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What in the world had she gotten herself into? Becky had warned her that this was going to be a “special” Christmas party, but Leslie Chandler didn’t really know what to expect. From the sudden sexual tension in the room, she was afraid she knew where things might be heading. She wasn’t sure if she should stay seated or run. When she’d received her invitation via email a couple of weeks ago she’d kind of blew it off, thinking there was no way she’d be able to attend. Her online friends lived a little over a hundred miles away outside a small “blink and you’ll miss it” town. Leslie was very nervous about going that far away on her own, especially since she’d never met her friends face to face, or even knew what they looked like. She sent an email stating that she wasn’t sure about attending. Bob had emailed her back telling her that some of the guests would be staying the night and that she was certainly invited to do the same. They hoped Leslie would make it.

She’d met Bob she had no idea she’d meet and make friends. She wasn’t an author herself, just an avid fan of erotica. Over the past three years she’d gotten to know the couple as well as she could, emailing each other back and forth. And maybe, just maybe even a little better by listening to their sexy audio recordings. They were hot, and always had her looking forward to a date with her vibrator.

Leslie had never known anyone like them; their sexual freedom of expression with each other was amazing. They could say anything, do anything with, and for, each other, there really seemed to be no boundaries. How totally wonderful would it be, to find someone to have that kind of open relationship with? It had taken Leslie a full week to make up her mind to go to the party. What made it really tempting was her curiosity in finding out what the couple behind the sexy stories and audios looked like. Plus, to sweeten the pot, Becky had told her that only people from the story site were invited, most of them were authors. She’d also hinted that a few were some of Leslie’s favorites. How could she not go? She’d left a message for the couple that she would be there, and would take them up on the offer to stay the night.

Sunny skies and a cool crisp winter day had accompanied her on the almost two hour long drive across Georgia’s rural back roads. There hadn’t been a lot of traffic, so it had turned out to be a lot nicer trip than she’d imagined it would be. Following Bob’s precise directions she’d made it to their house right on time. Pulling up the long gravel drive Leslie had to admit to herself that living out in the country like this must be really nice. She hadn’t seen another house for at least two miles. The peacefulness she’d felt for the past hour had definitely been a change from the big city hustle and bustle she had to live with everyday. The house had turned out to be a nice sized two story red brick with a large unfenced yard decorated for the season. There were already numerous cars parked off the side of the driveway on a strip of concrete, leaving the lane free.

Leslie had parked beside a large white SUV. She could hear music and laughter coming from the inside of the house. She hated first meetings. Stepping out into the yard the nerves in her stomach clinched and she hoped she wasn’t making a big mistake. It was starting to get dusky, and the air was cooling down. She’d chosen an elfish costume that looked like Peter Pan’s tinkerbell, ponytail and all. The exception being that her hair was a natural auburn, and her eyes a beautiful violet-hued blue. Taking a deep breath she had walked up to the door and knocked.

Now, two and a half hours later, all the guests were situated on big fluffy beanbags arranged back in a semi circle around a massive big screened television. Bob and Becky stood in the middle of the room between them and the TV, holding hands and looking very, very naughty. Something was definitely up. Becky had told her that this would be a Christmas party she’d never forget and something told Leslie that this was the never forget part. She hoped she was up for it, and she prayed she hadn’t gotten herself into a situation she would later regret.

* * * * *

Becky squeezed Bob’s hand gently then turned to look at him; he winked at her and smiled. She was so excited she was actually trembling. He looked so good in his scant sexy Santa outfit that she wanted to lean over, rip off the red velvet draped across his beautiful strong chest, and attack his nipples. She was a chest and balls girl; a nice strong chest made her weak in the knees, and a beautiful set of balls hanging from a nice hard cock made her mouth water and her tongue long to start bestowing upon them nice warm silky strokes. Fortunately güvenilir bahis for her, Bob had both. A lot of men didn’t realize that the set of balls you had made the difference between an acceptable cock, and a “get your ass over here and let me suck the shit out of you” cock.

