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Part 1, First Night.

My friend Olga from the Renaissance Faire owned a house in the mountains and had offered her guest bedroom to my wife and me. Well, actually it was a spare bedroom in her house that she used for storage and crafts, but it had a fold-out couch. It was for whenever we wanted a weekend in the mountains; the only pay she wanted was for me to set up her new computer. I knew that my wife Ruth was a bit suspicious of my friend, she probably thought that Olga had the hots for me or that I was after Olga. Actually we were just friends; the most intimate thing we had ever done was a quick kiss in greeting, just a peck on the cheek or lips; no tongue. Well, maybe also a slap on the ass in celebration. But that was pretty typical of the Ren Fair community, in fact most casual friends usually went a bit farther than that. But this explains why I was so surprised when my wife told me about Olga’s invitation. She had spoken to Olga on the phone from her office and set up the whole weekend before I even heard about it. I learned they had spent a lot of time talking that day and apparently had come to some kind of understanding or at least a truce. We left our place right after work and breezed along the freeway as fast as we could in the afternoon traffic. Finally reaching the correct off-ramp, we headed up the narrow mountain highway to Olga’s place, stopping at a winery on the way. After all, this is California and staying over without bringing wine would be unthinkable.

I looked over at my wife, leaning back in the passenger seat and enjoying the ride. Ruth had her head tilted over so the dry breeze from the open window would play with her short, golden brown hair. She had a little half smile on her round face, partly for the breeze and partly in anticipation of the weekend. If her eyes had been open, I could have seen the expression in their hazel depths. She’s short in stature, about 5-foot-3, with a plump, curvy figure that some might call overweight. I think she’s just perfect at four inches shorter than me with enough padding to be a joy to hold. Besides, I like her round bottom.

. Me, I’m just an average guy, about 5-foot-7, average build, average everything, brown hair and beard. My wife and I are the same age, mid-forties, while Olga is about two or three years younger than us.

I turned off the highway onto a two-lane road that headed farther into the rugged mountains of Southern California. Following the directions from Olga’s e-mail, we located the rather indistinct dirt road that circled around a rise and led to her gravel driveway. Olga’s place was in a narrow valley between two ridges, perched on the top of a low hill and surrounded by taller peaks. This was high desert, all rugged landscape and sagebrush. It was very near sunset when we arrived, the sky was still bright, but the sun had already dipped below one of the surrounding peaks.

Olga was standing in the dirt driveway when we arrived, dressed casually in a tee shirt and jeans, her cornsilk-colored hair waving free down to her shoulders. Olga has a longish face and Nordic features, she looks just like her name, even though that’s not her real name, it’s just what she uses at faire. Her real name was something rather ordinary that I could never quite remember. She greeted us with hugs and showed us to her spare bedroom to stow our bags. She’s a couple of inches taller than I am, so she had to bend down to hug Ruth. I glanced down as Olga led the way, long hours at her desk Ümraniye Escort for her hospital job had caused her bottom to spread just a bit, but otherwise her figure was slim and lanky. I thought it was attractive, I like a full, rounded bottom on a woman. Usually I didn’t get the chance to check out Olga’s bottom while she was wearing the concealing full skirts of her Ren Faire costume. At the door to the spare room, I averted my gaze just in time to avoid being caught by my wife turning around to tell me where she wanted her bag set down.

Back in the front area of the house, the two ladies took the mixed case of wine into the kitchen while I fussed with the new computer. Unpacking the components from their cardboard boxes and setting it up, loading her specialized medical software and transferring her documents from one machine to the other took a while. So did routing the cables and I grumbled under my breath every time I had to snake a cable through an awkward spot on her desk. Finally I got her ISP loaded and the printer, scanner and camera were all working perfectly. I checked my own e-mail, just to make sure things worked. By this time I could smell good things happening in the kitchen and headed there to investigate.

