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JoAnne stood back and gave her latest bit of handiwork an appraising look. Attached to the wall of her bedroom was a laminated, life-size poster of her all-time favorite male stripper. The guy in the image was just over six-foot-tall, with a very well-developed body – broad shoulders, sculpted chest, washboard abs, muscular arms, legs and thighs – and perfect facial features – squared chin with just a hint of a cleft in it, a bright, seductive smile, beautiful hazel eyes that a woman could get lost in forever and ever. His hair was dark and just slightly unruly. And, best of all to JoAnne’s way of thinking, the man was completely naked, sporting a massive, raging hard-on that had to have been a good nine-inches-long. Her mouth watered just thinking about it. A few moments later, her pussy began expressing very similar sentiments.

Forcing herself away from the gorgeous poster, JoAnne picked up her cordless drill and got ready for Phase Two of her plan. Having already put the requisite bit into place, she proceeded to drill a hole straight through the image of the stripper’s glorious member and into the wall behind it. Finished, trying not to think about the vandalism to the poster, JoAnne put down the drill in favor of a long, thick screw. She placed the tip of it in the hole she’d just made and turned it, twisting it as far in by hand as she could. Once that became too tiresome, she picked up a pair of broad-nosed pliers and used them to finish placing the screw. Once done, the screw was very solidly embedded in the wall behind the poster but nearly five inches of threaded steel remained, protruding straight out from the front of the poster.

Turning away, JoAnne picked up the final piece of the puzzle she was assembling and tore the nine-inch-long, soft rubber dildo from its packaging. She ran her delicate fingers over the delightful veined surface, caressing the swollen tip of her newest toy, imagining what it was going to feel like to have it easing into her soaked twat in a matter of minutes.

Hurrying faster now, JoAnne used the drill to bore a starter hole in the flat end of the rubber dick. She then knelt before the poster and placed the newly drilled hole against the screw and began to twist. Progress quickly became Escort Bayan somewhat more difficult as the rivet began to work through undrilled latex, but she persevered and soon had the toy in place, standing straight out from the loins of the man in the poster. Studying her work, she nodded. The flesh tone of the rubber cock was a nearly exact match for the stripper depicted on the poster.

Standing, JoAnne cleared her tools aside, ready to play with her new toy.

She turned, scrutinizing the reflection in the mirror across the bedroom. She had carefully placed the poster so that she could see her image in the mirror as she impaled herself on the dildo.

“This is going to be fun,” she muttered.

JoAnne quickly peeled off her lavender tee shirt, her petite, braless breasts already tipped with rock-hard nipples. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her dark purple sweatpants, she shoved them down, then stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Her lavender thong quickly followed. She stood naked, liking the image in the mirror. Her body was lithe and trim, devoid of hair anywhere below her carefully sculpted eyebrows. As she sunbathed nude, her entire body was nicely tanned, without a single tan-line to be seen. JoAnne pushed her long, honey-blond hair back over her shoulders and placed her hands on her slim hips, turning slightly, admiring her toned, tan ass. She saw that her inner thighs were already damp with her desire. Turning her blue-eyed gaze from the mirror, she focused her full attention on the poster and its new dick.

“Time to have ourselves some fun, baby,” she whispered.

Sinking to her knees once again, JoAnne gazed up at the sparkling hazel eyes of the man in the poster as she licked her lips, then opened her mouth and leaned forward, engulfing as much of the nine-inch latex cock with her mouth as she could.

JoAnne bobbed her head, sucking the rubber dick, lubricating it with her saliva. After a few moments, she shifted, lifting herself into a hands-and-knees position. Still sucking the rubber shaft, she realized that, next time, she’d have to break out a vibrator to slide into her snatch as she did this. Maybe one for her tight asshole, too… But there was no way she was stopping long enough to go pull the added toys out for this session! Balancing on both knees and one hand, JoAnne’s other hand slid over her pert tits, flat stomach and smooth pubic area to find her hard clit. She moaned around her mouthful of latex cock as she touched herself, the slight contact she made with her clit sending sparks of ecstasy coursing through her flushed body.

Her pussy was dripping. JoAnne’s fingers were instantly slick with her juice. Leaving her tingling clit alone for the time being, not wanting to climax too quickly, she dipped two fingers into her sodden twat, hearing a soft squelching as they went in. The heady scent of her musk filled the room and she inhaled deeply as she masturbated and sucked the fuck-toy before her.

After many minutes, JoAnne finally allowed the latex shaft to slip from her mouth. It glistened with her saliva, coated so heavily that it dripped.

She smiled. “I’d say you’re lubed up well enough!”

Turning, she eased herself back, reaching behind her to guide the now-warm shaft into her oozing twat. She gasped, closing her eyes in joy as it filled her. She pushed back, taking as much of it inside her tight canal as she could. Opening her eyes, she stared at the mirror across the room and she pulled forward a little, then pushed back once more.

It was better than she’d imagined! With the pose the man on the poster was in, it appeared as if he were reaching out, intending to grab her hips as he fucked her. That sight alone was nearly enough to bring JoAnne to orgasm. She knew she wouldn’t last long this first time. But, she had all day. And she planned to spend it exploring a variety of ways to enjoy her new toy. She pulled forward a bit, then pushed back again, feeling the huge dildo pull and push inside of her. JoAnne tossed back her head and moaned loudly as she began to move in earnest, fucking her soaked cooze. Each thrust elicited a soft squelch from her pussy and a moan from her lips.

Within a few moments, JoAnne ran one dainty hand over her tits, the light touch on her nipples sending fire roiling through her already burning body. She trailed her fingers lightly over her stomach to her snatch, finding her engorged, swollen clitoris once more. The instant she touched it she threw her head back and screamed in pure animal lust as her body and brain exploded internally in a shower of over-powered fireworks. Shuddering and screaming, JoAnne toyed with her hard clit as she slammed herself backward on the latex rubber cock harder and harder, again and again, and harder and harder still.

“Fuck!” she cried with each backward thrust of her burning body onto the glorious shaft that she rode. “Fuck!” The word was barely even a word, more of a high-pitched squealing shriek than anything else. “Fuck!”

JoAnne’s hand was dripping with cooze-juice, the liquid satin filling her palm and overflowing it, running onto the carpet below. Her pussy spasmed relentlessly. Still she rammed backwards over and over, taking as much of the toy into her body as she could.

“Fuck!” she panted. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Lightning zipped through JoAnne’s blisteringly-hot body, causing her to tremble and shake as if she were experiencing a massive seizure.

“Oh, fuck my pussy, baby! Yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Even once her orgasm finally passed, JoAnne continued to thrust backwards, loving the feel of the rubber shaft deep in her molten twat. She diddled her clit, gasping again at the touch of her fingers on the ultra-sensitive place. Running her hand quickly up her body, she caressed her nipples, finding them hyper-sensitive, as well.

Gasping for breath, her body weak and shuddering, JoAnne finally pulled forward enough to allow the latex toy to withdraw from her body. Collapsing on the floor, JoAnne continued to rub her burning body, lightly stroking her nipples and clitoris now and again, shuddering with each touch.

Breathing hard, she looked up at the poster and the attached toy. Both were heavily coated, dripping, with her liquid honey. She smiled.

“I guess it’s a good thing I had the foresight to have you laminated, huh, baby?”

Forcing herself back onto her hands and knees, JoAnne crawled forward.

“You’re a mess. I guess I’d better get you cleaned up for our next go-around.”

With that, she slid the still warm cock into her mouth, relishing the taste of her pussy juice on it, and began to suck it clean, preparing for her next session with the toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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