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We’re out with your friend at a karaoke bar. You’re wicked horny today – you got interrupted by an important phone call while you were jerking off earlier. You’re craving a hard cock and can tell I am too.

On the Lyft ride over, I sat between you two – commenting quietly in your ear as we step out that I bet he has a bigger cock than daddy.

We grab drinks and play rock paper scissor shoot; loser has to sign up for a song and sing. I lose and land on piano man in hopes everyone else will sing louder than me.

We grab a booth by the stage and chat over the sound of tone deaf renditions of pop ballads. As we start to loosen up a little you notice I’m being extra flirtatious with your friend. Im sitting across from you two and you feel his knee hit yours. You look down and see me sliding my red high heels up and down your friend’s calves.

My song is up so I leave you two alone. He hasn’t moved his knee away from yours since I bumped them under the table. He leans forward.

“Your girl is sexy,” he says to you. “Do you think she’s flirting with me?” You tell him I probably was but that I really only want guys with huge cocks. He laughs and turns to watch me finish the song but when you glance down, you notice the bulge in gaziantep eskort his pants beginning to grow.

As I start heading back over, your friend asks you to slide out so he can head to the restroom.

When I come back to the table, you turn to me and I place both of my hands on your thighs, give you a quick kiss and brush my hand against your cock. I sit down taking the seat next to you.

“He thinks you’re flirting with him,” you tell me through a smile. “Well good because I am,” I say turning to look at you. “I think I want his cock, daddy. Can you find out for me?” I give you a mischievous grin. I slide over and you head to the mens room. Your friend has yet to make it that far – he took a pit stop at the bar.

Standing next to each other at the urinals in the crowded mens room you get a glance of his perfect cock. You know how much I’ll want to share it with you and you quickly finish before you start getting hard again.

We close the tab and decide to have a nightcap at your place. On the Lyft back you see me not so subtly tracing my fingers along the inside of you friends thigh as he tries to cover a moan with a cough.

You feel yourself getting hard, pressing eskort gaziantep against your jeans. I lean close and whisper that I want to feel both of you at the same time. I want to feel his huge cock in my right hand and my daddy’s in my left.

The Lyft ride comes to an end and we move to the couch inside. We decide to play strip “never have I ever” and very quickly we were down to the bare minimum.

“Ok,” your friend sits forward and clears his throat. “Um.. Never have I ever had a threesome with two dudes.” You’re down to boxers and socks, so you remove your left one. I had cheated earlier in the game and counted my jewelry as clothing items so I still had on my skirt, bra and panties. I stand up, and slowly bending forward sliding the skirt all the way down to my ankles revealing black lace panties.

“Dude I just got so horny,” your friend laughs. You look over and see he’s fully hard, not trying to disguise his tenting boxers. “Yeah I can tell,” you nod towards his still growing cock.

I’ve walked over and am standing between you. “I think you are too daddy,” I say, tracing the outline of your dick. Pinning your friend under me as I place my hands on either side of gaziantep bayan eskort his legs, I dip forward. “I think you want some help with that,” I purr, running my finger tips along his stiff, throbbing cock over his boxers, damp with precum.

“Fuck,” he half inhales, half whispers as I slide my hand up his thigh, under his boxers and grab the base of his thick cock. “Oh my god fuck,” he says again and looks over at you. “Dude I’m huge – I think you’re going to need to help her out,” he suggests, staring at your now tented boxers too. “You should take those off,” he encourages.

Meanwhile I’ve gotten completely naked and I’m beginning to lick his perfect cock all over. “Mmm daddy,” I moan, “let me see your dick next to his. You walk over and he stands up. I stay kneeling and begin rubbing the two of you together, his cock heavy, precum leaking onto yours.

I take you both in my mouth. The friction of his dick against yours and the warm wetness of my tongue against your shaft brings you dangerously close to cumming in my mouth. Instead, you see me reach up and grab his balls, then grabbing your hand, guide you to stroke his shaft for me while I suck and swirl my tongue around his sensitive tip. He grabs my head and starts thrusting his hips. He’s going to cum any minute. As he begins to roar in release, filling my mouth with his cum, I reach up for your cock, playing with your balls while you work your hand up and down your shaft until I turn to you, swallow what’s left of him and open wide for daddy, feeling your cum hit the back of my throat as you moan my name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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