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Cindy woke up around 1 in the afternoon lying with her head on Sky. Moonie was not in the room and Cindy wasn’t sure where he was. She began to suckle on Sky’s tits getting her morning milk. She did it with a rare amount of tenderness.

While she drank, she thought to herself about the fact that since she had got to the trailers, she had not had a drink of water. In her former life she tried to drink at least 64 ounces of water every day, so much that when she pissed it was almost clear.

Now, all she drank was Sky’s breast milk, Jack Daniels and the occasional soda. Her diet that used to consist of mainly vegetables and fish now consisted of fast food. Obviously, her biggest change was the amount of intoxicating substances she took.

Before she might have a nightly glass of wine and the occasional joint with Tim. Now, her days consisted of cigarettes, weed, Lortabs, Percocet’s, Oxy and the new entry, methamphetamine.

After draining Sky’s tits Cindy slid down and lazily ate her pussy. Cindy felt drained from last night. To be honest her asshole was a little sore and she felt like her brain was in a little bit of a fog.

After bringing Sky off with a mild orgasm Cindy sat up and looked for her cigarettes before realizing she had finished the pack last night.

“I’m going back to sleep baby,” Sky said groggily.

“OK,” Cindy said, “I’m going to find a smoke.”

Cindy wandered into the living room naked. She found Moonie out on a makeshift deck off the back of the trailer. She walked out without bothering to put on a stitch of clothing.

“Hey babe,” Cindy said to Moonie causing him to jump.

“God Damn cunt,” Moonie cursed her.

“I’m so sorry baby, didn’t mean to scare you,” Cindy said feeling a bit nervous, she wasn’t really used to Moonie yet.

“I’m sorry babe,” Moonie said smiling easing Cindy’s fear.

“Too much time in prison, I’m a little jumpy and I don’t like people coming up behind me,” Moonie explained.

“I can understand that,” Cindy said. “You got a smoke baby? I’m out.” Cindy asked.

“Yeah, but it’ll cost ya,” Moonie said.

Then he picked up his package of Pall Mall cigarettes and handed them to Cindy. She took the cigarettes and placed two in her mouth. Moonie took out his Zippo lighter and Cindy leaned over, and Moonie lit them. Cindy then passed one to Moonie.

Cindy was surprised at the strength of the cigarettes. It wasn’t like weed or dope, but they definitely had a little kick. She was enjoying the stoutness of the cigarette when she saw Moonie pulling down his blue jeans displaying his hardening cock.

“Have a seat,” Moonie said.

Cindy walked over in front of Moonie and then slowly had a seat, sliding his cock into her moistening pussy. Cindy began to rock back and forth on Moonie’s cock leaning back against him as his hands roamed across her tits and occasionally around her neck.

“Yeeeesssss,” Cindy moaned when Moonie squeezed on her neck. Just as the world began to go dark Moonie let go and Cindy took a deep breath and then they would do it again.

Moonie grabbed his cigarette he had put down and took a long drag. Cindy slowed up her bouncing on his cock so he could get his drag. Moonie then handed the cigarette to Cindy who took her own long drag. She then handed the cigarette back to Moonie.

“Do you trust me?” Moonie asked.

Cindy turned and look at the convicted felon she had only met the night before.

“Always,” Cindy breathed deep when she said it, leaning back into Moonie.

Moonie took the partial cigarette and holding it stuck it back into Cindy’s mouth.

“Get the cherry red,” Moonie said.

Cindy took a deep drag causing the lit end to burn bright red. Moonie pulled the cigarette out of her mouth blowing the smoke out of her nose.

He lowered the cigarette and began holding the hot cherry close to her nipple. He began to slowly rotate the cigarette just a millimeter from Cindy’s nipple.

“Uuuugggghhh,” Cindy moaned. She turned her face, breathing into Moonie’s ear.

“Do it,” Cindy said, “Fucking burn me. I want you to mark me.”

