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Big Tits

Sorry it has been so long since the first 2 chapters. Please read those to understand the background.

I was confused after that Sunday in the park with Courtney. It was incredible and was the most intense sex I had ever had. Did I feel guilty? Yes. Was that going to stop me? Probably not. I don’t think Courtney would have let me even if I wanted to stop.

The problem now was finding any time to be alone with Lily’s little sister. I was busy with work and Courtney with university. Any time I did have off I spent with Lily. I think I did a pretty good job of pretending that everything was normal between us.

A week after that incident with Courtney, I was sitting around the dinner table with Lily, Courtney and their parents. Her mum is an incredible cook. I don’t know where she finds the time, she’s a hard working professional at a local law firm but still finds time to take care of her family, even if they are adults now.

“I got us both off work next weekend Dane,” said Lily.

“Huh, why?” I asked confused.

“Pay up,” Lily said to her stepdad holding out her hand. He fished out a $20 note and passed it to her.

“Way to go genius, you cost me 20 bucks,” said Lily’s stepdad Brian.

“I told you to stop betting with your daughters,” their mum said as she whacked her husband.

I was still confused, “um sorry, I guess.”

“You still have no clue do you?” asked Lily.

The look on my face made all 4 of them laugh before Lily rescued me. “It’s our family reunion next weekend, we talked about it a couple of days ago, I can’t believe you still forgot. You’ve been weird the last week or so.”

I tried not to look too guilty and made a point not to look in the direction of Courtney, I hoped she was clever enough to do the same.

“Yeah I’ve noticed it too,” added Courtney. “What’s wrong?”

“What would you know, I haven’t seen you since last Sunday,” I said before thinking.

“You saw each other on Sunday?” asked Lily.

“Yeah I saw doofus in the park when I went to see Shelley,” said Courtney. Man I was glad that she’s quick at coming up with lies.

I decided to quickly change the subject. “This is the one in Canberra right? I thought that was next month.”

“You’re hopeless with dates, that’s why I organised us the weekend off work.”

“If he’s hopeless on dates how did he get you?” asked Courtney.

“Lets just say he’s lucky he’s cute.”

“Hey! What’s this, pick on Dane day? If this is what all next weekend is going to be like then I’m not going.”

“Aw did the little girls hurt your feelings? You poor baby.” asked Courtney in a mocking tone.

I didn’t respond I just poked my tongue out at her.

“All right you two, grow up,” Lily’s mum added.

The rest of the dinner went on fairly normally. It was quite normal for Courtney to be a little flirtatious with me, even in front of her parents. I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary until I was alone with Lily. We were sitting in a small ice-cream shop down the road from her house when she said, “I’m worried that Courtney has a thing for you.”

“Don’t be silly, you know what she’s like. She’s been the same since we first started dating.” I really wanted to change the situation but Lily continued.

“You didn’t notice the way she was looking at you tonight?”

I was purposely not looking in her direction if I could avoid it. “No, not particularly.”

“Maybe I’m crazy but she has brought you up a lot this week.”

“How so?” I almost kicked myself that I asked that, I didn’t want to continue talking about this.

“Asking about when I was seeing you, when you were coming around again, how often we worked on the same nights.”

“Hmm,” Courtney was being stupid talking about me, did she want to get caught.

“That’s all? Hmm?”

“Well it seems harmless enough.”

“What about 2 nights ago when she asked if we’ve had sex yet?”

“What? That’s a bit private, what did you say?”


“You talk about our sex life with Courtney? No wonder you think she has a thing for me. She knows how much of a stud I am.” I figured that I would try and play down the situation. Make a joke of it. I was scared I would say something that would screw everything up.

“She’s my sister. We talk about things. She doesn’t know all the details and stuff, just that we haven’t actually done the whole business yet.”

“Oh, I still don’t know what I think of that.”

“Well I’ll tell you that she’s a virgin, hasn’t done anything but kiss a boy yet. But I have a feeling when she starts she will turn into a massive slut.”

“Lily! That’s not very sisterly,” I said but I was thinking the exact same thing. Only she was already turning into that but only with me.

We continued our ice-cream and talked, not much more about Courtney but I was worried about what she might try and do at her family reunion next week. When we were done and we walked back to her place instead of going inside she şişli escort grabbed me and pushed me towards my car.

