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Double Penetration

Steve got up to refill everyone’s drinks. When we all returned to our spots on the rug, and Julie picked up the die. She still seemed distracted from the past round because it took her a moment to realize that she had partnered with herself when she saw the ‘3’ on the die. “Oh, right,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. She flipped the coin, and it came up heads. Steve and I grinned when we realized that all she had left to remove was her bra and thong. I guessed that Julie would probably leave the thong for last. I could tell Steve had been dying to see Julie’s tits since last night’s lingerie show—heck, probably since the day he met her! I had the pleasure of seeing Julie’s breasts on a regular basis, but the idea of her showing them off to Steve and Lily was getting me aroused as well. There was something mischievous about it that excited me, and I probably expected to enjoy Steve’s envy at the sight Julie’s gorgeous chest.

Julie tucked her hair back behind her ears and smiled at Steve and me. “I’ll have to remove something for you boys, I guess,” she teased. She sat up onto her knees, looking over her own body, seeming to deliberate about what to remove. Steve and I drooled over her as she tempted us to follow her eyes up and down her body. Then Julie lifted her hands, stroking the top of her chest around her bra straps. She made eye contact with me, and with her right hand, slipped her left bra strap off her shoulder. I watched as the ribbon of lavender fell off to the side, loosening the bra’s hold on her left breast. Julie smiled as she arched her back a little, pushing her chest out to build our anticipation. She looked over at Steve, who was visibly aroused, and made eye contact with him. Raising her left hand to her right shoulder, she slid off the other strap. Steve gulped as he saw the bra now barely keeping its hold on her breasts. Although more of her cleavage was now visible, the bra continued to push up her tits, showing off their beautiful round shape. Again, Julie pushed out her chest, letting us surge with anticipation as we observed the straps perilously dangling over her arms, her chest bare from neck to cleavage.

Lily watched our reactions as Julie reached behind her back for the clasp. My heart was pounding, and I felt the blood surging into my exposed hard on. Julie made playful eyes at us as she unhinged the clasp with her fingers. The lavender bra pulled tight against her breasts as she pulled it taut from behind. Steve and I lurched forward slightly with anticipation as we saw Julie’s whole torso tighten along with her bare shoulders and arms as her fingers did their work behind her back. When Julie felt the clasp come undone, she smiled widely at Steve and me, holding the bra on from behind. With her arms positioned behind her back, her chest surged forward pulling against the hold of her fingers. She cocked her head slightly, letting her hair fall a bit to one side and fixed her gaze on Steve and me. Watching our reactions, she let loose the clasp and let the bra fall effortlessly from her breasts.

The mounting tension had made me desire to see her breasts more at that moment than ever before, and when they were revealed from under the bra they looked more beautiful than ever. Firm and round, they sat up gloriously upon her chest. Her nipples were hard, a beautiful tawny pink in contrast to the beautiful tanned tones of her voluptuous chest. Steve was awe-struck, and Julie ate up his gawking stare as she turned her chest just slightly from side to side, letting us adore her perfect breasts from different angles. Even Lily seemed to be admiring the perfection of Julie’s figure. Julie lingered for a few moments as we fondled her with our eyes. Then she sat back on her heels, looking as though liberated, and making no attempt to hide her objects of adoration from view. She had a satisfied grin on her face, loving every second of the attention. She even looked down occasionally at her breasts, seeing what the view was like and responding with pride.

Lily looked Julie over, and then must have decided it was time to steal back some of Steve’s attention. She rolled the die out in the center of the rug where he would see it, not yet realizing that she had rolled a 3—Julie’s number! “See boys,” she said, “what goes around comes around!” She flipped the coin, and to our supreme delight, it came up tails. Lily smirked, and drew a card. “Oh how you guys are going to loooove this!” she said, laughing to herself. She handed the card to Steve. He looked at Julie and read aloud, “Rub your partner’s chest for one minute.”

Steve and I were already beginning to feel more than compensated for the humiliation my last turn, and we grinned like schoolboys at the thought. Lily now seemed beyond all inhibition because she immediately called out, “Alright, Julie babe… let me have ‘em!”