Moonie laughed a devious laugh. “Baby I’m going to mark you alright, but you’ll get ink first and then I’ll put the scars where the tattoos bursa escort aren’t.”

Cindy was disappointed but she knew she wanted a lot more ink.

“Now fuck me you kinky slut,” Moonie said.

Cindy put her feet up on the deck railing and pushed back on to Moonie’s cock so hard the chair slid a little on the deck. Soon she had a good rhythm going and began moaning, getting close to her first orgasm of the day.

Just then the door opened, and Sky walked out.

“It’s fucking cold out here and you two are out here naked fucking in nature?” she asked.

“It’s not nature cunt it’s the back porch,” Moonie laughed.

“Well, speaking of nature Moon I’ve gotta piss and it doesn’t appear you’ve got water; the toilet doesn’t seem to work,” Sky said.

“Yeah, I’m not hooked up to the well for water or the city for water or sewer. I’ll get us a bucket, or we can go out here until it gets too cold. Or I guess you can go back over to Sunny’s and use his shitter,” Moonie said.

“Fuck it,” Sky said pulling off her shorty shorts and squatting on the end of the deck in front of the couple still fucking.

“Turn around slut, we wanna watch,” Moonie said. What he meant was he wanted to look into Sky’s eyes when she did her business.

Sky turned around and watched her two friends grunting as Cindy bounced up and down on Moonie’s cock.

Sky and Cindy locked eyes just as Sky began to shoot out a stream of yellow piss that bounced off the deck boards and splashed up onto her ankles and the tops of her bare feet. Just then Cindy began to cum.

“Fuuuucccck me Moonie, I’mmmmm cummmmming,” Cindy moaned.

“Mother Fucker me toooo,” Moonie grunted as he shot Cindy’s cunt full of his cum.

Sky finished pissing and without any toilet paper to wipe her pussy she kind of did a little dance to dry off her pussy.

Cindy leaned back into Moonie again and nuzzled his neck and they both started giggling at Sky.

“Look baby, she’s doing the pee-pee dance,” Cindy said as they all three began to laugh.

Sky leaned against the railing near where Cindy had just had her feet, watching their breathing returning to normal.

Cindy raised up off Moonie and his cum ran out of her cunt making droplets onto his legs and the wooden deck.

“You on the pill baby?” Moonie asked.

“I was, but I’ve been out a few weeks,” Cindy said.

“You got kids?” Cindy asked.

“Three or four,” Moonie said glancing at Sky as he said it.

“How about you?” Moonie returned his gaze to Cindy as he asked.

“Two, but they’re with my baby daddy,” Cindy said, not completely untrue she thought.

“We’re done raising kids,” Cindy said glancing at Sky and then Moonie. “We’re here to fuck and have a good fucking time,” Cindy said.

“Works for me,” Moonie said.

“Besides, the amount of partying we plan on doing, I doubt even a stud like you could keep us knocked up,” Cindy added and then said, “but you’re welcome to try.”

“Be careful what you ask for cunt,” Sky said and then she and Cindy began to giggle.

“Let’s go in and start that party then, and I need to do some doodling,” Moonie said.

All three walked back into the trailer. Moonie went back into the bedroom and the girls opened up another bottle of booze and each lit one of Moonie’s cigarettes. Moonie walked out with the small bag he had last night and a hard-cased box that looked almost like a tool box.

He sat them both down on the kitchen table. He picked up some empty bottles from last night and threw them towards an overflowing trashcan the girls had forgot to empty.

He then went back to the bedroom and brought out an odd-looking chair. It looked a little like a cross between a dentist chair and a lawn chair.

“Cindy come have a seat?” Moonie asked.

Cindy sat down, still naked from their earlier fuck. Moonie brought out a light bulb that appeared to be burnt out. Cindy immediately realized it was a smoking device. She watched as Moonie loaded the bulb with crystal meth and then handed the bulb to Cindy. She could see a hole in the end that would usually screw into the socket.