They had been planning this party for months. It was a wild idea that Bob had cooked up, and Becky thought it was great. They’d been wanting to meet some of these people for years. Feeling a kinship with them, their friends liked sex, accepted it, and seven out of the eight they’d invited even wrote about it in hot. sensuous detail. This had been a bold and daring decision on their parts; it could backfire and lose them friends, or go as planned and be one hell of a good time. There was an ulterior motive as well. LustyLovers were match making. Knowing what the other was thinking, Becky looked at Leslie who was sitting tensely looking up at her. Their friend looked beautiful and sexy in the sea blue elfin costume she’d chosen. Bob looked at Ross Herrington, dressed as the Ghost of Christmas past in a large black cowl. His intense blue eyes watched Bob and Becky from behind a skeleton half mask. Bob nodded to him slightly, it was time.

* * * * *

Ross had been privy to these particular plans for almost two weeks. He considered Bob his first book was due out around Christmas. It was an erotic thriller that he’d been working on diligently for the past year.

It looked as if his professional life was finally getting into order. Now it was time to work on his personal life. That was where this party would come in, he hoped. Ross loved watching the sexy married couple interact. They had what most people only dreamed about, and what he most definitely wanted. True love, devotion mingled with respect, commitment, and the perfect love life. Their sexuality was open, and shockingly honest, and he couldn’t wait to see them together. He’d read their stories and even listened to them making love through their audio postings, all that was left was actually seeing. Ross was a voyeur and freely admitted it. He spent hours on web cam sites watching people interact with themselves and others. He didn’t consider himself a pervert, as he strongly believed that sexuality was a beautiful thing. “If God didn’t want us to watch he wouldn’t have given us eyes” was Ross’s perspective.

Tonight Ross hoped he’d meet the woman of his dreams. Becky insisted that another online friend that they had was perfect for him. She’d figured her out, or so she said. Bob insisted that Becky had a second sense about things like this. She could read people like books, and had figured out that Leslie Chandler was a closet exhibitionist who dreamed of breaking free, even if she herself hadn’t realized it yet. When asked what she looked like, Becky had shook her head, smiled and said, who cares, it’s what’s inside that really counts. Ross hadn’t been so sure he really believed that, but it hadn’t mattered anyway, Leslie was a beauty. Not beautiful in the runway model sense, but definitely an eye catcher.

Getting to the party first, Ross had been waiting and watching every guest as they arrived. When a small breasted, lithe, elf, although she looked more like a fairy to him, walked in introducing herself as Leslie he’d caught Bob’s eye and winked. He liked what he saw. Reddish colored hair had always stoked his cock to full attention, and he loved the athletic type. She looked scared and kind of helpless, and he found that he liked that about her too. Trying not to stare, he’d wandered around for the past couple of hours making small talk, getting to know the other authors. It was fun finally seeing some of the people behind the stories he read through almost daily. He had yet to approach Leslie though, because she had spent almost all of her time with Becky. He wasn’t sure if she was just nervous, or if Becky was keeping her from the three other men who had been sliding her interested glances.

Finally Bob led every one into the living room and the show was getting ready to start. Ross was already fully aroused knowing what was coming. He smiled slightly at Bob’s nod.

“Okay everyone; it’s time to liven this party up a little. Bob and I have come up with a special Christmas game that we hope everyone here will participate in.” Leslie watched Becky turn and gently tug her hand loose from her smiling Santa. Their eyes met and she reached over and casually licked a nipple before turning back to face everyone.

“I doubt anyone will be surprised to hear that it’s going to be done LustyLovers style,” She continued. Around the room the various garbed quests chuckled and leaned forward, eager to see what their mischievous host would say türkçe bahis next.

