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This story is part of a collection, “West of Boston.” The stories can be read in any order. “Outrage and Lust” is rooted in two old movies, “The Outrage” which was inspired by a Japanese film “Roshomon.”

To: Chief Lionel Paulhaus

From: Lt. Laurence Magritte

RE: Thompson Rape Case

Chief, I know you’re hoping the Thompson case won’t be a circus. You saw that the paper yesterday called it an “outrage.” I’ve tried to handle it quickly, but I can’t make head or tails of what happened. I’ve put Tom Nolle’s investigation report with the statements from the three citizens involved. The statements conflict more than I’d expect. Please let me know how you want it handled. Some folk in town are pretty upset.

Tom and I agree that two or more statements are lies. But we disagree on which ones. Of course details never jibe. But this time they are so different it’s like separate incidents occurred.

The case concerns the alleged rape of Emme Thompson, 32, by one or more of the following: two residents, Eric Drudziak, 18; Chad Perreault, 18; and a vagrant, Marcus Wheeler, who gives his age as 42. The rape is alleged to have occurred at the old picnic grounds at Fleming State Park last Wednesday prior to 5: 30 pm. Because all body fluids have been contaminated, physical evidence is expected to be inconclusive.

Officer Tom Nolle has determined that Mrs. Thompson first encountered both Eric Drudziak and Chad Perreault shortly after 3: 00 last Wednesday at the Big Bunny where both men are employed as stock boys and baggers. Both will be computer engineering majors at UMass beginning in September.

Several witnesses report they saw Mrs. Thompson in the checkout line with her groceries. They say she was dressed at that time in provocative clothing, a skirt and a blouse similar to clothing later found at the scene of the altercation.

You’ll recall, Chief, past allegations concerning Mrs. Thompson as providing 18th birthday parties that involved sex for young men in town. You may also recall several parents reported last year that she entertained the seniors on the football team after the championship, but no complaints were filed because the alleged participants were adults.

Officer Nolle reports employees he interviewed at the Big Bunny were hostile toward Ms. Thompson, and he questions their recollections as a result. He cites a Mary Choinski as saying “Emme has a lovely mouth, but God knows where it’s been.” Several of those interviewed wondered if Matt Thompson, Mrs. Thompson’s husband, is fully “aware of his wife’s actions.” It seems like the town is more upset about Mrs. Thompson herself than they are about the alleged rape.

Officer Nolle concludes that Mrs. Thompson asked the two men, who were just leaving after their shift at Big Bunny, for help in bringing her groceries to her car. Their statements agree on this much. The men were seen carrying her bags toward her vehicle which was parked in a remote spot. Two witnesses report that Mr. Drudziak took Mrs. Thompson’s arm and that he also touched her on her posterior at the same time. They claim they saw Mrs. Thompson move his hand away from her body. One of them claims she continued to hold his hand after removing it. The vehicle which witnesses saw them enter is identical to the black Suburban recovered in Fleming State Park.

No one observed the vehicle again until Officer Nolle, on a routine patrol, came upon it under suspicious circumstances. The SUV was off the road in the state park’s picnic area that is closed to public use. He stopped at the top of the hill to observe the vehicle. When he observed it rocking, and suspicious activity, he summoned backup from Officer Julius.

Before Officer Julius arrived on the scene, Officer Nolle observed one of the suspects, Chad Perreault, stagger away from the vehicle, holding his hands between his legs, in apparent pain. He also observed a man, who was later identified as Wheeler, the vagrant, behind the vehicle. Officer Nolle could hear a woman’s voice uttering loud epithets from within the SUV and a man’s voice raised in a threatening manner. He decided to approach the scene on foot before backup arrived in case the female was in danger.

He reports approaching the vehicle openly with his weapon drawn, and identifying himself several times. The participants apparently did not observe him until he was nearly upon them. At that time he observed Emme Thompson, on her back, nude, her left wrist secured with rope to a tiedown on the side of the SUV. She was engaged in sexual intercourse with Wheeler and had her other arm apparently clinging to his back and her other pulling at his hair with the rope that had been tied to it coming loose. Officer Nolle said he could not make out what she was saying until, when she observed him, she became hysterical and clearly cried “Rape” and hit at Wheeler.

