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This takes place after “Wanda On Sale” while Julie is locked up from his arrest in “Wanda On The Glass”.

Wanda picked up the on the fourth ring. An automated female voice came on the line.

“You have a collect call from an inmate in county correctional services. Will you accept the charges?” the voice asked.

“Yes,” Wanda agreed excitedly.

It was Julie calling to let Wanda know he would be home out in a few hours.

“How? I thought your dad was having a hard time raising your bail. I thought everything was tied up in the house and in the gym.” Wanda asked.

“It’s a long story,” Julie said.

“I have time,” Wanda replied.

“I’ll tell you tonite. I don’t want to run up your phone bill. I’m sure your pop isn’t going to appreciate paying for calls from jail.” Julie said.

“Yeah, he did work pretty hard to keep away from the criminal element.” Wanda joked knowing her dad would have approved of Julie’s actions.

“All right babe, see you in a little bit. Love ya,” Julie said and hung up to save Wanda’s phone bill.

A few hours later Julie was at Wanda’s door.

Wanda noticed Julie’s face was still marked up from the scuffle with the police a few days earlier. He was healing quickly though. It would only be a couple more days and Julie would look normal again, or at least normal for Julie. He frequently had fresh cuts and bruises from the gym. Wanda chose not to point out the unusual extra flaws Julie was sporting.

“Wow, you are already sweaty!” Wanda said.

“My car is still parked in front of your house. I had to jog over here.” Julie responded

“Well, I think this calls for a shower.” Wanda Joked.

“I can’t guarantee your safety if you drop the soap while we’re in there,” Julie joked back.

“You either,” Wanda shot back with an evil grin.

Wanda had suggested a shower even though she liked the way Julie smelt when he was all sweaty. Julie had a natural musk that mixed with his sporty antiperspirant and the hair pomade he used to slick his black hair back. The topper would be the minty smell of linament he always used on his gym sore muscles. It was such a turn on for her to smell his odor when her face was buried in his broad muscular shoulders.

Today was different though Julie still smelled of the weird soap he had used in county lockup. It was a foreign scent that was throwing her off the more she smelled it. It was a pure chemical scent. She was happy to see Julie but wanted to cleanse this sterile odor off of him. Better that Julie smelled of her feminine lotions and creams then smell like the jailhouse showers.

Wanda barely gave Julie a chance to caress her after peeling off her clothes. She hopped right into the shower. Julie had no choice but to join her if he wanted to get his hands on her amazing curves. Wanda had her pineapple body wash working a lather on her breasts when Julie stripped down and got in the shower. Wanda pounced on him. rubbing her soapy body all over the hardness of his muscles.

Julie was usually pretty good at reading Wanda’s physical signals but he wasn’t used to Wanda’s body being all slick from the soap. The slick softness of her massive rack sliding up and down his body was overriding all his usual senses. Julie wasn’t used to being in a passive role. Julie was almost always in control when he and Wanda got together. His natural role was actively worshiping Wanda’s body. He was getting anxious as Wanda kept her slippery curves elusive when he tried to get his hands on her. Wanda was really getting into teasing Julie. He looked like a starving man being teased with the fruit he can never eat. Julie was always comparing her body to sweet treats. From her Mocha Skin to her candy nipples, from her melon sized breasts to the strawberry ice cream folds of her pussy.

Wanda was timing Julie perfect now. She could tell when his frustrations were at their peak and she would press her breasts to chest. then softly glide just her firm nipples down his wet bahis firmaları body. The sensation of her slippery warm tips sending massive amounts of blood to his now throbbing manhood. Then she would evade his hands as he reached for her soft ass. Running her soapy hands along his muscular arms while keeping his hands off her body. Then she would let his frustration and anxiety grow again till he was ready to explode again.

He tried to pin her to the wall but She countered by running her soap-slick hands up his vibrating erection. Her velvety touch actually buckled his knees it felt so good to him. Wanda loved seeing him like that. Julie had always prided himself on maximizing the pleasure he gave her. Many times he had left her a quivering ball of nerves from his touch. It was an amazing sense of power to turn the tables on him that way.

A frustrated Julie Turned the water off. Wanda playfully hopped out of the shower still sopping wet. She was completely unconcerned with dripping water all over her bathroom floor. Julie’s dad had instilled a strong sense of discipline in him. Julie refused to make a mess of Wanda’s floor, even if Wanda was soaking her bathmat. Wanda teased Julie with the towel. She would hold it our for Julie then snatch iy away at the last second.

“Don’t you want to dry off?” she teased.

“Babe,” was Julie’s only response.

“You’re gonna get cold standing there naked and wet,” she said.

Wanda glanced down at Julie’s fully engorged cock.

“Maybe you should cool off some. You look a little overheated.” Wanda said referring to his erection.

