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Katie Haspel was beautiful, even at before fully developed at 18. Dark hair, carmel colored skin, brown eyes, and a body fit from years of playing high school sports. And when we met our freshman year of college I was the luckiest guy alive to get a date with her. I never would have dreamed that Daniel Paxton, mediocre athlete and hobby photographer would catch the interest of such a beauty.

One reason may have been our shared interest in the outdoors. Katie had discovered hiking and I had always had a love of hunting and fishing, and we were able to tie the two together. We would hike to a blind or stand and shoot 4 legged creatures- with my camera. Sometimes we would canoe out and photograph birds in the wetlands. Or we would hike out to a trout stream and catch fish, taking nature pics to sell, and then release the fish.

But my favorite subject to photograph was always Katie.

My mother was a highly sought after wedding and senior picture photographer and while in high school I spent most weekends with Mom at weddings. I got comfortable behind the camera and loved shooting brides and bridesmaids because they were generally about 6 to 8 years older than me at the time, usually pretty, most liked to drink champagne and would usually look past me as just some kid, and when they did that, they would let their inhibitions down.

And those were the best pictures a young man could ever want…until Katie fell into my life.

At first the pictures were tasteful. Her first ones were in cargo shorts, new boots and a flannel shirt. By that description they should not have been sexy, but with Katie in them they were the best photos I had taken by any measure. A well known outdoor clothing chain wanted Katie to model, but she was not comfortable being in the spotlight.

Then we eventually progressed to her top off and in her bra outdoors. Or the tops of her panties would be visible. Next was lingerie inside the studio or her apartment. I loved to purchase lingerie for her to model. A well known website was interested in her, but she said no to them as well. Conservative religious values. She was a virgin and would remain so until marriage.

Or remain so until we took nude photos together. I let her photograph me first, and I will admit, I looked pretty good. Sandy brown hair, green eyes, decent build at 6 foot tall, 175 pounds. I got more confidence in myself and that carried over to Katie gaining confidence.

We used a camera with film that I would have to develop myself and then I had to give her the negatives, but she agreed to be nude. And I was nude. Setting the timer, we took pictures. And ended up making love. And as a true gentleman, I gave her the prints and the film, not keeping any for myself.

We made love many times that final semester I was in college, which was my sophomore year. We practiced solid birth control principles for the most part, but the photo of the broken condom and a stream of my semen running out of her was my favorite pic I ever snapped, and since you couldn’t see her face, she let me keep that one. And Katie and I are the only two who had ever seen it.

But as time marched on, I dropped out of college to take over my mother’s studio after she had a small stroke. Eventually Mom was supposed to be able to come back, but she never did.

And running Mom’s- which was now my studio became a full time, every weekend job that caused Katie to move on. We broke on good terms, but Katie wanted a man there when she was, and I was gone every weekend and many evenings. I was devastated but Katie deserved more than I could offer her, and I reluctantly had to set her free. I loved her too much.


I ran into Katie just after her college graduation. She had hired me to take engagement photos of her along with her new fiance, Holden Chamber III, a guy who was going to work in Daddy’s bank. I know, I took over Mommy’s photo studio, but this guy was a douchebag. He was as bright as a box of broken lightbulbs and probably didn’t even know how to tie a Double Windsor knot which is why he wore an ascot or some other douchebag accessory.

Okay, maybe I was jealous. I had worked my ass off taking pictures gaziantep escort in an era where fewer and fewer people hired a photographer to take family pictures and senior pictures. Even weddings were getting to the point that the couple would hire a family member and spend $300 on a nice digital camera they could keep and shoot a thousand pictures if they wanted.

Luckily I still sold nature pics to magazines and websites and got lucky with sitting fees and pics for a couple of women wanting to break into the adult entertainment industry. But I never sold the pic of Katie. It was still a part of the bond we shared from a few years before.

Katie hired me to shoot their wedding as well. I wanted a job, but this one would be tough. I explained that I generally took photos at big milestones along the engagement path- bridal showers, engagement photos at various times of the year for seasonal change, and any other requests they might have.

Katie had one request that was supposed to be a surprise to Holden. “Dan, I would like to have you shoot me, um, in the nude. Please.”

I was shocked, interested and conflicted. My heart never got over Katie, but the last few years had been real kind to her and it was unbelievable but she was even more beautiful than I had remembered her. So I wanted to see her that way, but it would rip me apart knowing she was displaying herself for someone else. And to add insult to injury, that someone else was a real douchebag. I thought I had better throw that in again in case I failed to hammer that point home already.

“Why me, Katie?”

“Well, you are the only one to ever see me naked. And to, um, you know.” It was difficult for her to ask this, I am sure, but I wanted to understand her thinking.