Eric Drudziak was inside the vehicle, and Officer Nolle observed him rubbing his jaw. cimcif gaziantep escort He, too, continued to yell obscenities and threats, apparently at Mrs. Thompson. Officer Nolle said Drudziak was unarmed and quit making threats as soon as he told him to be quiet, but then became frantic and began to sob and punch violently at the seats of the vehicle. While Officer Nolle subdued Drudziak and took Wheeler in custody, he observed an unidentified witness fleeing the area through the woods. The witness has not been identified and has not come forward; we are seeking information that will lead us to him, but he is not at this time a suspect and is assumed to be merely a witness because none of the participants report seeing him. Chad Perreault was returned to the scene by Officer Julius when he arrived. Perrault was discovered attempting to evade observation beneath a picnic table.

Physical injuries appear insignificant. Mrs. Thompson was taken to Crawford Memorial Hospital for examination. She suffered minor rope burns and a bruise to the forehead. There was no clear evidence of forced penetration, and she declined rape counseling.

Mr. Perreault suffered from minor lacerations to his genitalia. Mr. Drudziak had a bruised jaw and a loose tooth. The vagrant, Marcus Wheeler, had minor scratches on his back. Wheeler was also inebriated. Two recently emptied port wine pint bottles were found next to a tree where he is presumed to have been when the Thompson vehicle arrived on the scene.

Matt Thompson, as you know, supports his wife’s claim that she was forced to go with Perrault and Drudziak against her will. Mr. Thompson is the one quoted in the newspaper claiming the events are an outrage. I know I haven’t given you much to go on, Chief. The following are signed statements from each of the participants.

STATEMENT: Emme Thompson, 32

I have no idea why Chad and Eric would think I would have sex with them. They know I’m married. I know there were rumors last year, but everyone knows those were ridiculous. But once I let them in my car, they kept telling me I was going to be a “slut” for them “or else.” And then that bum came. I mean, thank God those officers showed up when they did, or I have no idea what would have happened.

It started when I asked Eric and Chad to help me with my bags. After all, it’s part of their job at the Big Bunny. I’ve always been nice to them, and they’ve always seemed pleasant. Eric even made sure I missed the mud puddle in the parking lot. But when he let go of my hand, he groped my butt. It was embarrassing, and I pushed his hand away. But I should have known I wouldn’t be able to deal with the two of them right away. I thought I could handle it though without getting them in trouble.

When I opened the tail gate, their personalities changed. It was like they snapped. I made a mistake parking over by the woods. I parked by the trees to keep it from getting scratched. Chad told me he wanted me to give him a birthday party like I gave the athletes when they graduated. Eric said I should realize that guys with brains need love, too. Their heads were full of those rumors that went around about me last year. I told them I didn’t know what they meant. Eric saw the rope I bought to use on the boat, and he told Chad they should tie me up.

I should have screamed then. But they were saying such nasty things, like calling me a cock tease and a slut and a bitch. I thought they would hurt me if I screamed for help and that I would be able to control them if I was just nice. But then Eric tied a piece of the rope around my neck and pulled it tight and told me that he would hurt me if I said anything.

They pulled me into the back of the SUV and tied me to the hooks back there. They had me lie down on the floor so no one would see me. Chad took my keys and he drove. Eric held the rope that was around my throat and kept groping me. He even pulled my blouse open and tore it. He pulled up my skirt and made a noise when he saw I didn’t have panties on, but it was because of the heat, and then he fingered me. It was terrible and I was frightened to death. All I could think of was that I had to be nice to survive.

They talked about where to go and decided on the state park. Chad knew an area no one goes because it is closed, but he knew how to get in. When he found the place, Eric said I’d be lucky to get out alive. I had to do what they said. Eric had tied the ropes loose enough that he could make me get up on my knees and face the back of the SUV. They ripped my blouse all the way open and talked about how they liked my breasts, and they handled them. My breasts are very sensitive and it was embarrassing to respond so obviously when they were squeezed.

