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My first year of College was more an educational experience than I thought it would be. I was like the turtle who first comes out of its shell. This was the year I lost my virginity and discovered my true sexual nature.

Life before this year was very smooth and predictable. I attended High School in an all girls public format but we shared certain functions with an affiliated High School which had just turned co-ed two years before. This meant that although there were a few girls attending the other school, we were by far the choice of the boys. I attended dances and hockey games with my girlfriends, and even dated periodically but there was never a real “Love” relationship and I never went past “second base” with a boy. I preferred reading and writing poetry to nights spent at the malls. I volunteered for school plays but preferred stage crew to being on stage.

College was different. I applied to the local campus, thinking I could always try another school further away if I wanted to later. Still, it was a new world. I made friends quickly with people from all over the province. We studied together and there were weekly parties at some club or apartment. I had my car paid for by summer jobs, so I was very mobile and constantly in demand. It placed me in a sort of limelight I wasn’t accustomed to.

Also, the groups talked about anything; no subject was taboo. Although I didn’t have much to add, I listened intently to others experiences. There were certainly things I would never have done but talk about sex and relationships intrigued me. On nights when my new girlfriends and I would meet to study at someone’s apartment, the talk would sometimes quickly flow from classes to boys. I was fascinated by stories of orgasms, oral sex, and horny pussies.

It was only the third month of classes when I lost my virginity. I accepted a date with an engineering student who joined our group in the College lounge once in a while. We went to the movies and stopped for pizza. He suggested we take it back to his apartment where we could listen to music. I agreed. He poured wine, put some music on, and we ate our pizza while talking about classes.

He was very handsome, in a boyish kind of way. I’ve seen him play ball hockey in the gym and I knew he had great legs. The pizza was finished and we cleaned up the mess. He changed music and sat down close to me. I was beginning to tremble. He thanked me for a wonderful night and so sweetly asked if he could kiss me. I remember blushing madly but leaned forward none the less. Our lips met and somewhere deep inside I knew that if he asked, I was going to say yes.

I jumped a little when he laid his hand on my knee and his other hand brushed across my neck and his fingers tangled themselves in my shoulder length hair. I put one hand up against his chest and felt the soft trembling of his muscles. Our heads twisted slowly as we kissed each others lips. I think I was making a small circling motion on his chest while I laid my left hand on his leg. I noticed he jumped a little bit at the touch too. His left hand was riding slowly up and down on my leg, sometimes rolling briefly over to the inside of my thighs. My own hand was traveling further up his jeans, even dragged my nails along the fabric.

He pulled back and looked into my eyes for a few moments. My breath was coming quickly from the excitement. “Would you”, he paused, “like to get more comfortable?”, he asked. I whispered “Yes”.

He took my hand as he rose off the couch. I didn’t know if my knees would hold me but I followed his lead and we walked hand and hand into his bedroom. We stood at the side of the single bed and kissed deeply. I had to rise up only a little. Our arms circled each other and gently pressed against each other. He tilted my head to one side and brushed my hair away from my neck where he planted soft kisses. He bent his knees as he kissed lower and I let one knee press between my legs. His hands ran up and down my spine and circled round to my hips. His thumbs slipped into my waistband and ran smoothly around to the small of my back. My hands rested on his shoulder blades and pressed him against me.

He began to tug my blouse out of my slacks which encouraged me to do the same for him. We stepped back and, while looking into each others eyes, began to unbutton each other’s shirts. When our shirts were undone, I stare at his exposed chest and ran my hands over his muscles and pushed his shirt off his shoulders. He let it fall off his arms and then reached out to do the same for me. I watched how his eyes followed his hands from the rise of my bra, across my shoulders and down my arm. I circled my arms around his waist and pressed hard against him. I felt his rising bulge against my navel. I kissed his neck and shoulder while he reached around and played with the clasps of my bra. He released the hooks and drew his hands up to my shoulders where he eased the straps off. I stepped back and the bra fell to the floor. şişli escort My small nipples were flushed and rising.

