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Female Ejaculation

Water Polo Love

Michael heard the front door slam and the loud laughter resonated through the house. Then there was the distinct sound of the reverse gears whining their song down the straight driveway outside. That would have been Mum dropping the girls off from the water polo match this morning. It was Saturday, so Dad was playing golf, and now that mum was free of her parental duties, she was heading to the mall for some retail therapy and perhaps a beauty treatment or a massage as well.

Judging by the laughter, his sister Terry brought home at least one of her water polo buddies. With her uni exams coming up, she probably brought home Amber. They were studying together, and Michael knew that while a good Polo Player, his sister needed all the help she could get to get through her exams.

Micheal had met all the woman on the University Polo Team, and there wasn’t a single one he wouldn’t want to fuck. Truth be known, that included his sister. While it sounds a little pervers, such incestual cravings, the reality was that Michael would fuck just about any girl or woman that would let him. On his own, it was never easy for him to close the deal, so to speak. That was also why he enjoyed watching their games, especially because often a naked breast, or a naked ass cheek would pop out of the swimmers, pulled on purpose by one of the opposing players. Unfortunately, that was the extent of action that Michael would get, because while they all teased him as Terry’s Baby Brother he never had the courage to approach any of them to ask them out or at least just some kissing or heavy patting. Plus he was a little pissed at the Baby Brother bit. He was about to turn twenty, and Terry was only eighteen months older. So what Baby?

Sitting behind his laptop in his room, Michael’s mind quickly processed all the above sounds emanating from the house but instead of being satisfied with his quick mind and perception, he felt anger at losing concentration and getting distracted. He was also preparing for his Uni exams and at the moment was trying to finish off the major project assignment that was due on Monday.

The noise in the house now died down a little as he heard the water running in the shower in the bathroom. Instead of being able to focus and return to his coding assignment, the image of all the girls in the polo team flashed in his mind. Naturally, in his mind’s eye they were all naked, or at least he imagined what they would look like if they were naked. This caused an even greater distraction. He promised himself a long session watching some good porn videos before going to sleep tonight, but only if he can get his assignment finished. Again, this did not help him to focus, but only distracted him further. The shower stopped. Keçiören Escort That was not his sister, who would easily shower for half an hour. Distracted!

He started to re-read the last few lines of his code. Finally, the house was quiet and his mind started to focus back on his assignment.

Slam! His bedroom door exploded, or at least that’s what it felt like to him.

“Are you masturbating?” Terry’s friend Amber screamed, standing in the door, hoping to catch Micheal in a compromising situation.

“What the fuck?” He screamed and half jumped, shocked from the noise and the screaming.

“How is my favourite Baby Brother?” she used the label the team members usually used, to get him a little unnerved. Yet somehow it sounded different now. A little disappointed that she was not able to catch him masturbating but studying, Amber decided to change her tack a little. Laughing, she walked into his bedroom and closed the door behind her.

“What do you want?” Micheal was only slowly returning from the adrenaline rush, trying to recover his composure, not sure if he wanted to be pissed, embarrassed or enjoy the visit.

“Well, I wanted to ask you three questions. But,” she paused for dramatic effect and lifted her finger in mock seriousness, “you must answer, quickly, truthfully and without hesitation.”

“Depends on the question…”

“Just answer Yes or No. It’s not that hard! Are you like stupid or what?”

Michael had to admit that of all the girls on the Polo team, Amber was the sexiest. And the most intimidating. She was from somewhere in Africa, but her English was impeccable and her skin was more caramel than dark. She had the body of a strong swimmer and a beautiful face framed by curly brown hair. She was only a few inches shorter than Micheal and her face showed absolute determination. What was she asking? Michaeal was trying to remember.

“Yeah ok.”

“OK what! Fuck me, I said Yes or No and you’re too stupid to pick one of those two. It’s not like you can get it wrong. It’s just a Yes or a No. I mean a moron couldn’t get that wrong.”

“What?” Michael was now getting confused.

“Do we have to do the whole ‘What’ routine from Pulp Fiction now? Do I need to shoot you to get you to focus? Maybe I need to give you the conditions again.”

Michael was a little annoyed, but at the same time entertained at her inventive putdowns, which she delivered with ease and without any malice in her voice. Michael was also starting to get a little curious about what it was that Amber wanted to ask him. The only thing worse than being talked to is not being talked to.

“Ok ok I get it. Yes.”

“Yes to all three questions?”


“Ok Etimesgut Escort you’re ready?”


“Question number one. If we both took all our clothes off, would you have a hardon by the time we finish?”