Cindy pursed her lips to the hole as Moonie began to heat the bulb until the smoke began to pour into Cindy’s mouth. bursa escort bayan After several seconds she removed the bulb from her mouth and Moonie directed her to hand it to Sky. As Moonie lit the pipe again Sky took a large drag while Cindy was trying to blow smoke rings like she did with her cigarettes.

The two girls got sufficiently stoned and then Moonie asked Sky to get Cindy a new pack of Pall Malls off the kitchen counter.

“She’s going to need ’em,” Moonie said and then asked Cindy “You comfy baby?”

“Yeah sugar,” Cindy said in her dreamy state.

“You still trust me?” Moonie asked again.

“Always,” Cindy breathed.

Moonie opened up his tool box and began to lay out his tattoo equipment on the kitchen table. He then leaned over and pulled a lever and the back of Cindy’s chair reclined back. He then stood up and sat down straddling Cindy’s legs.

After filling it with ink he raised the tattoo gun showing it to Cindy whose eyes were alive with fire in her inebriated state. She smiled at him and blew him a kiss.

“You gonna do her freehand?” Sky asked.

“Yeah, this bitch needs an authentic prison tat,” Moonie said.

Over the next four hours Moonie worked on Cindy’s chest tattoo. Cindy chain smoked almost the entire package of Pall Malls. Moonie only stopped once. Still sitting on Cindy’s legs, he shot up a small ‘bump’ of methamphetamine as Cindy watched licking her lips.

“This one is gonna be a handful,” he said looking at Sky.

“I fucking guarantee it,” Sky said with a smile looking at Cindy.

Moonie continued on until he finally stopped and told Cindy. “OK babe, it’s Sky’s turn, gotta work on her color, I’ll put more color on yours later and add some shading.”

Cindy got up and gave Moonie a long sensual kiss. “Thank you so much baby.”

“You haven’t looked at it yet baby. It might be shit,” Moonie looked at her smiling as he said it.

“You did it. So I know it’s not shit,” Cindy said. “If you ink half as good as you fuck it’ll be awesome.”

Cindy took a long drink of Jack and ran her finger over the light bulb filled with residue.

“Not yet slut,” Moonie said, “don’t want you to overdo it rookie.”

Cindy smiled at him, “fine baby,” she teased like a Jr. High school girl.

Cindy made her way to the bathroom. It made Sunny’s bathroom look like a showplace. She looked at her reflection in the dirty mirror. She smiled an evil smile at the woman looking back at her she barely recognized.

She wasn’t near as toned as she was before. Her hair hadn’t been styled in weeks and her fingernails were chipped and the paint was almost completely gone.

The most glaring change though was her new ink, in both its garishness and size. The tattoo ran from the inside of each shoulder blade across to the other. On each side were flaming skulls facing each other. Out of the eyes of the skulls were snakes forming a banner on the center of Cindy’s chest with the snake’s heads intertwined at the bottom of the banner and running down the crevice between her breasts.

Inside the banner were three distinct letters that could easily be seen if Cindy wore anything other than a full collared shirt.

The letters spelled out a simple word ‘SIN’.

Cindy raised her hand to her mouth and giggled. “You gorgeous fucking whore,” she said out loud.

Cindy walked back in and found Sky leaning back in the chair. Moonie was working on her back ink. Cindy sat down cross legged on the kitchen table making sure not to upset Moonies tattoo kit.

Over the course of the next two hours she and Sky finished off another bottle of Jack Daniels and smoked Pall Malls until the living room and kitchen area of the trailer had a haze of smoke hanging from the ceiling.

At one-point Moonie stopped and shot up another small bump of meth.

“Keeps me focused,” he said out loud afterwards as he went back to coloring in Sky’s tattoo.

Later in the afternoon Sunny walked in and was surprised to see Cindy sitting cross legged naked on the kitchen table and Sky topless in the tattoo chair.

“You seem comfy,” Sunny said looking at Cindy.

“Huh?” Cindy asked. Only then did she realize she had never put clothes on, and it was well escort bursa into the late afternoon.

