in the shadow of that scream I extended my tongue and flattened it against her pussy lips, swiping from the bottom to the top of her now-wet slit. I lifted my tongue and repeated the move, once, twice……..six or seven times, pulling her pussy curls as I pressed the flat of my tongue against her as it covered the entire surface of her steaming organ of desire. And as I slid upwards for the final swipe, I used my fingers to spread her lips slightly and on the next pass, I used only the tip of my tongue to slip inside the opening that my hands had created. I teased the surfaces there with the tip of my tongue and slid upwards to the hood that hid her love-nub and then back down…a dozen times. She was thrashing and her hips were moving as if she was trying to escape the assault on her pudenda by my tongue. She gasped and almost hiccupped in trying to get enough breath to fill those lungs being rapidly inflated and deflated by the electric shocks running through her body. “Oh, Jesus, Ed; what are you doing? This is not what I expected! Jesus! Oh, stop! Stop! No, shit; don’t stop! Don’t stop doing whatever you’re doing!” she almost shouted at me.

I took her at her word and used both hands to slowly Ataşehir Escort spread her lips and place my pursed mouth against her velvet opening. I sucked at every surface I could reach, pulling flesh into my mouth to be licked and nibbled and removed, only to be replaced by another delicious morsel of pussy. I was at a veritable vagina buffet and could not get enough. Nor could she, judging by the sounds coming from her mouth and throat.

Now was the time. I felt her thigh muscles clenching and her stomach muscles beginning to spasm. I plunged my mouth as deep between her spread lips as possible and slipped my tongue deep into her cunt. I licked and slurped and sucked at the liquid gold that seeped, then flowed, out of her depths until she had both hands clamped in the hair on the back of my head and was pulling my face so hard into her I was having difficulty breathing. She was climbing that long hill toward release and I was going to help her get there and plunge off that lovely cliff on the other side.

My hands slipped upwards, towards the apex of her slit, and found the spot where her fleshy hood was having trouble hiding its tiny treasure pearl. I used the index fingers and thumbs of both hands to swirl around that little nubbin, pulling and stretching the skin so that she peeked out and gave me a target for the wet and slippery tip of one finger. I touched her, pressed against her, and then slid my finger in a circle around her base inside the sheath. Valerie exploded from the bed, her hips slamming up and rubbing her sloppy cunt over my face and beard. I flicked at her clit and she screamed again.

Now I was in my own groove, sucking and flicking and tickling. Her body was not accustomed to this level of arousal, I was certain, and she would most likely not last long once she reached the ridge of that hill I was pushing her up. Her breathing became irregular and was punctuated by grunts and gasps, intermittently sucking in air and exhaling it in huge bursts. Her stomach and chest heaved. I looked up through the curls on her mound and watched as she moved her hands to her nipples without so much as even thinking about it. What surprised me most was that she did not pay gentle attention to those rose-colored, mushroom-shaped nubs. She pulled at them until they stretched beyond the limit at which I would have expected pain. She pinched them and pinched her entire aureole so that her grapefruit-sized breasts looked something like a child’s balloon when you squeeze the air toward one end and it bulges out around your fingers.

Now was the time to accelerate her enjoyment. I moved my mouth from the center of her messy cunt and slid my lips up to her joy button. I looked quickly down and saw that she was fully extended beyond the protective layer of flesh in her hood; she was pinky-white, like a large pearl, almost perfectly round, and slickly shiny with my saliva and Valerie’s own secretions. I opened my mouth and flicked her with my tongue…once, twice, a dozen times, while Valerie’s body locked in a bow-shape and she grunted as if someone had punched her in the stomach. After the tongue assault on her clit, I lowered my lips, formed in a perfect “O” and sucked her control button into my mouth. I clamped down with my lips and sucked harder until that tiny thing was pulled as far into my mouth as physics would allow. She was stretched and quivering. I flicked her repeatedly with my tongue as I sucked and then traced circles around and over her, first gently, then with increased pressure and roughness.

At the height of her jerks and spasms, Valerie was finding it hard to breathe and was tossing her head and that lovely mane of hair, from side to side so violently that the entire bed was moving. I sensed that this was the moment I had been waiting for. I Ataşehir Escort Bayan slid one, two, three wet fingers deep into her cunt and stroked that tiny rough spot that holds that bundle of nerve-endings all men search for. It was not difficult to locate here. And Valerie let go.

The scream was muffled by the pillow she had pulled over her face after allowing her nipples to snap back into place. They stood there on her breasts, bright read and violently abused from her own fingers. My mouth sucked and flicked at her clit; my fingers repeatedly fucked her slick and sloppy cunt opening; and now, I changed hands and used one finger to slide directly into her ass, up to the second knuckle without any impediment. That did it.

Her entire body spasmed, cramped, and vibrated like she was having an epileptic fit. She continued to scream into the pillow – not a long, screeching scream, but a dozen smaller, violent yelps that tapered off to mews and whimpers as I allowed her to slide down the other side, rather than fall of completely.

Her cunt delivered a brand-new quantity of seepage which smelled delicious, tasted even better, and coursed down into the crack of her ass in rivulets, making it easier for me to insert my finger to its full depth into her tiny rosebud.

I held her there for at least three minutes….spasming and cumming repeatedly under the influence and manipulation of my fingers, tongue and lips.