“Let’s get in back,” she said.

My car is not huge but there is enough room in the backseat to have a little fun. We were parked outside her parents’ house on the street, but being dark we did have enough privacy, unless somebody came right up to the window.

We got inside and in an instant Lily had my pants off and took my cock in her mouth. Lily is a fantastic cocksucker and is able to almost deep throat me. The feeling was incredible as I hadn’t had any release in around 48 hours. I knew I wouldn’t last long but I wanted to enjoy it.

My back was up against the window facing the road and Lily on her knees on the seat with her ass raised to the window facing her house. It was dark in the car but there was enough light to see Lily’s mouth wrapped around my cock, her head going up and down slowly. She sucked on the head of my cock, running her tongue slowly around the tip before quickly impaling herself on its entire length. She kept doing this repeatedly for a long time, willing myself to hold out longer.

I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation ready to blow my load. She doesn’t like me to warn her when I’m about to blow, she says she likes to be surprised but can usually tell by the way my body reacts. Today was no different. As I released a torrent of cum into my girlfriend’s mouth I opened my eyes to enjoy watching her milk the last of it out of my cock. But as I opened them I was looking into the eyes of her little sister looking through the window with a huge smile on her face.

I needed to remain calm and not let Lily know something was wrong. As she released my cock from her mouth she raised her head, looked me in the eyes while licking her lips and opened her mouth to show me that nothing was left inside. She slid into my lap and kissed me. I opened my mouth to let her tongue in and we kissed passionately. I could taste a hint of my cum still in her mouth but I didn’t care. I knew that Courtney was still outside watching us.

As we broke the kiss I assumed she wanted me to return the favour but instead she told me to put on my pants and she returned inside saying she was busy tomorrow and it was already late.

Before driving home I quickly sent Courtney a message. “That was dumb, tell me you didn’t get caught.” Then I drove the short distance to where I lived before she replied.

“Nah she didn’t see me. That was hot. Wish it was me in the car with you though. Why didn’t you lick her? I wanted to see that.”

So I just figured out something else about Courtney, she is into voyeurism too. I knew I was about to get into another message session with Courtney, we’ve had a few of these over the week, they usually end in me having a wank. She even sent a few pictures to help me.

Me. “So you like watching too? You do realise that was your sister you wanted to see?”

Court: “Yeah, so? She’s hot, bet she tastes great.”

Me: “You into all girls or just your sister?”

Court: “Never been with a girl but I want to try it. Just another thing I wanna do.”

Me: “That’s hot but that’s one thing I can’t help you with sorry. If you had the chance would you lick Lily?”

Court: “I don’t know. I’ve thought about it. But she’d never go for it anyway. Back to you and me, I’m going to fuck you next weekend.”

Oh no, I should’ve realised that Courtney would want to fool around there. What was I going to do? We would get caught by someone in her family. There was going to be nearly 50 people at this event. Most of them would be staying with us at Lily’s uncle’s place, it’s apparently huge.

Me: “That would be extremely risky, I don’t think we will have time alone.”

Court: “You’ll make some time.”

Me: “O will I now?”

Court: “Yep cos u want me. You’re also gonna get time with Lily and tell me where and when so I can watch.”

Me: “Ok, that’s a bit much, if she sees you watching you’re dead and if she finds out I set it up she’ll kill me.”

Court: “Tonight’s not the first time I’ve watched you. I let you catch me tonight. I usually watch without you knowing. We’ll get away with it.”

I couldn’t believe it, I had no idea she had been watching us. For how long had she watched us? It was weird but also kind of hot thinking about it.

Me: “How long have you watched us? When? Where?”

Court: “Why do you think I started stuff between us? I’ve watched you 2 for nearly a year now. It was an accident at first when you were in the living room when you thought we were all asleep. I watched and got really turned on that I started fingering myself behind the lounge. I was scared you heard me when I came because Lily looked over to where I was.”

I did remember that time, we were just really horny after watching a movie we decided to risk it. We thought we heard a noise upstairs but had no idea it was Courtney watching us.

Me: “I can’t believe you’ve done that. You’re such a pervert.”

Court: “Well der. Did you just work that one out?”

