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From somewhere in the yawning darkness of the street at his back, a faint chime declared the spell of midnight as cast. Yet even in this late hour there was no hint of a whispering breeze come to cool and caress his flushed skin. The temperature had soared throughout the day and lingered on still, leaving the air around him heavy and thick. Its humid fingers clinging mercilessly to his body.

On reaching the top of the stairs however, the awareness of it faded as all thought left him to wait impatiently beyond the doorway. Turning his head to one side he listened, in vain, for movement inside. Then curling his fingers over the door handle he pushed down in expectation of the familiar click. She had to be home, he reasoned, as the door swung freely towards him. The house was wide open and light immersed almost every window in its glow.

Stepping inside, his body so casual in its movements that every gesture appeared seductive, he let the screen fall quietly shut. Again he paused to listen but there was nothing. Not even droplets of water loosening themselves from a tap ruffled the stillness. Gazing around the lounge room he lightened his feet then peered into the kitchen. Once more lit, but empty.

With his footsteps now falling across the bare floor towards the bedroom door, his shoulder soon came to rest upon its frame as he allowed himself a smile.

She’d not meant for the door to be left unlocked, or for all the lights to burn away through the night. She’d only come to lay upon the bed, letting her mind drift off in some Anadolu Yakası Escort novel, trying to escape the heat in a thin white slip. Now though, her wakefulness had deserted her to sink into the weightless down, the novel had fallen away and its pages folded themselves closed.

Sweeping over her motionless body, as she lay there on her stomach, so vulnerable in her sleep. His eyes came to rest on the gentle, lace covered, swell between her slightly parted thighs. Feet shifting of their own accord, he made his way towards her, drawing his shirt over his head.

Easing his weight slowly onto the covers, he knelt upon the bed. Deftly moving over her to bring one knee up between her legs and place a hand above her shoulder. Then with mischief alight in his dark, soulful eyes he pressed his body to hers, brushing his sensuous lips against her neck.

Instantly she stirred beneath him, waking senses flooding her with a rigid fear. “Shush baby.” Murmuring to her ear he felt her whole body yield in the space of a breath. For her, there was no mistaking the velvety roll of his soothing words. “I’ve missed you.” As it floated to him, dreamlike, his mouth travelled back along her neck. Tenderly pulling against the soft skin while he let his hand leisurely glide down over the curve of her buttocks, holding to the warmth below.

Then with searching fingers pushing aside the lace and impelling her to press back against him he sensed the undying desire, which kept her as his alone, take hold. He took Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan pleasure in it, in the way she writhed under him. In her longing to turn and kiss the sweetness of him. In her ineffective endeavours to lift against him before, weakening from his touch, she collapsed back to the covers breathing soft cries of pleasure.

Still, with his own needs rising, the cool black leather of his belt slithered across white silk as he unfastened it, then sat back on his heels. Letting the weight of his palm on the small of her back hold her in place.

Once the last of his clothing had hit the floor his hands returned to her resolutely. Tugging at the lace to expose her groove and then reaching under her, lifting her back on to his thighs. Knowingly raising her arms as he gathered her slip, she inhaled sharply as he roughly sought her breasts. His fingers biting at their rosy tenderness. Yet finding her freedom she slipped from his fervent embrace. Leaving him nothing but silk to clutch as she turned to playfully push at his chest.

Amused, he indulged her notions of control, resting back as she traced over the masculine contours of his body. Her touch soon chased by a shower of kisses as lightly at first, then lingering teasingly her warmth danced against him. Closing his eyes he willed her to melt down upon him like warm honey. Still he knew that it was only torment she would give him, anything else he would have to take for himself.

With that sudden realization his fingers Escort Anadolu Yakası dug into the milky softness of her hips, throwing her to the covers. Now with one hand tangling in her hair and pulling back to again reveal her neck to the heat of his mouth, his strong thighs forced their way between hers. Holding to his hungry body she relented willingly as he pushed into her.

Drowning in his intensity, hugging every inch of him, her body rocked as he united not only flesh but soul. Matching his rhythm her hands fell away, fumbling to grip at the bedcovers as all reason blurred. Lost to the irrepressible wave of passion that crashed upon her when ever he was near.

Above her, aware of the mounting tension, as he coaxed her towards the edge. The sound of his name, escaping hazily into the sultry air, only served to urge him further in sending her over it. Now, moving together with intoxicating closeness, her hushed plea’s for release were answered and as she tightened around him her whole body trembled in his powerful arms.

Dazed by the engulfing sensations coursing throughout, her tongue stole from her mouth to wet her parted lips. Yet as he focused on it’s inviting movement along with his own thirst for relief the memory of it returned and would not be denied.

Straddling her nakedness and twisting the waves of her hair about his fingers he pressed the smoothness of himself firmly to her mouth, then thrust into its slippery heat. Closing her eyes as she gave to the silkiness and taste she revelled in the urgency gripping him. Then, with his back arching, cream bathed her darting tongue as his entire body breathed release.

Fingers entwining as he moved to enfold her she held close to him, wondering how long he had returned home for. Yet as a light kiss was placed on her forehead she remembered that it didn’t matter, he was here with her in this moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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