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We ran up the stairs, laughing and racing each other. Steve led to the bedroom and told me to wait while he washed up quickly and lit a candle. He was back in a flash and whispered over to me, “She directed the action downstairs. Now I’ll take over.” I nodded agreement and we were standing in the flickering candlelight when Tracy came to the door.

Her hair was mussed and her expression was pure wanton lust. She took a step into the room and Steve reached out to her. He grabbed her arm and we were all over her in a flash. He pulled down her dress over her breasts and I started sucking her beautiful mounds as he kissed her passionately. Then we traded and I kissed her, exploring her willing mouth as he pulled on each nipple.

With a soft moan her body went weak in our arms. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. Steve took a firm grip on her dress with each hand and gave a mighty pull, tearing it from her body. I dove in, kissing, licking and caressing her soft stomach, her legs, all around her hips, deliberately avoiding her lace-covered pussy.

She groaned with frustration. Steve took her by the hair and guided her mouth to his cock. She sealed her lips around it and started sucking for all she was worth. I moved down between her legs, my hands caressing over the lace panties, now the only thing that covered her. My lips and tongue were moving down her stomach, grazing lightly across her pussy, then down her legs.

She pulled her mouth off of Steve long enough to beg, “Please! No more teasing!” I smiled and moved further down, my hot breath directly on her pussy. I could smell her wet and ready sex, dripping from the action downstairs. Pulling her panties off, I opened her legs with my shoulders and moved in. Her pussy was beautiful and pouting, needing attention.

I started licking the sides and pulling the lips into my mouth. She was so wet I found myself swallowing her juice. She tasted wonderful. My tongue went deep inside her, making her moan around Steve’s cock. Her clit was swollen and standing fully clear of her pretty lips. I gently circled it, not yet touching it directly. Her whole body reacted. Ever so gently, I licked over her clit, started making small circles around it. I sucked it into my mouth and started massaging her clit with my tongue.

She moaned like a stricken animal. Her legs started convulsing. I held onto her hips and kept gently massaging her clit with my tongue, changing the direction and the speed. arap escort Her legs grabbed me hard, she pulled off of Steve’s cock and cried out while her body began shaking uncontrollably.

Her pussy started dripping with even sweeter juice and I lapped it up hungrily. She fell back onto the bed, panting hard, coming down from her orgasm.

Steve said, “Let’s trade places.” We moved around and he wasted no time slipping his hard cock into her. He grabbed her hips and started moving in her, hard and fast. She wanted it that way as she started moaning and arching her back again. I reached over and sucked one breast while squeezing the other, pulling on the nipples with my teeth and fingers.

She was thrashing her head back and forth while Steve fucked her hard and well. Sucking on one breast, My hand went down her stomach towards where they met. She was soaking wet all over and I got my fingers nice and slick, then started rubbing her clit with the tips of my fingers, all the while toying with her nipple in my mouth. That sent her over again, her hips bucking, her whole body tensing as a huge orgasm overcame her.

This time Steve could not hold back and he pushed hard into her, his body exploding into hers. He kept pumping a few more times, squirting deep into her. I caressed her stomach, her breasts, letting her enjoy every part of the moment. Steve pulled back from her and in the candlelight I saw his cock, wet with their mixed come.

Without thinking, I dropped down and pulled his slick cock into my mouth, tasting them both. I licked and sucked at his cock, drinking them. I looked up at her, her eyes wide and watching.

Steve looked at my hard cock and motioned to Tracy, saying, “Your turn.” I moved towards her and she lifted her arms to welcome me, opening her legs and wrapping them around my back. We met with a passion filled kiss, our tongues moving back and forth. I was lost in that kiss when I felt a hand reaching down and grasping my cock, guiding it towards her. I knew it was Steve, wanting me to fuck his wife. He put the tip into her warm, wet pussy and I slid forward.

The sensation was incredible, she was so wet from her orgasms and Steve’s come all mixed up inside her. My cock slid in and I could feel the wetness in all directions around it. We locked in another kiss and I moved slowly back and forth, grinding into her, loving the feel of her body under me. It was so good, I escort arap couldn’t last more than a minute before my body started shaking.

I looked over. “Steve, I’m going to come, inside her, inside your beautiful wife.”

