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Flora was anxiously cleaning and straightening things out around the house. The love of her life was coming home soon as he had been away on business these last few weeks. Not having him around was hard on her. It was the first time they had been separated for such a length of time. She had been so horny these last few days, craving the soft touch of her love. Playing with herself often, she would use her toy imagining it was his thick cock penetrated her tight pussy. Oh how she missed him. As she is putting away the last few cleaning supplies, she hears the rustle of the lock at the front door. Her heart began to race.

She gazed upon the door as it opened slowly, catching her breath as she waited for him to walk through the door.

With a huge smile on his face he walked in and called out to her. “Flora, I’m home!” looking around the room seeking her face. He paused when he saw her standing near the door way to the kitchen. He flashed her a wicked grin. “Come here baby.”

“Welcome home my love.”, she said as she danced across the floor to her sexy man. He grabbed her pulled her tight against him, crushing his lips with hers. Making her swoon. “Mmm, my love I’ve missed you, how was your trip?”

“Mmmm, oh baby I missed you too.” He kissed her again softly this time. Pulling back to gaze upon her soft face. “You are so beautiful my dear.” She blushed softly. “Ahh, my trip went well. Very long though and I missed you.” He paused for a moment then said. “I missed you so much, I even brought home a surprise for you.” Troy went back to the front door and opened it to reveal their longtime friend Alex standing in the doorway with huge grin on his face.

Flora ran over to greet him. “Oh my gosh Alex!! Wow it’s been such a long time!” she hugged him tighter.

“Hey, little mama, how have you been?” he said as he hugged her back, caressing her body softly.

“I’ve been well, thank you. Just missing my Troy. It so good to gaziantep escort see you. I assume you will be staying.” They both walked back to where Troy was standing in the kitchen. The men grinned to each other. Flora knew all too well what the boys were up to. And she so ready to fuck them both so hard she didn’t care how smug they looked. She was going to get hers. “Well what are our plans for this evening gentleman? Clearly you are here for some fun.” She winked at Alex.

“Yes, my dear, Alex here missed that sweet tender pussy of yours, and I know how much you love sucking him off.” Glancing at Alex, ginning again to each other. “I ran into him while I was out of town and told him he should come stay awhile. I knew he could use the brake. I should like to think we both want to stuff your fuck holes with our hard man meat.” Troy said without batting an eye. Alex flashed Flora a wicked smile and laughed softly. Flora stood there with her mouth gaping open for just a moment. Shocked that he was so bold. But felt an instant turn on as her pussy began to tingle.

Mmm, wasting no time she said. “Well damn baby, that’s quite the welcome home surprise.” Flora giggled and flashed an evil smile and walked over and grabbed both men’s hands, and pulled them toward the bedroom. “I’m horny now and I want to play.” Both men eagerly fallowed behind her. Once in the bedroom Troy took his women back in his arms and kissed her lips hard and passionately. Alex snuck up behind her and kissed softly on the back of her neck. She moaned into Troy’s kisses as her pussy began to melt. She reached for Troy’s shirt and began to unbutton it, fumbling on each one. She was so hot she just wanted to rip his clothes off his chest. To feel his hot flesh against hers. Alex still behind her was pulling her zipper down on her dress, leaving a trail of soft kisses down her back. Of course Flora was bra and pantie less. As the dress fell to the floor, Troy reached for her swollen hard nipples. Causing her to try cry out. It had been weeks since he left on business, it felt like months since he touched her last.

Flora was needing her man, her body was aching for his touch, she craved him. Pulling her nipples taut he leaned down and kissed her neck and chest softly, licking a sweet trail around her harden nipples. Alex grabbed her round ass and smacked it, causing Flora to jump and lean into Troy. Moaning again Troy looked down at his love and slowly lowered her to the floor. Flora reached for his belt and unfastened his pants, she did the same with Alex. As their pants fell to the floor, their swollen cocks popped out. Making her moan and lick her lips.

Grabbing them both with her soft hands she began to stroke them, feeling their cocks grow hard in her tiny soft hands. She leaned into Troy and wrapped her moist lips firmly around his swollen head. Letting out a soft moan Troy grabbed the back of her head and thrusted his cock deeper into her wet warm mouth. Still stroking Alex, Flora hungrily devoured Troy’s cock. Sucking him harder, letting her tongue flick the underside of his cock. Moaning and whimpering as she tasted her man’s thick salty pre-cum. Loving how his cock was still growing harder in her mouth. She hummed softly, sending vibrations down his shaft. Pulling back, she sucked the tip, her tongue trialing around the mushroom head. Flicking it back and forth as she stuck her tongue down his piss hole. Causing him to thrust his hips forward sending his cock back into her waiting mouth. Licking it quickly and rubbing his shaft, she moaned deeply.

Pulling off Troy’s cock she looked over and gazed up at Alex whose cock she had been stroking. She softly wrapped her lips around him, sucking him deep into her tight throat. Cupping Troy’s balls as she sucked Alex’s throbbing shaft. Troy reached for her hard nipples again caressing her. Breathing harder as she drooled all over Alex’s think black cock. Sucking him nice and hard. He began thrusting his hips back and forth forcing his cock deeper down her throat making her gag as she tried to hold him in place. Pulling back off his cock she gasped quickly for air. Tears stained her cheeks. Troy stroking his shaft watching his women mouth fuck his best friend. Troy groaned, he needed her mouth again. Pulling her hair making her mouth gap open, he slammed his swollen hard cock back down her throat. He fucked her mouth hard and fast. Making her gag hard. He pinched her noes shut as he continued his assault on her throat. Sucking him harder she smacked his ass begging to breath. Troy couldn’t help himself he was losing control lost in a sea of lust. Her mouth was so warm, her throat holding him tighter with each hard thrust. It had felt so good to have her wrapped around him. He had missed her mouth. Fucking her face hard getting ready to pump her mouth full of his salty man milk. And oh how she wanted to taste him. He knew she was hungry for him.

Slapping his thigh again harder this time, he removed his hand from her noes letting her breath. She inhaled quickly, which made his cock glide even father down her throat. Troy was grunting and moaning louder. Grabbing a fist full of hair Troy fucked her mouth faster and faster. Slamming his thick cock down her hungry throat. In moments his balls swelled and with one final hard thrust he shot his load deep down her throat. Flora gazing up at him, eyes wide as she greedily swallowed his salty sticky cum, not spilling a drop. Sucking and milking him, draining him dry. Moaning as she stroked and sucked out the last drop from his throbbing shaft. She stood, grabbing his face pulling it down to hers and kissed him, sharing his hot seed with him, swapping his cum into his mouth as she sucked on his tongue. Both moaning, feeling breathless.

Alex had knelt on the floor and began spreading her pussy lips, feeling her slick wetness. He slid his finger between her lips lightly touching her already tender clit… To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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