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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

All characters involved in sexual activity in this story are over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

Archiving and reposting of this story is permitted, but only if acknowledgment of copyright and statement of limitation of use is included with the article. This story is copyright (c) 2022 by The Technician.

Individual readers may archive and/or print single copies of this story for personal, non-commercial use. Production of multiple copies of this story on paper, disk, or other fixed format is expressly forbidden.

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The General’s Sister

The eunuchs opened the second cage and dragged out the naked woman. I hadn’t noticed it while she was in the cage, but her features were slightly different than most of the men in the compound and her skin was a slightly different shade of black, just a little lighter. Perhaps she was of a different tribe or ethnic group.

While they were dragging her forward, a squad of soldiers was carrying in a platform on which were two large upright posts about seven feet tall. Two sets of chains hung from the top of each post and at least two lengths of chain were attached to the bottom of each post. After the soldiers set the platform in front of the general, the eunuchs walked the woman up onto the platform and held her upright between the posts with her feet together. Then, using one of the top chains and some leather strips, they tied her left wrist in place. When they moved to the right wrist, they pulled hard on her arm so that she was held tight between the posts, almost lifting her off the ground. Then they moved to her ankles. One of the eunuchs forced her left leg as wide as possible before the other eunuch bound it in place with the leather strips. When they pulled her right leg out into position, her body lowered slightly, putting even more strain on her wrists and arms, causing her to groan slightly in pain. After some additional pulling on her right leg they were finally finished. The woman was now bound in a very, very tight naked X between the two posts.

The general said something in Swahili and one of the officers standing on the platform walked to the front and jumped down to the ground. He then carefully removed his uniform and draped it on the front edge of the platform. His underclothing followed and he walked naked out to the bound slave.

“That is my brother-in-law,” the general said to me. “He was having an affair with that little half-breed slut. I gave him the choice of being the one who punishes her or being exiled with her to the heart of the wild lands.” He laughed and continued, “He knows that those I exile to the wild lands are usually tied to trees and covered in honey. It is amazing how fast the safari ants will strip a body clean there.”

He paused for a moment and then said sharply, “And I demanded that he be as naked as she was while he punished her since that was how he was when he made love to her.”

As the naked soldier approached the bound woman, one of the eunuchs handed him a short, multi-strand whip. “Thirty from the back, twenty from the front, and ten between her legs,” the general roared out.

The bound, naked woman was obviously pleading with her lover not to do this to her, but he merely stood there quietly. One of the eunuchs approached with a large white, plastic bucket. The naked officer objected, but the general called out, “It is ordered!” and the man held out the whip in front of himself.

As the eunuch poured something over the strands of the whip from the bucket the bound woman again began pleading, but the man remained impassive. After the whip was thoroughly wetted, the naked officer then stood behind the bound woman and began swinging the whip. He started high on her back and slowly worked his way down to her legs. While he whipped, a female voice was calling out something in Swahili. Since it was a short cry and corresponded to the strikes of the whip, I assume she was counting the strokes.

The woman stood crying, but otherwise impassive, as the thirty strokes were delivered. I could hear the whip strike, but there was no sharp crack like you would expect if bursa eskort the stroke were exceedingly hard. Evidently the officer– her former lover– was trying to make the punishment as light as possible.

The man then moved around so he could swing at her front. Again the voice counted the strikes. After about ten the woman began screaming. The man looked very confused and almost stopped, but the general’s voice called out, “Continue!” and he resumed despite the woman’s screams.

The general laughed and leaned down to explain, “The blows with that fairy whip aren’t what hurts. But the thin strands of the whip cut the skin slightly no matter how lightly you strike.” He beamed triumphantly and added, “… and the burning oils on the whip take a little while to heat up.”

The bound slave was bouncing up and down and screaming in pain by the time her former lover finished the twenty across her front. He paused again as if he wanted to stop, but the general called out loudly, “You aren’t finished,” so the naked man stepped behind the bound woman and began swinging the whip up between her legs. Again the strikes were not all that hard, but her screaming got louder and more shrill with each stroke.

When he had finished the last stroke, he dropped the whip on the platform and walked back to where he had left his clothes. But before he could put anything on, the general ordered harshly, “Fuck her!”

The man’s face showed his anger… and then his fear… and then his despair as he slowly walked back to the platform and stood in front of his lover. One of the eunuchs walked over and used his hand to get the officer stiff. Then he pushed him toward the crying woman who was bound between the posts.

Fucking a woman tied in a tight X is not as easy as some people think. She can’t move up or down so you have to lower your body by bending your knees and then get your prick lined up with her cunt as you stand back up. It took the man several tries to enter the woman, but he finally did.

After he stood there not moving for a few moments, the general roared out angrily, “I said, ‘Fuck her!’”

The man started awkwardly thrusting. He had only made a few thrusts when the eunuchs came up on the platform and grabbed his hands. Each one pulled up and out and soon the man was tied to the second set of chains on the top of the posts.