“Do it,” he said. “Give her all you have.”

Our mouths together, I moaned and held her tight as it took over my body, my cock started squirting into her. “Oh, yeah,” she panted. “Oh yeah. Like that. Put it all into me.” I pushed deep into her, giving her the last spurts I had. I kissed her gently and rolled to the side, making sure she could breathe.

Steve stared at my cock, covered in come from the three of us. He moved over and holding the base, took it into his mouth, sucking it clean. I felt his tongue along my cock, then his lips moving off. He kissed the tip, then let go.

Tracy giggled and we all started laughing. She put a finger inside herself and brought it to her lips, sucking the juice from her soaked pussy. “I can’t believe how good that is,” she said. She got her fingers wet again and fed it to Steve and then to me.

Steve said, “I can’t believe I’m getting hard again.” We looked and sure enough, he was starting to get to his full length.

“I think we should put our guest to full use before he leaves,” she said. Steve smiled. She looked at me. “I want you to get Steve totally hard again. Then we are going to use you for our pleasure. Are you OK with that?” I nodded and moved between Steve’s legs.

Taking his hardening cock in my hand, I slipped it into my mouth and slowly started bobbing my head. I could taste traces of their come on his cock. I was slowly moving up and down, tracing the veins with my tongue. I could feel him getting harder in my mouth. This time Tracy just watched, her fingers playing with her nipples.

“That’s good,” she said. “Now come here.” She lay back on the bed, her legs wide, her soaking pussy open and inviting. She held my head and pulled me towards her pussy. “Taste it. Taste us all.” Like in a dream, I felt myself moving down, my tongue reaching out, my hands going to her hips, holding her so I could taste her more deeply. I was licking, drinking, tasting her and us, all together, her hands holding my head firmly in place.

Then I knew Steve was behind me. I felt the heat of his cock before it touched the side of my ass. His hands went to my ass, spreading me open, exposing me to him. He reached for something arap escort bayan and his hands came back slippery and wet. His finger slid inside me, easily now after taking me earlier.

I started giving Tracy the lightest butterfly licks across her clit as he opened me up. He added another finger and then another, this time with purpose and pushing his fingers deep. Tracy held my head closely as I felt his fingers leave me, my ass wet and exposed. He slathered some oil on his cock and then pressed the tip against my hole. Tracy’s legs and hands held me firmly, his hand on my shoulder pushed me downwards as he started pressing forward into me.

I could feel pressure building on my hole until with a jolt he slipped inside. I grunted with the shock and some pain. “There,” she said. “He’s in, just relax and let go.” Steve slid further in and I found myself pressing back, wanting more of him inside me. The pain left quickly to be replaced with a feeling of fullness and want.

Steve’s hands went to my hips and he started sawing back and forth. Tracy pushed my mouth back to her soaking pussy and I began ravenously drinking from her. I was tasting our come all mixed together while Steve was thrusting deeper and deeper into my ass.

Tracy groaned and said, “This is the sexiest thing we’ve ever done. Fuck him, Steve. Fuck him hard.” She grabbed my hair and our eyes met. “Eat me, drink it, drink it all up.” She pushed me back down and my tongue went wild, searching every inch of her pussy for more of her and us.

Steve was sawing in and out of my ass, faster and faster. He was sweating and swearing while she held my head down into her pussy. He was fucking me so hard I could just hold my tongue over her clit and his thrusts made it go back and forth over her, he was fucking her through me.

Steve gasped, “I’m going to come.”

“Do it,” she said. “Fill that tight ass.” His hands grabbed my shoulders and he held me down as he thrust into me, harder and harder, until he thrust once and held it in me, his body shaking. I could feel the pulsing as his cock unloaded into my ass, feeling each squirt into me. I took it all, moving gently, trying to milk his cock with my ass.

He finished in me, then pulled out and collapsed on the bed. Tracy pulled me up and kissed me gently, holding me for a time.

We lay there for a while, not wanting the moment to end. I finally stirred and said, “It’s probably time for me to head back.”

Tracy and Steve looked at each other, then at me. “We have a guest room,” he ventured. She smiled. “He can stay there tonight. Right down the hall.”

He said, “And if during the night, we get any crazy ideas…”

I finished the thought. “I’m right down the hall.”

We all smiled at the thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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