My erection felt as if it shot through the roof as Julie and Lily drew into the center of the circle for Steve and me to watch. They knelt facing each other, and Lily pulled her long hair back behind her shoulders, letting us see her and Julie chest to chest. mamak escort I longed to see Lily’s bra come off as well, but I was transported directly back into the moment as I saw Lily’s hands start to lift toward Julie’s chest. Steve and I pulled in close for a good view. Julie and Lily grinned at each other, and at long last, Lily’s little hands came to rest on Julie’s breasts. Julie took a deep breath, and her bare breasts heaved up as Lily’s hands cupped around them. Lily began to rub them, rotating her cupped hands over their surfaces. Julie’s breasts were more than a handful for Lily, and Lily moved her hands around to cup different portions.

This was just too hot. I took hold of my cock and stroked it lightly as I watched Lily handle Julie’s tits. Steve didn’t want to mess around either, and he plunged his hand inside his boxers, starting to pull at himself as well. Julie and Lily smiled over at us, pleased to see how much we enjoyed this. They seemed to be enjoying themselves as well—Lily explored Julie’s breasts with a latent curiosity, and Julie breathed deeply at Lily’s touch. Lily then began to pinch at Julie’s nipples, which were fully erect from Lily’s sensual touch. Lily rubbed the nipples between her fingers, and stroked the areolas with her thumbs. Julie squealed a little at this feeling, and Lily looked up her with a pleased smile. She teased Julie a bit more by pinching them harder. I knew that Julie liked that a lot. Julie rolled her eyes back with pleasure. This was almost too much to handle! My cock throbbed as I watched Julie reel with delight at Lily’s teasing fingers. As if that weren’t enough, Lily began to massage Julie’s tits firmly. She didn’t maul them, but squeezed them generously. She worked her hands simultaneously over each breast, gripping as much as she could, kneading them passionately. She paused and lifted them with both hands, pressing them together. Steve and I admired their firm roundness. Lily let them fall, bouncing back into place. Then Lily worked her fingers and thumbs around the bottoms of Julie’s breasts, tickling her. Julie bit her lip and scolded Lily playfully with her eyes. As the timer ran out, Lily took a few last circular strokes around Julie’s nipples and winked at her. Julie smiled back, and they both looked over at Steve and me. We were reluctantly taking our hands off our erections, absolutely bowled over by what we had just witnessed. The girls giggled and returned to their seats.

Steve cast Lily a look of complete admiration as she handed him the die. Julie cuddled close to me, and I felt her breasts rest up against my arm. I kissed her softly, and we both looked enthusiastically into each other’s eyes. I could tell she was really getting off on this game just as much as I was! Steve rolled a 1. Lily looked excited to be getting some attention, but then looked nervously at the only two articles of clothing she had left. She looked relieved as Steve flipped tails, and drew a card. “Grope your partner’s ass for one minute,” he read. Lily and Steve smiled at each other, and he took Lily by the hand as they stood up. Julie and I set the timer, and cuddled close to watch Steve fondle his new girlfriend.

Steve stood facing Lily, and he pressed himself against her. He seemed to crave the feeling of his cock up against her, and Lily smiled when she felt its hardness. Lily’s ass faced Julie and I, and we watched as Steve reached his hands around to grab hold of it. He massaged it gently, kneading Lily’s muscular buttocks with his fingers. Her red, lace boy shorts rode up a bit as he worked his fingers down her cheeks. Lily’s ass was incredible, and I had always enjoyed seeing her around the apartment in her tight little shorts. I imagined what Steve must have felt as he groped her ass in his hands. Lily wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed against his chest to let him get a better grip. Steve looked down at his hands as they grabbed her gorgeous flesh. I could see the shape of Lily’s ass through the lace, and I saw even more when she pressed it out to meet Steve’s touch. Steve worked his hands down to her upper thighs and pushed his fingers between her legs. He didn’t quite touch her pussy, but he rubbed around it. Lily gave a tiny moan as she felt this. Steve worked his fingers under the bottom of her boy shorts, and massaged her bare ass with his fingers. Lily moaned a little more.

Julie reached over and started to lightly stroke my cock. Her touch felt incredible, and I had been craving it all night. She didn’t wrap her hand around my shaft—she just ran her fingers along it. This felt really good, and I smiled at Julie as I watched Steve work his hands over Lily’s tight little butt. Steve watched Julie stroke me, and he seemed enjoy the sight of her fingers touching my cock. He smiled at us, and with that, pulled up the bottoms of Lily’s boy shorts so that they wedged in between her cheeks. Lily gasped a little, and then continued moaning as Steve gripped her bare ass with his hands. He massaged her bare cheeks, and I watched his fingers ofise gelen escort dig into her beautiful tawny flesh. He worked his fingers between her cheeks, rubbing between them over the wedged bit of lace. This really seemed to get Lily off, and Steve pushed his fingers up and down between her bare buttocks. Soon the dreaded time came, and the timer expired. Steve pulled Lily’s boy shorts back over her ass, and gave her a little tap. She smiled up at him, and they reluctantly returned to their seats. Julie let go of my cock, and ran her fingers along my back.