Julie could have stood wet and cold for hours and it wouldn’t counteract the effect of Wanda’s giant hanging knockers on his hard cock. Julie was such a breast man all Wanda had to do was mention her boobs and Julie would stiffen to attention. Wanda loved the attention Julie would lavish on her chest. She felt like a goddess every time she removed her bra for Julie.

Julie managed to get a hold of the towel when Wanda failed to pull it away fast enough. Wanda ran from him to her room, still naked and wet. Julie dried off before wrapping the brown towel around his waist. His erection was still quite obvious through the terry cloth tent that preceded him into the room.

Wanda stood at the foot of her bed her body glistening and her amazing dark brown nipples were hardening in the cool breeze of the air conditioning. Jule whipped off his towel and used it to dry Wanda’s back. Wanda spun so Julie could use the towel on her front. Julie kissed Wanda deeply as he toweled Wanda’s breasts off. Julie let the wet towel fall to the ground and Wanda pressed her soft chest into him. Wanda wrapped her arms around Julie and pulled him to the bed. Julie lay on his side kissing Wanda’s neck.

Julie was about to roll Wanda on her back but she was faster. Wanda mounted Julie before he could act. Wanda ran her hot slick pussy lips the length of Julie’s hard cock. Julie loved it when she did that. They were always careful to use condoms, so foreplay was the only time Julie got to actually feel the raw heat of Wanda. It was hard to tell who was affected more from this rare unprotected genital to genital contact. Julie dick was pulsing from the warmth Wanda was pressing into stiff manhood. Wanda was feeling all the veiny textures of Julie’s cock as she ran her slick clitoris along his shaft.

Wanda paused mid-stroke.

“So how did you make bail?” she asked like this was the appropriate time to ask.

“Not now,” Julie responded mashing his erection into Wanda’s pelvis.

Wanda shifted her hips so the soft head of Julies cock was pressed against the entrance to Wanda’s pussy. Julie actually slipped almost a half inch inside Wanda.

“Tell me or I’ll do it,” Wanda said as she slowly eased another quarter inch down Julie’s head.

“Wanda, get a condom” Julie said getting serious.

“Not till after you tell me,” Wanda said as her raw pussy lips burnt Julie’s tip.

“I kaçak iddaa haven’t had any release the whole time I was locked up. There’s no way you’re not getting pregnant if we don’t use a condom.” Julie said starting to panic.

“Then you better tell me quick” Wanda said as Julie tried to press his ass backwards into the mattress.

“There was this kid.” Julie started as Wanda slowly edged her way down Julie.

“Better talk faster” Wanda teased.

“His dad was a lawyer. He takes lots of cases where he fights for the little guys against the system. He got pulled over and the cops found pot in his car. Because the car was stopped In front of a school the penalties were doubled so he was facing serious time and his dad’s taking up causes for migrant workers against a pesticide company he had connections in Mexico so the kid was a flight risk. According to the conservative judge so the kid couldn’t get bail till his dad could file an appeal. The judge was mostly just sticking it to the kid because he didn’t like his dad.” Julie said as quick as he could.

Wanda gave a quick push down Julie’s head. It seemed like she took a whole half inch of Julie all at once. Julie’s eyes bugged out as he felt Wanda take almost a third of his bare tip.

“The kid had been in county for a while and he was a nice kid. He wasn’t built for Jail. This Brazillian kid Benny was taking all his commissary for protection. But he wasn’t getting any protection. These gang banger kids found out the kid’s dad was a lawyer and demanded that he represent them in their trial. Even though that’s not the kind of law he practices.” Julie said as Wanda rocked on his cock.

“If Benny wasn’t going to actually protect him then the kid started trading the gang bangers his commissary to leave him alone. Benny had a reputation for being kind of stabby. He was in jail for stabbing a hooker who got too strung out to finish her pussy for heroin trade she had made Benny. Benny got a hold of a shiv and had planned to ventilate the kid.” Julie explained.

Wanda wasn’t prepared for the story to take such a real turn. She paused at the matter of fact tone Julie used to describe a violent act he had been so close to. She had always known Julie was tough but now he was talking about interacting with dangerous killers. Julie continued.

“Benny caught the kid where the guards couldn’t see and pulled his shiv. The kid didn’t deserve any of this it was really just a judge setting him up because he didn’t like his dad. So I cracked Benny when he wasn’t looking. Benny went down and was sent to the infirmary. I caught some crap for the sucker punch but I didn’t really want to fight Benny’s shiv. I offered to go head up with anyone who wanted to complain about it and it was settled until Benny got out of the infirmary. I ended up the kid’s defacto guardian angel. The gang bangers left him alone after that. The kid’s lawyer dad managed to get bail set and bonded out. As a favor for looking out for his kid his dad looked into my arrest. My hospital reports and the missing camera footage from the arrest was enough for DA to drop all the charges.” Julie finished

Wanda was happy to hear the good news. She decided to give Julie one last teasing press before she let him get a condom. Wanda eased down taking in most of Julies purple head. The look in his eyes was delicious. He experiencing a level of lust like never before and it was shocking even to him.