Me: “I’m learning so much about you all the time. What else do you need to tell me?”

Court: “What’s the fun in telling you? You will find out soon enough. Here’s something to help you sleep. Goodnight! Xoxoxoxo”

I opened the attachment and saw a picture of Courtney with her feet as far behind her head as they would go and 2 fingers up her ass. She looked incredibly tight but her face was that of pure ecstasy.

* * *

The weekend of the reunion arrived. It was the Queens Birthday long weekend so we were leaving early Saturday and would come home Monday afternoon/night. It was a 2 hour drive to Lily’s uncle’s place on the outskirts of Canberra.

Nothing was going to happen on the car trip, Lily, Courtney and I were crammed into the backseat of the car but I was safe with Lily sitting in between us.

We had been in the car for an hour or so before Courtney starts complaining about being hot and thirsty. “Can we stop so I can get some water? It’s hot in here.”

“Are you kidding? It’s winter, it’s like 5 degrees outside,” replied Brian.

“So. I’m stuck in the back with these two. Body heat has made it warm. Besides, I need water.”

“Fine. I’ll stop at the next petrol station, but make it quick.”

A few minutes later and we were stopped. Courtney was taking her usual sweet ass time coming back so we were out of the car stretching our legs but it was freezing outside. Courtney came walking back sucking on a lollipop.

“What took you so long?” Brian asked obviously a little angry.

“I had to pee too, you wouldn’t want me to make a mess of your car would you?”

“Let’s just get going, we still have about an hour left to drive. I don’t want to hit too much holiday traffic.”

As we were getting back in the car Courtney held out the open bag of lollipops she bought in the store. “Hey moron, want a suck?”

“COURTNEY!” yelled her mum.

“What? I was offering him one of my lollipops. Get your mind out of the gutter mum.”

Lily was laughing which I found a good sign, Courtney was being much more comfortable around me than she has been. I didn’t think it was a good thing.

“Nah, I’ll pass, thanks anyway.”

“You sure? They are very tasty.”

Suddenly Lily puts her hand in the bag and grabs one, “Mmm, red thanks sis.”

“Um, you don’t want that one Lily.” Courtney said.

“Why? Too late.” And with that Lily popped it into her mouth. “What flavour is this? Tastes a little funny.”


As we drove away, Courtney had a weird smile on her face as she sucked away on her lollipop. As Lily placed her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Courtney had her phone in her hand and gave me a strange smile and wink. Making sure that Lily’s eyes remained closed I pulled my phone out and looked at the message Courtney sent me.

It was hard to remain composed when I saw the picture. It was a selfie taken in the mirror of the petrol station bathroom. Courtney was looking over her shoulder with her pants down around her ankles and a white lollipop stick protruding from her asshole. The caption read “I hope Lily likes the taste of my ass cherry as much as you do.”

I looked down at Lily, her head on my shoulder, eyes closed and lollipop still in her mouth. She was tasting her sister’s ass and didn’t even realise. She would murder me if she had any idea but I couldn’t help but become erect in my pants at the thought.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, I listened to music on my phone while Lily slept on my shoulder. I avoided looking at Courtney although I knew she was planning something for this weekend. We arrived at Lily’s uncle’s place, it looked big from the front but it was when we walked out back I got the full idea of this place. His backyard was enormous. There was a large grassed area along the side, big enough to play a big game of football, a covered BBQ and eating area easily big enough for 50 people to comfortably sit and eat, and at the rear of the yard what looked like a 2 story cabin.

Brian came up behind me placing his hand on my shoulder. “That’s where you will be sleeping this weekend,” he said pointing to the cabin. “No late night visits to the house do you understand?”

“I’ll try behave myself but no promises.” He laughed and walked away. I knew not to take him too seriously but I don’t think he would be too happy if he found me in Lily’s room let alone in Courtney’s room.”

Throughout the day I met a number of Lily’s uncles, aunts and cousins. All of them seemed nice enough and I discovered that I would be staying in the cabin out back with a few other male cousins and boyfriends. The place was big enough and being that we were one of the first to arrive, I got a room to myself. It was small, on the ground floor with a single bed and a small closet. I had enough privacy in this room but if either Lily or Courtney were to visit, they’d have to walk through the cabin past a number of other rooms. The window didn’t open enough for anyone to fit through.