They pulled my skirt off. They said I am a slut because I didn’t have panties or a bra on. That’s just kid talk. I never wear panties. I told them it was because it was cimcif gaziantep escort bayan hot. They said they thought I was hot and told me to shut up. They untied my ankles so they could change my position and then tied me again to the hooks and loosened my wrists even more. Chad told me he wanted me to blow him. Those were his words. Eric looped the rope around my neck through one of the hooks on the floor and pulled on it so that I had to bend down. I didn’t think I had a choice so I let Chad put himself into my mouth. His cock was hot and hard and already throbbing. He was very excited.

While I was tied and helpless, Eric got behind me. I heard him removing his clothes and then he penetrated me all of a sudden. It hurt like hell. He either has no experience with a woman or he didn’t care. I don’t think he cared. He was not at all gentle. Neither Chad nor Eric lasted more than a few seconds and, while they were both in the middle of orgasms, I decided it was then or never, and I bit down, hard enough to hurt, on Chad’s penis. But I don’t think I really injured him other than to scare him. At the same time I kicked real hard back at Eric and pulled as hard as I could against the ropes. I suppose they hurried when they tied the knots because they gave way, all except one around my wrist, and I thought I could easily get free.

I don’t know where Chad went, but Eric hit me in the head with his fist and I was knocked unconscious. When I woke up, another guy, who someone said is just a goddam bum, was raping me again. I am so thankful for the police who showed up. I could have been killed if they got carried away, and who knows what that bum was capable of?

STATEMENT: Chad Perreault, 20

Mrs. Thompson knows we wouldn’t hurt her. She knows I wouldn’t let anyone hurt her. And she really did want to go with us. Eric and I were going to play video games after work until we saw her at the Big Bunny. She waved at us from Doris’ checkout line with this really cute way she has. Who wouldn’t want to carry her stuff?

Eric kids me that I just like the way her blouses have a button undone and that it’s easy to tell she isn’t wearing a bra. He’s got sex on the brain. I liked it that people were seeing me with her. As we crossed the lot, she was between me and Eric and said real soft: “I’ve been meaning to give you two boys your birthday present. Unless you don’t want it?” and all sorts of other stuff she always says with a big smile on her face. We both knew what she meant, but Mrs. Thompson teases everyone, and she never seems to hang with guys like me and Eric. You always hope she’s serious.

Eric says she talks to the jocks, and she’s always brushing up against them, and she has, you know, sex. She’s always told me that when I turned 18 she would spend time with me. Eric and I aren’t jocks, but in the parking lot she was talking to us, and I already felt awesome. She put her hand on my arm, and the way she touched it, I shivered. She smelled terrific, and she really does like me. Eric acts like a hardass, but he was nice to her too and helped her miss a puddle she would have stepped in because she wasn’t paying attention. His hand brushed her butt, and she joked about it. She teased him: “Playing a little grab-ass, Eric?”

We put the groceries behind the front seat on the floor of her SUV, and then she asked us to come around behind it. She was sitting on the floor. Oh my God, I’ll never forget the way she looked when she leaned back on her elbows and her breasts pressed against her blouse. You could see her nipples like she didn’t have anything on. And the cloth was stretched between the buttons so you could see skin plain as day. She put one foot up on the bumper so I could see up her skirt. She didn’t have panties on. It was incredible. I nearly passed out right there.

She said she didn’t have a tip for us. She looked in my eyes and said “Do I have anything you would like, Chad?” Those were her exact words.

I asked her when she would go out with me. She said maybe next weekend. But then Eric said he wanted her to go out with him, too. Except Eric sounded mad, like he usually does. Mrs. Thompson told us she’d give us hand jobs right there to tide us over. But Eric said she wouldn’t bother with us again if we let her go, and he wanted her to go to the park with us. He called her a cock tease. I told him to shut up.

She said, “Okay fellas, don’t fight. I’ll go to the park.” She knew a place where we wouldn’t be bothered. She gave me a little wink and her sexy smile. I think she was letting me know she was actually going with me instead of Eric. I hoped Eric wouldn’t get in the way, but I was sure wrong on that! When she handed me the keys, I told her she should lie down so people wouldn’t see. Eric closed the tail gate and said he would ride in the back too.

It was his idea to tie her up. She had rope for her boat, and he tied escort gaziantep cimcif her by her wrists and ankles to the tie downs in the back of the SUV. She thought it was funny and started giggling. Then it got quiet, and when I looked in the rear view mirror, he had his cock out! She was on all fours because of the way he had her tied, and he was kneeling in front of her. He’s the biggest in our gym class and Mrs. Thompson couldn’t use her hands and was having trouble getting him into her mouth.