“What?” Michael was not sure if he heard right, he was not sure if she was playing a trick and he was not sure how he would actually be able to perform in front of a girl like Amber. It was one thing to masturbate to her image in his mind, in the privacy of his bedroom, but different when she was standing in front of him. Amber on the other hand, ignoring the opportunity to poke more fun at him with his ‘What’ question, moved on to her next one.

“Second question. When we’re both naked and I were to bend over the edge of your bed here, would your cock be hard enough to slide inside my pussy?”

Silence now and a stunned look, which did not discourage Amber from continuing.

“Third question. Since your sister takes at least half an hour in the shower, do you think you would be able to deposit at least two loads of your cum inside my pussy before she’ll finish?”

Again silence, Micheal just staring, frozen in space, his mind not entirely able to process what just happened.

“I can see that the only effective way to answer these questions is to carry out an experiment. So c’mon strip.”

Without waiting, she pulled up her t-shirt, grabbing her sports bra in the process, and pulling both over her head. She tossed the crumpled shirt and bra onto the bed, she hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her shorts when she stopped and looked at Michael that was still frozen in time.

“Look, I need to see your cock, before I strip down, so you need to get moving. Or do you need help.”

She stepped closer and pulled his shirt over his head. He obligingly lifted his arms, to let the shirt slide over.

“C’mon, get this belt off, I want to see the cock, before I go all the way.”

He mechanically loosened his belt, when she pulled down his pants together with his undies down to his ankles.

“Here, you can pull those off yourself. Looks like the answer to question one is definitely a yes. You are already at half mast and I suspect that by the time I finish with my shorts, you’ll be ready to go.”

Using one foot, to pull off his shoes and pants off his feet, his eyes focused on those perfect breasts that kept moving up and down in front of him. They were so firm, that the lack of support from the sports bra gave them only the slightest drop, with the nipples still proudly protruding out. His hand reached out and cupped one of the breasts.

“Uh that’s nice,” she replied, “but we’re not there yet.” Stepping a little Demetevler Escort back, she placed her thumbs inside the elastic of her shorts and again pulled down her shorts and panties at the same time, stepping out of them just as expertly.

“OK, so question one is definitely a yes. Now let’s move onto question two.” She stepped up to Michael and placed her hand around his swelling cock, she pulled back on the skin, exposing his hardening head.

“OK, I think that should be just about ready.” She turned and bent over the edge of his bed. ‘Now, let’s see if you can plug yourself in.”

Michael did not have a lot of experience with girls, but he knew exactly what needed to be done. He knew exactly where he needed to place his cock. And there was nothing that would stop him from sticking his cock inside her. By now, his cock was pressing against the narrow slit of her pussy, her ass slowly twitching, just an inch or so above. He wondered how tight that ass would be, but first he wanted to feel her pussy. His cock easily pushed past her pussly lips. The heat coming from inside her pussy was drawing him in more and more. He could not help himself and he pushed himself inside her as hard as he could.

Amber screamed, but it was from the pleasure of feeling him filling her insides with his cock. The warm velvety touch of her vagina was something he was not used to either. He pulled himself out almost entirely, before plunging all the way in, causing Amber to scream again. He started to develop a rhythm, but very quickly realised, that like with watching pornography, his climax would arrive quickly and powerfully.

“If… you… come… in me… quickly… now… your… sister… will… lick… your cum… out of my pussy” Amber was able to speak in between Michael’s thrusts. The image in his mind of his sister stepping out of the shower dripping wet, licking his balls, his cock, Ambers pussy, his cum, mixed in with Ambers juices that were now flowing freely, running down her legs and his. Making slapping noises with each thrust. The image was too much for him as rope after rope of how cum sprayed deep inside Amber’s pussy. The deep grunts was all he could muster, as the warm pleasure of his climax spread through his body and he leaned forward, touching Amber’s back with his chest. His hands cupping those amazing breasts as she pleasantly purred, enjoying the gentle touch of his fingers on her nipples.

“Well you have two out of three so far. Let’s see if you can get a clean sweep for all three questions. You reckon if you were to lie down on your bed I could suck your cock back into life. Maybe then we can do the cowgirl and I can get to sit on you and ride your cock.”

Reluctantly, Michael straightened himself up and his cock slid out of her pussy with a loud slurp and a slap.

He knew he would easily be ready to deliver a second load before his sister finished her shower. In fact the thought of his sister showering and the view of Amber’s naked form with his cum pulsing out of her quivering pussy lips was enough to bring life back into his flaccid cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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