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I was just sitting down to my evening meal when as if on cue the telephone rang, I cursed out loud as I reached out to answer it.

“Hi, it’s Christine here, I need your help my damn computers gone crazy and I can’t get it to work properly, all I did was download and install some stuff and boom, it’s knackered,” she said with a pleading voice. “I really need to use it now is there any chance you could come around and sort it for me.”

Christine and I car shared as we both worked in the same building, she was married to Steven who was a local entrepreneur, into everything and anything to turn a quick buck.

They lived local so I was quite willing to help her out of her predicament and within fifteen minutes I was ringing her doorbell.

Christine opened the door, her face had a worried look on it as she led me into the bedroom where the computer was set up. She explained exactly what happened and invited me to sit at the computer, I declined and told her to sit down, as I knew it was a simple fix so I was going to talk her through it.

“Okay Chris click start, programs, accessories, system tools and then system restore now just click a system checkpoint, yesterday will do.” Within seconds the computer was back up and running, XP can be so wonderful sometimes.

I was suddenly startled by the door behind us slamming, turning round I was even more shocked to see her husband standing there pointing a gun at me.

“This isn’t a gun gun, it’s an air pistol, it won’t kill you but it will certainly hurt you. If I fired at your foot it may splinter a bone and then again it may just ulus escort hurt like hell, so I suggest you do what you’re told and then you’ll be fine.”

My face must have looked a picture, as I stood there looking confused and baffled by this turn of events. I walked towards him and he fired a pellet just missing my foot, the force that it hit the floor convinced me that it might just be better doing what he wants, so I backed off a little.

“What do you think of my wife’s body, wouldn’t you like to see what’s under them clothes, I bet you’d love to see her tits and pussy wouldn’t you?” he said.

Christine just stood there saying nothing I had a feeling that she was in on this but I don’t know why he had to threaten me, I mean he wants me to fuck his wife I’d do it without the threats.

“Well let’s see what you’ve got first shall we, take your clothes off,” he demanded.

I thought to argue and then thought better of it so without any argument I removed my tee shirt, both their eyes were focused on me causing me some embarrassment. I looked towards Steven who waved the gun towards my trousers so I continued undressing until I stood naked and vulnerable before them.

“Remove Christine’s top and bra,” he instructed.

Christine didn’t move as I stripped off her top, walking behind her I unclipped the clasp allowing her bra to fall down her arms so that I could remove it totally.

“Look at those tits, I bet you’d love to touch them and even suck them,” said Steven with a hint of pride at how appealing they looked.

His yenimahalle escort words caused a reaction between my legs and even being in this bizarre situation I couldn’t stop my pride and joy from rising to the occasion as I gazed at her tits.

“Undo her belt and remove the rest of her clothes,” he once more instructed.

I eased her jeans down, my face was in line with her pussy and I could tell she was enjoying this farce by the dampness spreading on her panties. Finally I manoeuvred her panties down and off, by now I was stiff as a board and eager to sink my cock into her snatch.

I went to rise but she pushed down on my shoulders, I could feel the warmth emanating from her pussy as she held my face close to her.

I wanted to sink my tongue into her pussy and was just about to do so when she walked over to the bed and lay down on her back. Her legs were spread wide waiting for my attention but I dared not move without being told to do so.

“Move to the end of the bed and start licking Christine’s hole and don’t you dare stop until I tell you too,” said Steven.

Well he wasn’t going to get any argument from me so I did exactly as he said. It was uncomfortable standing and having to lean so far forward but as my tongue started to devour her pussy those thoughts soon vanished. My tongue flicked her clitoris a couple of times and she flinched and moaned with delight.

Without warning Steven was suddenly standing behind me his cock pressed against my arse, I started to stand up until I felt the coldness of the gun against my balls.

He parted my arse cheeks and I jerked as a cold substance was spread around my hole, then a finger violated me pushing more of the substance inside me. No wonder he needed the gun, it wasn’t that he wanted me to fuck his wife but they he wanted to fuck me. There was now two fingers squirming inside me causing a great deal of discomfort, they wiggled inside my hole spreading more and more substance around. I felt him move closer, his cock was now pressed against my hole, he pushed gently at first and then increased the pressure as inch by inch he slipped deep inside me. There was pain at first but I couldn’t yell as Chistine had hold of my hair keeping my face sunk in her pussy.

Steven began fucking me with long strokes, after each stroke I could feel his balls slam against my arse.

“You better be licking her good because if she ain’t smiling and groaning I might not come for ages and you wouldn’t want that would you,” said Steven a bit shakily as his breathing became faster.

The pain was now gone and I couldn’t believe that it was actually turning me on feeling his cock sliding in and out of me. I could control myself no longer and shot my load all over the bed, Christine was yelling with pleasure as Steven shot his cum deep into my bowels. I collapsed on to the bed causing Steven to slip out of me leaving me feeling empty and used.

He passed me my clothes and we all got dressed, shaking my hand he handed me an envelope.

“There’s the £500 we agreed and I’ll give you 5% for any money we make from the video sales,” said Steven as he signalled the cameraman to finish.

I made my way back home toting up in my mind how much money I would make from this video, the other eight films had done well and I was looking forward to my bank balance getting even healthier.

Well I always wanted to be an actor…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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