He was feeling her up as he leaned over the top of her. I could see her ass when he pulled up her skirt. My God, did it make me hard! I could see her puss real good and nearly drove into the other lane, so I just tried to concentrate on driving to get us there as soon as possible. I didn’t want Eric to be all over her. She was sure being good to him.

When we got to where she said to go in the park, I got in back with them. I left the tailgate open. I wanted to untie her, but Eric said no, and she said “If he likes it like that, leave them on.” The ropes were loose enough, and Eric and I sat on each side of her. She was on her hands and knees, but together we were able to take turns kissing her. Boy, can she ever French! Eric already had her blouse unbuttoned and we took it most of the way off, and I got to play with her tits. Her nipples got really hard and puckered up, and she moaned every time I squeezed them or twisted and pulled at them. I loved her tits so much I didn’t notice that Eric was working on her puss with his hand.

She liked it, but she didn’t forget that she was out there for me. She told me to kneel on the bumper and told Eric if he wanted a hand job he could stand next to her. He was in the SUV on his knees with his back against the front seats and said he wanted to stay where he was to watch. “Eric, fuck me. This is no time to say a goddam novena,” Mrs. Thompson told him, and I thought he was missing out because she started to blow me. She is incredible with her mouth.

I’ve had some experience, but not with a real woman and I wanted it to last. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes tight to concentrate on not coming. And Mrs. Thompson whimpered and moaned around my cock. When I opened my eyes, Eric had her skirt all the way down and was fingering her puss.

Then he decided to put his cock in. I didn’t know what she would do. It was amazing to watch his big thing going in. She must have liked it because she moved back toward him and moaned. Then he pulled it back out and drove it into her with a grunt. I was just on the edge of coming, and seeing him in her was putting me over the edge.

That was when she jumped. He must have hurt or surprised her because I guess she slipped on the floor and bit my cock real hard, but I know it was an accident. It hurt like hell. I almost fell down. I saw I was a little cut and there was some blood. She kicked at Eric to get him to quit hurting her, and he pushed at her to get away from her feet. I think the rope came untied because she slipped and fell to the floor. I’ll bet that’s when she hit her head on the side of the SUV. She got turned around and was yelling at Eric and kicking her legs out the back. I don’t know much of what happened after that because I felt like I was going to throw up.

When I looked again, there was another guy there and a cop beside the SUV. I was just getting ready to go and help when the police pulled up I was over on a bench because I still thought I was hurt.

Statement: Eric Drudziak, 20

That bitch has always been a tease. Like at the Big Bunny, when she asked me and Chad to carry her fucking bags, she kept licking her lips. But Chad is such a naïve piece of shit, he thinks she is actually interested in him. Really, what does a woman like her want with a nerdy geek like him? Or either of us. But he thinks she’ll give us a piece for our 18th birthdays, so he wants to treat her like a goddam virgin queen or something.

She’s a real cock tease. Christ, she flaunted her tits at us in the store and on the way to her SUV bumped against us all the time. She rubbed her ass against me so much I reached down to give her a little squeeze and then she acted all pissed off, but she said “You’ve spent more time with your head in your laptops than in some gal’s lap.”

She fucks the damn tiny-brain, tiny-prick football team blind. All she does with us is tease. She gets a kick out of swinging her ass and sticking her cleavage in everyone’s face, unless it’s us. So today when she offered it up, I decided, wtf, I’ll push it and see what we can get. She nearly dropped when she saw the size of my cock. I think it’s been a long time since she’s had anything like me. Maybe never.

Anyway, when we got to her SUV we put her groceries on the floor, and I told her to go behind the SUV and wait for us. She opened the tail gate and when we got around there she was sitting in the back. She had her skirt slid up. I asked her what she had on under there. I thought Chad was going to croak!

But she liked it. She spread her legs wider and raised one knee up, and there wasn’t a fucking stitch under her skirt. What a view! “Do you see anything you like?” she said to me. She offered both of us hand jobs for carrying the groceries. She has a really cocky smirk that says she doesn’t think you’re worth the time of day.

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