He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, harder than before. His hands were on my arms, his kisses lifted my chin. His knees bent and he was kissing across my throat. His hands slid across from my arms, to lift my breasts up to his kisses. His breath on my left nipple made it rise even further to greet him. He kissed the nipple softly and spread his lips over it. Gently he suckled it, while his left thumb encircled my right nipple and he squeezed both firmly. I threw my head back and moaned. My fingers played in his short hair and across his shoulders.

He drew his attention to the now aching right breast where he flicked his tongue over the erect nipple. He swallowed this one more deeply and ran his tongue around the nipple while in his mouth. He released my breasts and his fingers traced a path down my firm stomach and he hooked his fingers into my waist band. His kisses followed the path of his fingers, stopping only to flick his tongue into my navel. I registered his momentary surprise when he found no opening in the front of my slacks, but he followed my waist band around to the back. By now he was down on one knee. He undid the clasp in the back and lowered the zipper. The touch of his fingers on the fabric of my now exposed panties from the back sent a shiver through me. Still kissing my smooth belly, he lowered my pants past my knee, where one by one, I stepped out of the legs. His hands ran up the sides of my legs, his thumbs trailing across the inside of my thighs. His kisses went lower to the waistband of my white cotton panties. I was suddenly aware how warm I was between my legs and imagined he could smell the musk of my natural perfume.

He ran his hands back over my ass and he kissed hard against my panties. His fingers hooked into the waistband on the sides and he slowly lowered them over my hips and tight ass. My pubic hair appeared over the rim of the panties and I parted my legs to allow them to slide down my legs. Once more I lifted one leg, then the other so that he could remove my cottons. I was aware of his breath against my crotch and I itched to feel his kisses.

There was no light on in the bedroom but the lamps from the livingroom played a soft glow across his shoulders and back as he lowered his other knee and leaned into my pussy. His hands ran to the backs of my legs and then up to massage my ass cheeks. He planted kisses after kisses on pussy and along the hair line to either side. I instinctively parted my legs a little more and his left hand came back around to the front. He drew his fingers through the curls and down between my legs. He felt my moistening lips and gently pressed them between his fingers. I felt his fingers part them and he ran one finger from head to ass. On the way back, he pressed harder against the opening and I felt his finger begin to slide in. But he didn’t press deeper; he had other plans.

He slowly stood up, kissing all the way. I was shaking from the effect he had on me. His hands on my shoulders, he looked deep into my eyes and gave me a quirky smile. He guided me around and eased me onto the bed in a sitting position. I don’t know if he planned to go further but I took the moment to lean forward and kiss his taught belly. There was a trace of hair curling up from his waistband. My fingernails traced a path from his hips, across his belly, till I had the button of his jeans in my hands. I deftly pushed the button through its hole and lowered the zipper. His bulge was pushing against the denim. I pushed his jeans over his hips and was careful to pull the fabric out and over the front. The motion of him stepping out of the jeans, pressed my face against his belly and I kissed it and over to one side of his hip. He had a little trouble with his socks but I leaned to one side with my face against the outside of his thigh and helped him roll the socks off. With that done, I returned my attention to the front.

Freed from at least the jeans, his cock was pushing against the front of his semi-boxers. He wore the kind that snugly fit his thighs, while leaving the crotch with more room. I pressed my mouth against the fabric and breathed out deeply on the shaft. The attention did not go unnoticed as his cock jumped and he sucked his breath in. I gently pulled the shorts off his hips. The waistband kept his cock from revealing itself until, in one swift motion, I pulled them down to his knees. The proud head jumped at its new freedom and kissed me on the cheek. We took a moment to untangle his legs from the shorts and then I set my sights on his throbbing cock. He was circumcised and the wide head was already a soft purple colour from the blood swelling inside.