Finally, it was my turn again, and I was ready for my luck to change. I took up the die and rolled, hesitant to see the number. When I saw the 1, I smiled at Lily, thankful that I finally had a fun partner! I flipped the coin, and I felt a huge grin come over my face when it landed heads. I felt Julie pinch my side playfully—she must have known I was dying to get Lily out of her clothes. Lily looked around at all of us, preparing for her exposure. She glanced at Julie’s bare breasts and then at my body, which had been completely naked for several turns now. Seeing that Julie and I had already been bared seemed to relax her a bit, and she started to stand up to offer herself to me. Lily walked right over to me, swept her hair behind her shoulders, and stood with her hands on her hips. She looked down at my erection and then at my face, challenging me to reveal what I had been aching to see all weekend.

I smiled at her and stood up, my erection pointing at her as I looked her up and down. I moved in closer. I reached my hands under her arms and around her back, and as I pulled closer my cock rested on her hip. She looked down to see what had poked her, and then smirked at me provocatively as she felt my fingers touch the clasp of her bra. Steve and Julie moved to either side of us to watch the exchange, but Lily and I paid them little heed. Lily was taunting me with her eyes, having watched me undress her with my eyes all evening. She pushed out her chest, drawing my eyes down to her cleavage. I smiled at her and instantly popped open the clasp of her bra. The bra went limp and Lily jumped a little when she felt it come loose. It still hung on her shoulders and covered her breasts. Lily pushed out her chest again, daring me to remove the red lace bra that just barely draped over her breasts. Her hands remained on her hips in that taunting pose.

I moved my hands back through her arms around to her front, gently stroking her sides along the way. Lily’s eyes became even more flirtatious when she felt this. I flirted back as I raised my hands to her shoulders. I ran my fingers just along the inside of each strap, pushing them just barely off her shoulders as I followed their path down to her chest. I traced the bra with my fingers all the way to her breasts. With the lightest touch, the bra fell from her breasts, and my fingers grazed her nipples as I slipped it off. Lily’s breath faltered a bit as she felt this, but she smiled at me, now pressing out her bared breasts for me to admire. She was bare from neck to navel, and her breasts were glorious. They were a bit smaller than Julie’s but just as firm and shapely. Her nipples were an ashy brown that blended with the soft, tawny color of her skin. Lily bit her lip and absorbed my gaze. She had let the bra fall to the floor, but replaced her hands on her hips. She swiveled her torso nervously as she flirted with her eyes. Her hips rubbed against my cock as she did this, and I watched her breasts sway with each twist. After letting me have a good long look, Lily backed off and found her seat. Both Julie and Lily now sat topless, and my eyes feasted on their beautiful breasts.

Julie winked at me as she took the die, acknowledging my excitement in having finally seen Lily’s bare chest. As Julie rolled, Lily leaned forward to see the result. Placing her hands on her knees, her arms pressed her breasts together, and they begged for me to stare at them. I didn’t even realize that Julie had rolled a 4. Julie nudged me, drawing my attention to it. I smiled at her apologetically, embarrassed to have been staring at Lily as my girlfriend was taking me as her partner. Julie chuckled a little—her usual self, she got a kick out of how enthralled I was with Lily’s tits. But she also wanted my attention now. She looked at me as she flipped the coin, and she let it fall between us. It landed tails! Julie and I grinned at each other as she drew a card. She glanced at it, and immediately ordered me, “Stand up.” I wasn’t quite sure what the card had said, but I followed her order. Julie tossed the card to Lily, whose breasts hung and swayed beautifully as she leaned to pick up the card. Lily showed it to Steve and they grinned. Lily stood up and walked over to me. Her breasts rested against my arm as she leaned against me and showed me the card. Just as I read the words, Julie sat up in front of me, and Steve set the timer.