Wanda had not anticipated how hard Julie was fighting the urge to thrust up in her. The last tiny bit she had pushed Julie was the scale tipper. Julie could no longer resist the urge. Julie slammed his full length into Wanda’s steaming walls. Wanda Felt like a tree split by lightning as she took Julie’s full plunge. It was her turn to wear the stunned expression. The speed that Julie’s hot member drove through her was shocking and painful but felt so good.

Wanda lifted her hips and Julie drove into her again. Wanda sucked air in loudly as Julie kaçak bahis burned through her a second thrust.

“Julie! What are you doing?” she asked stunned.

“Me? You started this” Julie said shocked that she was blaming him.

“I did not,” Wanda protested while grinding into Julie

“You are the one pushing,” Julie said while clearly pushing himself.

“Do you want me to stop?” Wanda asked rocking into the heat between the two of them

“No,” Julie squeaked as Wanda tightened around him.

” We need to stop and get a condom,” Wanda protested.

“Yeah” Julie agreed

Ok, then stop,” Wanda said.

“You first,” Julie countered

“Julie, I’m serious,” Wanda moaned.

“I know, me too,” Julie said

“Julie,” Wanda said

“Ok We’ll stop in in ten seconds” Julie strained

“Deal,” Wanda agreed.

“Ok, ten,” Julie said slamming hard into Wanda.

“Nine,” Wanda said as she ground hard into Julie

“Eeeiiigggghhhhttt,” Julie said as he slowly pumped at a quarter speed

“Seven,” Wanda said as she double pumped into Julie

“Six,” Julie said and let loose with a string of quick bunny humps that left Wanda quivering.

“Five,” Wanda countered by trying to press Julie through the mattress.

“Four,” Julie said thrusting so hard it almost took Wanda’s air

“Three,” Wanda said leaning forward so her amazing breasts are in Julie’s face.

Nothing from Julie as he started sucking on Wanda’s nipple

“Two,” Wanda said as she head rolled back from the pleasure that was running up her spine.

“Two and a half” Wanda said as Julie continued on her breasts

“One Julie,” Wanda said

“We have to stop now” Wanda said while making no attempt to stop.

“Mmmm hmmm” Julie agreed with a mouthful of Wanda

“We’re not going to stop, are we?” Wanda asked as she ground into Julie

“MMMM mmm” Julie responded

“I’m gonna get pregnant aren’t I?” Wanda wondered

“MMMM mmmm” Julie murmured

“If I do you are gonna have to share those with the baby.” Wanda told him.

Julie paused mid-stroke. That was what it took to snap out of his titty trance.

Julie rolled Wanda over and dismounted her. He was rummaging through her dresser for a rubber.

“You really don’t like sharing do you?” Wanda asked

“Nope, I want you all to myself,” he said finding a box of rubbers.

“It’s on now,” Julie said tearing open the condom wrapper.

Julie pressed Wanda to the mattress with one hand while he slipped the rubber on with the other. Julie paused as the tip of his dick reached the entrance to Wanda’s hot velvet walls. He looked deep into Wanda’s eyes then eased his way inside Wanda. It was like the slow parting of water. He the feeling in Wanda’s eyes as his heat entered her slowly a millimeter at a time. The heat built and built. Deeper and deeper. Wanda started to fill. Julie bottomed out and kissed Wanda deeply. He backed out quickly and hammered back down. He felt the air go from Wanda’s mouth to his. His head spun from the carbon dioxide he stole from Wanda. He was panting has he buried his head in Wanda’s neck. Julies warm breath flowed over her shoulders. Julie started sucking gently on the nape of Wanda’s neck. He slowly rocked his manhood in Wanda. Wanda started to dig her nails into Julie’s back. The harder she dug into his back the more he sucked her neck. Wanda was grinding her hips in time to Julie’s rocking. Julie was taking his time letting the pressure in Wanda build slowly.

Wanda started to moan as she reached the edge. Julie slowed his pace to keep her on the edge. As Wanda got closer Julie grabbed her breast. Wanda moaned loudly as she reached the point of no return. Julie slipped Wanda’s nipple in his mouth and focused his mind on the feeling of her tip on his tongue. He felt an expolsion build in his cock as He abd Wanda synched up their climaxes.

Julie collapsed with a thud on Wanda’s massive chest. He was panting for air. Wanda was happy to take so much out of him as he labored to breathe. His weight felt good resting on top of her. Julie rolled off.

“You’re all sweaty again,” Wand said.

“Yeah we might need another shower.” Julie said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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