“Bob and I got the idea from playing truth or dare. As most of you in this room already know, we play that online a lot.” Becky grinned wickedly as she finished that statement, reached over and caressed the bulge that had formed in Bob’s red velvet shorts. They’d had a very interesting audio done at one of their play sessions that had sparked a lot of interest and speculation about how far they really went. Her smile said it all. Looking around, Leslie wasn’t all that surprised to see excited expectation on almost everyone’s faces. It seemed that this was what they had been looking forward to. She even felt her own blood pressure rising. When she accepted the invitation Leslie knew deep down that there was no way the sexily notorious LustyLovers would have just any old party. Not going to happen, they were too sexually inclined to not let it all hang out, and they loved and enjoyed each other a lot. Several times a day or more she figured. Bob reached down keeping Becky’s hand tight against him, placing his fingers over hers. Just looking at the couple was an experience; you could see the mutual love and desire they shared. She snuggled back closer to him as she continued speaking.

“Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I love the parties and gaiety, the lights, music, sex under the Christmas tree.” She winked and smiled as she said it. “But Truth or Dare isn’t a Christmas type game, so we’ve changed it to accommodate the occasion. Our game is called “Naughty or Nice” She laughed low in her throat before going on. “The object of the game is to pick either Nice, which will get you one of those gorgeously wrapped gifts you see under my beautiful tree in the corner. Or, you choose Naughty and at that time you will adjourn to our guest room where you will give all of us a present by doing exactly what Bob and I tell you to do.” There were a few gasps, but mostly just excited whispers and small laughs as everyone shifted around on their beanbags in lusty glee knowing the fun was getting ready to begin. Gesturing to Bob with her free hand he took the hint and left off where she’d stopped.

“Okay here’s the deal”. Walking over to the television set Bob turned it on. A bedroom with a big four poster bed came into view. “Here’s the guest room, everyone will be able to see and hear everything that happens in there. In addition, whoever is in that bedroom can also hear us out here, very loud and clear. I want to make it very precise to everyone that if you pick “Naughty” you will be asked to do some very sexually explicit things for us. Oh, and did we mention that WE are going to pick pairs?” He grinned like the devil himself as he said it. “As you can see, we very carefully selected out guest list tonight. Four horny males, and four very sexy females. Anybody got any questions?”

“Yeah,” said a very busty blond dressed in a red and white striped body suit and leotard. “Are you two playing Naughty or Nice too? Or are you just going to moderate?”

“Now Wanda,” purred Becky. “Do you think that I’m really going to let you guys have all the fun?” She pouted for a second before cupping her breasts and squeezing them. “These ladies would never forgive me.” Everyone laughed.

“Does that mean that one of us “four horny males” get a go at you Becky?” That was said by a tall slender man dressed up as a present, wearing nothing but a big silver bow tied around his neck and silver skinz boxers. Coming up behind her, Bob replaced her hands with his, and grinned good naturedly.

“Sorry Joe, you know the rules, no one touches these babies but me.” It was common knowledge that LustyLovers, for all their sexual gallivanting, were committed totally to each other. They didn’t sleep around, cyber or otherwise, with anyone but themselves. Joe looked disappointed.

“Well hell, I had to try.”

“Ummm, Becky, what if a lady was to be, you know um, not trying to ruin the mood or anything but ah… that time of the month is calling.” That was Lady Cleopatra. She was notorious for her BDSM writings, and was just known as Cleo. She’d dressed not surprisingly as her name sake. It was supposed to be a Christmas theme but no one really minded.

“Cleo honey, you and I both know that hole ain’t the only one!” Cleo threw back her head and laughed loudly at Becky’s saucy comeback.

“Baby, with a gorgeous mouth like that on my dick, who’d need a pussy anyway?” Looking to the naughty Grinch beside her Cleo perused him up and down. He grinned at her, leering, but with a definite twinkle in his eye. She smiled.

“Alan your very lucky I didn’t bring my asp with me tonight.”