I kissed it softly on the end. My fingers brushed his pubic hair away from the base and I encircled the base with one hand while slowly caressing the underside of his balls with the other. My tongue flicked out and stroked under the crown. It jumped happily at the attention. I used my hand to swing the cock up so that I could lick the length of its underside. I started from the base and once I reached the head, I parted my lips a little and pushed it against my mouth. My left hand cupped his tight balls and gently rolled them. I parted my lips and moved the cock to one side so that I could run my lips down the length to the base where I licked and curled my tongue under and over. His shaft pushed against my cheek; I swear I felt its head caressing my ear. I ran my tongue back along the side till I came to the head. I parted my lips further, and I guided his cock into my mouth. Its swelled head pushed past my teeth, where I rested for a moment, licking around and around. I eased it out and then guided it back in; deeper this time. My hand increased pressure a little. My lips had yet to meet my fingers, so I knew I was dealing with a good size piece of meat. One of his hands were curled into my sandy hair, while the other stroked my shoulder. I drew my head back again but did not let the head escape my lips. I intended to meet my fingers this time, so I swallowed and moved his shaft deeper. I heard him draw a breath as my lips finally touched my hand surrounding his cock. I abandoned his testicles in order to curl my fingers through his pubic hair. I drew back and pushed him faster into my mouth. I was really getting off on the effect my mouth was having on him. My crotch was tingling and getting very wet. I didn’t want to play with myself down there but I knew I needed his attention soon.

I swallowed his cock a few more times, faster with each stroke. He applied a little pressure on my shoulder and I released my hold. I straightened up and he leaned down to kiss me fully on the lips. His tongue darted quickly out to see if I was receptive. I was. With my hands on his hips, I pushed my own tongue past his lips and tried to catch his own. His left hand dropped from my shoulder and kneaded my breast gently. I took my own hand and pressed his harder against my breast. With this, he pressed his mouth harder against mine.

We parted. I laid back on the bed, lifting one knee into the air. His eyes flowed from head to toe as he took in my small breasts, flat stomach, and neat pussy. I shuffled over a little to along him to get on the bed too. We kissed. He ran a hand across my belly and over my crotch, along my thigh and back again till he cupped my right breast. He lower his head and flicked his tongue over my nipple once again. They almost hurt from the excitement I felt. He drew the nipple into his mouth, and rolled his tongue around it. He squeezed my breast, filling his mouth even more. He let go and moved his mouth across my belly. I thought he would lower his body down the bed but instead he twisted his torso around till his legs were beside my head, and his smooth ass was revealed by the low light from the other room.

His kisses reached the top of my pubic hair. His hand slowly parted my thighs. His head lowered further till his mouth was over my cunt. His tongue reached out and opened my moist wings. His fingers caressed the inside of my thighs. His moist tongue ran up and then quickly down the length of my cunt. He pressed my wings wider on his way back. He spread the skin away from clit which sent shivers up my spine and made my nipples jump erect. He rolled his tongue around the rising bud but left it alone for a moment to suckle my wings. I felt his tongue roll the skin around inside his mouth, outside and in. He spread them once more and his tongue began to probe deeper. I’m sure I felt his chin press against my clit as he pushed his tongue into my wet hole. His fingers played along the hair line and I instinctively raised my knees up. His hands curled forward and squeezed my exposed ass cheeks. I couldn’t help myself when I raised my cheeks off the bed a little.

Neither could I keep my hands off his upturned ass. With my right hand, I was massaging my breast, while with the other I reached out and ran my fingers over his cheeks, across the small of his back and down the back of his legs. His legs parted and I reached between them to caress his balls. All the while, he’s licking and probing my cunt with his tongue. I notice he has one set of fingers spreading my wings wider and teasing my hot hole around its rim. He switches his tongue’s attention to my aching clit and he begins to lap it like a dog would water. I tremble at its rough touch. His finger begins to enter my pussy and I thrust my hips up gently, letting him know I want him.

My own hand reaches further and I grasp his dangling cock and I wrap my fingers around it. Even while I am experiencing waves of pleasure in my cunt, I think about the size of his penis and worry about how I’m going to get it into me. My index finger barely touches my thumb and I know it must be 7 – 8 inches long. Funny how the mind works at times like this but I was also thinking I now had a story to share with the girls. Just then I felt the climbing dizziness I associate with a coming climax that I usually inflicted on myself. I’m sure we were exchanging cooing sounds and murmurs of satisfaction but now my whole body quivered and I let out a loud moan. I squeezed his cock hard as the wave hit me and rolled across my stomach to my erect nipples, one of which I pinched in my excitement.