At about 10 o’clock that first night I was sitting with a number of family members including both Lily and Courtney around the fire pit talking. We couldn’t move far from the pit because the temperature was below freezing.

I was snuggled up close to Lily under a blanket when she whispered in my ear, “I’m horny babe.” And she put my hand down her pants. I moved my fingers through her thick bush, it was very wet. She let out a soft moan as I circled her hard clit with my finger. I kept rubbing her there for a while, looking at her face she looked like she was sleeping but I knew better. As I was slowly rubbing, I placed her clit between my thumb and forefinger and pinched hard. She squealed at the sudden pain and shot her eyes open. This got the attention of everyone sitting around us. “Ah, sorry. Bad dream,” she said as she closed her eyes again.

Everyone laughed and I looked into the direction of Courtney. She had a huge smile on her face, she knew what was happening.

“Do it again,” Lily whispered so nobody heard. She loved when I pinched or bit her clit. Never too hard that it was cause too much pain but enough pressure to change the sensation she is experiencing.

I kept rubbing her very hard clit and pinched again. This time she jumped slightly but made no sound and kept her eyes closed. I continued this for a while and tried to remain in the conversation as much as I could.

“Hey Dane, tell Uncle Glenn about what you did to that customers food that was being a creep to Lily,” Courtney said.

I wanted to kill her, she did this to try and distract me. But I continued to play with Lily’s pussy as I responded. “Lily came into the kitchen asking about her tables’ food last week, I could tell she was angry or upset but she didn’t want to talk about it. One of the other servers told me that a group of guys at one of her tables kept saying rude things to her. Lily later came back with a plate and said she needed a re cook. The guy at the table insisted that he ordered a medium steak but this one was well done.”

Lily opened her eyes, “when he told me he wanted a new one he grabbed my ass and said it was a good thing I was cute because I can’t remember a simple order.”

“When she told me this I cooked him a new steak, but before I sent it out I had everyone spit on it, the fries were dropped on the floor and I dunked my balls in his beer. Lesson: don’t grope your server when her boyfriend is cooking your food.”

I began to work my fingers into Lily’s tight pussy as she finished this story. “After they paid their bill I asked if he enjoyed the steak. He said, ‘Got it right finally sexy, it was delicious.’ Then I told him that I made sure my boyfriend gave it some special attention because he deserved it. I walked away and heard his friends laughing at him.”

“Remind me to never piss you off Dane, wait you cooked dinner tonight didn’t you?” Glenn said.

“Yeah but none of you have done anything to deserve that yet. Now if you beat me at footy tomorrow then maybe, who knows.” I replied.

As I continued to use my fingers on Lily’s opening I could feel her getting wetter and looser. I was up to 3 fingers working in and out of her pussy before realising that most people including Courtney were nowhere to be seen.

“Let’s go to your room,” said Lily. “I don’t want to wake Courtney up when I go in mine. Nobody really paid much attention to us as we got up and walked away. It was probably around 11 and had to be quiet as we walked through the cabin to my room.

When we got in, Lily walked straight to my bed and lay on her back. There was enough light coming through the window from the full moon to see her. I like looking as I’m doing things, it adds to my excitement. I very rarely fool around in the dark.

It was much warmer inside. The place must have had some kind of heating. I crawled onto the bed and removed her jumper and sweat pants. No surprise she was not wearing a bra as I was rewarded with the sight of her freckled chest and bare breasts. I latched my mouth onto her pointy nipples and sucked and bit. She moaned as I alternated between left and right as I removed her wet panties. She was now completely naked on the small bed and I had to remove my clothing as I started to burn up.

Now both nude, I kissed my way down her body until my face was between her legs. She smelled divine and I raised her knees to open her up more. I licked from her anus up to her clit, gave her a little bite and kept licking. I inserted my tongue in her pussy as I used my fingers on her clit. “Mmm, you taste so good.”

I again put 3 fingers inside her and attacked her clit with my teeth. I was able to stimulate her g-spot with my fingers and bite down on her clit and in no time she was bucking her hips to meet my face and knew she was about to cum. With how wet she was I knew that when she came I was going to be rewarded with some more. She doesn’t squirt like you see in porn movies but does release some liquid when she comes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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