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This is the first story I am posting on here. But I have written many. This is a fantasy for a friend and he gave me the idea for it.


When I passed by the display window, what I found was what most men want to see. Two gorgeous women were handling all kinds of frilly and lacy lingerie. They weren’t just hard at work; they were having fun with it too.

As one bent over to pick up something to dress the manikin in. I saw just a peek of a red thong from under her extremely short skirt. The strap of heaven going up her sensual little ass. Her sexy partner in the crime of giving me a massive hard on. She leaned over just enough to see the mountains of glorious breast I’d like to climb and conquer. The sweater tightly held around those plump voluptuous tits of hers was the luckiest bastard.

Since, I didn’t want them to think I was staring at them. I moved on to buy what I actually came to this damn mall for. But we all know, I couldn’t get them outta my mind. It was obvious by the way I kept shifting my cock around in my jeans. My secret hard on I tried to cover up without everyone around me knowing.

The slowest walk I ever took in life was back by the window again. They were giggling while they tossed around panties, bras and garters to each other. “Fuck me.” If I hadn’t been out in public I would’ve had my cock in my hand in seconds. Stroking it while I watched these beauties be teases. The amazing part was, they weren’t even trying to be.

She locked her eyes on mine. I got busted. I was sure of it when she put her hands on her hips and immediately became still. She was now watching me watching them. “Shit.” Her hands were pressed against the glass as she leaned on it. She waited me out to see what I did next with a little smirk on her face.

So, I did what any male would do. I sucked it up and walked inside the Victoria’s Secret store with a lie coming outta my mouth. I was just admiring their display. Looking to buy some lingerie for my girlfriend. Or it was how it all started out anyway.

“What size is she?”

“Size…um…about your size. What size do you wear?”

“What color does she like?”

“What color do like?”

“Do you always answer a question with a question?”

“No. Do you?”

We went back and forth several more times just like that too. Before I noticed her name tag hanging so nicely around the cleavage playing peek a boo out of her red silk blouse. It made me smile knowing it was about the same color of her panties she had on.

“Your Etiler escort name is Lacy, as in Lacy undergarments.” Now, I thought it was an ice breaking comment. However, she didn’t seem to see the humor in it.

“No. As in Lacy Love and yes that is my real name before you ask me. What are you actually here to buy for your girlfriend?”

Her name made even more vivid images come to mind about this girl; a stripper pole, possibly a porn star’s name and those red juicy lips wrapped around my cock. To give me some love like her name was and her body indicated she could do so well. She flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder and waited for my answer.

“I gotta be honest with you. I don’t have a girlfriend. I saw you in the window and I came in here to talk to you.”

“Let me make sure I am understanding this correctly. You perved on us through the window. Made up a story about having a girlfriend you were shopping for. You had me practically show you everything in the store. Kept us here past closing time that we won’t get paid for. Just so you could talk to me.”

“Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.”

The sweetest sexiest smile crossed her face. When she stepped towards me I wasn’t sure what the hell she was doing. Then I felt her hand rubbing me on the outside of my jeans and her little body pressed up on mine. “Did you like what you seen?”

“Oh, yeah.”

There wasn’t any point in denying I was hot and hard for this girl. I took a look around to see who else was in the store with us. The gate had already been pulled across and locked up. The pink curtain was pulled down over the window and door entrance.

There was only me and her along with the sexy brunette at the counter who worked here too. She was closing out the register and filling out some paperwork. The glance I gave her was returned along with a smile on her face.

“Do you got it Victoria?”

“I’m almost done.”

“Her name is Victoria?” Lacy only nodded at my question. Man the irony of that shit.

She took my hand as we went in the back. I had no clue where this was going to. But I let her lead the way to a giant white plush cushioned chase lounge, there were three of them placed almost side by side. The ladies changing area was nice compared to what guys got for theirs.

Lacy flipped a couple of switches. The bright fluorescent lights dulled to a couple of soft ones above us. Her flirty green eyes stared at me while her hands unbuttoned my jeans. A slight flick of her Beşiktaş escort tongue came over my lips when she pushed my zipper down.