Both Olga and Ruth were fussing around with various pots and pans, each one with a glass of wine in hand. I noticed they had already polished off a bottle of red and had opened a chardonnay. I poured a glass for myself before it vanished completely. The wine was lemony with a kiss of oak and made a good match for the herbed salmon and wild rice that they served. We all chatted about nothing in particular through dinner. The time after dinner was uneventful, I was assigned pot-washing duty while Olga loaded the dishwasher, but we still polished off a small bottle of a late-harvest dessert wine. Ruth and I were tired from a day of work, the long drive and late dinner. The alcohol from the wine was also making us sleepy, so we headed off to bed pretty soon after finishing the cleanup.

I had folded out the couch into a bed and just finished stripping off my street clothes when my wife asked me to massage her back, saying she was tense from the drive. Massage is one of my talents and massaging my wife is one of my favorite pleasures. I grabbed the scented oil from my bag and started working on her neck and shoulders. When she took a moment to slip out of her panties, I assumed that she wanted a full-body massage. I moved my attentions down to her lower back and cheeks, admiring her round bottom. I have always liked her bottom, she says it’s too big, but I think it’s pretty. I think her whole figure is still pretty good, even after two kids and over 20 years of marriage. After a moment or two, her hand came over to me and tugged on my shorts. I stopped my massage just long enough to toss them aside and then went back to work. Every so often she would raise her hand slightly so it would brush against my equipment, arousing me to a semi-hard state. Then came the big surprise. After about ten minutes, there was a knock at the door. “Just a minute.” I called, heading for the pajama bottoms in my bag.

“Come on in.” My wife contradicted me.

“What?” I was so startled by this turn of events that I dropped my pajamas. My shy wife lying there naked and inviting someone else into the room? Had I heard her right?

The door opened and there was Olga, wearing only a pair of sheepskin slippers. I’m certain by this Ümraniye Escort time that my mouth was wide open in surprise. Was my jaw hitting the floor yet? Without a word, Olga walked on in and over to the bed where she grabbed some oil and started massaging my wife’s back, like this was the most normal thing in the world. I tried to say something, I don’t know what, but all I could manage was an inarticulate gurgle and some stammering. Ruth motioned me back over to the bed and pointed at her back. I closed my mouth with a gulp and went back to massaging again. But I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Olga. This was the first time I had seen her nude and she looked just as good as she did in her faire garb. Her legs were long and lanky, but a little bit chunky right at the top, and her bottom was well shaped. Her belly was flat, with no sign of any paunch and I confirmed that she was a real blond. Her pubic hair was rather sparse, giving me a good look at her sweet outer lips. She had apple-sized breasts, very firm with aureoles as pale as her lips. Her skin was naturally very pale, with hardly any tan at all, even the parts that her Ren Fair outfit didn’t cover. Her nipples were the best surprise, they were a normal diameter, but twice as tall as any nipples I had ever seen.

The power of speech finally returned to me. “You two planned this, didn’t you?” I accused.

They both confirmed my suspicions with giggles. I continued the massage, but moved my hands down past my wife’s pretty bottom, focusing my strokes on her plump upper legs. First one leg then the other, occasionally letting my fingers brush against her sex, feeling her wetness start. She had just let out a contented sigh when Olga announced that it was her turn for some massage. Ruth hopped off the bed on the side away from me and Olga plopped facedown in her place. Ruth oiled up her hands and started to work on Olga’s neck and shoulders. I went to work on her lower back.

Under the care of four hands she soon relaxed enough that I could feel the difference in her muscles. I was hoping I knew just how far this evening was going, so I eased my massaging down onto Olga’s pale butt cheeks. Her ass was firm and well rounded, with a good shape; maybe not as cute as my wife’s was, but then I’m biased. As I did when massaging my wife, I let my hands roam down beyond her bottom onto her upper legs. She spread them a bit, allowing my fingers to knead her inner thighs and occasionally brush her nether lips. Olga was even wetter than Ruth and she moved her arm over to toy with my balls as I continued my massage. I got even harder. I decided to enjoy some attention myself.

