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He caught her from behind, his arms around her waist, his hands sliding down the smooth satin of her chemise, over her taut stomach to nestle between her thighs. Nibbling on the back of her neck, making his way to her earlobe, his tongue flickered at it, reminiscent of the actions his tongue took last night as she lay on their large bed, limbs splayed.

Smiling, he turned her and lifted her, hands on her hips, her hands resting lightly on his broad shoulders. Settling her lightly on the edge of the old washing machine, a faint vibration as it filled with gushing water, cleaning the sweat-soaked sheets from the bed. He raised the hem of her chemise and lifted it up and off, her nudity pleasing him. Dropping the wispy garment to the floor, he ran his hands up her body, her skin smooth as the satin he’d removed.

Taking her lips with his, he tasted her, the slight saltiness of her upper lip, the hint of her musk in his nostrils, the fresh mintiness of her toothpaste. He could feel the cool metal of the machine on his thighs as he pressed closer to her, standing between her parted legs. Her hands stroked his back, as he possessed her mouth, his tongue parting her lips to dance with hers. Bringing his right hand to her breast, he kneaded the flesh, pinching the hardening nipple between his fingers, rubbing the erect bud with the palm of his hand. His cock hardening, it pressed against the machine through his boxer shorts as the machine began its agitation cycle.

Releasing her lips he began to nibble his way down to the nipple he was so recently teasing, Pendik Escort his other hand performing the same service to her other teat. Dropping his right hand further, he teased her belly, circling her navel and making her jump a little at this exploration. He smiles to himself, knowing this is a highly sensitive area for her. Dropping his hand further, he strokes the length of her dampening slit. The machine continues its whirring beneath her.

She lifts her legs, her toes catching the waist of his boxer shorts, and drags them down off his hips. He gasps as his cock bounces forward and strikes the cold metal of the machine, and it spurs him to greater hardness. He swaps over; his lips now on her right breast, tugging and pulling at the nipple with lips, tongue and teeth. His urgency growing. She parts her legs further, resting closer to the edge of the machine. Her slit opening a little with the action. The agitation finished, the machine starts its first rinse.

His fingers stroke into her more firmly, probing her heat; he slips a finger deep inside. She moans softly. He drops to his knees on the hard floor, his eyes directly on her pussy, watching as a droplet of juice forms and trembles with the vibration of the machine beneath her. His hands run up her thighs, his fingers at the edge of her slit. Gently he parts her folds, and looks upon his treasure. He leans forward, his agile tongue scooping up the droplet of juice before it falls. Tasting its musky sweetness he is almost overcome. Pressing his belly hard against the cold Pendik Escort Bayan vibrating machine, he struggles to contain himself.

Control regained, he swipes his tongue the length of her slit, keeping his tongue flat and wide, splaying her pussy lips open in its passing, ending with a flick at her still hidden clit. She moans louder. Moving her hands behind her, she braces herself. He begins to work on her, his tongue darting and diving, licking, sucking, teasing her. Scooping out more of her juices at each stroke, he delights in her enjoyment. She begins to writhe a little, her hips turning little circles. He knows she is close. Penetrating her with a finger, he focuses now on her exposed clit. Sucking it, scraping it lightly with his teeth, circling it with his tongue. The vibrations of the machine adding to the sensation, she tosses her hair back, her eyes closed as she drops into unconscious thought, letting him control the feeling in her body.

Slipping a second finger in to join the first, he curls his fingers forward, upward, stroking the special spot, deep inside. His pinkie finger worms its way into her anus, pressing in. She gasps, her body trembling, her thighs attempt to close about his hands, his head, but he keeps her wide open, his shoulders preventing that. He feels the pulses of pleasure thought his fingers and tongue. The ripples of her orgasm washing over her body, squeezing his fingers buried in her. Her clit twitching as he sucked the last of her orgasm from her body. The washing machine finished with Pendik Escort the rinse begins to fill up again, the shushing noise of the water echoing the blood racing in their bodies.

Slipping his fingers from her, he stands. Tracing his wet fingers over her lips he kisses her, tasting her delicious mouth and pussy at once. She moans, tasting herself on him. Capturing his fingers in her mouth, she sucks and licks them, reveling in the release she has just experienced. He angles his hips slightly, his cock aimed directly at her well juiced pussy, and with a long smooth stroke, buries himself to the hilt in her hot wetness. He holds himself still within her, feeling her still pulsing gently around his shaft. Dragging in a long slow breath, he pulls out, till only he head of his cock remains in her. Breathing out on a moan he pushes back in. The long slow strokes of the machine agitation cycle begin again.

Matching his pace and breathing to that of the machine, he drives in and out of his beautiful woman. The machine a controlling influence, he manages to last until the spin. The machine begins to rock wildly, the sheets in it tangled and off balance. Pushing her into him, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her. Her breasts bouncing as the machine jostles them harder. She gasps again at the increased motion, so close again to orgasm; she tries to hold back, her legs twined around his waist, holding him to her. He moans long and loud, his body shuddering and the sensation again overwhelms her, her orgasm comes in a crashing wave, the machine sustaining it for them both.

Feeling storm-tossed but happy, the couple remains linked until the machine winds down to quiescence.

Slipping from her body, he lifts her down, steadying her as she regains her balance. Ushering her towards the bathroom, he winks as he turns on the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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