“You mean Holden has never seen you-“

“No. He thinks I’m still a virgin. And I could just give him those old pics we took, but those are between you and me, not Holden and me,” she explained.

“What do you have in mind, Katie? Your place? Outdoors? Somewhere else?”

“Not my place, or not his place. He will be gone again this weekend and I was hoping to take a few at the lake in that old stone tower, and maybe at your studio,” she said.

“Well, as luck would it, I am not busy this weekend, so that should work,” I said.

“Really, no weddings?”

“No, most of my work is nature and selling to magazines and catalogs. Maybe one wedding a month. I do a lot of digital enhancing for a few magazines now and actually shoot fewer and fewer subjects,” I explained. “But I don’t think we should do it at my studio. He will feel more comfortable if he knows you are home. Less explaining,” I said. I failed to mention I didn’t want to shoot her where I had shot the occasional naked or sexy photos others- maybe even Katie and Holden- had seen.

“Sounds good. If you pick up pizza, I will have champagne chilling so I am comfortable,” she smiled as she answered.

I didn’t tell her pizza was a bad choice. It usually made the subject appear oily. The best way to counteract that was to baby oil up your whole body so at least it was uniform throughout.

When Saturday arrived, I don’t know who was more nervous- Katie or me. I headed over at 2:30 with pizza, some props and some baby oil. Since it was still summertime we headed to the lake and the stone tower she wanted. She wore her hiking outfit. And my favorite matching bra and panties I bought for her a few years ago. We started out with some tasteful shots with a couple with toplessness and one with her shorts around her knees and her sexy black panties on.

I was more aroused than I think I ever had been before. Here was the beautiful woman- the most gorgeous I had ever seen, let alone photographed before. And she was having me take pictures of her in clothes I had fucked her in, and she wanted to give the pics to her fiance. She was so unattainable at that point, but yet I sensed we would end up in bed together tonight. She said her fiance thought she was a virgin so if she was fucking someone else on the side, then why not me, too? And if she wasn’t getting regular cock injections, then she probably was as horned up as I was. And while we still had been sexually active with each other exclusively she was eager to try almost anything.

Around suppertime we headed back to her place. We would miss sunset and under normal circumstances I would not encourage that, but these weren’t normal circumstances.

She went into the bathroom and came out in a robe, and when she opened her robe, she was wearing a sexy babydoll I had picked out for her years ago.

“Do you still like it?” she asked as I snapped away.

“Oh, yes! Katie, I don’t know how you did it, but you are even more stunning than I ever remembered. Better than any of the celebrities I have even taken phots for,” I said. I meant it, every word of it.

“Really? Like who?”

“Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot was the most beautiful celeb I have shot. You have a similar look, but you are even more stunning than her.”

“Really?” As we talked, more and more skin became visible. The robe was completely on the floor and the babydoll was quickly becoming a distraction as well. “Anyone else?”

“Miss December last year. That was much more graphic than anything you and I shot,” I told her, hoping to encourage her.

“Did you cum in or on her?” Katie asked.

“Oh, no, the only subject I have ever slept with was you. Actually, I haven’t even- with anyone since you,” I said. Maybe not technically true- I have had sex since Katie, but then we never fell asleep like Katie and I would so I never slept with anyonce in s bed since Katie.

“Really, so we are like each other’s first and only?”

“I guess,” I said.

“Well then,” as she said that she approached me and took the camera, setting it behind the couch she was lounging on. She unsnapped the crotch piece that I have always thought looked uncomfortable and splayed herself wide open to me. “Foreplay means romance, but I think you should fuck me. But no kissing. That will feel like cheating,” she said.

That logic made absolutely no sense to me, whatsoever, but then again, I was not going to complain. Here was this woman who’s beauty was unmatched throughout time, and she wanted me to just simply fuck her. Grind my cock into her pussy that supposedly had been fucked dozens of times only by MY cock and cummed in once by me on accident. No talk of condoms, and the skin to skin contact I had always craved.

What kind of fool would I be if I said “no”?

I was hard as a 360 carat diamond. I poked her pussy with a finger, and she was wet and turned on. I licked that finger and tasted her for the first time. I had never eaten her pussy but had done a photoshoot for two lesbians and had a pretty good idea of what I needed to do, so I did. I licked her lips, and probed her pussy, and even licked her ass- which drove her over the edge. One lick, and she came hard.

“Fuck me, Danny. Don’t pull out, just fuck me until you cum inside me,” she gasped.

I repositioned her on her couch- her right leg over the back, her left draped down to the floor, and I pounded. Her pussy hair had a nice Dorito chip shape to it, and I thought maybe I should add some cum dip to it, but when I got close and warned her, I asked, “Want me to pull out?”