“My turn.” I announced and helped Olga up from her position and laid down in her place. I found the situation exciting, two women – four hands, rubbing up and down my back and neck. I could feel the tensions of the day evaporating under their combined touch.

My hard-on was trapped between my belly and the mattress, aching for one of those four hands to touch it. I tried to be casual and just lay there soaking up the attention. That is, until I felt one set of hands move down to my rear end and begin kneading my cheeks. I drew a deep breath and pushed my butt up against the hands as I also moved my arms outwards until I encountered a leg on each side. Fumbling around for a second, I soon found a warm, wet pussy on each side. While the angle was awkward, I still managed to get my thumbs positioned just right to massage Escort Ümraniye both clits at the same time. Another massaging hand left my back and snaked down between my legs, massaging my balls. Oh yes, this was perfect, but how long could I wait? I wanted more.

Both ladies were making happy sounds. Ruth hummed the same tone in short notes, Olga slowly saying “Oh, Oo” over and over. I held off moving for as long as I could, just lying there with the occasional gasp. Then, unable to stand it any longer, I rolled over onto my back, face up, leaving my hardness waving like a flagpole between the two women and repositioned my hands on the two pussies. This time I had a better angle and was able to massage their inner lips as well as their clits. I found the two pussies as different as these two women. My wife has deep lips with her clitoris deeply hidden so it takes a lot of hunting and stimulation to find it. Olga has shallower outer lips so that her inner lips protrude slightly beyond the outer ones. Her clit is easy to find, being more prominent and it gets hard rather quickly.

My wife bent down and kissed me deeply, our tongues making happy circles around each other. I felt another set of lips and a hand on my shaft as Olga joined in. With a little guiding pressure from my hand on her pussy, I pulled Ruth up towards my face. She got the idea and straddled my head with her legs, perfectly aligning her pussy lips with my tongue. I ran my hand up her side and onto one of her pendulous breasts, teasing the nipple as I licked and sucked on her clit. I ran my tongue along her inner lips, bringing more of her wetness up towards her clit.

In the meantime, Olga was still licking my shaft and head, running her lips down my shaft, caressing my balls and generally doing very, very good things to me. Suddenly, her mouth disappeared and she moved her pussy off of my hand. I fumbled around with that hand, trying to find her, when I felt a very warm, wet pussy slide down onto my shaft. I reached up and around with my empty hand until I found Olga’s breast. She was straddling me as well, her legs beside my hips, riding my cock. I found that the contrast between the two women was exciting, the one breast soft and heavy, the other small and firm.

Ruth was making lots of noises now, her breathing was ragged. Joining her was Olga’s chorus of “Oh, oh, oh” as she bounced up and down on my cock. I knew Ruth was getting close and sucked a bit harder on her clit. Olga’s sounds became higher pitched and quicker when I felt her shudder. Her pussy clamped down on my cock a lot harder than my wife’s ever had, even in her most intense orgasm. With that much friction, I only lasted a few more strokes before I was pumping my cum deep into Olga’s pussy. I moaned, muffled against Ruth’s lips and clit, and I heard Ruth gasp in and hold her breath. I guess the vibration of my moan helped her along, so I hummed some more. She was on the brink of orgasm and it only took a few more licks along with the humming to bring her to her shuddering brink.

We all collapsed into a happy heap on the bed. One lady on each side with me in the middle. My wife gave me a “thank-you” kiss, deep with lots of tongue even though my beard was still soaked with her own juices. Then Olga brought her mouth down onto mine, kissing me just as deeply and partaking of Ruth’s juices. I realized that even though I had just cum deep inside Olga, this was the first time we had deeply kissed. If this were some wild fantasy, I would have been hard again immediately and the wild sex would have continued. However, we were all exhausted. Olga turned out the lights and my wife soon began snoring lightly. I dozed off with a huge smile on my face and my arms outstretched, each hand on a warm, pretty pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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