Finally, she lifted her feet and put them against my shoulders and with a mighty grunt, shoved me away from her. My mouth and fingers slid away from her private parts, coated with her inner oils and she collapsed onto the bed in a heap, gasping for air.

Apparently, I had succeeded.

I still knelt there, then stood and looked down at that gloriously beautiful body, now flushed and pink from head to toe, and marveled at how lovely a woman’s skin really can be. I reached out and stroked her, thigh, buttock, back, breast, neck, face; and murmured, “Well, are you glad you stayed?”

And she began to cry. Small sobs at first, but moving into heavier, body-shaking sobs with racking gasps between them. I slipped onto the bed and held her across my body, cuddling her and letting her weep into my neck. It took more than a few minutes for her to calm down before she even tried to speak.

“Oh, my God, Ed! What was that? I’ve been married for a lot of years and I never experienced whatever that was. My entire body was on fire. I thought that if you didn’t stop, I’d burst into flame; but I thought if you did stop, I’d probably die. What did you do to me? What did you do?”

“I loved you. That’s all. I just loved you. I have the feeling that you enjoyed it. Don’t tell me Charles has never made you feel like that.”

“Oh, Christ, Ed, Charles never made me feel anything at all; when we have sex it’s ‘slip it in, move it around, pull it out” and that’s about it. He’s tender and romantic and all that, but there’s never been anything like what we just did. He never even kissed me where you did. He plays with my ‘bunnies’ but doesn’t really do anything with them. He likes to run his fingers into my pussy hair, but as soon as he gets hard he wants to get in and get it over with. I’ve read books; I’ve listened to tapes; but I never thought about having such a feeling all by myself.” And her voice lowered a full range and she whispered, “Thank you; I loved it.”

And then she sat up, as if she had just made up her mind about something. She leaped up off the bed and immediately got a look on her face as if she was totally surprised. “Jesus, Ed; I’m soaked; I’m leaking from my pussy.” She touched herself with one hand and brought it up to show me, “Look, you’ve got me absolutely soaked!”

I reached out and grasped her wrist and bent my head Escort Ataşehir to suck those fingers into my mouth and to lick the wet palm of her hand. She didn’t even try to draw back and moved closer to the edge of the bed where I was now sitting. I slid her hand back between her thighs and rubbed it around and around, coating the palm completely with her secretions. Then, I stood up in front of her and gave her the hand to sniff and to taste. At first, she was a bit hesitant, as the hand was really slimy and wet, but with my insistence, she touched the tip of her tongue to her palm and then licked upward. Within seconds, she was cleaning the juices from her hand with tiny mews of appreciation. I put her arms around my neck and kissed her and whispered into her mouth, “Now you know why I love doing that so much, Valerie; you are delicious; you are delightful. I could eat you for the rest of my natural life. You taste divine.”

She kissed me easily and warmly and moved her body against me. There was no doubt I was aroused by this time, and she could feel my cock pressing against her stomach where her gown parted. I stepped back and said, “Take it off, Valerie; I want to see my vision in the natural state she was created.”

She did not hesitate one second this time. She reached for a small tie in the back and the gown fell to the floor with a sexy, quiet swish of material. Now, everything she was, everything she had, was on view for me. I stepped in and held her again for a lovely, warm and teasing kiss. She broke it by pushing me back until the backs of my legs were against the bed. “Ed,” she murmured, “I came here expecting to be fucked. At least I figured that’s what you wanted. I did not really know if we would do it, but I figured that fucking was the entire purpose of this get-together. Now, I know differently, but I still think I want to be fucked. If I said I really wanted it, would you fuck me, Ed? Would you fuck me like we were newlyweds and you really loved me more than anything else in the world? Would you?” She stopped, with two small tears glistening in her eyes.

I responded, in as gentle a tone as she had asked, “My dear Valerie, you still don’t understand, do you? Do you think I could have done what I just did with you if I didn’t already love you? Do you think you could have reacted the way you did if you didn’t love me? People like us, Valerie, have to be in love with the person they are with when they have any sort of physical connection. If we decide to lie down on this bed and make a beautiful brand of love, it will be because we do love each other – perhaps only for the moments it takes to consummate the relationship, but we will be in love, dear thing. And, yes, I want very much to fuck you. I want to create the ‘beast with two backs’ as Shakespeare called it – and which you and your committee refused to allow our students to read in the original version.” We both chuckled over that, and I continued, “If you are ready to open yourself up to my love, we will fuck; if you are ready to submit your body and your emotions to my love, we will fuck. Can you? Will you?”

She simply kissed me softly and walked around to the other side of the bed where she laid her beautiful body down in a picture reminiscent of any Goya painting and said, “I want you, Ed; fuck me now before my intellect catches up with my heart and my pussy. They both want you, and they want you now.”

I took but a few slow minutes to remove my own clothing, all the time keeping my eyes on her hand as it stroked and teased that incredibly thick thatch of auburn curls at the apex of her thighs. She watched me, too, not really knowing what to expect, I suppose. While I am not a large man, I am – at least I think – thick enough to provide a modicum of satisfaction for a woman if she is totally relaxed and cooperative in the effort.

I looked at her hair, spread out on the pillow behind her head and realized exactly how beautiful this woman really was. And I was just about to slide myself into her heated depths at her personal request. Had I truly died and passed through those pearly gates?

Only time would tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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