Leslie was feeling a little better güvenilir bahis siteleri now, the mood was so casual, comfortable even for what they were all planning on doing. She felt pulled, compelled to break out of this persona she’d created for herself, she’d always been “the good girl.” A virgin till she was twenty-four, she’d had the total of two lovers now at the age of twenty eight. The website she shared with all these people was the only place she felt comfortable in. She enjoyed the forums, and loved the stories, masturbated endlessly to some of the better ones. She hadn’t made love with anyone for over two years. It was hard always trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations of what she should be. On the website she was just Eve’s Apple, a girl who loved to read Erotica. No one expected her to be the good one, the perfect one. Sometimes her life was just a daunting task being the daughter of a famous politician. She was relieved that no one here tonight had recognized her. And she certainly would never tell.

“How about we pick our own partner?” Nora, a slightly overweight reindeer looked to be the youngest in the group. She had her shiny black hair up in pigtails and looked sixteen, although she was really twenty three. She was ogling Ross, who reached over and pulled her pigtail. She giggled; they were friends out on the forum, but had met for the first time face to face this evening. He thought she was cute, but she wasn’t really his type. He did like her writing though. They were deep and dark, erotic horror; which was his second love after thrillers.

“Nope, sorry Nora, I’ve already got your partner picked out.” Nora fake pouted and sat back.

“Are we allowed to touch ourselves or our selected partners while we’re watching our gifts?” Bob looked thoughtful for a second as he considered the question asked by Dragonsbreath. No one knew his real name, he just told everyone to call him Drac. He was dressed up like a Christmas tree wearing a green sweat suit with little ornaments dangling everywhere.

“What do you think babe?”

Becky shook her head no.

“Nah… Let’s make them wait till it’s their turn. That might be to distracting for some of us.” She looked right at Ross who smiled charmingly and shrugged. After waiting a few minutes to see if anyone else would speak up Becky took center stage again.

“Well then… Since we would never ask a guest to do anything we aren’t willing to do. Bob and I will go first. And of course we’ll pick Naughty. Ross? Would you be so kind as to direct us?” The sexual tension quadrupled in the room.

Ross stood up. He was excited; in the planning of this the question had never come up as to what he would direct them to do. It was his choice, Becky and Bob wanted the surprise factor. It put an extra edge to it.

“So. Do I start now or wait till you get to the room?”

Bob laughed. He knew Ross was a very intense sexual being. This was going to fun. He answered him.

“We’d like the actual action to take place in the bedroom, but you know we’re game for pretty much anything.”

“Good,” said Ross his eyes showing a steely excitement. “Becky I’ve been waiting a long time to see you naked. You’ve teased me with that sultry voice a hundred times, that sexy growl you do before you cum, that’s a real ball buster. Bob, I want you to undress Becky. With only your teeth, no hands allowed. And from this moment on, until I’m done with you, you can’t speak. Not words anyway, sounds are fine. I don’t want to miss Becky’s growl live”.

You could have heard a pin drop in the room, it seemed everyone held a collective breath as Becky smiled at Bob, turned around and wiggled her very shapely hips at him. It was a very feminine movement. The mini red velvet sexy Mrs. Santa dress she wore had a single zipper that went to mid back. It was a very simply designed one piece costume. White fur lined itself around the sleeveless arm holes and hem. Bending down, Bob nudged aside the straight silky chocolate- colored hair that hung almost hip length. It was his pride and joy; he loved her hair, and sometimes he would wrap it around his cock and jerk off with it. But right now it was being difficult. It took several tries to get enough of it aside to get to the zipper. He could hear Becky giggling. He grinned himself, he couldn’t help it; his bubbly wife was contagious. Finally he was able to get to the silvery gray tab, lifting the stubborn little rascal he it got up with his tongue, clamped his front teeth gently around it and carefully began pulling it down. Becky bent over slightly at the waist as he slowly zipped it lower and lower. When Bob finally had the zipper as low as it would go he straightened up and walked back in front of his impatient mate. He recognized the signs already; she was biting on her lower lip, rubbing her fingers together. She was melting from the inside out right now; he’d bet millions that her pussy was already dripping wet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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