Cindy began to giggle uncontrollably “Holy Fuck you guys. I didn’t realize you let me sit here naked all day,” she said.

“Bitch you’re always naked,” Sky teased.

“Well, not always,” Cindy said.

Moonie leaned back in his chair and looked at both girls.

“Let me make it easy for you cunts. If you’re in this house your gorgeous asses better be naked, my house my rules,” he said with some forcefulness.

“Or I guess you could go back and live with Sunny if you want,” he added.

Sky answered by raising up a little off the chair and sliding her booty shorts off.

“We’re good here,” Sky said.

Cindy looked at Sunny when Sky said it and saw a small amount of hurt in his eyes. She turned and looked at Moonie who seemed to nod yes.

“Come here baby,” Cindy told Sunny climbing off the table.

Sunny walked to her as Cindy got down on her knees and reached out and began to unbutton his blue jeans. She then took out his hardening prick and began to run her tongue around the head.

Over the course of the next 30 minutes Moonie finished coloring Sky’s back as both she and Moonie watched Cindy expertly bring Sunny to a glorious orgasm. Cindy held Sunny’s cum in her mouth and then shared it with Sky in a long French kiss.

“We might belong to Moonie now baby, but you’ll always be family,” Cindy said giving him a long loving hug.

When Moonie finished up for the day the girls went to the bathroom and inspected each other’s tattoos. Both raved about how the other’s looked. Sky’s back was now colored in with bright reds, yellows and Cindy thought it was beautiful. Neither looked like high-end boutique tattoos but both were above average for prison tattoos.

They all went into town later and ate at McDonalds. Cindy had finally broken her blue jeans out of her backpack due to the cooler weather. She wore one of her sexy tops from the back pack and her black heels. Sky had worn her booty shorts and had squeezed into Cindy’s hoodie. Neither wore panties or a bra.

Moonie told Sunny he had to go to the city tomorrow and get a load.

“You got money for a load?” Sunny asked.

“They’re gonna front it,” Moonie said.

“Be careful brother,” Sunny said with trepidation.

“Always dude,” Moonie said.

Moonie told both girls if they needed to ‘shit’ they should probably try before they left.

Remembering they had no plumbing both went into the same stall together in the bathroom and took turns trying to poop. Neither were that successful.

When they came out Sunny and Moonie had thrown away their trash and they all climbed back into the Honda. On the way to the grocery they each smoked a cigarette. Sunny smoked his Marlboro lights and the other three smoked Pall Malls.

At the grocery store they picked up a few bottles of booze and some snacks. At the front of the store Moonie threw several packages of 9-volt batteries in the basket. When they got around to the back of the store he stopped and picked the batteries back up. He opened the packages and gave batteries to both Sky and Cindy.

“Hide ’em girls,” he said.

Cindy and Sky quickly shoved the batteries down their pants.

“We need them for the tattoo gun,” Moonie said.

“Cool,” Cindy said.

They bought more smokes and Cindy and Sky were whispering to each other and giggling.

“What are you two up to?” Sunny asked.

“You’ll see,” Sky said as Cindy shushed her causing them both to start giggling again.

Once they got back out to the car Cindy asked Moonie to climb in the back seat with her.

“It’s a tight fit slut, but if I must,” Moonie said as Cindy winked at him.

As Sunny started the car Sky explained what they were giggling about.

“OK guys we’re going to have a race, last one to cum wins,” Sky said.

With that both girls began unbuttoning the pants of the man next to them. They both gave expert blow jobs to both men.

Even though he was occasionally distracted by his driving Sunny still shot his load into Sky’s mouth a few minutes before Moonie came into Cindy’s.

As Sky and Sunny climbed out of the front seat Moonie and Cindy paused just a minute in the back seat.

“Thanks for everything today,” Cindy said as she rubbed her chest and then rubbed Moonies cock right before he put it back into his pants.

“We’re just getting started baby,” Moonie said as he kissed Cindy.

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