“NOOOO! Fill my pussy, dammit. Flood my cunt!”

I don’t remember the pottymouth from a few years ago, but it served to send me over the edge, flooding her and running out, staining the couch.

When we untangled ourselves, she saw the couch cushion and said, “Damn. Can’t hide that spot.”

After about 20 minutes of small chitchat, she wanted a few more pictures taken before I needed to leave. But we decided her pussy was stretched out and didn’t look the same. And she was sticky with cum.

“Do you have a vibrator? We can try that,” I asked.

She went into her room and after a minute she called for me to come in there. She had three dildos lined up? “Which one?” she asked?

“Start small and build up,” I said.

I took several shots, and then told her that I should rub some baby oil on for a uniformed glisten. She unrolled her yoga mat and lied down on her chest and I proceeded to rub her back and legs with oil, massaging that body of an Olympian goddess. Then she rolled over and I proceeded to rub the front. Starting with her magnificent tits.

“God, I have missed your touch,” she said.

As I continued to rub her front, I casually asked, “So, is Holden gone a lot?”

“Yes. He asked me to marry him, but I don’t think it will last.”

“Then why all of this? The engagement, the pics. Us. Just tell him you’ve moved on.”

“Make love to me this time, kiss me, and give me a reason to leave him,” she said.

This time, we went slower. Still lying on her front, I rubbed her back, neck, shoulders, back again, legs down to her feet, then back to her ass. Oh, what an ass! Tight, rock hard from working out, round, and perfect.

As I focused on those two perfect mounds of heaven, she subconsciously spread her legs more and more, giving me visual access to her freshly fucked cunt. Our passionate mixture was dripping out, added to it by her new arousal. I watched as her lips began to get puffier as I rubbed. Her opening became more open and I noticed her dark fuckhole becoming more inviting, and all the while she kept making small involuntary moans and sounds.

“Danny, are you going to make love to me or not?”

I climbed on top of her, my front to her back, and probed my rock hard cock along her buttcrack and poked her pussy, gently probing it.

“Oh, Dan, stop teasing!”

I debated taking her from behind, but I wanted to really look at her- into her eyes and into HER as we made love. I caressed her body and rolled her over, and as she rolled over sheet the momentum carry her right leg out wide and her left leg stayed in tight to the turn, opening her pussy up to me. Her knees came up, making an upside down V, and her tits rose above her flat abdomen. She looked like a tall mountain and two perfect foothills with a beautiful plain in between, like a perfect Montana scenescape. Who thought geography could look so nice?

My head started out down by her knees as I reached far ahead to grab her breasts, and then I pulled myself up along her body, kissing quickly as I went, and stopped when my cock caught into her crotch. Our faces were close, and we kissed. As we kissed, we wiggled our midsections until I was lodged into her.

And we ground into each other like our lives depended on it. Time stood still. I don’t know if we made love for 2 minutes or 2 hours- the time was immaterial. I think it probably lasted about 10 minutes- the actual thrusting and penetrating part. And despite blowing a huge load not long before, I let loose with a huge load, luckily failing to defeat the barriers her body had in place to defend her egg from an invading navy of swimmers.

We drifted off and woke several hours later, me flst on my back, and her curled up with her left leg draped over my kegs, and our shared cum coating us both.

We needed a shower, but neither moved. Until her phone rang.

“Hello?” she answered and listened, gave a few short responses, and finally yelled, “Well, that’s tough. He can SIT there!”

“What happened?” I asked. Ibhad feared we were about to get caught and cause all sorts of trouble. Trouble was brewing…

“It appears Holden was caught with his boss’s daughter just as the Security Exchange Commission raided his office. He is in jail and his Dad called because Holden is too scared to call me and admit everything!”

Would this work for me, or blow up in my face? She just admitted hours before her marriage would never work out if it went off, and now HE had been caught in the wrong and may be going to jail. She had an escape hatch, and I had an opportunity.


The scandal with Holden, his boss, his boss’s young daughter, and the SEC was bad. Really bad. Holden Chambers II made a settlement with Katie so she wouldn’t publicly destroy Holden III and Katie was able to avoid a public spectacle.

A year later, on some tiny Greek Isle, Katie looked spectacular. Words cannot do justice to it. Radiant in her white dress, flowers in her hair, and she was mine. And the law said so, and we started off on a honeymoon adventure as a photographer and travel writer, both working on novels and short stories and whatever we could sell from our new sailboat.

Life was perfect, until we ran into some trouble in the Caribbean weeks later with our boat and a really bad storm.

And we met two newlyweds named Doug and Rylie…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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