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I was married about 20 years ago. My wife was fairly adventurous when it came to sex. It would be this quality that would end up being the downfall of our marriage. This story is about a couple we used to hang out with and a progression of sexual encounters that would change my sexuality.

When I met my wife she was already dating someone. I met her through a mutual friend. Sam, my wife, was waiting on a girl that I worked with. I was a swing shift manager at fast food restaurant and Sam’s friend Elizabeth was one of my employees. I was fairly young at the time. I was only about 22 years old. Elizabeth and sam were both still in high school but both were 18. I was eating my lunch when Sam walked in and asked how long Liz would be. I got her attention and told her that she didn’t have long. Sam and I talked for a bit before Liz got off work. The two of them left for the evening. I didn’t think much of the encounter. It wasn’t until I started seeing Sam several times that she would become a person of interest.

The more Sam saw me, the more she started to flirt. I flirted back. After a few weeks of this, I then asked Liz to set me up with Sam. Liz mentioned that she was already dating someone. I told her that I didn’t care about all that and I wanted a shot. Eventually I got my shot. On our date, she mentioned that she was living with a guy. I asked if it was serious and she said not really. She told me that they were having sex and his house was being repaired so he was staying with her. That didn’t stop her from sleeping with me. Eventually her friend moved out and we eventually got a place together. Fast forward to us being married.

So, we had been married about 6 months. We dated for 2 years before getting married. We had sex damn near every day. She was horny and I was too. We had a unique relationship in my perspective. We would be out and she would tell me guys she found hot. I would tell her women I found hot. We watched porn together. She liked all kinds of porn. She didn’t shy away from lesbian videos. She liked the threesome videos. She liked that I didn’t shy away from the MMF threesomes where the guys would suck each other off during the encounter.

It was during one such video that she asked me if I would ever sleep with another man. I told her that I had experience with men in the past. It was something I don’t tell just anyone. This was back when being gay or bisexual wasn’t socially acceptable. I told her that I used to work in retail and that my boss had made numerous advances. I eventually gave in and slept with my boss. Sam asked if it was just the one time. I told her that it was several times. She mentioned that I failed to answer her original question. I told her that I wouldn’t cheat on her if that was what she was asking. I told her that under the right circumstances, I probably would. That night she let me do anal for the first time.

That weekend she went to a sex shop in town. She came home with a bag of stuff. She had lube and a strap on harness. I asked what she bursa escort would be doing with it. She said she wanted to try pegging me. I had told her that she could probably get me to do anything sexually at least once. That night we tried it. I told her that she would need to go slow and use plenty of lube. I enjoyed being pegged. We added it to our repertoire of things to do in bed.

A few weeks later, Sam got a new job. When she told me where it was, I mentioned that I had an old friend that worked that same job but a different location. She asked who it was and I told her that her name was Alicia. Sam said that she had met her at her orientation as it was at the main location. I called Alicia and we talked for a bit. I mentioned that I was married now and that my wife worked the same job as her. Alicia said that we should all get together for dinner and drinks that weekend. Dinner went over very well. Since neither of us had any kind of social life, we decided to make it a weekly thing. Every saturday we would get together, have a meal and drinks and then do something fun.

It would be a couple months of this before anything interesting would happen. The wives became very close. Alicia’s husband, Dave, and I would do the usual guy chat. We would almost always play cards. After about two and a half months, something interesting would happen. Alicia asked during a hand of spades, for either of us to tell something that nobody else knew. Sam asked for more context. Alicia said to make it dirty. Sam then told them that I like to be pegged. Alicia had no idea what that term was so Sam told them that she has a strap on and she fucks me in the ass with it. Alicia about choked on her drink. She said, “Wow! I don’t think we have anything that would top that!”

A couple weeks later, we were doing much of the same thing. A couple hands of spades down and several shots down. Alicia said that she needed a break and was going to go outside and smoke. I said that I would join her. Alicia asked if anyone else was coming. Dave and Sam were hungry so they started to get some pizzas ready for the oven.

So Alicia and I were outside smoking. Alicia was wearing silk pajamas. I was wearing boxers and a tshirt. She was resting with her forearms on the railing of the porch and i was leaning against the house. Alicia then backed up onto me. She started to rub her butt against me. I asked what she was doing.

She said, “I know you want me. I see the way you look at me.”

I said, “I’ve wanted you forever but you’ve always had a man.”

She said, “Well, here is your chance.”

I said, “What about Sam…or Dave?”

She said, “They are in there. We are out here. They won’t ever know about it.”

She reached behind her and grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. At first she stroked it through my boxers. Then she realized that I was wearing boxers that had the slit in the front and it wasn’t buttoned. So she reached inside and pulled my cock out. This was like a dream come true. She bursa escort got me hard and then rubbed her butt against my cock. Then I pulled her pajama bottoms down off her butt. She bent over and I put my cock inside her. She let out a soft moan. I held her by the hips and slowly started to thrust in and out. She moaned a bit louder. I reminded her that the others weren’t too far inside and that we should probably be quiet. She said, “True. Follow me.”