The man was no longer really trying to thrust, but was more or less just standing there when the eunuchs used a wide band of leather to tie the lovers’ waists tightly together. Then they pulled the man’s legs wide and tied them to the second set of lower chains. His naked X was not quite as tight as the woman’s.

A woman came walking out into the open area. She was fully dressed in a loose, flowing, African-style dress. As she approached the platform, one of the eunuchs walked out to her and handed her the whip. She said something to him and he scurried off and returned with the large white bucket. This time the eunuch didn’t pour the liquid over the whip. Instead, the woman plunged it into the bucket and swished it around several times. It was dripping heavily when she pulled it out.

“That is my sister,” the general said with a smile. “She is not as forgiving as I am.”

He smiled again. His smile was really starting to irritate me. For some reason, the little crocodile poem in Alice in Wonderland began running through my mind. I was starting to think that I was one of the little fishes that are welcomed with the crocodile’s “gently smiling jaws.”

The voice of the person who had been counting the strokes began again. The Divine General’s sister was now standing next to the bound couple swinging with all her might. Unlike before, the whip now gave a distinctive “Snap!” with each blow as it struck the back of the unfortunate woman. After about ten strokes the general’s sister changed her position so she could strike her husband’s back. After another ten strokes, she switched back to beating the woman. Soon both bound lovers were crying out loudly.

“I told her no more than fifty,” the general said, making a motion with his hands, “but you know how sisters are.”

I couldn’t understand the words of the person keeping count, but judging by the number of times she had switched her position, I was pretty sure that it was well above fifty. Then the sister paused and stood there breathing heavily.

“Only fifteen more,” the general called out. “That is an order from the Divine One!”

His sister looked up at him and smiled. Her smile, if anything, was more evil than the general’s. She walked over to the bucket sitting on the ground and plunged the whip back into it. Then she walked over to the platform and stepped up directly behind her husband… now ex-husband?

The first swing of the multi-strand whip was directly up between the legs bursa merkez escort of her husband and his lover. He called out in pain. The woman was evidently already unconscious or past the point of calling out from the pain. The sister delivered ten blows from behind her husband and then walked around so that she was behind his lover. She delivered an additional five from that side. The whip snapped up between the man’s asscheeks with each blow. She started to swing a sixth time, but one of the eunuchs caught her arm. He said something softly and she dropped the whip onto the ground and strode back to a car that was parked next to the general’s reviewing stand. The car immediately started and drove away.

“They will hang like that overnight,” the general said. “Tomorrow, if I am in the proper mood to forgive a little, they will be sold as slaves.”

“And if not?” I asked. I really didn’t want to know, but he was looking intently at me and his facial expression looked like he wanted me to ask the question.

He laughed and said, “They will be left in the punishment frame and carried out to a place filled with safari ants… I think you Americans call them army ants… and then they will be covered in honey and left to the ants.”

“May you be forgiving,” I said, lifting my almost empty glass of wine. When his face hardened, I added, “… or not. It is the choice of the Divine One.”

He laughed at me and said, “I like you, Mister W. I really do like you.”

In the back of my mind a huge “But!” was flashing. He likes me, but that does not change what this narcissistic psychopath might do. The smiling crocodile had opened his mouth.

There was a rather loud commotion as the squad of soldiers reappeared and dragged the platform with the lovers on it off to one side. The two eunuchs then opened the cage with Mistress Nora in it and started to drag her forward.

They expected her to put up more of a fight, but she surprised them by willingly walking slowly between them all the way up to in front of the platform on which the general’s throne sat. “You may torture me,” she said loudly. “You may even kill me,” she continued. “But a traitor never escapes justice. If I die, others in the CIA or MI5 or The Society or even mercenaries hired by my husband will track you down and squish you like the slimy bug that you are.”

At first I thought she was talking to me and I was confused… and hurt. Then I heard a low laugh behind me. I turned my head to see Andre` standing behind me. Suddenly many things became clear to me. Pricker must have decided to come to New Kakwa by himself or with a small contingent of agents. But his helicopter pilot, MI5 Agent Andre`, must have sold them out. They had quite likely been the entertainment yesterday or the day before.

The Divine General Agua Amin leaned over his throne and smiled at me. “Mister W, your friend, Special Agent Bricker, came to rescue your niece and capture me.” He laughed loudly. “But he was walking into a trap, as you were. I gave them all my special wine… as I also gave you.” Another laugh interrupted him. “The drug in the wine does not knock you out. It just makes you very weak. He had to sit there quietly as we entertained ourselves with his friends. Then my trusted soldiers showed him how we treat invaders and trespassers.”

Like all pompous and arrogant men, the general’s pride caused him to make a mistake. He told me what the effect of the drug he had tried to give me was supposed to be. “You bastard!” I tried to say loudly, but the words came out slurred. I tried to rise from my chair, but Andre`’s hand easily pushed me back into my chair.

“I think Mister Dumont,” the general began, “would like you to stay and watch him get his revenge on Mistress Nora. She did, after all, cause him to be kicked out of your little club that I think you call ‘The Society’.”