I felt his body turning and so I released him. He kissed his way up my stomach and under my breasts. He slowly swung himself between my legs as he continued to slide up my body. He took one nipple in his mouth and nibbled it mischievously. I felt his hips slide up my thighs and I felt the head of his erection begin to press against me. He lifted himself up and instead of entering, he pressed the length of his cock from anus to clit. He leaned over me and kissed my lips. I ran my hands the length of his sides and onto his ass cheeks. He whispered “ Do we need protection?”

“Please.” I said. “But…”

“But? What’s wrong”, he looked worried.

“I need you to know something. This is… my first time.” I smiled at him, a little embarrassed, a lot nervous.

“First?” he paused, looking puzzled. “Do you really want to do this?”

That was it. I knew he was the one. I bet he would have stopped right there if I asked. “Yes. But let’s go slow. Do you have.. you know?”

He kissed me deeply and then quickly moved off me. As he approached the dresser, I had a fabulous view of his naked body and I couldn’t help to touch myself where his tongue had once probed. He turned towards me with a small package in his hand. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and asked if I could put it on for him. Let’s see if those lessons in Sex-Ed really work. He shyly handed me the pack; it was some sort of denim looking packaging and I tore one corner open like a ketchup pack. I pulled the condom out and turned my attention to his cock that was pointing directly at me. I leaned out and kissed it gently on the head. I placed the condom on its top and squeezed the receptacle end. I slowly rolled it out over his cock. It twitched and jumped as I went down its length. Again, I worried that maybe this was going to hurt too much but there was no turning back.

Job done, I swung back on the bed and reached out to him. He smiled and lowered himself between my legs. He raised himself on one arm and reached down between us with the other. He played with my moist pussy lips for a moment and then appeared to wrap his hand around his own shaft. I tore my eyes away from his face and looked down between our bodies glistening with a sweet sheen. I could see he was guiding his cock towards me and I felt its head begin to push against my cunt. He moved it gently up and down, looking for the right spot. He stopped. Slowly he leaned forward and I felt the swollen head spread me apart. He was looking into my eyes, looking for some hint to proceed or not. I gave that hint by rising off the bed and kissing him hungrily. I laid back and rubbed one hand across his chest. He increased his advance into me, sliding slowly deeper and deeper. He eased back, and lowered slowly. Eased back and then a little deeper. I was amazed at the depth of feeling I had inside me. I could almost see his cock pushing against the walls. Once more he drew back, and then down. This time he let go of the base of his cock and brought his arm up to lean directly over me. He leaned down and kissed me. He eased his hips lower. There was increasing resistance inside me. He rose and down again, not any deeper but a little faster. I knew I was coating his shaft with my juices which seemed to be flowing more freely. On his next downward motion, he stopped and began to apply more pressure. My breath was quickening; I wrapped my arms across his shoulders and tried to push up with my hips.

I felt a sudden sharp pain, a needle prick inside me and then he was deeper. I leaned forward and bit his shoulder, whimpering but pulling him closer. He didn’t back out, he lowered his hips against mine until I felt our pubic hair tangle. He bent his elbows and brought his chest down against mine. We kissed, sharing saliva, and wrestling each other’s tongues. I felt his hips shake back and forth a little, the sensation of his cock moving side to side was explosive.

“Make love to me, please.” I whispered. We kissed deeply. He raised himself back up on his arms and brought his hips up a little. His hips came down against me again. He raised himself higher this time. I shivered at the touch of his cock riding back out against the ribs of my cunt. He thrust down a little faster than before which I responded to with a soft cooing sound. He repeated the action till he was leaving only the head in my wet pussy and then sliding down quickly, grinding against my swollen clit as our flesh met. I was taking him all in and although there was some pain, the pleasure it was giving over powered it. At his last thrust I rose up and pressed my tongue between his teeth and reached for his ass to press him hard against me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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