“Massage your partner’s crotch for one minute,” I read silently as I felt Julie’s otele gelen escort hand grip my cock. I looked down at Julie, and she was grinning up at me as she pumped my shaft with her hand. I exhaled loudly with pleasure from the feeling of her warm grip. My dick had been aching for this kind of attention ever since Lily had thrust it out into the open. Julie worked her hand around my shaft, adding a rotating motion with her wrist. This felt absolutely incredible, and Julie was watching my reactions with delight in her eyes. She pulled her other hand up to cup my balls, and as she worked her fingers around them I just melted with pleasure. Lily remained pressed against my side with her hands on my shoulder. She had rested her head on my arm, watching intently as Julie handled my cock. Steve seemed to want to better view as well, so he stood with his hands on Lily’s hips, peeking over Lily’s shoulder to watch Julie at work. With both her hands massaging me, Julie’s arms pressed her breasts together, and I gazed at her beautiful chest as her tits bounced along with the rhythm of her hands. Steve, I’m sure, was enjoying this view as well. Julie was wearing nothing but her tiny, lavender thong now, and her flesh glowed in the soft, ambient shine of the lamps.

Julie started to jack me faster, but with a very loose grip. There was a light friction between her hand and my shaft that tantalized every nerve as her hand rapidly slid up and down. Lily giggled when she saw this, and unconsciously began to jump with excitement. I glanced at the carefree bounce of her breasts, and she smiled coyly when she caught me looking. Julie’s breasts were jiggling even more so as she pumped her hand vigorously up and down my shaft. She leaned in and opened her mouth about an inch away from my head, looking as if she was going to start to suck me off. But she didn’t. I realized that she was just teasing me as she licked her lips and continued to just almost put her mouth to me before pulling it away. The teasing worked because the mere thought of entering her mouth made me throb with pleasure. Lily giggled at this, and Steve’s jaw dropped open as he watch Julie’s mouth approach my cock. Julie glanced up at him and smiled as she continued to tease both of us now. Another minute of this, and I would have erupted, but alas the timer expired before I did. Julie took a couple last strokes to bring me down a little bit, and then we all reluctantly returned to our seats. Julie and I cuddled together and she poked fun at how close I had come to the edge.

Lily seemed excited to continue as she grabbed up the die and rolled. I mischievous grin came over her face as she saw a 2, Steve’s number. She wasted no time flipping the coin, which came up tails. I watched Lily, now entirely bare but for her tiny lace boy shorts, as she excitedly drew a card. We all saw a look a surprise and anticipation come over Lily’s face as she read it. She flipped it around and showed it to all of us. It was the same card that instructed Steve to fuck Julie’s tits, but the rules were different for the female players: Lily had to get herself off on Steve’s shoulder blades. I had heard about this technique in college, and I had been hoping to let Julie try it sometime, but we hadn’t tried it yet. Lily seemed equally a neophyte at this idea, but she seemed thrilled to give it a try. She pulled up close to Steve and giggled as she shook her tits in his face. Steve grinned, and Lily pushed him down onto the floor. He lay on his stomach, and Lily mounted his back in her boy shorts. I reached over and set the timer, and Julie and I pulled in close to see what Lily would do.

She had straddled Steve’s shoulders and positioned her pussy just over his left shoulder blade. She began to grind her crotch into the bony protrusion. A smile came over Lily’s face. She seemed surprised at how good this felt. Lily glanced over a Julie with her mouth gaped open, and Julie beamed back at her, equally excited to be learning a new way to get off. Lily started to moan as she let Steve’s shoulder blade rub against her clit. I watched her nearly bare body undulate rhythmically. Lily switched to Steve’s right shoulder, and she pulled his arm in closer to his body so that his shoulder blade would protrude further. She settled her pussy on top of it, and gasped as she felt it press through her underwear. Steve watched her over his shoulder, and he grinned as he saw her use his body to pleasure herself.

Lily picked up her pace and grabbed hold of Steve’s arms to steady herself. She rocked her hips rapidly, and her whole body shook as she pushed her pussy tightly to Steve’s back. Lily gasped and moaned, and we all tingled with the sounds of her pleasure. I watched every exposed muscle of her body clench as she forced Steve’s bony shoulder into her pussy. As the timer ran down, Lily’s moans heightened to a soaring pitch. I knew from the sounds of last night that this wasn’t the big-O, but she had clearly brought herself to a kind of climax. When the timer ran out, Lily caught her breath and seemed to have just barely enough strength to pull herself off of Steve’s back. She looked at all of us with wide eyes, still not quite returning from the ecstatic place she had just been. When it seemed to dawn on her that she had just gotten off in front of Julie and me, she smiled self-consciously and started to laugh. We all joined in with her, assuring her that she had nothing to feel shame about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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