We went around back to the patio. They have very nice patio furniture and the back yard was enclosed with a privacy fence. She stripped naked. She got on all fours on the couch and I fucked her right there on the couch. It didn’t take either of us but 10 minutes total for either of us to cum. I don’t take long to cum in general but for her to cum so quick was actually a feat. Her husband just doesn’t do what I did apparently. We went back inside and went back to playing cards. Neither of the spouses even knew what happened.

A week later, we were playing cards again. It was getting late. My wife mentioned that she was horny. Alicia told her that we could use the pull out couch because that’s what it was there for. All of us had a lot to drink so we weren’t going anywhere anyway. So Sam and I went to the pull out couch and got naked. We were making out and petting when all of a sudden I felt my cock being sucked. I broke off the kiss with sam and we both looked down and saw that Alicia was the one sucking my dick and Dave was eating Alicia’s pussy. Sam went down and the two of them sucked my dick at the same time. Watching both of them take a side was SO hot. Seeing their lips touch. They would both go after the head and their lips would touch. Then that would lead to them kissing and then back to sucking me off.

Then we switched to Dave and I fucking our respective wives. Both were on their hands and knees doggystyle and we were behind them. The wives made out while we fucked them. Sam was the first to cum. Normally she’s good for a few orgasms but this time she didn’t think she would be able to. She got up to go to the bathroom. I asked if she wanted me to join her and she told me to keep going till I got my nut. So Alicia sucked Dave’s dick while I fucked Alicia. So, I’m fucking alicia. Dave is on his knees getting his dick sucked and then Dave kisses me. It caught me off guard but I didn’t mind. Alicia was the next to cum. She’s good for one orgasm and she’s done. So she got up and went to the shower with Sam.

That left Dave and me. Dave asked what I wanted to do. I said, “Suck your dick.” It must have been the alcohol or something because we went for it like we had been already. We went straight into a 69. I was the next to cum. I had a glorious orgasm and Dave swallowed my cum. Then I said, “Fuck me daddy.” I got on my back. Dave lifted my legs and slid his cock inside my ass. Dave didn’t last long. 5 minutes in and he was moaning. Alicia walked out to see what was going on and saw Dave fucking me in the ass. bursa eskort She said nothing and went back into her bedroom with Sam who was apparently passed out. Dave nutted all over me. The two of us went to the shower to clean up and then we all went to bed.

The next week, nobody spoke of what had happened. Then on the last hand Alicia thought it would be interesting to make a bet. If the men won, the ladies would make out. If the ladies one, I had to suck Dave’s cock. Dave immediately said, “Alright! Deal!”

So we played and we lost. Dave wasted no time and pushed his chair back and dropped his shorts. I said, “A bet is a bet.” I got on my knees and sucked his dick. Sam was in shock to actually see me doing it. She and I had talked about it several times but actually seeing it was a totally different story. I was under the table slightly while doing it and looked out of the corner of my eye to see Alicia with her legs spread and she was playing with herself. I followed all the way through all the way till Dave came. He let out a moan and I held his load in my mouth. I stood up, opened my mouth to show them the load in my mouth and then swallowed.

On the way home, Sam said, “Holy shit! You actually did it. Even swallowed!”

I said, “You ok with that?”

She said, “Yeah. Totally. You should know something though.”

I said, “What is that?”

She said, “I kinda got horny watching you suck Dave’s dick.”

I said, “Yeah…”

She said, “Alicia and I had sex after you two passed out.”

I said, “No shit?”

She said, “Yep.”

I said, “Did you cum?”

She said, “Like 6 times.”

So that would be the start of something fun and unique. We continued to do our weekend get together. Only this time, when the girls would go to the store to get stuff to make dinner, dan and I would have sex. I was always the bottom and I was totally ok with that.” Alicia and I had sex probably 6-7 times over the next 6 months. Sam and Dave had sex a couple times. Sam told me about it as she wanted to make sure everything was out in the open. I never mentioned me and Alicia. I have no idea why but I just never did.

Then in december Alicia and Sam had their year end christmas party. It was in a hotel conference room. The hotel offered discounted rooms to those that wanted to stay so Both Sam and I and Alicia and Dave got rooms. After the party, we all went up to Alicia and Dave’s room. When we got inside Alicia realized that nobody had packed her or Dave’s clothes to change into so all they had was their nice clothes for the party. Sam and Alicia decided to run to the house and grab some clothes.

As soon as they left the room, Dave and I got naked. 15 minutes later, the ladies walked back in. Sam was first through the door. The two of them walked in and saw me on my hands and knees and Dave fucking me in the ass. Sam said, “Oh my! What did we walk into?”

I said, “Well…uh…”

Sam said, “We’ve only been gone 15 minutes!”

Dave said, “We didn’t think you guys would be back so quick!”

Sam said, “The clothes were in the car. This the first time you guys did this?”

I said, “No…”

Sam said, “How many times?”

I said, “You really want to know?”

Sam said, “Yes!”

I said, “I dunno. Like 20?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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