Everything suddenly fell into place. Dumont! Andre` Dumont! His father had been on the Society’s Council. That’s why he looked familiar. He had his father’s eyes.

Mistress Nora spoke again, “Andre` Dumont,” she began defiantly, “your father was a respected member of The Society. After his death, you tried to take his place. But you were cruel and sadistic. You thought that consensual Dominant-submissive relationships were a joke. We stopped you before you had gone too far.” She spit on the ground before continuing, “But I see now that we should have imprisoned you for the good of the world.”

“Yes,” Andre` said with a guttural chuckle, “I do enjoy non-consensual activities, like fucking a woman bound back over a branding barrel. Today I will have your nether openings for the enjoyment of the crowd. But you aren’t broken enough for me… yet… to risk my prick in your mouth. You would bite it off just for spite even if it meant bursa sınırsız escort your death.”

“You are planning to kill us anyway,” Mistress Nora replied loudly and firmly. “Why should I cooperate at all?”

Andre` just laughed and said sardonically, “Oh, you will, slave nora. Someday, you will.”

He then stepped down from the platform and walked over to stand directly in front of Mistress Nora. A small group of soldiers carried in a large, obviously empty, barrel out into the middle of the open area. It had four legs sticking out of the bottom of it that lifted it a small ways off the ground and kept it stable.

Once the barrel was in place, the two eunuchs dragged Mistress Nora from in front of Andre` and pushed her backwards over the rounded surface. They tied her hands to eyebolts on the back legs of the barrel and her feet to the similar eyebolts on the legs in the front. Then Andre` stepped behind the barrel and, from his body motions, evidently began turning a large wheel or crank. As he cranked, the legs extended further from the bottom of the barrel drawing Mistress Nora tighter and tighter and tighter.

“I do love a tight cunt,” Andre` said as he walked around to look down at Mistress Nora. He then trailed his hand down her abdomen and stopped in the hollow of her hip just to the right of her mound of Venus.

“Tomorrow, at the big celebration,” he said tauntingly, “I will put my brand right here. Both the crowd and I will love to hear you scream as the iron sears your flesh.”

“You wish,” Mistress Nora said defiantly, but both she and Andre` knew that was just bravado. Very few women– or men– can remain silent while they are being branded.

“Well, then,” Andre` said curtly, “let’s see if you can remain quiet while I fuck your cunt and then your ass.”

He opened the fly on his pants and pulled out his prick. Marcus Dumont, Andre`’s father was known for being well-endowed and Andre` had inherited at least that trait. He moved closer to the barrel and rubbed the tip of his prick against Mistress Nora’s cunt lips.

“You are a dry old bitch, aren’t you?” he sneered and then snapped his fingers at one of the eunuchs. The eunuch ran to a bag at the front of the platform and returned with what was evidently a small tube of lube. After squirting a small amount of lube on and into Nora’s cunt, Andre pushed his way in.

Andre` paused a moment. At first I thought that he was giving Mistress Nora a chance to conform to his massive cock, but he was instead just gathering his energy to begin ramming in and out of her at an intense speed.

The general grinned at me and said, “That man fucks like a dog.” It did not sound like a comment of respect, but then I don’t think that the Divine General respected anyone.

Mistress Nora did not remain silent. There were no words, but a guttural “Uhhh” more of pain than pleasure was forced form her lips.

Andre` lasted only a few minutes. Then he lay bent over her, breathing heavily for a moment or two before standing up and ordering the eunuchs, “Turn her over!”

He stood there with his prick dripping semen down the front of his pants while the eunuchs lowered the barrel, flipped Mistress Nora over, tied her in place, and again raised the barrel to stretch her tightly in place. Andre` stepped forward when they were done and loudly smacked Nora on the right asscheek.

“I’ve changed my mind,” he said loudly. “I think I will brand you right here.” He smacked her ass again, then he laughed and said, “Or maybe you need two brands.”

The general laughed. I pretended to try to stand up, but dropped back into my chair. The general laughed again.

Andre` again stood against the barrel between Mistress Nora’s legs. “I don’t think we need lube back here,” Antre` sneered. “I’ve got enough left on my prick to get in and once I’m in I like the really tight sensations of a dry ass hole.”

He then leaned forward and drove himself into Mistress Nora’s ass. This time she screamed, and continued to scream as Andre` did his dog-speed, pile driver sex on her. He lasted a little longer this time. When he finished and finally stood back up, he looked down at her contemptuously and ordered the eunuchs, “Put her back in her cage. I’ll finish with her tomorrow.”

“The question now,” the general said as he once again turned to look at me, “is whether or not the Malagasy bitch can make you hard enough so that she can fuck herself on your prick… in all her holes.” He laughed quite loudly, shrugged, and added, “If she can’t, I might just have to come down there and fuck her myself.”

He gave me his crocodile smile and said, “I really would rather be fucking your darling little niece, but she is a virgin. … Did you know that? She is also a painslut. … Did you know that also? And do you know how much money I can get for a truly virgin pain slut?”

He again started laughing and continued to laugh as the eunuchs came up onto the platform to get me.

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