Even in heels she had to stretch a bit to reach my lips again for a brief encounter. I leaned down to her so my lips could capture hers for a long kiss this time. Before they went to the place she really wanted them to go, wrapped around my cock. To her knees on the floor licking my shaft with the occasional kiss on the head of my dick. All the while those sparkling eyes of hers were watching me watch her tease my cock.

The way she deep throated my large dick made me moan. The more I did the harder she sucked it. I gathered her long hair in my hand and thrusted slowly at first in her mouth. Her little whimpers vibrated on my cock causing me to plunged it in as far in her as she could take it. When I would pull out, the grasp she had on my ass tried to push me back in her.

“Damn, girl.” It was all I could say when she took my balls in and out of her mouth like she had my cock. Her little hand worked me too as she did it.

But I wanted more of this girl. Hell at this point, I craved to know what it felt like to be inside her. She was more than willing as she pulled my shirt off, I pushed her skirt down until it fell to the floor. It wasn’t a surprise her red satin bra matched her panties when her blouse came off. I pulled on the strings that rested on her hips so the strap between her legs would rub against her pussy. Now she wanted more too as I felt her body move against mine with each tug I made on her panties.

On the plush cushions we laid down together. We kissed and our tongues danced in a perfect rhythm as I entered her wet folds. We were so into each other we hadn’t even noticed Victoria was watching us until she spoke. “Can I play too?”

As much as I wanted to scream, fuck yeah baby. I didn’t. I let Lacy take the lead on it. This girl didn’t disappoint me either. She welcomed Victoria to join in with us.

While my cock was being fucked so good by one of them. Victoria laid on the couch and sucked on Lacy’s tits. I got to watch these beauties kiss, touch and finger the other. With it being the three of us sharing a kiss or alternating them with one another as we went.

Victoria stood over Lacy while I fucked her. Victoria pushed my face closer to her pussy. Fuck, my tongue and cock was getting it at the same time. I sucked her clit and licked her pussy at the same speed I moved inside of sweet Lacy.

They wanted to switch Taksim escort and hell I was game for whatever they wanted. From behind I took Victoria. She pushed back into me with every thrust I made and wanted it even harder. The biggest surprise was where Lacy put her tongue. She loved licking around my asshole. I gotta admit, I loved feeling it.

These girls were a man’s wet dream just to watch but to fuck them was an experience like I never had before. She pushed the tip of her tongue in my ass as the other one begged me to fuck hers.

It was so tight. Victoria’s ass gripped my cock like a vise around her. I didn’t want to hurt her so I moved slowly. Only she wasn’t going to have that. Her ass grinded on me. Demanded a proper hard fucking. I gave her just that too.

“I’m so close.” I couldn’t keep up this pace with her squeezing my cock so hard.

Suddenly Victoria broke away from me without any kind of warning. She left me hanging at the perfect precise moment when I wanted to blow my load inside her.

“Not yet baby.” This chick was playing with both my heads. Victoria kissed me for the longest time and kept me going long enough to regain my composure again so I could keep fucking them.

Lacy wanted to ride my cock and damn I really wanted her to. She bounced up and down so hard on top of me. While her breast did the same. I grabbed a hold of her hips to meet her with every moment she made on me.

Victoria wanted to just watch and solo it on her own. She fingered herself while she watched Lacy milk the cum from me with her pussy until I had nothing left to give.

But, fuck me, they weren’t done yet. Lacy licked up all the cum she could from my cock. Then passed some on to the lips of Victoria with her tongue. They each laid beside me and we kissed until the sweet taste of all our mixed juices could no longer be tasted.

When Victoria got up I figured this was my cue they wanted me to go. But it wasn’t. She returned with three cold Cokes she got from somewhere because we were all thirsty as hell. We set completely naked and talked for a while about absolutely nothing important before we got dressed to leave.

We made our exit from the back door of the store. I walked them to their cars. Each gave me a quick peck goodbye. Almost innocent as you would give a friend. These girls were a man’s fantasy come true. They wanted nothing in return for the pleasurable night they gave me other than my silence.

This place kept the best damn secret in town; Victoria and Lacy. It became a favorite of mine that I shared with no one as they asked me to do. I went back there again and again in my mind while I jerked off on numerous occasions to them. Every time I passed by the window, I thought of them even though they no longer worked there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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